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«DATE DUE James Prendergast Library Association 509 Cherry Street Jamestown, N e w York 14701 M e m b e r Of Chautauqua-Cattaraugus Library System THE ...»

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Swanson, Breta, widow John, r. 115 Barrows.

Swanson Bros.—John and Fred—livery and blacksmithing, 108 West 4th.

Swanson, C. A., Drug Co.—C. A. Swanson, pres. and treas., A. J. Johnson, secy.—200 Main.

Swanson, C. Amel,finisher,bds 63 Chapin.

Swanson, Carl, woodworker, bds. 34 Pardee ave.

–  –  –

JAMESTOWN DIRECTORY. 393 Swanson, Carl, laborer, bds. 11 Highland ave.

Swanson, Carl A., painter, bds. 120 King.

Swanson, Carl A., (Josephine)—Swanson & Nelson, 116 Willard—h. 183 Barrows.

Swanson, Carl C, bds. 307 Barrett.

Swanson, Carl J O., (Hilda), machine hand, h. 48 Pearl ave.


Swanson, Carl T., (Johana), h. 93 Tower.

Swanson, Caroline, widow Andrew, r 32 Pearl ave.


Swanson, Carrie, widow Swan, r 281 Willard.


Swanson, Carrie, widow August, h. 18 Clyde ave.

Swanson, C. Emil, (Ellen), woodfinisher,h. 10G Charles.

Swanson, Charles, shoemaker, h. over 96 Vega.

Swanson, Charles, (Anna L.), contractor, River St., h. 360 Foote ave.

Swanson, Charles A., (Ida S.), grocery, 34 Willard, h. 581 Allen.

Swanson, Charles A., (Hulda R.)—C. A. Swanson Drug Co., 200 Main—h. 039 Prendergast ave.

Swanson, Charles A., ( f i E.),fireman,h. 23 Kinney.

Efe Swanson, Charles A., (Carrie B.), carpenter, h. over 214 Bowen.

Swanson, Charles A., (Maude C), laborer, h. Ill Camp.

Swanson, Charles A., (Amanda), laborer, h. Ill Camp.

Swanson, Charles E., (Mattie C), clerk, 16-18 West 3d, r 14 Falconer.


Swanson, Charles G., springsetter, r 23 Eagle.


Swanson, Charles G., (Christine), cabinet maker, h. over 229 Warren.

Swanson, Charles J, grocer, 317 Willard, h. 291 do.


Swanson, Charles J, machine hand, bds. 108 Hedges ave.


Swanson, Charles J, (Amanda L.), cabinet maker, h. 245 Crescent.


Swanson, Charles J, (Anna), woodworker, h. 10 Lake.


Swanson, Charles W., (Hilma)—C. W. Swanson & Co., 4 Main—h. 313 Forest.


–  –  –

Swanson, Charles W., (Mary), fireman, h. 912 East 2d.

Swanson, Christine, widow John B., h. 820 East 2d.

Swanson, Christine, widow Charles, h. 1026% Main.

Swanson, Clarence, stripper, r 28 Scott.


Swanson, C. W. & Co.—Charles W. Swanson, Gustaf and Elim Holmberg— shoe dealers, 4 Main.

Swanson, David, cabinet maker, bds. 145 Chandler.

Swanson, Doretta, student, r 222 Newland ave.


Building Supplies of all kinds. L. F- SHEDD.

Loradeeryforr Fine Custom Clothing at Proudfit's 394 JAMESTOWN DIRECTORY.

Swanson, Earl S., soldier, 28 Regt, U. S. V., Philippine Islands, r. 320 A Swanson, Edith, textile worker, r. 29 Linden ave.

Swanson, Edward, barber, r. 28 Scott.

Swanson, Edward, textile worker, bds. 128 Water.

Swanson, Edward C, (Blanche), machine hand, h. 417 Barrett.

Swanson, Edwin, woodworker, r. 1026% Main.

Swanson, Edwin J., (Anna F.), bench foreman, h. 451 Baker.

Swanson, Elester A.—(1. A. Swanson Drug Co., 200 Main—bds. 639 Prendergast ave.

Swanson, Elizabeth, widow Gust, h. 28 Scott.

Swanson, Ella, milliner, h. 115 Crosby.

Swanson, Ellen A., clerk, 205 Main, r. 115 Crosby.

Swanson, Ellen C, spinner, r. 382 Willard.

Swanson, Elmer B., (Hulda), grocer, 820 Newland ave., r. 100 Charles.

Swanson, Elvira A., r. 20 Crosby.

Swanson, Emil, (Lena),filer,h. 19 Alpaca.

