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Smith, James G., crayon portraits, under 16 Bush, h. Falconer.

Smith, James G., (Addie), wholesale paper dealer, 13 West 2d, h. over 203 East 2d.

Smith, James O., (Minerva E.), h. 805 Cherry.

Smith, James W., asst. foreman, r. 12 Morse ave.

Smith, Jeanette M., widow Ezra T., h. 424 East 6th.

Smith, Jessie, r. 500 East 6th.

Smith, Jessie S., widow Albert, r. 83 Allen.

Smith, John E., (Ann), shoemaker, h. 811 Jefferson.

Smith, John F., (Rose B.), plumbing inspector, room 10 City bldg., h. 416 Foote ave.

Smith, John H., (Ellen), night watchman, h. 832 Main.

Smith, John J.,finisher,r. over 298 East 2d.

Smith & Johnson—Howard A. Smith and Richard E. Johnson—dentists, over 14 East 3rd.

Smith, Joseph, (Hannah), warp dresser, h. 500 Buffalo.

Smith, Julia, widow Robert F., h. 525 West 3rd.

Smith, Julian, (Mary), woodworker, h. 228 Warren.

Smith, Laura, widow Harrison, r. 65 West 10th.

Smith, Laura, Mrs., r. 235 J. & G. ave.

Smith, Laura B., Mrs., seamstress, h. over 26 Taylor.

Smith, Laura D., r. 615 Lafayette.

Smith, Leon B., asst. ticket agt, Erie R. R., r. 16 Maple.

Smith, Lewis, woolsorter, bds. 10 East Ellicott.

Smith, Lillian, Mrs., dressmaker, r. over 210 West 4th.

Smith, Lorenzo D., farmer, r. 608 Barrett.

Smith, Louis, (Agnes), twister, h. 1 Murray ave.

Smith, Louis B., (Fanny M.), clerk, h. 25 Barrett.

Smith, Louis O., (Clara), driver, Isabella ave., h. 801 Cherry.

Smith, Luella, r. 937 East 2d.

Smith, Margaret, weaver, bds. 811 Jefferson.

CLARK HARDWARE CO. Builders' Hardware.

The Best Goods at the Lowest Prices. T H E A. D. S H A R P E CO.

JAMESTOWN DIRECTORY. 377 Smith, Mary, dressmaker, r. 308 West 8th.

Smith, Mary J., widow John, hair dresser, over 306 Main, h. do.

Smith, Matilda, widow Gustaf F., h. 10 Morse ave.

Smith, Matilda K., widow Willard, h. 35 Barrows.

Smith, Matthew T., (Caroline N.), upholsterer,h. 314 West 7th.

Smith, Mildred, stenographer, 216 Main, r. Lakewood.

Smith, Minnie, widow Arthur E., h. 215 Warren.

Smith, Myrtie M., artist, 35 Barrows,r. do.

Smith, Otis A., Rev., (Jennie), pastor First Presbyterian church, h. 332 E. 4th.

Smith, Otto T., (Grace H.), letter carrier, P. O., h. 119 Kent.

Smith, Pearl A., clerk, 212 Main, r. 12 Morse ave.

Smith, Ralph, rms. 313 West 3rd.

Smith, Ralph E., laborer, r. 305% Warren.

Smith, Raymond H., twister, r. 645 East 6th.

Smith, Richard, (Jane), loomfixer, h. 28 Victoria ave.

Smith, Sarah, Mrs., day work, h. under 13 Alpaca.

Smith, Sarah, widow Andrew, r. 210 East 5th.

Smith, Seamour A.,finisher,r. 228 Warren.

Smith, Schuyler R., (Amelia), carpenter, h. 620 West 7th.

Smith, Sidney, (Annie), junk dealer, h. 214 Chandler.

Smith, Sidney A., student, r. 500 East 6th.

Smith, Thomas B., (Isabella), warpdresser, h. 645 East Sixth.

Smith, Thotoas H., (Ellen)—Jamestown Cotton Mills, 56 Center—h. 500 East 6th.

Smith, Thomas H., (Minnie A.), boss carder, h. 418 East 5th.

Smith, Tillie C, bds. 127 Allen.

Smith, Walter C, (Mary), general mason, h. 308 West 8th.

Smith, Walter D., printer's apprentice, r. 405 Barrett.

Smith, W. C, farm hand, r. Ashville ave., R. F. D., 77, (Celoron).

Smith, Willard, carpenter, r. 608 Barrett.

Smith, William, (Anna), carpenter, h. 17 Dickerson.

