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«DATE DUE James Prendergast Library Association 509 Cherry Street Jamestown, N e w York 14701 M e m b e r Of Chautauqua-Cattaraugus Library System THE ...»

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Willoughby, Anna B., teacher, bds. 14 Maple.

Willoughby, Harriet, millhand, r. 29 Kent.

Wills, Charles, (Nellie E.), butcher, h. over 15 West 2d.

Wills, Gertrude E., r. over 15 West 2d.

Wills, William F., r. over 15 West 2d.

Willsie, Burt M., (Lillian)—Mgr. Jamestown Pure Milk Co., 409 Washington— h. do.

Willsie, Eva., dressmaker, r. 12 Scott.

Willsie, Harry, (Myra), h. 18 Stowe.

Willsie, Rhode, nurse, h. 12 Scott.

See also Wiltsie.


M e n ' s a l l W o o l Suits, $ 6 to $ 2 5, P R O U D F I T ' S 424 JAMESTOWN DIRECTORY.

Willson, Nathan M., (C. Bernice)—Pearl City Veneer Co., 40-42 Steele—h. 45 Barrett.

Wilson, Anna, r. 421 East 2d.

Wilson, Charles C, (Mary), mgr. 131 Winsor, h. 316 East 5th.

Wilson, Charles D., (Elizabeth), janitor Masonic hall, over 301-307 Main, h.

608 do.

Wilson, Clara, dressmaker, bds. over 212 East 2d.

Wilson, Ethel Effie, r. 115 East 2d.

Wilson, Floyd E., apprentice draughtsman, r. Ashville ave., beyond city limits.

Wilson, Frank H., bookkeeper, Allen Ext., bds. 21 Derby.

Wilson, Fred H., (Angie L.), chief offiredept., 218 Spring, h. 333 Allen.

Wilson, G. Victor, mgr. Postal Telegraph, 19 West 3rd, r. 23 Crossman.

Wilson, Harry, (Clara)—Jamestown Cold Storage Co., 5-7 Taylor—h. 7 Warren.

Wilson, Horace A., (Mary J.), laborer, h. 31 Prospect ave.

Wilson, Ira T., clerk, 19-21 Main, r. over 145% Allen.

Wilson, James, cabinet maker, bds. 304 West 3d.

Wilson, Jane, domestic, 315 West 3rd.

Wilson, Jennie, domestic, 500 Pine.

Wilson, Jessie, mender, h. over 33 Fulton place.

Wilson, John H., poultry dealer, h. 23 Crossman.

Wilson, John T., (Hattie C ), retired, h. 30 Fairmount ave.

Wilson, John T., saw and planing mills, also mfr. sash, doors and blinds, 115 and 133 Winsor, h. 421 East 2d.

WTilson, Julia, r. 415 West 3d.

Wilson, Kate, bookkeeper, rooms 143 Allen.

Wilson, L. Clayton, (Marie), barber, h. 20 West 7th.

Wilson, Laura, r. 23 Crossman.

Wilson, Louie H., (Rouie), operative, h. 31 Prospect ave.

Wilson a Lundquist—Samuel B. Wilson and Arvid N. Lundquist—men's furnishings, 110 Main.

Wilson, Mary, widow Sanford, h. 145% Allen.

Wilson, Mary I., student, r. 333 Allen.

Wilson, Minnie E., teacher, r. 33 Cross.

Wilson, Samuel B., (Catherine)—Wilson & Lundquist, 110 Main—h. 583 Winsor.

Wilson, Stella, aristo worker, r. 31 Prospect ave.

Wilson, William W., (Ida M.), tinner, 219 Washington, h. Ashville ave., R. F.

D., (Celoron).

Wiltsie, Altheda V., widow Nathan C, h. 117 Allen.

Wiltsie, Arthur W., clerk, 8 West 3rd, r. 612 Prendergast ave.

Wiltsie, Claud L., laborer, r. 101 Connecticut ave.

Wiltsie, David H., student, r. 26 Fairmount ave.

Wiltsie, Harry F.,finisher,r. 117 Allen.

CLARK HARDWARE CO. Roofing a n d Building Papers.

The Largest and Best Stock of Dry G o o d s - T H E A. D. S H A R P E C O.

J A M E S T O W N DIRECTORY. 425 Wiltsie, Lawrence W., (Caroline P.), attorney-at-law and Abrams & Wiltsie,. rooms 1-2 Gifford block,over 2 East 3rd, h. 26 Fairmount ave.

Wiltsie, Leon F., messenger boy, r. 612 Prendergast ave.

Wiltsie, Mary, widow Melvin, r. 101 Connecticut ave.

