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Smith, Alva, (Daisy), teamster, h. Smith ave.

Smith Bros.—William and Lewis—props. Royal Peacock Hotel, Celoron road.

Smith, Henry, (Johanna), carpenter, h. Metcalf ave.

Smith, Lewis—Smith Bros., props. Royal Peacock Hotel—h. Celoron road.

Smith, Susan, widow James, h. Livingstone ave.

Smith, William, (Anna)—Smith Bros., props. Royal Peacock Hotel—h. 256 Crescent, Jamestown, N. Y.

Smith, William, (Jane), h. Royal Peacock Hotel, Celoron road.

Smith, William H., (Mary R.), laborer, h. Swan near Metcalf ave.

Sprague, Horatio N., (Elizabeth), retired, h. Ashville ave.

Squier, Ziba L., (Roxa), real estate, h. Lateron, lake front.

Standard Hotel, Mrs. Matilda Drotts, prop.

Stewart, Lydia A., widow Otis, r. Melvin ave.

Strunk, A m y A., Mrs., r. Ashville ave.

Suckow, Edwin, (Mary), loomfixer, h. Conewango ave.

Sunny Side Hotel, Alonzo S. Hotchkiss, prop., Celoron Road.

Swanson, Arvid, (Alma), bricklayer, h. Conewango ave.

Sweeney, William, (Agnes), metal worker, h. Scofieid.

Switzer, Hannah, widow Jacob N., h. Duquesne ave.

Thompson, Wilbur A., (Lillian A.),floorwalker, 203 Main, (Jamestown), h.

Ashville ave.

Thompson, Lottie, r. Burtis.

Thurber, Hilton S., (Mary J.), carpenter, transient barn, h. Melvin ave.

Thurber, Hiram P., (Lucinda), farmer, h. East.

Tousley, Charles P., (Adeline), cigar store Sherman House, Jamestown, h.

Dunham ave.

Tuttle, Peter N., (Margaret), farmer, h. Wicks.

Turnquist, Arthur F., clerk, bds. Celoron road and Melvin ave.

Turnquist, Frank, (Matilda), grocery, Celoron road and Melvin ave., h. do.

Turnwall, Arthur, metal worker, r. Lindsey place.

Vanderhoof, Edward, employed Lake View Rose Gardens, bds. Duquesne.

Vanderhoof, Neal, employed Lake View Rose Gardens, bds. Duquesne.

Vanderhoof, Silas E., (Mary), h. Duquesne.

Vestburg, Rose, weaver, r. Allegheny ave.

Vine, Annie, weaver, bds. Scofieid.

Vine, Eliger, musician, r. Scofieid.

Vine, Mary, widow John, bds. Scofieid.

CELORON J A M E S T O W N DIRECTORY. 461 Vine, William John, (Elizabeth), musician, h. Lake and Conewango ave.

Wagner, William J. A., (Maude), principal high school, h. Ball.

Wallace, Pearl M., r. Waverly ave.

Walrod, Milo, (Alice), laborer, h. Canal.

Ware, Sarah, widow Alexander, r. Allegheny and Lake.

Warfle, Lucy, housekeeper, Celoron road, r. do.

Ward, Eliza, widow Charles P., h. Dunham ave.

Waterman, Elias, retired, bds. Dunham ave.

Waterman, Seely S., farmer, h. Burtis.

Webster, Melissa, Mrs., h. Burtis.

West, Richard A., (Hattie M.), teamster, h. Conewango ave.

Wheeler, Clayton H., (Nancy), employed 51 Outlet, h. Lateron, lake front.

Wheelhouse, William, (Mary Ann), loomfixer,h. Edgewater.

Wheelhouse, Willie B., musician, bds. Edgewater.

White, John, (Catherine A.), sawyer, h. Canal.

Wicks, Andrew W., (Minnie E.), real estate, h. Ashvile ave.

Williams, E m m a, widow Thomas, boarding house, Waverly ave.

Williams, Ethel R., milliner, bds. Dunham ave.

Williams, Jane, h. Dunham ave.

Wilson, Addie, picker, bds. Celoron road.

Wilson, Cyrus B., (Kate P.), lawyer, h. Conewango and Duquesne.

Wilson, Frank E., carpenter, r. Conewango ave.

