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«DATE DUE James Prendergast Library Association 509 Cherry Street Jamestown, N e w York 14701 M e m b e r Of Chautauqua-Cattaraugus Library System THE ...»

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York, George, (Rose), machinist, h. 641 East 6th.

York, Sadie E., r. 69 13th.

Youker, Rupert, r. 155 Forest ave.

Young, Albert D., (Eleanor C.), physician, over 12 East 2d, h. 24 Cross.

Young, Alma H., r. 11 West 9th.

Young, A. Marie, r. 329 Lincoln.

Young, Bertrand M., (Luella), mechanical engineer, h. 416 West 3rd.

Young, Carl, (Amanda),finisher,h. 14 Wilton ave.

Young, Carrie L., teacher, bds. 713 East 2d.

Young, Carrie M., stenographer, 8 East 3rd, r. 30 Price.

Young, Charles, coachman, r. 11 Bush. »

Young, Chase, (Flora M.), laborer, h. 26 Water.

Young, C. Oscar, (Edith M.), teamster, h. over 136 Water.

Young, Daniel, (Charlotte), ice dealer, h. 1033 Main.

Young, David J., cigarmaker, r. 11 Bush. « Young, Elizabeth, widow James M., h. 12 Water.

Young, Elof, teamster, bds. 426 Allen.

Young, Emily, widow Charles W., h. 329 Lincoln.

Young, Ernest, laborer, r. 1033 Main.

Young, Fay J, (Dora B.),finisher,h. 49 Prospect.


Young, George A., (Flora A.), letter carrier, h. 70 West 10th.

Young, Gust, (Emily L.), teamster, h. 11 Bush. »

Young, James M., (Mary), policeman, City hall, h. 11 West 9th.

Cedar Shingles, Lath and Plaster-L. P. SHEDD.



Young, Jennie, dressmaker, r. over 12 Chandler.

Young, Jessie, cashier, 14-16 West 2d, r. 609 Prendergast ave.

Young, John, laborer, bds. 62 Ridgway ave.

Young, Lucy R., student, r. 1033 Main.

Young, Marphelia,r. 1033 Main.

Young, Mary A., widow Obed J., r. 529 West 3rd.

Young Men's Christian Association, Elliott C. Hall, pres., Charles N. Chase, gen. secy., cor. East 2d and Prendergast ave.

Young, Nels P., (Christine), laborer, h. 301 Forest ave.

Young, Sanford, loborer, bds. 19 Walnut.

Young, Simon G., cigarmaker, r. 11 Bush.

Young, Thomas, (Theresa), shipping clerk, 25 Shearman place, h. 31 Ashville ave.

Young, Walter S., (Bertha), optician, 212 West 3rd, h. 614 Spring.

Young Woman's Christian Association, Mrs. W m. H. Proudfit, pres., Prendergast block, cor. Main and 3rd.

Young Women's Christian Association, South Side Branch, 67 Center.

Young, Zilpha, Mrs., h. 609 Prendergast ave.

Youngberg, John S., sander, bds. 254 Willard.

Youngblad, Anna Ida, twister, r. 109 Wescott.

Youngren, Amanda C, r. over 243 Willard.

Youngren, Anna, duffer, r. over 243 Willard.

Youngren, Edward J., machine helper, r. over 243 Willard.

Youngren, Gust, (Hannah), warper, h. 566 Allen.

Youngren, Nettie A., widow Charles, h. over 243 Willard.

Youngquist, Charles O., (Hannah)—Peterson & Youngquist, 21 East 2d— h. over 204 do.

Youngstead, Otto, (Selma), machine nand, 111 Cheney, h. 568 Allen.

Yousted, Alfred, lumber handler, bds. 128 Water.

Yousted, Charles, sander, bds. 128 Water.

Zeino, James, (Sarah), laborer, h. 59 Foote ave.

Zeliff, Fred R., (Nellie S.)—Sprague & Zeliff, 104 East 3rd—h. 382 Foote ave.

Zeliff, Peter, (Mary), engineer, h. 235 Broadhead ave.

Zvedza, Chris, laborer, bds. 35 Steele.

–  –  –




President—Willis G. Price.

Clerk—Fred Gotts.

Treasurer—W. W. Wilson.

Police Justice—Willis G. Price.

Chief of Police—Charles O. Johnson.

Board of Trustees—Lee Phillips, George B. Hinman, Levi Loomis, Alva Smith.

Board of Health—Norman C. Jones, George Lehman.