Swanson, E m m a N., twister, bds. 63 Chapin.

Swanson, Enoch, clerk, 206 Main, r. 18 Colfax.

Swanson, Eric, apprentice carpenter, r. over 50 Water.

Swanson & Erickson—Jno. Swanson and Gust Erickson—family liquors, 6 Main.

Swanson, Frank, (Anna), wool sorter, r. 20 Newland ave.

Swanson, Frank, clerk, 203 Main, r. 291 Willard.

Swanson, Frank, woodworker, bds. 212 Broadhead ave.

Swanson, Frank O., cabinet maker, bds. 108 Hedges ave.

Swanson, Frank W., (May B.), carver, h. 253 Crescent.

Swanson, Frans, (Emma), h. 81 Tower.

Swanson, Fred, (Helen), laborer, h. 504 Barrett.

Swanson, Fred, (Josephine)—Swanson Bros., 108 West 4th—h. 29 Marvin.

Swanson, Fred A., contractor and builder, r. 1058 Main.

Swanson, Fred C, (Jennie), contractor, h. 29 Linden ave.

Swanson, Fred W., laborer, r. 11 Morton.

Swanson, George, shipping clerk, r. 222 Newland ave.

Swanson, George T., student, r. 312 Forest.

Swanson, Gunnard, tHannah), upholsterer, h. 223 Steele.

Swanson, Gust, (Hannah), music store, 205 West 3d, h. 16 West End.

Swanson, Gust, contractor, h. 14 Stowe.

Swanson, Gust, woodworker, r. 12 Peach.

Swanson, Gust, (Anna S.),finisher,h. over 221 Price.

Swanson, Gust, (Olivia), cabinet maker, h. 219 Price.

Swanson, Gust A., (Josephine), machinist, h. 11 Morton.

Swanson, Hans P., (Ebba), laborer, h. 299 Crescent.

Swanson, Harry, bobbin setter, r. 1026% Main.

Swanson, Hattie, charwoman, h. 558 East 2d.

Swanson, Helen, r. 18 Colfax.

CLARK HARDWARE CO. Hardware and Mill Supplies.

The Largest and Best Stock of Dry G o o d s - T H E A. D. S H A R P E C O.

JAMESTOWN DIRECTORY. 395 Swanson, nendrick, metal finisher, bds. 63 Chapin.

Swanson, Henry, clerk, 34 Willard, r. 291 do.

Swanson, Henry S., general trucking and sand dealer, r. 19 Barrett.

Swanson, Herman, (Augusta), sander, h. over 204 Benedict.

Swanson, Hilda, r. 11 Partridge.

Swanson, Hilda, r. 307 Barrett.

Swanson, Hilding, (Maude C ), designer, h. 32 Flagg ave.

Swanson, Hjalmar, (Anna C ), foreman shipping room, h. Willard, beyond city limits, R. F. D. 82.

Swanson, Hjalmar T., comber, bds. 23 Eagle.

Swanson, Hjelmer, metal worker, bds. 14 Park.

Swanson, Ida, r. 307 Barrett.

Swanson, Ida J., spinner, r. 224% Crescent.

Swanson, Jacob, (Stella), tailor, h. 20 Newland ave.

Swanson,' Jennie E., r. 312 Forest.

Swanson, Jennie O.—The Misses Swanson, 210 East 2d—r. 1058 Main.

Swanson, J. Harold, student, r. 330 Allen.

Swanson, Johanna, widow Nelson, h. 307 Barrett.

Swanson, Johanna, widow Charles, h. 214 Barrows.

Swanson, Johanna, widow Charles, r. 565 Allen.

Swanson, John, (Charlotte L.)—Swanson & Erickson, 6 Main—h. 23 Broadhead ave.

Swanson, John, (Tilda), laborer, h. 79 Benson.

Swanson, John, laborer, h. 299 Crescent.

Swanson, John, laborer, bds. 33 Myrtle.

Swanson, John, (Sophie), woodworker, r. 34 Pardee ave.

Swanson, John, (Christine)—Swanson Bros., 108 West 4th—h. 610 Cherry.

Swanson, John, motorman, bds. 220 East 1st.

Swanson, John A., meat cutter, bds. 12 Whitney place.

Swanson, John A., (Betty), metal worker, h. 43 Charles.

Swanson, John A., (Clara V.), foreman, h. 330 Allen.

Swanson, John A., (Hattie C ),finisher,h. 18 Colfax.

Swanson, John A., (Anna S.), laborer, h. 1058 Main.

Swanson, John C, street commissioner, h. 19 Barrett.

