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Walradt, Cherlina L., widow William J, r. 352 East 5th.


Walrod, Claud A., (Grace), machinist, h. over 156 Marvin.

Walsh, Anna, mender, r. 6 Short Eagle.

Walsh, Anna, domestic, 13-23 West 3d.

Walsh, Edward P., (Minnie M.), clerk, 30-32 Main, r. 57 Fairmount ave.

Walsh, Frances, widow Martin, h. 8 Short Eagle Walsh, Margaret, widow Edward, h. 84 Marvin.

Walsh, Margaret E., organist SS. Peter and Paul's church, r. 84 Marvin.

See also Welch.

Walter, Albert B., (Albertine), warper, h. 1 1 % Bowen.

Walton, Turner, (Ellen), weaver, h. over 16 Waterman.

Walz, Chris, wood carver, rms. 17 East 1st.

Wample, Edith M., bookkeeper, 602 West 7th, r. 815 East 2d.

Wample, James L., (Ida A.), stationary engineer, h. 815 East 2d.

Wangstrom, Carl O., (Emma), tailor, h. 8 Chapin.

Ward, Alva F., (Jane S.), physician, 333 East 5th, h. do.

Ward, Carlotta M., teacher, r. 333 East 5tn.

Ward Cabinet Co.—M. W. Ward and A. S. Ward—mfrs. office and store fixtures, 516 West 4th.

Ward, David C, clerk, 2-6 East 2d, rms. 333 East 5th.

Ward, Eugene H., (Louise), commercial traveler, h. 508 Monroe.

Ward, Grace, widow Joseph, r. 27 Price.

Ward, Kate E., r. 333 East 5th.

Ward, M. Gerald, r. 518 West 4th.

Ward, Michael W., (Annie S.)—Ward Cabinet Co., 510 West 4th—h. 518 do.

Ward, M. Lavina, widow Sylvanus, h. 332 East 3rd.

Ware, Eugene E., (Mary L.), laborer, h. 508 West 6th.

Ware, Eveline, music teacher, r. over 837 East 2d.

Ware,-J. A., Mrs., h. over 837 East 2d.

Wareing, Edward, (Maria), dyer, h. 61 Harrison.

Warn, Andrew N., (Hattie), farmer, h. 43 Linwood ave.

Warn, Ruth N., twister, r. 43 Linwood ave.

Warn, Pearl, domestic, r. 43 Linwood ave.

Warn, Lawrence R., clerk, 109-111 Main, rooms Y. M. C. A. dormitory.

Warner, Adelle R., widow Will L., h. 339 Crossman.

Warner, Carrie E., Mrs., r. 609 Lake View ave.

Warner, Carl, (Elsie), laborer, h. 800 East 2d.

Warner block, 9-19 Main.

Warner, Erick, printer, bds. 787 East 2d.

CLARK HARDWARE CO. Hardware and Mill Supplies.

The Largest and Best Stock of Dry G o o d s - T H E A. D. S H A R P E C O.

JAMESTOWN DIRECTORY. 413 Warner, Frederick, (Lena), lumber dealer, h. 110 Forest ave.

Warner, F. E. Gifford, clerk, 95 J. _ G. ave., r. 339 Crossman.

Warner hall, 11-1 9Main.

Warner, Mary H., widow Lucius B., h. 2 West 5th.

Warner, Otto, meat cutter, r. 58 Fairfield ave.

Warr, Helen T., widow Jesse, h. 867 Spring.

Warren, Agnes N., missionary, r. 610 Lake View ave.

Warren, Edward L., (Nellie A.), machinist, h. over 31 Fairmount ave.

Warren & French—W. Floyd and William A. Warren, Fred L. French—second hand goods, 613 Main.

Warren, Fritz, laborer, r. 3 Grandin.

Warren, Hiram P., retired, bds. 33 Dickerson.

Warren, Enos, (Ella), laborer, h. 33 Dickerson.

Warren, George, clerk, 952 East 2d, r. over do.

Warren, Hannah, widow Edward, r. 528 East 2d.

Warren, Helen J., r. 200 Allen.

Warren, J. Belle, milliner, r. 52 Hazzard.

Warren, Leonard, laborer, r. 200 Allen.

Warren, Lucien J, draft clerk, 216 Main, bds. Ill East 6th.


Warren, Luther, (Inez), grocery, 952 East 2d, h. over do.

Warren, Myrtie A., seamstress, r. 4 Barrows.

Warren, Nettie E., boxmaker, r. 4 Barrows.

Warren, Oscar, laborer, r. 3 Grandin.