Smith, William, (Delia), woodworker, h. 7 Waterman.

Smith, William, (Anna), bartender, h. over 256 Crescent.

Smith, William A., (Jane), weaver, h. 10 East Ellicott.

Smith, William G., (Mary B.), metal worker, h. 300 Winsor.

Smith, William W., (Kate E.), freight agt, Erie R. R., 325 Chandler, h. 16 Maple.

Snee, Edward E.,fireman,bds. 610 West 6th.

Snodgrass, John F., (Harriett C ), commercial traveler, r. 12 Cedar.

Snow, Cordelia B., widow Dwight, h. 356 East 5th.

Snow, Edward L., farmer, r. 54 Ridgeway ave.

Snow, Louis H., (Belle G.), physician and surgeon, office over 105 East 2d, h. 356 East 4th.

Snowball, Frederick J., (Henrietta O.)—The A. D. Sharpe Co., 203 M a i n — h. 40 Cross.

Snowden, Fred T., R. R. porter, bds. 61 West 10th.

CLEAN COAL. L. F. SHEDD. Both Phones.


Snowden, Mattie, widow Fred F., h. 611 Washington.

Snowdon, Remsen O., express driver, r. 713 Main.

Snowdon, Sophie W., student, r. 713 Main.

Snowdon, Thomas, (Annie), steward, over 300 Main, h. 713 do.

onyder, Barbara, music student, bds. 107 Maple.

Snyder, Emily, Mrs., r. 151 Foote ave.

Snyder, George B., (Freda), painter, h. 268 Broadhead ave.

onyder, Leon, laborer, bds. 149 J. & G. ave.

Snyder, Leonard, (Dorothy), pilot, h. over 901 Prendergast ave.

Snyder, William C, (Muriel), laborer, h. 218 Steele.

Soda, Birgitte, domestic, 9 Prospect.

Sode, Axel, painter, bds. 2 South Thayer.

Sode, Camille, r. over 34 Thayer.

Sode, Herman, veneer worker, r. over 34 Thayer.

Soderberg, Carl, weaver, r. 120 Bowen.

Soderberg, Ellen M., weaver, r. 120 Bowen.

Soderberg, John M., (Anna M.), wool washer, h. 120 Bowen.

Soderberg, Marcus, printer, r. 120 Bowen.

Soderberg, Nannie, weaver, r. 120 Bowen.

Soderberg, Otto, printer, r. 120 Bowen.

Soderholm, E m m a, widow John, h. over 618 Spring.

Soderling, John, (Annie), woodworker, h. 510 Newland ave.

Soderquist, Gust, (Anna), carpenter, h. 130 Hedges ave.

Soderquist, Peter A., (Hannah), woodworker, h. 308 Warren.

Soderstrom, August S., (Jennie L.), foreman, h. 116 Crosby.

Soderstrom, Gustaf S., (Anna M.), cabinet maker, h. 375 Foote ave.

Soderstrom, Verner, tailor, bds. 375 Foote ave.

Soliday, Sadie, dressmaker, over 10 Chandler, r. do.

Solliday, Benjamin K., (Cornelia)—Solliday & Dorman, under 20 West 3d, h. 872 Main.

Solliday & Dorman—B. K. Solliday, J. Thomas Dorman—light repairing, under 20 W. 3d.

Solomanson, John, (Agnes), weaver, h. 22 Park.

Solomonson, David L., (Selma), electrical engineer, r. 012 East 2d.

Sonne, Hans, (Hilda), cabinet maker, h. 12 Morton.

Sorber, Hiram, (Elizabeth), machinist, h. 230 Price.

Soule, Lynn, conductor, J. S. Ry., r.flatA, 27 Forest ave.

Southern Tier Masonic Relief Association, (The), William M. Rohn, district mgr., room 69 N e w Fenton bldg.

Southland, Eugene, (Nellie P.),finisher,r. 21 West Dickerson.

South Side Creamery—Mrs. Edwin P. Sterns, prop.—60 Harrison.

Southwick, Cassius, clerk, 17 Shearman place, r. 109 Foote ave.

Southwick, John S., student, r. 211 Newland ave.

Southwick, Laura, widow Levi, h. 404 Hazeltine ave.

Southwick, Leslie L., r. 109 Foote ave.

Southwick, Morris, (Christina), carpenter, h. 211 Newland ave.

CLARK HARDWARE CO. Stoves and Furnaces.

T h e Largest and Best Stock of Dry Goods--THE A. D. S H A R P E C O.