Health Officer—Dr. Abraham Bowers.

Registrar—Fred Gotts.

Board of Education—William W. Wilson, Alva Smith, Hilton P. Thurber.

Celoron Hose Co.—Foreman, George Chase.


(NOTE)—In compiling the names of the residents of Celoron it has been impracticable to designate in all instances the streets on which they reside.

For names not appearing in the following list see Jamestown General Directory.

Allen, James A., (Lora H.), diemaker, h. Ashville ave.

Ailing, Howard W., (Clara L.), lumber dealer, h. Ashville ave.

Arlington Hotel, D. W. Lerch, prop.

Arnold, George, (Evelyn), r. Burtis.

Arnold, Horatio N., ( E m m a ), driver, Cook & Treat, Jamestown, r. Burtis.

Axen, John P., (Alice O.), section boss, street Ry., h. Scofieid.

Ball, Chauncey A., (Mabel), R. R.fireman,h. Jackson ave.

Ball, Ethel, widow Wesley, r. Jackson ave.

Batcheler, Charles, (Hattie Belle), laborer, h. Waverly ave.

Barker, Marion C, (Minnie), lumber dealer, h. East ave.

Bennett, Joseph, retired, h. Scofieid.

Blake, Frank L., (Lillian),finisher,h. Burtis.

Blanchard, Cornelius A., (Nora), laborer, h. Canal.

Blanchard, Frank D., (Etta), laborer, h. Smith ave.

Boss, Hans, (Mary), painter, h. Conewango ave.

Bouck, Gilbert, boatbuilder, Celoron road.

Bradley, Carl F., (Edna), fireman, h. Dunham ave.

Bratt, Clayton A. J., bds. Chadakoin.

CELORON J A M E S T O W N DIRECTORY. 457 Bratt, Orsemus R., (Marie E.), janitor Vandergrift block, Jamestown, n.


Brooks, Hattie, r. Canal.

Brooks, Milton, (Elvira), laborer, h. Canal.

Brooks, Mollie, r. Canal.

Brown, Lynn E., (Lucy), gen. agt. Empire State Degree of Honor, h. Allegheny ave.

Butler, Frank H., farmer, h. Ashville ave.

Button, Jane, widow Dr. Jesse, h. Ashville ave.

Carlson, Charles W., (Henrietta C ), contractor and builder, h. Duquesne.

Carnahan, Velma M., r. Waverly ave.

Carrier, Robert H., (Amelia), carpenter, h. Edgewater.

Celoron Amusement Co., A. N. Broadhead, pres., G. E. Maltby, gen. mgr.

Celoron Steel Plant, mfr. Eureka steel road scraper.

Celoron Theater, Jule Delmar, mgr.

Chadakoin Boat Co., boat builders, Celoron road.

Chase, George E., (Laura D.), marble cutter and musician, h. Linwood.

Clarkson, Abbie B., housekeeper, r. Wicks ave.

Cobb, George, (Vesta),florist,h. Ashville ave.

Collins, Patrick J., bartender, Hotel Imperial, r. do.

Copeland, Herbert, (Emily), teamster, r. Celoron road.

Cowden, K. Z., (Iva), grocery, r. Celoron road.

Cox, Leah S., Mrs., bds. Lateron lake front.

Cross, LeRoy M.,fireman,bds. Smith ave.

Daugharthy, Elson V., (Julia B.), spring maker, h. Scofieid ave.

Davis, Luella, widow Cassius M., h. Jackson ave.

Davis, Roxina L., bookkeeper, 219 Washington, Jamestown, h. Wicks ave.

Dayson, William, (Louise A.),florist,h. Ashville ave.

DeForce, A. Glenn, bobbin setter, h. Jackson ave.

DeForce, Raymond R., bellboy, r. Jackson ave.

Delmar, Jule, (Daisy), mgr. Celoron Amusement Co., h. Dunham ave.

Devlin, John, r. Jackson ave.

Dorr, Harry H., (Clara M.), draughtsman, h. Ashville ave.

Doxie, Benjamin, (Clara), farmer, h. Jackson farm, Ashville road.

Drotts, August E., clerk, Arlington Hotel, bds. do.

Drotts, Elmer, (Maude), bartender, h. Canal and Celoron roads.

Drotts, Matilda, widow Peter E., Standard Hotel, h. Celoron road.

Dufresne, Gilbert, (Clara), barber, h. Melvin ave.

