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Stapleton, Christopher C, (Mary), laborer, h. 7 Driving Park road.

Stapleton, Ernest A., laborer, r. 47 Foote ave.

Cedar Shingles, Lath and Plaster==L. F. SHEDD.



Stapleton, Hiram R., glass cutter, r. 7 Driving Park road.

Stapleton, Ida, twister, r. 128 Stowe.

Stapleton, James D., teamster, r. 128 Stowe.

Stapleton, Joseph M., (Margaret), teamster, h. 608 East 2d.

Stapleton, Lawrence B., carver, r. 47 Foote ave.

Stapleton, Mary A., widow Bartolomew, h. 47 Foote ave.

Stapleton, Maud M., twister, r. 7 Driving Park road.

Stapleton, Percy R., bartender, 22 East 3rd, rms. 24 do.

Stapleton, William G., (Anna C ), h. 35 Water.

Star Furniture Co.—J. C. Crissey, president—28 Briggs.

Stark, Axel, (Anna), laborer, h. 440 Chandler.

Stark, Charles H., (Hulda),fishdealer, h. 409 Cherry.

Stark, Earl, boatman, bds. 149-151 Fairmount ave.

Stark, Henry, (Carlotta), laborer, h. 156 Tower.

Stark, John A., farm laborer, bds. 440 Chandler.

Stark, Osborne P., (Julia M.), furniture dealer, Hayward block, h. 125 Fairmount ave.

Starkweather block, 149-151 Fairmount ave.

Starkweather, John, Riverside hotel, 149-151 Fairmount ave., r. do.

Starkweather, Triphena, Mrs., Riverside hotel, 149-151 Fairmount ave., h. do.

Starline, Edward, woodworker, bds. 110 Mechanic.

Starr, Charles, metal worker, 153 J. & G. ave., bds. 149 do.

Starstrom, Alfreda T., duffer, r. 120 English.

Starstrom, John, (Hilda), woodworker, h. 120 English.

Staub, Willard W., (Effie), insurance, h. 112 Cook ave.

Stead, William, (Blanch)), shipping clerk, h. 03 Center.

See also Sted.

Stearns, Alice P., r. 54- Prospect ave.

Stearns, Benjamin F., (Jessie E.), clerk, 325 Chandler, h. 14 Maple.

Stearns, Charles W., carpenter, bds. 207 Palmer.

Stearns, Frank M., (Hattie M.), plumber, 320 Main, h. 28 Price.

Stearns, Frank W., (Hannah M.), cashier, 325 Chandler, h. 301 Ashville ave.

Stearns, James W., dist. supt. Bell Telephone Co., 113 East 3rd, h. 54 Prospect avenue.

Stearns, Royal I., student, r. 54 Prospect ave.

Stearns, Sherley I., student, r. 28 Price.

Stearns, William V., (Clyda E.), accountant, 41 Shearman PI., h. 301 Hallock.

See also Stern and Sterns.

Sted, Pearl, twister, r. 14 Scott.

Sted, Joseph, foreman, r. 14 Scott.

See also Stead.

Stedman, Eusebia M., bds. 208 Jefferson.

Steele, Francis D., (Ida M.), real estate, h. 1 Fenton.

Steele, Harry A., machinist, r. 1 Fenton.

Steer, Belle, widow Peter, weaver, h. 214 Winsor.

CLARK HARDWARE CO. H a r d w a r e a n d Mill Supplies.

Cloaks, Shawls, Gloves, Hosiery. T H E A. D. S H A R P E CO.

JAMESTOWN DIRECTORY. 383 Steffan, Joseph, (Mary), textile worker, h. 11 Cleveland place.

Stein & Bergman—Louis W. Stein, Herman C. Bergman—contracting painters, 9 Main.

Stein, Louis W.„ (Louise)—Stein & Bergman, 9 Main—h. 33 West 9th.

Sfell, Joseph, (Hannah), factory foreman, h. over 138 Institute.

Stenander, Amel, (Hilda), cabinet maker, h. 6 Partridge.

Stenander, Gustav E., wood worker, r. 8 Short Eagle.

Stenander, John A., ( E m m a L.), wood worker, h. 8 Short Eagle.

Stephens, Amelia W., Mrs., h. 117 East 6th.

Stephens, Charles G. H., r. 117 East 6th.

Stephens, Edgar W., retired, bds. 116 East 4th.

Stephens, Havena T., r. 117 East 6th.

Stephens, Maria Antoinette, r. 110 East 6th.

Stephens, Mary M., widow Joseph N., 808 Prendergast ave.

See also Stevens.

