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«DATE DUE James Prendergast Library Association 509 Cherry Street Jamestown, N e w York 14701 M e m b e r Of Chautauqua-Cattaraugus Library System THE ...»

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Westman, John A., (Signa A.), bookkeeper, h. over 12 Arnold.

Westphal, Oscar G., barber, rms. 26 Fenton place.

–  –  –

Westrom, Andrew F., wines and liquors, 14 East 2d, h. 210 West 6th.

A. F. WESTROM DEALEB IN Pennsylvania live and Kentucky Bourbon Whiskies 14 E A S T S E C O N D S T R E E T Westrom, John, clerk, 14 East 2d, r. 210 West 6th.

Westrom, J. William, (Anna D.), cabinet maker, E: 124 Barrows.

Westrom, Lewis W., clerk, 105 So. Main, r. 124 Barrows.

Westrom, Minnie, music teacher, r. 210 West 6th.

West Side News Rooms—Francis S. Jones, prop.—105 West 3d.

Whalen, Anna, stenographer, rms. 226 Fulton.

Whatford, Bert H., (Elizabeth), janitor, rms. 53-54 Gokey bldg.

Wheeler, Bertram A., (Vina D.), agt., h. 413% Ashville ave.

Wheeler, C. Laverne, (Nettie), foreman, h. over 346 Foote ave.

Wheeler, Clyde A., bookkeeper, 215 Main, bds. 313 Prendergast ave.

Wheeler, Edith A., Mrs., dressmaker, 358 East 4th, h. do.

Wheeler, Frank S., (Grace), attorney and special county judge, over 215 Main, h. 405 West 6th.

Wheeler, Fred W., pressman, r. Ill Mechanic.

Wheeler, James M., (Julia), motorman, J. S. Ry., h. 16 Ashville ave.

Wheeler, William F., (Ellen), adv. solicitor, 19 Steele, h. Ill Mechanic.

Wheelhouse, Arthur, (Josephine), plumber, h. 69 Benson.

Wheelhouse Bros.—George P. and John W. Wheelhouse, saloon—143 Harrison.

Wheelhouse, George, (Rebecca), warp dresser, h. 35 Center.

Wheelhouse, George P., (Ada)—Wheelhouse Bros. 143 Harrison—h. do.

Wheelhouse, John, shoemaker, h. 35 Center.

Wheelhouse, John W.,(Corlin)—Wheelhouse Bros., 143 Harrison—h. do.

Wheelhouse, Mary, widow Samuel, r. 62 Harrison.

Wheelhouse Wilson, weaver,, bds. 14 Fluvanna ave.

Wheelock, Belle, widow George G., bds. 352 East 4th.

Wheelock, George, upholsterer, r. 352 East 4th.

Wheller, Allen, (Blanche), boilermaker, h. 606 West 7th.

Whillborg, Nels, (Hattie), laborer, h. 262 Colfax.

Whitaker, Ernest M., (Bridget), paperhanger, h. 15 Lovell ave.

Whitaker, Joseph, (Elizabeth), wool buyer, h. 45 Maple.

Whitcomb, William, (Mary), machine hand, h. over 102 Prospect.

White, Alan H., (Grace M.)—Frank H. White _ Son, over 101-103 Main—h. 34 Price.

White, Andrew P., (Mary M.), h. 14 Lincoln.

White, Andrew W., (Maggie), commercial traveler, h. 47 Prospect ave.

CLARK HARDWARE CO. Builders' Hardware.

The Best G o o d s at the Lowest Prices-THE A. D. S H A R P E C O.

JAMESTOWN DIRECTORY. 419 White, Attie, Mrs. seamstress, h. 107 Rathbone.

White, Bertha, millhand, bds. 110 East 3d.

White, Charles S., (Lauretta), conductor, J. S. Ry., h. over 208 Pine.

White, Claude E., (Maud), bookkeeper, 17 Shearman place, h. Ill Crosby.

White, Elvira L., widow Hubbard, milliner, 308 East 3d, h. do.

White, Emerson W., (Bertha), lumber sorter, h. 101 Cook ave.

White, Frances I, bookkeeper, 26 Main, r. 200 Falconer.


White, Frank H — Frank H. White & Son, over 101-103 Main—r. 34 Price.

White, Frank H. & Son—Frank H. White, Alan White—job printers, room 68 Allen Sqr. bldg., over 101-103 Main.

White, Fred, foreman, bds. 1 Briggs.

White, George W., (Kate), foreman, h. 200 Falconer.

White, Hannah H., widow Joseph L., h. 1021 Main.

White, James C, (Jennie), deliveryman, h. 262 Prospect.

White, James M., (Lepha)—White & Whitney, 201 West 3rd—h. 5 Lakin ave.