Dye, Adoniran J., (Alice A.), poultryman, h. Ashville ave.

Dye, Harry L., (Maude E.), poultryman, r. Ashville ave.

Ellison, Andrew, (Charlotte A.), finisher, h. Ashville ave.

Ferguson, George S., (Flora E.), laborer, h. Gifford switch on Lakewood road.

Field, West, (Anna), nickle plater, h. Dunham ave..

Frank, A. West, (Flora J.), postoffice and restaurant, h. Lindsey place.

Frank, Charles A., clerk, h. Standard Hotel, Celoron road.

Frank, Fred, (Anna), machine hand, h. Metcalfe ave.

Frank, L. S., bds. Dunham ave.

Frederickson, Emil, porter, bds. Standard Hotel, Celoron road.

Gardner, Cornelius I., (Mary A.), carpenter, r. Dunham ave.

458 J A M E S T O W N DIRECTORY. CELORON Gifford, George W., (Anna B.), farmer, Ashville ave.

Gifford, Harry P., (Nellie C ), milk dealer, h. Ashville ave.

Gotts, Fred W., (Calista), carpenter, h. Dunham ave.

Grant, Jane, widow Robert, r. Imperial Hotel.

Gray, Charles H., (Mary M.), laborer, h. Scofieid.

Gray, Mabel, winder, bds. Conewango ave.

Gray, Maud, twister, bds. Conewango ave.

Grimes, Winfield S., laborer, h. Canal.

Hall, Wilkinson, (Martha), metal worker, h. Ashville ave.

Halsall, George, (Annie), mfr. Chaut. boiler composition, h. Chadakoin ave.

Halsall, Margaret, r. Chadakoin ave.

Hammond, Bert, (Nora), carpenter, h. Burtis.

Heaton, Orville D., (Cora L.), painter, h. Waverly ave.

Heaton, William, retired, r. Waverly ave.

Herbert, Helen, h. Canal.

Hibbard, Harriett, widow E. W., bds. Duquesne.

Higgins, William, (Jane), carpenter, h. Celoron road and Edgewater.

Hilckman, Paul F., (Julia), iron straightener, h. Duquesne.

Hinman, George, (Lulu), tinner, r. Dunham ave.

Hotchkiss, Alonzo, (Ella M.), prop. Sunny Side Hotel, h. do.

Hotel de Celoron, H. F. Pickard, gen. mgr.

Hotel Imperial, John E. Penfold, prop.

Huntington, Alfred, (Lena M.), mfg. gas and gasoline engines, h. Celoron road Johnson, C. Edward, (Augusta), metal worker, h. Conewango ave.

Johnson, Charles O., (Matilda), chief of police, h. Lindsey place.

Johnson, Frederick, bds. Lindsey place.

Johnson, Levi F., (Marilda), merry-go-round, Celoron grounds, h. Chadakoin Johnson, Louise Marie, milliner, r. Dunham and Duquesne ave.

Johnson, Marie E., milliner, bds. Lindsey place.

Johnson, Oscar, (Helen), cook, h. Gifford's switch.

Johnson, Oscar, (Helva), weaver, h. Allegheny ave.

Jones, Bessie, dressmaker, r. Scofieid.

Jones, Cyrus E., (Minnie B.), capitalist, h. Ashville ave.

Jones, Ellsworth W., (Sarah), employed Lakewood Ice Co., h. Jackson ave.

Jones, E m m a, Mrs., h. Scofieid.

Jones, Norman C, (Minnie), steamfitter,Lake View Rose Gardens, h.


Kellogg, Alice M., bookkeeper, L. F. Shedd, bds. Smith ave.

Kelly, Fred E., (Cora), carpenter, h. Scofieid.

Kent, Marvin, (Vina), motorman, J. S. Ry., h. Scofieid.

Kellogg, Andrew, (Mary), laborer, h. Ashville ave.

King, Sidney E., (Charlotte), h. Ashville ave.

Knox, George W., (Belle H.), machinist, h. Dunham ave.

Koehl, George W., (Ida M.), conductor, Erie R. R., h. Ashville ave.

Krumeich, Joseph, painter and decorator, bds. Duquesne.

Lehman, George N., (L. Mabel), supt. Weber Mfg. Co., Jamestown, h. Melvin ave.

Leid, James, (Nina B.), metal worker, h. Scofieid.

Leopold, Etta, widow Frank, roomers and boarders, Allegheny and Lake.