Sterling, Robert H., retired, r. 37 College.

Stern, Bertha, r. 59 Prospect.

Stern, Nathan, (Lina), prop. The Famous, 5-7 Main, h. 59 Prospect.

See also Stearns and Sterns.

Sterns, Edwin P., (S. Eliza), engineer, h. 60 Harrison.

Sterns, Elvira Jones, widow Charles, h. 304 Prendergast ave.

See also Stern and Stearns.

Stevens, Charles, metal worker, r. 830 Prendergast ave.

Stevens, Duane E., (Signa C ), stationary engineer, h. over 572 Allen.

Stevens, Edwin W., (Fern Pickard), attorney-at-law, Wellman block, h.

205 Lafayette.

Stevens, Ernest, polisher, bds. 404 Lafayette.

Stevens, Fern Pickard, Mrs., voice culture, 205 Lafayette, r. do.

Stevens, Frank, moulder, r. 5 Metallic ave.

Stevens, Frank B., (Nora), electrician, h. 404 West 7th.

Stevens, Frank W., (Mary M.), attorney.at law, 46 N e w Fenton bldg., and vice pres. Chaut. Co. Trust Co., 201 Main, h. 27 Allen.

Stevens, Jay F., (Martha L.), retired, h. 610 Main.

Stevens, Lucy, picker, r. 89 Hazzard.

Stevens, Margaret K., student, Chicago school of music, r. 27 Allen.

Stevens, Mary, widow William O., bds. 4.04 West 7th.

Stevens, Matilda, widow Peter, h. 5 Metallic ave.

Stevens, William P., (Katherine M.), h. 509 Washington.

Stevens, Wilson, (Maude)—insurance—rms. 5-6, over 119 Main, h. 310 Foote ave.

See also Stephens.

Stevenson, Bada, drawer, Falconer, bds. over 38 Vega.

Stevenson, Charles J., (Bertha), cabinet maker, h. over 60 Harrison.

Stevenson, Frank, laborer, r.^1235 N. Main.

Stevenson, Hannah, drawer, bds. over 38 Vega.

Building Supplies of all kinds. L. F- SHEDD.

M e n ' s all W o o l Suits, $ 6 to $ 2 5, P R O U D F I T ' S 384 JAMESTOWN DIRECTORY.

Stevenson, Harry, mechanic, bds. 10 Steele.

Stevenson, John, (Mary), machine hand, h. over 402 Foote ave.

Stevenson, John A., (Hannah), retired, h. over 38 Vega.

Stevenson, Mayne R. — W a d e & Stevenson—rooms 13-14-15 Wellman bldg., over 101 West 3rd, r. 120 Fulton.

Stevenson, Oscar, (Hilda), machine hand, h. 38 Vega.

Stevenson, William E., (Margaret), bookkeeper, over 602-610 West 8th, h.

120 Fulton.

Steves, George H., carpenter, h. Connecticut ave.

Steves, Melvin, (Louise C ), junk dealer, h. Connecticut ave.

Stewart, Alex A., student, h. 379 Foote ave.

Stewart, Alexander L., (Grace), foreman, h. 19 Rathbone.

Stewart, Alpine A., (Minnie), plumber, h. 25 Dickerson.

Stewart, Annie E., r. over 14 Franklin.

Stewart, Cecil V., (Lillian), foreman, 19 Steele, h. 15 Hazzard.

Stewart, Charles W., student, r. 8 Institute.

Stewart, Dana,florist,bds. 702 Ashville ave.

Stewart, David J., (Elizabeth S.), carriage maker, h. 24 Dickerson.

Stewart, Flora A., widow Reuben H., h. 312 East 6th.

Stewart, Grace G., employed 111 Marvin, r. 19 Rathbone.

Stewart, Grisella J. Mrs., h.flatG., Kent blk., 23-31 Forest ave.

Stewart, Guy C, (Jessie A.), laborer, J. & C. Ry., h. under 851 Prendergast avenue.

Stewart, Laura B., r. 805 West 5th.

Stewart, L. Clyde, (Alice E.), h. 312 East 6th.

Stewart, Lewis L., (Rose A.), machinist, h. 379 Foote ave.

Stewart, Mabel E. B., student, r. 819 Prendergast ave.

Stewart, Margaret, dressmaker, h. 108 Lincoln.

Stewart, Mary, waitress, h. over 14 Franklin.

Stewart, Myrtle A., clerk, 205 West 3rd, r. 108 Lincoln.

Stewart, R. Wilford, (Grace), mail transfer man, h. over 22 Fletcher ave.

Stewart, Theodore, (Ella), janitor, public school bldgs., h. 8 Institute.