White, Jay, student, r. 208 Pine.

White, Lillian, r. 17 East 1st.

White, Mabel A..student, bds. 319 Jefferson.

White, May E., clerk, 2-6 East 2d, r. 34 Price.

White, Ruth, widow William H., h. over 20 Waterman.

White, Walter S., (Almira), mason, h. room 4 Lewis blk., over 800 Main.

White, Walter W., (Anna), baker, h. 30 Marvin.

White & Whitney—James M. White, Elnathan L. Whitney—liquors, 201 West Third.

–  –  –

White, William F., clerk, 203 Main, bds. 411 Lafayette.

White, William T., clerk, 218-220 Main, bds. 830 Washington.

Whitehead, George, machinist, bds. 8 River.

Whitehead, Lucy B., picker, r. 511 Main.

Whitehead, William H., (Viola A.), insurance solicitor, 5 Gokey bldg., h. 511 Main.

Whiteman, Herbert S., (Sigrid O.), weaver, h. over 107 Hall ave.

Whitford, George, elevator boy, r. 1017 East 2d.

Whitford, John, hostler, 211 Cherry, rooms, do.

Whitford, Lawrence, employed J. S. Ry., r. 1017 East 2d.

Whitford, Lawrence A., (Nora M.), motorneer, J. S. Ry., h. 114 Hamilton.

Whitford, Newton, (Emma), teamster, h. 1017 East 2d.

Building Supplies of all kinds. L. F. SHEDD.


Whiting, Alfred M., clerk, 210 Main, r. 16 Cook ave.

Whiting, Miranda, widow Daniel B., r. 16 Cook ave.

Whitley, Fred E., (Millie F.)J. Whitley & Son, 210 Main—h. 309 East 2d.

Whitley, Jabez—J. Whitley & Son, 210 Main—h. 18 East 4th.

Whitley, J., & Son—Jabez and Fred E.—clothing and merchant tailors, 210 Main.

Whitley, Sarah F., r. 18 East 4th.

Whitman, Ida M., r. 154 J. & G. ave.

Whitman, Stephen C, (Matilda), h. 154 J. & G. ave.

Whitmore, Charles W., (Jennie S.), retired, h. 127 Allen.

Whitney, Alice, seamstress, r. 85 Prospect.

Whitney, Charles H., (Maud A.), clerk, 9 East 3d, h. 408 East Sth.

Whitney, Elnathan L., (Lottie)—White & Whitney, 201 West 3d, h. 921 East Second.

Whitneyflats,211-217 West 2d.

Whitney, John H., (Bertha), painter, h. 85 Prospect.

Whitney, John J, (Agnes), retired, r. 211 West 2d.


Whitney, Trudie E., clerk, 2-6 East 2d, r. 85 Prospect.

Whynpenny, Lawrence, (Helen), warpdresser, bds. 634 Falconer.

Wibeck, Charles E., Jr., (Amanda E.), machine hand, r. 219 Barrows.

Wiborg, Charles H., attorney, 42-43 N e w Fenton bldg., r. 28 Foote ave.

Wiborg, Florence A., teacher, r. 28 Foote ave.

Wiborg, Genevieve M., r. 28 Foote ave.

Wiborg, Jacob N., (Margaret C.),piano maker, h. 28 Foote ave.

Wiborg, Lillian G., teacher, r. 28 Foote ave.

Wicander, Elof, (Alma)—Anderson & Wicander, S South Main—h. 229 Fulton.

Wichtowski, Tessie, cook, rms. 215 West 2d.

Wickfield, Lillian, r. 12 West 7th.

Wickfield, Richard N., (Nettie A.), barber, under 24 East 3d, h. 38 Rathbone.

Wickfield, Richard N., Jr., barber, under 113 Main, h. 12 West 7th.

Wicklund, Charles, painter, bds. 43 Tower.

Wicklund, Clella E., clerk, 305 Main, r. 347 Allen.

Wicks, Andrew W., (Minnie E.), real estate, h. Ashville ave., R. F. D., (Celoron).

Wicks, Charles H., (Florence R.), chairman Rep. Co. Com., 49 Fenton bldg., h. Lakewood, N. Y.

Wicks, Eflfie E., r. 853 Main.

Wicks, Elizabeth C, widow Walter, h. 405 Foote ave.

Wicks, Eva, r. 16 Crossman.

Wicks, John G., ( E m m a L.), attorney at law, 5 Hall block, 219 Main, h. 101 Lake v^iew ave.

See also Weeks.

Widholm, Charles, (Jennie), machinist, h. 369 Foote ave.

Widigren, Oscar, (Selma), painter, h. 22 Bush.