Swanson, John E., (Mary), cabinet maker, h. 212 Broadhead ave.

Swanson, John E., (Anna), machinist, h. 13 Partridge.

Swanson, John H., clerk, 943 Newland ave., r. 5 Winsor.

Swanson, John H., (Lena), mfr. boats, 514 West 4th, h. 80 Hazzard.

Swanson, John M., (Christine E.), stone mason, h. 312 Forest.

Swanson, John Oscar, (Mary C ), stone mason, h. 207 Barrows.

Swanson, John P., (Elizabeth), stone mason, h. 201 Marvin.

Swanson, John P., dealer in sand and stone, r. 1058 Main.

Swanson, John P., (Sophie), metal worker, h. 20 Jones.

Swanson, John S., (Huldah), lumber handler, h. 562 Allen.

Swanson, John W., (Olive), clerk, h. over 565 Allen.

The Best Cement a t L. F. SHEDD'3 Children's Suits $ 1. 5 0 to $ 8 at PROUDFIT'S 396 JAMESTOWN DIRECTORY.

Swanson, Josephine, r. 291 Willard.

Swanson, Julius C,finisher,r. 13 Partridge.

Swanson, Lars J., carpenter, h. 20 Crosby.

Swanson, Lena, r. 519 Washington.

Swanson, Lena, bookkeeper, 16 Main, r. 281 Willard.

Swanson, Leonard, r. 28 Scott.

Swanson, Lewis E., wood carver, r. 222 Newland ave.

Swanson, Lillian, weaver, h. over 161% Allen.

Swanson, Lillie V., weaver, r. 330 Crescent.

Swanson, Linn, pin setter, r. 382 Willard.

Swanson, Lizzie, widow Swan, r. 47 Kinney.

Swanson, Louisa, r. 224 Baker.

Swanson, Lyle J., student, r. 19 Barrett.

Swanson, Mable, operative, r. 291 Willard.

Swanson, Malcer, helper, bds. 332 Forest.

Swanson, Malcolm, (Charlotte), stone mason, h. 115 Crosby.

Swanson, Margaret, textile worker, bds. 825 Newland ave.

Swanson, Marion D., (Fredella), motorman, h. 46 Charles.

Swanson, Mary, charwoman, h. 558 East 2d (rear).

Swanson, Mary G., widow Marcus, dressmaker, h. 14 Crescent.

Swanson, Matilda, duffer, bds. over 254 Crescent.

Swanson, Matilda, domestic, bds. 307 Barrett.

Swanson, Matilda M., dressmaker, 565 Allen, h. do.

Swanson, Maud, textile worker, r. 14 Stowe.

Swanson, Melvin, clerk, 317 Willard, r. 291 do.

Swanson, Minnie I.—The Misses Swanson, 210 East 2d—r. 1058 Main.

Swanson, Nannie, domestic, r. 31 Foote avxe.

Swanson, Nannie C, stenographer, r. 307 Barrett.

Swanson, Nellie, widow Gust, h. 224% Crescent.

Swanson, Nellie R., mender, r. 330 Allen.

Swanson, Nels, (Olivia), laborer, h. 238 Hall ave.

Swanson, Nels J., r. 24 Forest.

Swanson & Nelson—Carl A. Swanson and C. August Nelson—shoes, 116 Willard.

Swanson, Nothel, casemaker, bds. 33 Myrtle.

Swanson, Oleiva, spinner, bds. 248 Forest ave.

Swanson, Oscar, bobbin setter, h. 241 Crescent.

Swanson, Oscar, metal worker, bds. 141 Chandler.

Swanson, Oscar, (Charlotte), teamster, r. 191 Marvin.

Swanson, Oscar, (Vernie), bench hand, n. 323 Forest.

Swanson, Oscar, coffee and tea agt., h. under 129 Bush.

Swanson, Oscar E., (Adla), cabinet maker, h. 241 Crescent.

Swanson, Oscar W., woodworker, r. 23 Eagle.

Swanson, Otto A., baker, r. over 20 East 2d.

Swanson, Richard, r. 820 East 2d.

CLARK HARDWARE CO. Roofing and Building Papers.

Silks, Satins, Velvets, Trimmings. T H E A. D. S H A R P E CO.

JAMESTOWN DIRECTORY. 397 Swanson, Richard, woodworker, bds. 34 Pardee ave.

Swanson, Robert G., metal worker, r. 312 Forest.

Swanson, Royal C, r. 330 Allen.

Swanson, Rudolph H., woodcarver, r. 80 Hazzard.

Swanson, Ruth, picker, bds. 34 Pardee ave.