Stewart, William G., r. 108 Lincoln.

Stewart, William J., (Bessie), electrician, 19 West 3rd, h. over 26 Victoria ave.

Stewart, William J., r. 819 Prendergast ave.

Stewart, William P., (Elizabeth), plumber, h. 819 Prendergast ave.

See also Stuart.

Stickles, John H., laborer, r. Curtis.

Stickles, Michael L., (Mary C ), miller, h. Curtis.

Stickler, George W., (Rose), mgr., 217 Spring, h. 703 Ashville ave.

Stillman, Rhierson S., (Ida), photographer, 326 East 3d, h. 329 East 2d.

Stillwell, Clyde W., (Ruby), prop. Penfield Carpet works, 220 Baker, h. 510 Monroe.

Stillwell, Fred, horseman, r. 510 Monroe.

CLARK HARDWARE CO. Roofing and Building Papers.

Carpets, Curtains, Draperies, Shades. T H E A. D. S H A R P E CO.

JAMESTOWN DIRECTORY. 385 Stilson, Benjamin A., (Maud), clerk, 109-111 Main, h. 319 Lincoln.

Stilson, D. Earl, (Catherine), draughtsman, h. 1388 East 2d.

Stilson, Elias B., (Jennie), cabinet maker, h. 1390 East 2d.

Stilson, Henry H., carpenter, r. 718 East 7th.

Stitt, Alvin D., (Lina), bookkeeper, Falconer Mirror works, h. 34 Cedar.

Stitt, Austin, foreman, Falconer Mirror works, h. 25 Foote ave.

Stitt, William F., (Sarah)—Falconer Mirror Co.—h. 25 Foote ave.

Stock, Guy M., (Laura C ), laborer, h. 149 J. & G. ave.

Stocker, Almon E., (Ella C ), mason, h. 125 Fairmount ave.

Stocker, Ella J., widow H. L., boarding' house, 304 West 3rd.

Stocker, Frank L., clerk, r. 316 West 3d.

Stockton, Thomas Lawrence, (Myrtle E.), traveling salesman, h. 124 Catlin avenue.

Stockwell, Ada, dressmaker, r. over 750 East 2d.

Stockwell, Amelia I., dressmaker, h. over 750 East 2d.

Stockwell & Co.—Ivan Stockwell and Luther Warn—grocers, 951 East 2nd.

Stockwell, E. Fay, r. over 750 East 2d.

Stoddard, Maynard, (Luola), deliveryman, h. 218 Newland ave.

Stoddard, Vern W., (Bertha), conductor, J. S. Ry., h. 110 Hamilton.

Stoeltzing, Jessie M., r. 613 East 8th.

Stoeltzing, Richard D., undertaker, h. 613 East 8th.

Stoeltzing, Roy L., student, r. 613 East 8th.

Stoffel, Martha, Mrs., h. 811 Spring.

Stohl, Gust, policeman, h. over 3 Sturges.

Stohl, Jule wood worker, bds. 12 Fairfield ave.

Stohl, Louisa, widow Gust, r. over 3 Sturges.

Stohl, Mary, domestic, 34 Lake View ave.

Stohl, Sophia, weaver, bds. 37 Morton.

Stohlberg, Carl, metal worker, bds. 23 Center.

Stohlberg, Erick, laborer, bds. 23 Center.

Stohlberg, Oscar, machinist, bds. 23 Center.

Stoll, Gertie, domestic, r. 764 East 2nd.

Stoltz, Herman H., (Flora E.), printer, 14-16 West 2d, h. 22 Barrett.

Stone, Alfred, clerk, 2-6 East 2d, r. 82 Hedges ave.

Stone, Alfred, (Emma), teamster, h. 20 Price.

Stone, Andrew, teamster, r. 20 Price.

Stone, Ara B., (Nellie E.), bookkeeper, h. 12 Arnold.

Stone, Arthur M., bookkeeper, r. 131 South Main.

Stone, Charles, (Christine), teamster, h. 82 Hedges ave.

Stone, Emil, (Amelia),finisher,h. 25 West 9th.

Stone, Frank, metal worker, r. 251 Fulton.

tetone, Fred C, (Adelaide B.), general delivery clerk, P. O., h. 325 Price.

Stone, Gust F., (Huldah)—Fray & Stone, 206 East 2d—h. 011 West 7th.

Stone, John, laborer, bds. 117 Williams.

Stone, John M., (Louisa), sheet metal worker, h. 139 1-2 East 9th.


Underwear, Hosiery and Gloves a Specialty at PROUDFIT'S 386 JAMESTOWN DIRECTORY.