CLARK HARDWARE CO. Hardware and Mill Supplies.

A l w a y s b u y your D r y Goods of T h e A. D. S h a r p e Co.

JAMESTOWN DIRECTORY. 421 Widrig, Charles M., real estate, r. 9 North Hallock.

Widrig, Vera, widow Paul H., h. 9 North Hallock.

Widrig, Walter H., (Minnie), real estate, 11-12 Gokey blk., h. 104 Hallock.

Widuk, George, loomfixer, bds. 220 Allen.

Wiedmark, Robert, woodworker, bds. 10 Alpaca.

Wiggins, Jefferson G., (Rhoda), watch repairer, h. 1207 Prendergast ave.

Wiggins, John H., (Miranda), physician, rooms 7-9 Gifford bldg, h. 36 Prospect.

Wiggins, Robert L., student, r. 36 Prospect.

Wight, Maud, bookkeeper, 56 Prospect, r. 830 Spring Wight, Polly J., widow Reuben, h. 830 Spring.

Wigren, Orrin, laborer,^ds. 337 Willard.

Wilbur, Adelle, widow Charles, canvasser, h. 603 East 6th.

Wilbur, Earl C, deliveryman, r. 603 East 6th.

Wilbur, Grace, Mrs. seamstress, r. 1 Terrace place.

Wilbur, Mina, widow Elbridge, h. 417 East 5th.

Wilcox, Abijah, r. 54 Rathbone.

Wilcox, Alfred, (Clara), real estate, h. over 14-16 Ashville ave.

Wilcox, Allen H., (Hilda), machinist, h. 321 Hazzard.

Wilcox, Alton T., (Mary), employed 12 West 1st, r. under 129 Fulton.

Wilcox, Andrew L., (Edith), sand dealer, h. 28 Regent.

Wilcox, Anna, widow Amos, r. 1041 Main.

Wilcox building, 14-16 Ashville avenue.

Wilcox, Burchard & Co.—Frank A. Wilcox, Seneca B. Burchard, Minor S., Elverton B., Harlow J. and Mary R. Crissey—wholesale grocers, 17 Shearman place.

Wilcox, Celestus L., bookkeeper, 2S Main, h. 309 Price.

Wilcox, Charles A., (Rosie A.), blacksmith, 946 East 2d, h. 14 Steele.

Wilcox, Etta, Mrs., laundress, h. over 302 East 2d.

Wilcox, Frank A., (Belle C.)—Wilcox, Burchard & Co., 17 Shearman place, — h. 512 East 2d.

Wilcox, Fred, (Lottie), laborer, h. under 115 Camp.

Wilcox, Harry, (Nellie), conductor, J. S. Ry., h. 19 Valley.

Wilcox, John L., (Katherine), sand and gravel contractor, h. 1041 Main.

Wilcox, Marcus, (Melissa), motorneer, J. S. Ry., h. 807 West 6th.

Wilcox, Mary E., clerk, r. 14 Steele.

Wilcox, Nora E., clerk, 111 West 3d, r. 14 Steele.

' Wilcox, Oscar D., (Gertrude E.), conductor, J. S. Ry., h. 807 West 6th.

Wilcox, R o w M., woodworker, r. 222 Newland ave.

Wilcox, Roy, woodworker, bds. 311 Warren.

Wilcox, Samuel, actor, bds. 130 Institute.

Wilcox, Thaddeus H., (Helen F.), h. 413 West 3d.

Wilcox, Wakeman, laborer, bds. 130 Institute.

Wild, William, weaver, rooms Y. M. C. A. dormitory.

Wilder, Guest E., (Adell M.), h. 114 Forest ave.


DOUBLE YOUR M O N E Y = = J o i n the G o l d e n Seal.


Wildman; George I., printer, r. Thayer St. Ext.

Wildman, Isaac, (Elizabeth), warpdresser, h. Thayer St. Ext.

Wildrick, Eliza B., r. 124 Hamilton.

Wildrick, Hattie, h. 17 East 1st.

Wiler, Frank L., (Sophie C ), cigarmaker, r. 28 Peach.

Wiley, Herbert R., (Mary L.), merchant tailor, over 101 West 3d, h. 510 Clinton.

Wiley, Martha, Mrs., housekeeper, 862 Prendergast ave.

Wilhelm, Henry B., (Rachel), commercial traveler, r. 214 Fulton.

Wilkerson, Agnes, clerk, 100-102 Main, r. 46 Hazzard.

Wilkes, Augusta, duffer, r. 100 Harrison.

Wilkes, Carl, laborer, r. 100 Harrison.

Wilkes, George M. L., (Mina A.),finisher,h. 122 Harrison.