Wilson, John W., (Lurlie), carpenter, h. Scofieid.

Wilson, May A., r. Conewango ave.

Windsor, John W., (Helen J.), farmer, h. Ashville ave.

Wright, Courtney, Mrs., h. Smith ave.

Wright, Mary, widow Thomas, h. Ashville ave.

Young, Carrie L., teacher, Jamestown, r. Dunham ave.

Young, Daniel, (Charlotte), ice, Celoron road.

Young, Fred, (Ella), teamster and mason, h. Allegheny and 9th.

Young, Martin V., (Elizabeth M.), mason, h. Dunham ave.

Young, Mattie, h. Duquesne.

Young, Minal E., (Emma J.), salesman, Standard Oil Co., h. Burtis.

Young, Mervin, mason, bds. Dunham ave.

Ziegenfuss, William, (Mary J.), mason, h. Celoron road.

Zimmerman, Edward, laborer, r. Melvin ave.

Zimmerman, George A., (Catherine), merchant, Celoron grounds, h. Linwood.

Zimmerman, John A., (Louise), traveling man, h. Linwood.


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President—J. S. Wright.

Trustees—James Grout, Ernest Wiborg, A. A. Ruckman, H. F. Jones.

Treasurer—Oscar J. Rawson.

Collector—George Phetteplace.

Clerk—Harley N. Crosby.

Street Commissioner—Samuel Ely.

Police Constable—George J. Griggs.

Board of Health—Walter H. Edson, Elmer E. Benson, Harvey F. Jones.

Health Officer—W. O. Smith, M. D.

Village Attorneys—Edson & Crosby.

Board of Education—Walter H. Edson, pres.; Forrest T. Merriam, clerk;

Mrs. Kate Ensign, Ransom B. Lydell, Oscar Wiborg, Mrs. Jessie Johnson, F. A. Alford; principal, George R. Raynor.

Postmaster—Herbert W. Davis.

Falconer Hose Co., No. 1—Pres., E. A. Peterson; secretary, Oscar J. Rawson;

treasurer, Sidney T. Benson; foreman, Ollie Olson; trustees, Charles Johnson, George Arnold, Eddie Larson; meetings,firstMonday in every month.

Chadakoin Lodge, No. 130, I. O. O. F., meets every Friday night in Odd Fellows hall. Officers—Noble grand, F. L. Lucas; vice grand, John Phetteplace; Rec. Sec, Dr. Forest Hunt; Fin. Secy., C. M. Carter;

Treas., George H. Benson; membership 125. Organized March 3, 1899.

Moon Brook Rebekah Lodge, No. 293, I. O. O. F., meets every alternate Tuesday night in Odd Fellows' hall. Officers—Noble grand, E. Janette Bush; vice grand, Elvie Olson; Sec, Lena Stickles; Fin. Sec, Lillian Stone; Treas., Mary Young; membership 67. Organized February 3, 1903.

Protected H o m e Circle, No. 224, meets every alternate Tuesday night in Odd Fellows' hall. Officers—Pres., John Phetteplace; Sec, Forest T. Merriam; Acct, Dr. Forest Hunt; Treas., Frank J. Lawson; membership 57.

Falconer Legion No. 167, National Protective Legion. Officers—Past Pres., Fanny De Bell; Pres., Anna Peterson; vice pres., Hattie Davis; secy., Mary Young; treas., E. Janette Bush; chaplain, Gertrude Conroe; cond., Elva Olson; inside guard, Margarett Blackmer; sent., Mary Bowman;

trustee, Dr. Frank Jenkins. Membership 175. Organized April 24, 1897.

W o o d m e n of the World—Meets second and last Monday in each month in I. O. O. F. hall. Past council commander, Frank Haight; council comFALCONER J A M E S T O W N DIRECTORY. 463 mander, Leon Rider; conductor, John Kroon; clerk, Fred Asker; banker, Byron Teft; advisor lieutenant, Glenn W. Sears. Membership 25.

Swedish Brotherhood, meets every alternate Thursday night in Odd Fellows' hall. Officers—Pres., Carl Lawson; vice pres., Oscar Johnson;fin.secy., Chas. Holmes; vicefin.secy., Elof Johnson; rec. keeper, Andrew Olson;

vice rec. keeper, Oscar Bard; master ceremony, Chas. A. Carlson; chaplain, August Lawson; membership 50. Organized September, 1899.