Wiltsie, Mary L., duffer, r. 101 Connecticut ave.

Wiltsie, Melvin C, (Eliza L.), farmer, h. 101 Connecticut ave.

Wiltsie, Myrick W. (Mary A.), h. 612 Prendergast ave.

Wiltsie, Ruben A., laborer, r. 101 Connecticut ave.

Wiltsie, Thomas, (Christina), farmer, h. 514 Hallock.

Wiltsie, Winnifred, student, r. 117 Allen.

See also Willsie.

Winchester, Frank A., (Susie A.), rural mail carrier, h. 43 West 9th.

Winchester, Kate J., charwoman, r. over 10 East 2d.

Winchester, Leonora C, widow Charles J., h. 59 Broadhead ave.

Windahl, Carl A., (Hannah), metal worker, h. 305 Sprague.

Windell, Richard, (Minnie), woodworker, h. 4 Waterman.

Windsor, Eliza M., widow George W., h. 417 Prendergast ave.

Windsor, E m m a E., r. 417 Prendergast ave.

Windsor, Florence, r. Ashville ave., (Celoron).

Windsor, John W., (Helen J.), farmer, h. Ashville ave., (Celoron).

Windsor, Sarah J., rms. 311 Prendergast ave.

See also Winsor.

Winfield, Gray, (May), dray driver, h. 8 McDannell ave.

Wing, Fred W., (Eva), laborer, h. 409 Cherry.

Wing, Helen, widow Pratt, h. 409 Cherry.

Wingstrom, Theodore, (Selma), rubber worker, h. over 516 Allen.

Winkler, Freda A., domestic, r. 32 Regent.

Winnberg, Axel,finisher,r. 32 Barrows.

Winnberg & Batcheller—John W. Winnberg, Levant B. Batcheller—druggists, 113 Main. • Winnberg, Hulda M., r. 39 Mechanic.

Winnberg, Jenny G., r. 39 Mechanic.

Winnberg, John M.—Winnberg _ Batcheller, 113 Main—h. 39 Mechanic.




Beliable Drugs and Medicines. Toilet Articles. Perfumery 113 M A I N S T B E E T Winnberg, Laura, widow John G., h. 39 Mechanic.

Winquist, Nellie, dressmaker, r. 40 Union ave.

Winsor, Amelia C, widow Henry M., h. over 8 Price.

Winsor, Blanche, r. 61 Tilden ave.

CLEAN COAL. L. F. SHEDD. Both Phones.

Call u p N o. 3 3 for C l o t h i n g a n d Furnishings 426 JAMESTOWN DIRECTORY.

Winsor, Clinton B., (Emma E.), supt. of school buildings, h. 404 East 4th.

Winsor, Frank D., salesman, r. over 8 Price.

Winsor, H. Clement, (C. Bertha), carpenter, h. over 217 Main.

Winsor, Helen A., artist, r. 503 East 2d.

Winters, Anna M., Mrs., dressmaker, bds. 11 Newland ave.

Winters, James S., (Ivy B.), deliveryman, h. 11 Newland ave.

Wiquist, Cecile, nurse girl, r. 375 Baker.

Wiquist, David, milkman, r. 375 Baker.

Wiquist, Flavia, domestic, r. 375 Baker.

Wiquist & Johnson—Otto W. Wiquist and J. Emil Johnson—clothing, furnishing goods and merchant tailoring, 9 Main.

Wiquist, Otto W., (Alma E.)—Wiquist & Johnson, 9 Main—h. 375 Baker.

Wiquist, Paul, milkman, r. 375 Baker.

Wirsen, Augusta, domestic, 207 Foote ave.

Wise,. Edward H., (Cora E.), building mover, h. 21 Rathbone.

Wise, Flossie, r. 21 Rathbone.

Wise, George A., (Cornelia M.), teamster, h. 902 Lafayette.

Wise, Wilber C, freight handler, r. 902 Lafayette.

Wistrom, Anna C, r. 128 Stowe.

Wistrom, John, (Caroline), laborer, h. 128 Stowe.

Wistrom, Peter M., (Otilia), cabinet maker, h. 101 Wescott.

Witherell, Roy, waiter, rms. 213-215 East 2d.

Withers, James, (Sarah), retired, h. 219 Allen.

Wolcott, Carrie B., domestic, 663 Lake View ave.

Woleniski, Mary, spinner, bds. 59 Foote ave.

Wolf, Frank W., (Ella V.), engineer, h. 35 Derby.

Wolf, Harry, textile worker, r. 35 Derby.

Wolf, Hjelmar, (Alma), tinner, h. over 16 Fairfield ave.