Stone, Josephine, widow Jonas P., r. 328 Foote ave.

Stone, Josie J., clerk, 204 Main, r. 20 Price.

Stone, Katherine M., stenographer, rms. 13-15 Wellman bldg., rms. 214 Clinton.

Stone, Lavina, Mrs., h. over 26 West 9th.

Stone, Levi M., (Florence), teamster, h. 251 Fulton.

Stone, Maude E., milliner, r. 20 Price.

Stone, Milton D., (Minnie), pres. Huntsville Lumber Co., 57 Fenton bldg., h.

312 West 5th.

Stone, Victor L., (Estella), lumber inspector, h. 216 Fulton.

Stone, William H., (Nellie), metal worker, h. 223 Hallock.

Stone, William S., (Mary E.), teamster, h. 526 Winsor.

Stoneborg, Clarence, deliveryman, r. 323 Newland ave.

Stoneborg, Edward, motorneer, r. 323 Newland ave.

Stoneborg, John A., (Anna), grocer, 321 Newland ave., h. 323 do.

Stoneburg, Elmer, sander, bds. 21 Peterson.

Stoneburg, Harold, laborer, bds. 34 Hazeltine ave.

Stonehouse, Harold C, student, r. 112 Chandler.

Stonehouse, Helena N., student, r. 112 Chandler.

Stonehouse, John, (Harriet D.), real estate, h. 112 Chandler.

Stoner, Lynn H., The Club, 19 East 2d, h. 305 Crescent.

Stoner, Sarah J., widow Isaac J., h. 305 Crescent.

Stonholm, John, laborer, r. 238 Crescent.

Stook, Minnie, Mrs., weaver, h. 38 Willard.

Storey, Clara C, twister, bds. 434 Maple.

Storey, Edward, laborer, r. 118 East 2d.

Storey, Florence, widow Charles G., h. over 151 Foote ave.

Storey, George, hostler, bds. 10 Chandler.

Storey, Jay W., laborer, r. over 151 Foote ave.

Stormer, Fred, farmer, r. 175 J. & G. ave.

Stormer, John, (Louise), painter, r. 218 Steele.

Stormer, Henry, (Rosa B.), molder, h. J & G. ave.

Stormer, William, machinist, r. 307 East 5th.

Stormer, William F., ( E m m a B.)—Eagle Foundry and Machine Co., 175 J. & G. ave.—h. 8 Colfax.

Stothart, James, student, rms. 213-215 East 2d.

Stowe, Orville, mason, bds. 311 Pine.

Stowe, W. Arthur, clerk, 201 Main, r. 121 Bush.

Stowe, William D., (Ellen L.), bookkeeper, 38 Winsor, h. 121 Bush.

Straight, Byron A., (Lorena), h. 639 East 6th.

Straight Dry Plate Co., East 2d—R. J. Straight, pres., W. O. Butler, v. pres., F. S. Marsh, secy., J. W. Davis, treas.

Straight, Fred—Frederick Tailoring Co., 101 West 3rd—h. 639 East 6th.

Straight Manufacturing Co., (inactive)—R. J. Straight, pres.—mfrs. bicycle parts and metal specialties, East 2d below city line.

CLARK HARDWARE CO. Builders' Hardware.

A l w a y s b u y your D r y Goods of T h e A. D. S h a r p e Co.

JAMESTOWN DIRECTORY. 387 Straight, Walter E., (Anna M.), blacksmith, 211 Pine, h. 16 Hazzard.

Stranahan, Florence, widow Gilbert, housekeeper, bds. 10 Martin road.

Stranberg, Lester L., student, r. 331 Foote ave.

Stranburg, Oscar, (Mary O.), music store, 6 West 3rd, h. 51 Fairmount ave.

See also Strandberg.

Strand, A. Emil, (Hulda C ), coachman, h. over 115 Park.

Strand, Amelia, domestic, r. 344 East 4th.

Strand, Charles O., (Anna), carpenter, h. 224 Prospect.

Strand, Charles O., (Josephine),finisher,h. 41 Holman.

Strand, Charles O., Jr., (Adla), woodworker, h. 215 Prospect.

Strand, Ellen A. T., housekeeper, r. 223 Prospect.

Strand, Ernest,finisher,bds. 43 Holman.

Strand, Ernest, machine hand, r. 224 Prospect.

Strand, Gunnard F., apprentice veneer wks., r. 43 Holman.

Strand, Martin, machine hand, bds. 43 Holman.

Strand, Oscar, (Augusta A.), stone mason, h. 117 Maple.

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