Warren St. Railway, office and waiting room, 22-24 So. Main.

Warren, W. Floyd, (Florence A.)Warren & French, 613 Main, h. 11 West Tenth.

Warren, William A., (Josephine)—Warren & French, 613 Main—h. 52 Hazzard.

Washburn, Abbey, domestic, r. 28 Hazzard.

Washburn, Charles, (Adolphine), textile worker, h. over 29 Columbia ave.

Washburn, Cora, r. 28 Hazzard.

Washburn, Cornelia S., widow Giles C, dressmaker, h. 25 Derby.

Washburn, Galutius M „ (Helen), painter r. 60 Water.

Washburn, Hiram R., (Mary J.), carpenter, h. over 207 East 2d.

Washburn, James C, (Reka), metal worker, h. 815 Jefferson.

Washburn, Laura, widow Byron J., h. 28 Hazzard.

Washburn, Helena E., domestic, r. 28 Hazzard.

Washburn, Leon B., (Elizabeth), machinist, h. 133 Crescent.

Wass, John C, (Flora A.)—J, C. Wass & Co., 101 East 3rd—h. 112 Curtis.

Wass, J. C. & Co.—J. C. Wass, mgr.—Cloaks, suits and ladies' furnishings, 101 East 3d.

Wasser, Maggie, widow Martin, dressmaker, h. 2 East 4th.

Wassman, Flora, widow William J, r. 32 Barrows.


Water commissioner, rooms 11-14 City hall, 202-212 East 3d.

Waterhouse, Edward E., (Alia), paperhanger, h. 300 Warren.




Waterman, Cora, teacher, r. 826 Spring.

Waterman, Grant, (Grace),finisher,h. 308 West 2d.

Waterman, Norman O., cheesemaker, h. 826 Spring.

Waters, Daniel A., (Anna), carpenter, h. 896% East 2d.

Waters, Edward E., (Clara), musician, h. over 703 Main.

Waters, James J, (Marion), mgr. Samuels Opera House and Jamestown Bill.

Posting Co., Opera House blk., h. 27 Price.

Waters, Pearl, clerk, r. 896% East 2d.

Waterton, Carrie B., widow Robert C, h. 309 East 2d.

Watmuff, Harry, foreman, r. 56 Harrison.

Watmuff, James, (Elizabeth), drawing room foreman, h. 56 Harrison.

Watson, Henry W., (Clara M.)—Watson Mfg. Co., 63 Taylor—h. 543 East 2d.

Watson Manufacturing Co.—Pres., H. W. Watson; vice pres., J. Delevan Curtiss; sec. and treas., W. W. Watson—mfrs. screen doors and blinds, 63 Taylor.

Watson, John, (Angeline), laborer, h. 410 Hazeltine ave.

Watson, Sherman L., (Minnie), commercial traveler, h. 28 Ashville ave.

Watson, Thaddeus E., (Jennie), foreman, h. 321 Hallock.

Watson, William W., (Kittie L.)—Watson Mfg. Co., 63 Taylor—h. 16 Fillmore.

Watts, Anna, domestic, r. 405 East 4th.

Waugh, Mary, Mrs., boarding house, 405 West 3d.

Weatherly, Francis E., ( E m m a L.), laborer, h. 17 West 10th.

Weatherly, Leonard B., (Ella), clerk, h. 622 East 6th.

Weatherly, Philo F., r. 17 West 10th.

Weatherup, William G., (Mary), correspondent, 56 Prospect, h. 19 Mechanic.

Weaver, Albert R., (Mary L.), joiner, h. 129 Fulton.

Weaver, Ellen M., widow Philander, h. 24 Forest.

Weaver, Etta M., assistant, 64-65 N e w Gifford bldg., r. 129 Fulton.

Weaver, George E., (Sylvia A.), motorneer, J. S. Ry., h. under 215 Fulton.

Webber, Willard R., (Angie), motorman, J. S. Ry., h. 336 Allen.

See also Weber.

Webeck, Amanda, spinner, r. 19 Chapin.

Webeck, Arthur F., machine hand, bds. 19 Chapin.

Webeck, Charles, (Albertina), h. 19 Chapin.

Webeck, Frank, (Selma), woodworker, h. 3 Sturges.

Webeck, John, woodworker, r. 19 Chapin.

Webeck, Tilda, spinner, r. 19 Chapin.

Weber, Adam, (Elise), retired, r. 17 Mechanic.

Weber, A. Frederick—Weber Mfg. Co., 316 Cherry—h. 17 Mechanic.

Weber, Annie C, bookkeeper, 316 Cherry, r. 17 Mechanic.