Wolf, Vina B., domestic, r. 35 Derby.

Wolfe, Earl, laborer, bds. 210 West 5th.

Woll, Ernest, textile worker, r. 8 Short Eagle.

Woman's Christian Association, 207 Foote ave.

Woman's Christian Association Hospital, chairman executive com., Mrs. F.

W. Hyde, corner Foote ave. and Allen.

Woman's Christian Temperance Union, Mrs. Martha S. Mead, pres., Y. M. C.

A. committee rooms East 2d and Prendergast ave.

Wood, Albert C, (Cora B.), foreman, h. 821 Lafayette.

Wood, Charles E., (Maude), barber, under 23 West 3rd, h. 113 W. Hamilton.

Wood, Charles H., (Iza), conductor, J. S. Ry., h. 19 T e w Wood, Elmer, waiter, rms. 213-215 East 2d.

Wood, Ethel, stenographer, r. Lakewood.

Wood, Euretta L., r. 401 Clinton.

Wood, Frank, (Grace), h. 401 Clinton.

Wood, John, (Margaret A.)—Pearl City Stone Co., 52-56 Steele—h. 12 Barrett.

Wood, Minnie B., stenographer 10-18 Ellicott bldg., r. 29 West 9th.

CLARK HARDWARE CO. Fine Cutlery and Tools.

Silks, Satins, Velvets, Trimmings. THE A D. S H A R P E CO.

JAMESTOWN DIRECTORY. 427 Wood, Oscar, (Elizabeth), meat cutter, bds. 11 Hall ave.

Wood, Sarah H., widow Samuel, h. 18 West 6th.

Wood, Sylvia, proofreader, r. 12 Barrett.

Wood, Wilbur B., (Frances D.), constable, 5 Wellman bldg., h. 211 Crossman.

Wood, Willard C, (Agnes), commercial traveler, r. 46 West 10th.

See also Woods.

Woodard, Adolpho M., teamster, r. 42 Johnson ave.

Woodard, Cecil G., mender, h. 113 Sprague.

Woodard, John A., (Martha)—Klumpp & Woodard, rm. 12 over 101 East 3rd—h. 10 Winsor.

Woodard, Lucy L., mender, r. 113 Sprague.

Woodard, Myron, loomfixer,bds. 117 Allen.

See also Woodward.

Woodburn, (The)—Mrs. D. B. Hatch, prop.—lodging house, 215 West 3rd.

Woodbury, Egburt E., (Florence E.), surrogate, and Green & Woodbury, over 301 Main, h. 10 Kent.

Woodbury, Frank C, (Ethel B.), toolmaker, h. 115 Steele.

Woodbury, Grace E., stenographer, over 213 Main, r. 10 Kent.

Woodford, Alice, widow Burt, h. 23 Barker.

Woodford, Blanche H., supt. drawing, high school, r. 319 Jefferson.

Woodford, Delia, student, bds. 415 Lake View ave.

Woodford, Dura D., justice of the peace, rms. 59-00 Gokey bldg., 14 West 3rd, rms. do.

Woodford, Hattie, h. over 118 East 3rd.

Woodhall, Charles H., secretary, boys' Dept. Y. M. C. A., h. do.

Woodhead, Jonas, (Edna C ), plumber, 118 East 3rd, h. 215 do.

Woodring, George, woodcarver, bds. 25 Allen.

Woodring, Bernie, woodcarver, bds. 25 Allen.

Woodruff, Elda, student, rms. 215 West 3rd.

Woods, Alice E., r. 66 Marvin.

Woods, Henry S., (Cecelia E.), commercial traveler, h. 415 West 3rd.

Woods, H. S., Mrs., prop. The Osmer, 413-415-417 West 3rd, h. do.

Woods, John, (Mary), laborer, h. 210 Baker.

Woods, Mary, h. over 28 Ashville ave.

Woods, Michael, (Annie), retired, h. 66 Marvin.

Woods, Patrick, (Margaret), foreman, h. 115 Hall ave.

See also Wood.

Woodward, Elizabeth, r. 328 East 4th.

Woodward, Emerson H., (Mary H.), real estate, h. 26 Ashville ave.

Woodward, Floyd H., motorman, J. S. Ry., bds. 26 Ashville ave.

Woodward, John, (Mary), judge of the supreme court, h. 328 East 4th.

Woodward, Mathilda A., stenographer, over 301 Main, r. 35 Barrett ave.

Woodward, Nelson B., freight clerk, r. 26 Ashville ave.

Woodward, Samuel J, (Lizzie C ), h. 54 13th.


Woodward, Will E., motorman, J. S. Ry., bds. 26 Ashville ave.