Wilkes, Henry,fireman,Erie R. R., r. 100 Harrison.

Wilkes, Lewis F. C, (ElizaDeth), freight handler, h. 100 Harrison.

Wilkes, Lina, spinner, r. 100 Harrison.

Wilkes, Mayme, r. 100 Harrison.

Wilkins, Hannah M., widow Elisha, r. 329 Crossman.

Wilkins, Miles, (Eliza A.),florist,h. 1 Howard ave., (Celoron).

Wilkinson, Margaret, widow Fred, h. 46 Hazzard.

Willard, Archer H., (Fannie L.), wood turner, h. 30 Maltby.

Willard, Corbin K., (Elizabeth M.), gardener, h. 027 English.

Willard, C. Vernon, (Tillie), decorator, h. 842 Lafayette.

Willard, Florence L., mattress maker, r. 838 Main.

Willard, Grace E., engraver, r. 114 King.

Willard, Lenora, widow James, h. 838 Main.

Willard, Lewis G., (Ella D.), decorator, h. 4 Isabella ave.

Willard, Mary R., preceptress, high school, r. 063 East 6th.

Willard, Milton, laborer, bds. 43 Frink.

Willard, Rachel D., widow L. N., h. 063 East 6th.

Willard, Samuel L., (Sylvia), carpenter, h. 834 Lafayette.

Willard, Vesta, teacher, r. 663 East 6th.

Willetsrf Samuel J., printer, 14-16 West 2d, bds. 33 Rathbone.

See also Willits.

Williams, Almira, r. 804 Main.

Williams, Antone, carpenter, bds. 11 Highland ave.

Williams, Cordelia J., widow Obediah, h. 212 Allen.

Williams, Edwin, (Calista T.), retired, h. 214 Clinton.

Williams, Ellen H., teacher, bds. 205 Lake View ave.

Williams, Ernest, teamster, r. 212 Allen.

Williams, Ernest C, (Susan S.), cabinet maker, h. 12 Flagg ave.

Williams, Etta, Mrs. cook, h. 937 East 2d.

Williams, Frederick T., (Eva R.), machinist and plumber, h. 21 Walnut.

Williams, George A., (Mary), bench boss, h. 21 Whitley ave.

Williams, George J., (Nellie), laborer, h. 412 East 5th.

CLARK HARDWARE CO. Stoves and Housefurnishings.

Cloaks, Shawls, Gloves, Hosiery. T H E A. D. S H A R P E CO.

JAMESTOWN DIRECTORY. 423 Williams, Grace, millhand, bds. 614 East 2d.

Williams, Harriet O., r. 108 Crescent.

Williams, Harriet S., widow Martin, h. 108 Crescent.

Williams, Hugh W., (Lizzie B.), painter, h. 325 East 2d.

Williams, Hugh W., Mrs., clerk, 205 Main, h. 325 East 2d.

Williams, Ira, mineral water, h. 149 J. & G. ave.

Williams, Joseph G., (Mary), junk dealer, 18 Forest ave., h. 224 Sprague.

Williams, Josephine L., physician, osteopath and electropath, 332 East 3d, h. do.

Williams, Lewis, waiter, rms. 215 West 2d.

Williams, MaBelle A., student, r. 21 Walnut.

Williams, Marshall, (Florence), waiter, h.flatE, 27 Forest ave.

Williams, Mary B., widow Ernest, nurse, 207 Foote ave.

Williams, Merl J., bds. 11 Kent.

Williams, Oliver E., (Angie), pastor U. B. church, h. 7 Rubinkam ave.

Williams, Sarah E., clerk, 205 Main, r. 325 East 2d.

Williams, Thorpe, (Densie), popcorn stand, cor. 3d and Main', h. over 564 East 2d.

Williamson, Alice, stenographer, 216 Main, r. 134 Allen.

Williamson, Frank F., (May C ), oil and gas producer, h. 15 Mechanic.

Williamson, Hubert S., farmer, r. Ill Barrows.

Williamson, J. Edith, aristo worker, r. 134 Allen.

Williamson, J. Robert, boxmaker, r. 134 Allen.

Williamson, Jessie M., teacher, r. Ill Barrows.

Williamson, Mary J., Mrs., h. 723 East Second.

Williamson, May, dressmaker, r. 723 East 2d.

Williamson, Nettie E., widow Joseph, h. 134 Allen.

Williamson, Samuel, (Lucy A.), farmer, h. Ill Barrows.

Willing, Mary A., Mrs., Viavi remedies, h. 419 West 3d.

Willits, Clement A., (Mary), driver, h. 1038 Main.

Willits, William, carpenter, r. 1038 Main.

See also Willets.

Willoughby, Anna, mender, bds. 29 Kent.

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