Swanson, Selma, dressmaker, r. 115 Crosby.

Swanson, Selma, weaver, r. over 101% Allen.

Swanson, Selma, spinner, r. 23 Eagle.

Swanson, Selma, domestic, r. 7-11 West 1st.

Swanson, Selma C, widow John H., h. over 558 Allen.

Swanson, Sherman, laborer, r. 820 East 2d.

Swanson, Sivea, clerk, 212-214 East 2d, h. 299 Crescent, Swanson, Swan A., (Christina K.), carpenter, h. 291 Willard.

Swanson, Swan A., (Jennie), sander, h. 23 Eagle.

Swanson, The Misses—Minnie I. and Jennie—millinery, 210 East 2d.

Swanson, Theodore, foreman, h. 214 Barrows.

Swanson, Victoria, spinner, r. 219 Price.

Swanson, Victor, laborer, bds. 11 Highland ave.

Swanson, Victor, clerk, 205 West 3d, rms. 213-215 East 2d.

Swanson, Wilhelmina, widow Andrew, h. over 220 East 1st.

Swanson, William, (Anna), woodworker, h. oyer 8 South Thayer.

Swanson, William, (Emily), farmer, h. 469 Willard.

See also Swensson.

Swart, Guy, (Luella G.), drayman, h. 319 Cherry.

Swart, Lee, (Bertha N.), drayman, h. 4 Curtis.

Swart, Ray Alfred, deliveryman, r. 365 Stowe.

Swart, Theron C, (Dora), teamster, h. 365 Stowe.

Swedberg, Charlotte, widow John, r. 73 Jones ave.

Swedene, Eric, (Adla), cabinet maker, h. cor. Bowen & Buffalo.

Swedene, Erich H., woodworker, r. cor. Bowen & Buffalo.

Swedene, Esther E., textile worker, r. cor. Bowen & Buffalo.

Swedish Christian Zion church, College, Rev. Constantin Olson, pastor.

Swedish Evangelical Mission church, 108 Chandler, Rev. E. G. Hjerpe, pastor.

Swedish Male Chorus, Pacius A. U. S. S., pres. E. A. Gustafson.

Swedish M. E. church, cor. Foote ave. and Chandler, Rev. Carl A. Seaburg, pastor.

Swedish Snuff Manufacturing Co.—John F. Gustafson, prop.—132% Foote avenue.

Sweeney, Harry, (Luella), teamster, h. 8 Short Eagle.

Sweeney, Kate, widow Michael, h. 1 Murray ave.

Sweeney, Mayme, r. 1 Murray ave.

Sweet, Albert L., (Augusta), hackman, h. 10 Charles.

Sweet, Alice E., r. over 307 Winsor.

Sweet, Annette E., widow Steven, nurse, r. under 135 Warren.

Sweet, Belle, Mrs., telephone operator, 210 Pine, h. 331 East 3rd.




Sweet, Clarence L., drayman, r. 21 Whitley ave.

Sweet, Florence B., r. 10 Charles.

Sweet, Frank H., (Lizzie), electrician, h. 462 Hallock.

Sweet, Frank R., (Mary B.), record keeper, K. O. T. M „ over 101 East 3d, h. 11 Bishop.

Sweet, Julia A., r. over 307 Winsor.

Sweet, Mariah, widow Jerry J, boarding house, r. 21 Whitley ave.


Sweet, Samuel, (Regina S.), retired, r. 201 Forest ave.

Swensson, John S., (Marie), supt. Gustavus Adolphus Orphanage, 1381 East 2d, h. do.

See also Swanson.

Swetland & Anderson—Evander J. Swetland, Charles E. Anderson—dentists, 5 Gihord blk., over 2 East 3d.

Swetland & Jtnderson Dentists Parlors over Tirst national Bank, Corner Wain and third Streets Swetland, Evander J., (Sarah), Swetland & Anderson, over 2 East 3d, h. 43 Fairmount ave.

Swetland, James, musician, bds. 119-121 East 2d.

Swift Beef Co., Guy T. Terhune, mgr., wholesale meats, 33 Institute.

Swift, Helen M., r. 18 West 6th.

Sykes, Maria, r. 653 Lake View ave.

Sykes, William, (Martha C.)—Eagle Foundry and Machine Co., 175 J. & G.

ave.—h. 653 Lake View ave.

Syren, John A., (Minnie C ), organist, Swedish Mission church, h. 360 Baker.

Taft, Adel, widow Lewis, charwoman, h. 947 East 2d.

Taft, Frank E., (Marcia), oil operator, h. 138 Fulton.

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