Weber, Florence P., student, r. 17 Mechanic.

Weber Mfg. Co.—A. F. Weber, prop.—mfr. specialties, 316 Cherry.

See also Webber.

Weberg, Charles, (Amanda), machine hand, h. 204 Benedict.

CLARK HARDWARE CO. Roofing and Building Papers.

Carpets, Curtains, Draperies, Shades. T H E A. D. S H A R P E C O.

JAMESTOWN DIRECTORY. 415 Weberg, Charles J., (Josephine), meat peddler, h. 581 Willard.

Weberg, Frank C, (Inez),finisher,h. 8 Price.

Weberg, Lilly F., clerk, 221 Main, r. 581 Willard.

Weberg, Oscar G., machine hand, r. 581 Willard.

Weburg, Gust, (Louise), laborer, h. over 111 Camp.

Weed, Gertrude, dressmaker, bds. 311 Lincoln.

Weeholm, Minnie, winder, bds. 62 Water.

Weekman, Bert C, laborer, r. 300 Falconer.

Weekman, Frank, (Mary), foreman, h. 34 Linden ave.

Weekman, Otto, (Minnie), laborer, h. 300 Falconer.

Weeks, Audrey, r. over 24 East 3d.

Weeks, Bertha E., artist, r. 34 Lake View ave.

Weeks, Eliza A., r. 200 Crosby.

Weeks, Emaline S., widow A. Jackson, r. 412 Main.

Weeks, Henry, retired, h. 519 Spring.

Weeks, James L.—city attorney and Fowler & Weeks, rooms 34-36 N e w Fenton bldg.—h. 34 Lake View ave.

Weeks, Laura, r. 200 Crosby.

See also Wicks.

Wegren, C. John, meat peddler, bds. 337 Willard.

Vegren, Gust, tailor, bds. 511 Allen.

Wegren, John A., woodworker, bds. 337 Willard.

Wehrle, Joseph, (Agnes), woodturner, h. 20 Kingsbury ave.

See also Werle.

Weible, Albert W., (Delia C ), dentist, over 101 West 3d, h. 516 Jefferson.

Weidholm, Johanna, Mrs., tailoress, rms. 90 Allen Sq. blk.

Weidner, William N., (Elizabeth), stationary engineer, h. 120 Crescent.


Weinberg, Arthur C, (Sophia), upholsterer, h. 114 Newland ave.

Weiss, August, laborer, rms. 213-215 East 2d.

Weiss, Caroline, boarding house, 413-19 West 3d.

Weiss, James, (S. Gertrude), glazier, h. 10 Columbia ave.

Welch, Richard A., (Carrie), lineman, h. 300 East 8th\ Welch, Thomas, (Ida), florist, h. 12 McDannell ave.

Welham, John, (Bessie), dyer, h. 59 Harrison.

Welham, Lillian, winder, bds. 59 Harrison.

Weller, Guy A., (Lillian A.), watchman, h. 33 Price.

Weller, J. M. & Son—James and Roy C. Weller—real estate, 3 Gifford blk., over 2 East 3d.


–  –  –


Weller, James M., (Ella C.)— J. M. Weller & Son, 3 Gifford blk.—h. 129 Lake View ave.

Weller, John W., (Olive Cerelle), h. 44 Allen.

Weller, May L., secy. Asso. Charities, 202-212 East 3rd, r. 44 Allen.

Weller, Roy C.—James M. Weller & Son, room 3 Gifford blk. over 2 East 3d—r. 129 Lake View ave.

Wellf, Roy M., (Ella), shipping clerk, bds. 14 South Main.

Wellington,Levi, (Ellen V.), h. 33 Marvin.

Wellman, Ariel H., (Amanda), R. F. D. carrier, P. O., h. over 14 West 9th.

Wellman, Arthur M., (Ada Orr)—Wellman Bros., 101 W. 3rd—h. 112 W. 8th.

Wellman Bros.—Warren B., Elmer E., and Arthur M. Wellman—druggists, 101 West 3d.

Wellman building, 101-103 West 3d.

Wellman, Charlie, (Abbie), gliier, h. 836 Prendergast ave.

Wellman, Elmer E., (Bertha F.)—Wellman Bros, 101 West 3d—h. 711 Wash ington.

Wellman, Warren D., (Dora P.)—Wellman Bros., and physician, 101 West 3d—h. 703 Washington.

Wells, Adelbert C, (Lillian O.), clerk, h. 5 Hotchkiss.

Wells, Adelbert E., (Helen), h. 405 West 7th.

Wells, Christopher, retired, r. 128 Allen.