JAMESTOWN DIRECTORY. 379 Southwick, Sylvia B., widow Jerome, h. 109 Foote ave.

Spalding, Alburtus E., (Miranda), polisher, h. 12 Linwood ave.

Spalding, Blanche, clerk, 205 Main, r. 12 Linwood ave.

Sparling, Ira B., laborer, bds. 135% Chandler.

Spaulding, Ephraim, (Lucy W. ), retired, h. 315 Spring.

Spear, Ethel, bookkeeper, 50 Steele, rms. 567 East 2nd.

Speer, Bert,finisher,r. 827 Cherry.

Speer, Fred, (Mary),finisher,h. 827 Cherry.

Speer, James, contractor, r. 827 Cherry.

Speer, Marvin S., (Jessie), porter, Humphrey house, h. 121 Kent.

Spellacy, J. Martin, (Luana E.), laborer, h. 3 Metallic ave.

Spence, Ben., machinist, bds. 127 Barrows.

Spence, John, (Margaret A.), retired, h. 127 Barrows.

Spencer, Addie M., r. 36 Kent.

Spencer, Alice, widow William, dressmaker, h. 125 Kent.

Spencer, Annie, clerk, 2-6 East 2nd, r. 129 Crescent.

Spencer, Annie S., weaver, bds. 20 East Ellicott.

Spencer, Arthur, apprentice wool sorter, bds. 20 East Ellicott.

Spencer, Arthur, foreman spinning room, r. 673 English.

Spencer, Arthur, (Sarah), wool sorter, h. 129 Crescent.

Spencer, Arthur, Jr., wool sorter, h. 129 Crescent.

Spencer, Carrie, matron, h. over 222 East 2d.

Spencer, Edward J., (Minnie), painter and paperhanger, h. over 222 East 2d.

Spencer, Egbert J., (Orissa), real estate and insurance, h. 36 Kent.

Spencer, Emily, weaver, bds. 200 East Ellicott.

Spencer, Frances E., clerk, r. 129 Crescent.

Spencer, Frank, laborer, r. over 222 East 2nd.

Spencer, George F., metal worker, h. 5 Hall.

Spencer, Georgia B., clerk 13-15 Main, r. 222 East 2nd.

Spencer, Hannah L., widow Henry C, r. 433 East 4th.

Spencer, Harold, carder, r. 129 Crescent.

Spencer, Henry, bds. 46 Hazzard.

Spencer, Jennie, widow Sylvester, i. 5 Hall ave.

Spencer, John W., r. 129 Crescent.

Spencer, John W., ruffer, bds. 29 Foote ave.

Spencer, Kent W., (Kate), lineman, 132-136 Steele, h. 14 Rush.

Spencer, Lynn K., (May), woodworker, h. 11 Peach.

Spencer, Mabel E., spinner, r. 20 East Ellicott.

Spencer, Mable, r. over 222 East 2d.

Spencer, Olive, r. over 222 East 2d.

Spencer, Solomon, (Ann Maria), wool sorter,n. 20 East Ellicott.

Spencer, Thomas, comber, r. 20 East Ellicott.

Spencer, William H., (Frances), carpenter, h. 156 Marvin.

Spencer, William H., (Annis), wool sorter, h. 136 Foote ave.

Sperry, Estie, (Jennie), woodworker, h. over 28 Center.




Sperry, Ray, clerk, 108 Main, r. 28 Center.

Spitz, Herman, (Hilma A.), case maker, h. 210 Benedict ave.

Spjut, Charles, (Augusta), laborer, h. over 136 Weeks.

Spooner, Martha E., stenographer, 10-18 Ellicott bldg., r. 315 Spring.

Sprague, Belle, r. 101 Broadhead ave.

Sprague, Blanche, teacher, r. 101 Broadhead ave.

Sprague, Charles N., teamster, r. 101 Broadhead ave.

Sprague, Clarence J., (Minnie C ), foreman, 14-16 West 2d, h. 15 Fluvanna avenue.

Sprague, E. A. Bennett, Mrs., millinery, 321 Main, h. 16 West 5th.

Sprague, Elmer E., (Emily), mgr. Herald Printing Co., 310 Pine, h. 18 Fluvanna avenue.

Sprague, E. W., (Delia), spiritualist minister, h. over 618 Newland ave.

Sprague, Mary, widow Geo. W., h. 101 Broadhead ave.

Sprague, Horatio B., (Harriett D.), letter carrier, P. O., h. 10 Cook ave.

Sprague, Horatio N., (Elizabeth), retired, h. Ashville ave., R. F. D. 77, (Celoron).