Woodward, William E., motorneer, J. S. Ry., r. 26 Ashville ave.

See also Woodard.

Woodworth, Charles H., student, r. S Crosby.

Woodworth, Edward H., (Edith D.), asst. mgr., 56 Prospect, h. 20 Allen.

Woodworth, Lena M., Mrs., music teacher, r. 325 Hazzard.

Woodworth, Mark, (Lena M.), laborer, h. 325 Hazzard.

Woolford, Daisy, r. 506 Newland ave.

Worden, A m o s L., (Nancy P.),florist,h. Ashville ave., R. F. D., (Celoron).

Worden, Elliott, (Hallie),florist,19 Thayer, h. do.

Work, A. Delano, (H. Maria), h. 11 West 4th.

Work, Joseph S., r. 11 West 4th.

Work's Restaurant, H. M. Work, prop., 10 West 3rd.

Works, Charles, r. 617 Washington.

Works, Josephine, teacher, r. 617,Washington.

Works, Ella, Mrs., dressmaker, h. 617 Washington.

Worth, Edith, waitress, r. over 210 East 2d.

Wortman, Fred, (Jennie), towerman, h. under 411 West 3rd.

Wren, Fred J., (Christine), carpenter, h. 27 Hazzard.

Wright, Charles C, employed 105 Winsor, h. 408 Hazeltine ave.

Wright, Dor, student, r. 56 West 10th.

Wright, Eliza, textile worker, r. 408 Hazeltine ave.

Wright, Frank H., (Roena), millhand, h. 223 Prospect.

Wright.Frederick J., (Jessie H.), engineer, h. over 218 Winsor.

Wright, George, student, r. 56 West 10th.

Wright, Grace M., r. 702 Ashville ave.

Wright, Hattie J, weaver, r. 822 Main.


Wright, Ida, domestic, h. 403 Main.

Wright, John D.—Wright & Son, 28 Main—r. 56 West 10th.

Wright, John H., (Eva L.), resident mgr., H o m e Telephone Co., 210 Pine, h.

57 Prospect ave.

Wright, Laura N., widow Edward, h. 822 Main.

Wright, Laverne, (Anna), driver, 10 West 3rd, h. over 379 Foote ave.

Wright, L. Edmund, printer's apprentice, 14-10 West 2d, r. 12 Cook ave.

Wright, Lizzie, domestic, 119-121 East 2d.

Wright, Lottie, textile worker, r. 408 Hazeltine ave.

Wright, Marvin R., teamster, r. 822 Main.

Wright, Mary, widow Thomas, h. 702 Ashville ave.

Wright, Matthew E., (May), collector, 14-10 West 2d, h. 12 Cook ave.

Wright, Mead D., (Mary A.), foreman, h. 35 Cross.

Wright, Robert, pressman, r. 403 Main.

Wright, Sarah A., day work, r. 407 Cherry.

Wright's Specialty Shop—William T. Wright—ladies' clothing and general outfitters, 18-20 West 3rd.

Wright & Son—Jno. D. and William H. Wright—barbers, 28 Main.

Wright, Warren, retired, r. 701 East 2d.

CLARK HARDWARE CO. Stoves and Furnaces.

The Best Goods at the Lowest Prices. T H E A. D. S H A R P E CO.

JAMESTOWN DIRECTORY. 429 Wright, William, (Lizzie), brakeman, J. C. & L. E. Ry., h. 74 13th.

Wright, William H., (Maria J.)—Wright & Son, 28 Main—h. 56 West 10th.

Wright, William T., (Ella B.)—Wright's Specialty shop, 18-20 West 3rd— h. 309 do.

Wright, Zabian, retired, rooms 141 Chandler.

Writeman, John, (Clara), stockkeeper, h. 30 Sampson.

Wyman, Elmer H., (Elva), policeman, h. 32 Derby.


Yale, Edwin, (Mary E.), retired, h. 41 Broadhead ave.

Yates, Ellen, r. 331 East 3rd.

Yates, E m m a, teacher, h. 157 Chandler.

Yates, G. V. N., Mrs., h. 404 West 5th.

Yates, John J, (Mary), retired, h. 204 Hazzard.


Yates, Julia H., widow Henry J, h. 331 East 3rd.


Yates, Julia S., teacher, r. 157 Chandler, Yerdon, Herbert B., bookkeeper, r. 79 Allen.

Yerdon, Jone A., (Susie), carpenter, h. 79 Allen.

York, Ernest L., (Lillian May), band sawyer, h. over 132 Barrows.

York, Ernest O., (Laura), barber, 709 Main, h. 69 13th.

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