CELORON J A M E S T O W N DIRECTORY. 459 Lerch, David W., (Nellie P.), prop. Arlington Hotel, r. do.

Lindholm, G. Fred, (Augusta), grocery and dry goods, Lindsey place, h. do.

Lock, Charles F., (Annie), painter and decorator, h. Scofieid and Allegheny.

Loomis, Levi, (Mary E.), teamster, h. Ashville ave.

Lydon, James W., (Samantha), florist, h. Ashville ave.

Lyman, Nettie, h. Edgewater.

Mack, Ella, housekeeper, Avenue Hotel.

Manross, Charles E., (Elma), employed Chaut. Steamboat Co., h. Chadakoin.

Marsh, Arthur J., (Georgia A.), foreman figure 8 coaster, h. Smith ave.

Mathews, Byron, (Myrtie), machinist, h. Ball.

McCue, Michael, (Rose),florist,h. Ashville ave.

McLaughlin, William J., (Matilda), electrician, h. Duquesne.

McMillan, Andrew J., (Mary), farmer, h. Ashville ave.

Melvin, Amanda, bds. Smith ave.

Melvin, Charles L., (Catherine M.), laborer, h. Melvin ave.

Messenger, George, works rose gardens, h. Ashville ave.

Metcalf, Richard, (Elizabeth), farmer, h. Ashville ave.

Miller, May, widow Frank, h. Melvin ave.

Mitchell, Maud, housekeeper, r. Melvin ave.

Moeler, Wilhelm, (Maude), bicycle repairing, 218 East 2d, Jamestown, h.


Monroe, George H., (Anna E.), h. Celoron road.

Morgan, Edward D., laborer, h. Livingstone ave.

Mullin, Mary E., r. Chadakoin.

Munger, Lawyer S., (Jessie E.), machinist, bds. Waverly ave.

Myers, Erwin H., (Eva), laborer, r. Edgewater.

Nichols, Isaac D., (Alice), metal worker, h. Canal.

Nichols, Walter, laborer, bds. Allegheny and Lake.

Oakley, Jessie, r. Metcalf ave.

Oberg, Otto, laborer, bds. Lateron, lake front.

O'Hare, Edmund, wine clerk, Avenue Hotel, h. do.

Pelton, John C, (Delia G.), carpenter, h. Scofieid.

Penhollow, Ethel S., bds. Celoron road.

Penhollow, Winfield S., (Patience), contractor and builder, h. Dunham ave.

Penfold, J. A. Fred, aristo worker, bds. Imperial Hotel.

Penfold, John E., (Harriett), prop. Hotel Imperial, h. Lindsey place.

Peterson, Carl, laborer, bds. Chadakoin.

Peterson, Charles A., (Ida), laborer, h. Chadakoin.

Peterson, Henry, laborer, bds. Chadakoin.

Peterson, Selma, mill hand, bds. Chadakoin.

Phillips, A. Lee, (Jessie), oil man, r. Conewango ave.

Post, Truman H., (Ella), carpenter, h. Edgewater.

Powell, Robert M., (Cal), hotel, h. Jackson ave.

Price, Bertha, milliner, r. Ashville ave.

Price, Willis G., (Elizabeth), justice of the peace, h. Conewango ave.

Raves, Robert S., h. Melvin and Duquesne.

Rolph, Mark L., painter and decorator, bds. Dunham ave.

Rolph, Worthy A., metal worker, h. Dunham ave.

Roney, Charles H., (Agnes), mgr. Lake View Rose Gardens, h. Ashville ave.

460 J A M E S T O W N DIRECTORY. CELORON Reed, Effie S., prop. Reed House, Celoron road.

Richmond, (The), Celoron dock, H. C. Rogers, prop.

Robinson, Diantha E., widow Wellman J, h. Celoron road and Waverly ave.


Robinson, Ralph N., (Mildred G.), conductor, J. S. Ry., h. cor. Celoron road and Waverly ave.

Rogers, Horace C, (Isabella), prop. The Richmond, Celoron dock, h. do.

Royal Peacock Hotel, Smith Bros., props., Celoron road.

Sheldon, Frank M., (Elizabeth E.), foreman, 95 J. & G. ave., h. Dunham ave.

Sheldon, Martha, widow William, h. East.

Sherman, Ella B., h. Ashville ave.

Sherman, Isaac A., (Lilla), carpenter, h. Ashville ave.

Skirrow, Joshua, (Mary), wool sorter, h. Scofieid and Boulevard ave.

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