Sprague, James L., (Margaret C.)—Sprague & Zeliff—wallpaper, 104 East 3rd, h. 336 Foote ave.

Sprague, Lynn Tew, writer, r. 16 West 5th.

Sprague, William H., (Ella A. Bennett), hardware, 38 Main, h. 16 West 5th.

Sprague, Willis, stenographer, r. 101 Broadhead ave.

Sprague & Zeliff—James L. Sprague and Fred R. Zeliff—wallpaper, 104 East 3rd.

Sprinchorn, Urick, (Hertha), metal worker, h. 16 Prospect.

Spring, E. Walton (Zilpha), asst. mgr. Chaut. School of Nursing, h. 406 Lake View ave.

Spring, Harriet, r. 207 Foote ave.

Spring, Henry D., (Sybel), canvasser, h. 100 Crosby.

Spring, Lily B., music teacher, r. 221 Kent.

Spring, Mary E., copyholder, 14-16 West 2d, r. 100 Crosby.

Springstead, Sarah M., widow John, boarding house, 202 J. & G. ave.

Spurr, Clyde, painter, r. 713 Cherry.

Squier & Crantz—Ziba L. Squier and Charles G. Crantz—real estate, under 201 Main.

Squier, Edward J., (Minnie L.), commercial traveler, h. 140 Summit.

Squier, Mabel N., teacher, r. 140 Summitt.

Squier, Ziba L., (Roxa)—Squier & Crantz, under 201 Main—h. Celoron.

Squiers, James I., (Emeline P.), farmer, h. 623 Palmer.

–  –  –

JAMESTOWN DIRECTORY. 381 Stafford, Austin H., (Louisa M.), pension attorney, room 3 Giffo over 2 East 3d, h. 500 East 5th.



Pension Vouchers promptly executed—Deeds, Mortgages, Wills, etc. draWn and executed


Stafford, Charles, (May), switchman, Erie R. R., bds 710 Washington.

Stafford, Frank, ( E m m a ), laborer, h. 52 Foote ave.

Stafford, Fred, (Alta), clerk, 15 West 3rd, h. 45 Bush.

Stafford, George, gardener, h. Curtis.

Stafford, Ion A., (Ferdinand K.), cabinet maker, h. 22 Jeffords.

Stafford, James J., (Hattie), bill clerk, 17 Shearman place, h. 52 Prospe«t.

Stafford, James P., attorney at law, r. 500 East 5th.

Stafford, John R., ( E m m a ), clerk, 13-23 So. Main, r. do.

Stafford, Rowland, (Lizzie), boxmaker, h. 23 Warner blk., 9-18 Main.

Stahl, Charles, metal worker, bds. Ill Camp.

Stahl, James E., horse trainer, bds. 26 East Buffalo.

Stahley, Earl, butcher, 16 East 2nd, r. 30 13th.

Stahley, Harry, (May), deliveryman, 16 East 2d, h. 826 Cherry.

Stahley.Jacob F., (Kate)—Anderson & Stahley, 16 East 2d—h. 30 13th.

Stahley, Mary, r. 30 13th.

Stainbrook, Nettie, clerk, 202 Main, r. room 6 Opera House blk., -18-24 E. 2nd.

Stainthorp, Jonas, (Delia), pin setter, h. 118 Harrison.

Stainthrope, Martha E., trained nurse, bds. 219 Allen.

Stam, Carl, (Mary), stone quarrier, h. under 423 Allen.

Stamm, William M., (Sophia F.), barber, under 2 West 3d, h. 21 Kent.

Standard Furniture Co.—Carl I. Johnson, C. P. Sandberg, John Barkman, John A. Nord—mfrs. parlor tables, 516 W. 4th.

Stanchfield, Charles, (Eliza), spinner, h. Thayer St. Ex.

Standish, Henry, (Alma), mechanic, h. over 298 East 2d.

Standish, Roy L., (Lizzie), conductor, J. S. Ry., h. 15 Harrison.

Standish, William E., (Fannie), laborer, h. 156 Jones.

Stanley, William C, (Effie M.), woodworker, h. 631 Falconer.

Stanton, Chester, weaver, r. over 26 Water.

Stanton, Clarence H., (Nellie), engineer, h. 118 Steele.

Stanton, Edna, Mrs., h. over 26 Water.

Stanton, Nina, operative, r. over 26 Water.

Staples, Adelbert L., (Hattie), engineer, h. 422 Warren.

Staples, Milton, teamster, h. 1254 Prendergast ave.

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