Wells-Fargo Express Co., E. B. Thomas, agt, 115 Main.

Wells, Frank E., (Nettie C ), wholesale crackers, 7 Taylor, h. over 208 E. 2d.

Wells, Leo. H., asst. bookkeeper, 25 Shearman place r. 5 Hotchkiss.

Wells, Roy M., (Etta M.), bill clerk, 325 Chandler, h. 702 East 2d.

Wells, Ruby N., telephone operator, r. 208 East 2d.

Wells, Susie, weaver, r. 87 Steele.

Wellus, George W., laborer, r. Ashville ave., beyond city limits.

Welner, William C, (Ida M.), insurance, h. 409 West 6th.

Welshofer, Arthur J, clerk, 208 Main, bds. 342 Crossman.


Welshofer, George A., rubber, r. 342 Crossman.

Welshofer, George J., (Katherine), clerk, 14 East 3rd, h. 342 Crossman.

Welshofer, M. Genevieve, clerk, 2-6 East 2d, r. 342 Crossman.

Wemple Edward F., (Florence E.), wheelwright, h. 114 Hopkins ave.

Wemple, J. Van Ess, r. 114 Hopkins ave.

Werner, Max, (Mary), paperhanger, h. 23 Pennsylvania ave ext.

Wenbert, Arthur, machinist, bds. 304 West 3d.

Wengstrom, Oscar E., (Lizzie), wood turner, h. 218 Steele.

Wenlitz, Olof, metal worker, bds. 152% Allen.

Wennerberg, Frans O., (Cecelia), metal worker, h. 52 Grant.

Wenroth Charles F., (Hilda), engineer, h. 225 Prospect.

Wenroth, Charles G., agent, h. over 255 Prospect.

Werle, Elmer, (Clara), tailor, h. 20 Derby.

See also Wehrle.

Wersen, Anna H., twister, bds. 21 Tower.

CLARK HARDWARE CO. Stoves and Housefurnishings.

Cloaks, Shawls, Gloves, Hosiery. T H E A. D. S H A R P E C O.

JAMESTOWN DIRECTORY. 417 Wersen, Charles J., carver, bds. 21 Tower.

Wersen, Ida S., boxmaker, bds. 21 Tower.

Wersen, Matilda C, widow Charles G., h. 21 Tower.

Wersen, Sophia A., seamstress, bds. 21 Tower.

Wescott, Daniel P., (Isabell), linotype operator, 14-16 West 2d, h. 32 Barrett.

Wescott Herman, (Catherine), upholsterer, h. over 124 Crescent.

Wescott, Mary E., h. 18 Lincoln.

Wescott, Myrtle, milliner, r. 18 Lincoln.

Wescott, Sarah R., widow Daniel P., h. 417 Lafayette.

See also Westcott.

Wessler, Amel W., cabinet maker, h. 5 Hanley.

Wessten, Anna, twister, bds. 45 tfickory.

West, Alrick, machine hand, r. Ill Wescott.

West, Anna, drawer, r. Ill Wescott.

West, Anna; operative, bds. 621 Warren.

West, Axel H., (Jennie), freight handler, bds. 126 Winsor.

West, Charlie, teamster, bds. 286 Harrison.

West, Clara, widow Gust, r. Ill Wescott.

West, Clark, student, rms. 415 West 3d.

West, Edson L„ dentist, over 12 East 3d, h. 415 West 3d.

West, Gust A., (Amanda), painter, h. 609 West 6th.

West, Phoebe, widow Thomas, h. over 13 Prospect ave.

Westcott, Alden E., (Florence), fruit dealer, h. 5 Terrace place.

Westcott, Belle, weaver, r. 303 Warren.

Westcott, William M., (Henrietta), clerk, 8 So. Main, h. 303 Warren.

See also Wescott.

Westerbohm, Andrew A., (Christine), mechanic, h. 48 Charles.

Westergren, Axel F., (Emma), laborer, J. S. Ry., h. 114 Palmer.

Westerhall, E m m a, domestic, 411 East 2d.

Westerman, Charles H., (Mary), well driller, h. 25 Allen.

Westerman, (The), boarding house, Mrs. C. H. Westerman, prop., 25 Allen.

Western Union Telegraph and Cable Co., Clarence A. Slone, mgr., 301 Main.

Westling, Anna L., r. 226 Barrows.

Westling, Carl G., surgeon, TJ. S. navy, r. 226 Barrows.

Westling, Clarence C, delivery boy, r. 226 Barrows.

Westling, Frederick, (Matilda C ), carver, h. 226 Barrows.

Westling, Jessie, maid, 306 West 4th.

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