K. O. T. M. Organized April 8, 1891, membership 88; meets every alternate Wednesday night in I. O. O. F. hall. Officers—Com., Guy C. Tracy;

lieut. com., Ed. Johnson; record keeper and treas., Herman C. Shultz;

Chap., Chas. Dennison; Ex. Phy., W. O. Smith.

L. O. T. M. Organized February, 1893, membership 20; meets every alternate Wednesday afternoon in I. O. O. F. hall. Officers—Lady com., Blanche Neate; lieut. lady com., E m m a Cease; rec. keeper, Olive Hancock;

finance keeper, Dora Burdick; chaplain, Ellen Woodward.

Adams, Erick A., laborer, bds. Central ave.

Adams, Gust, machine hand, bds. Central ave.

Adams, John G., (Sarah), residence Mosher.

Adams, Matilda, bds. Central ave.

Adams, Oscar C, bds. Central ave.

Adams, Orren O., (Nellie M.), laborer, r. Alberta.

Adams, Richard, machine hand, bds. Central ave.

Adamson, Hannah, bds. Main.

Ager, Henry, operative, bds. Lynndon ave.

Alford, F. A. Rev., (Alma), pastor Swedish Lutheran church, h. Lister ave.

Almquist, Peter, laborer, bds. Harrison.

American Mfg. Concern—W. T. Falconer and D. E. Merrill—advertising novelties, near Work.

Anderson, Amel, clerk, E. Wiborg's store, r. Harrison.

Anderson, Albert, (Martha), woodfinisher, r. Pearl.

Anderson, Albert L., (Anna), clerk, Wiborg's store, r. Falconer.

Anderson, Amanda, operative, Chaut. Worsted Mills, r. Harrison.

Anderson, Andrew, (Caroline), machine hand, r. Harrison.

Anderson, Andrew, machine hand, r. Work.

Anderson, Anna, operative, r. Harrison.

Anderson, Axel, (Alice), machine hand, r. Falconer.

Anderson, Beda, operative, r. Harrison.

Anderson, B. Oscar, (Sophia), teamster and farmer, r. Work.

Anderson, Charles A., (Mary), machine hand, r. Harrison.

Anderson, Charles P., (Ada M.), clerk, Main.

Anderson, Charles G., (Amanda), r. Hough ave.

Anderson, Christine, r. Falconer.

Anderson, Conrad, (Blanch), paint and paper store, Main, r. James.

Anderson, E m m a, operative, r. Harrison.

Anderson, Frank L., (Augusta), machine hand, r. Harrison.

Anderson, Frank L., (Jennie), general store, Levant.

Anderson, Frank H., (Ida R.), r. Work.

Anderson, Florence, bds. Everett.

Anderson, George L., (Anna), grocery and meat market, Main, r. do.

464 J A M E S T O W N DIRECTORY. FALCONER Anderson, Gust, laborer, bds. Work.

Anderson, Gust A., laborer, r. Everett.

Anderson, J. Emil, clerk, bds. Harrison.

Anderson, James L., (Martha), woodworker, r. Everett.

Anderson, Jennie, weaver, bds. Cross.

Anderson, Jessie, bds. Work.

Anderson, John E., (Hulda), machine hand, r. Work.

Anderson, John W., (Hannah), gardener, r. Main.

Anderson, Joseph E., (Amanda), teas and coffee, Main, r. do.

Anderson, La vine, (Hedda), r. Harrison.

Anderson, Leonard, (Juliet), r. Falconer.

Anderson, Lena, r. Everett.

Anderson, Louise, bds. Harrison.

Anderson, Mabel L., r. Main.

Anderson, Mary, clerk, 2-6 East 2d, Jamestown, r. Work.

Anderson, Minnie, operative, r. Harrison.

Anderson, N. Eric, (S. Florence), farmer, h. Levant.

Anderson, Oscar, machine hand, bds. Main.

Anderson, Oscar O., (Mary D.), r. Hine.

Anderson, S. Oscar, (Hannah C ), broom dealer, r. Work.

Anderson, Theodore, r. Falconer.

Anderson, Victor L., laborer, bds. Work.

Anderson, Walter L., printer, Main, r. do.

Apbloom, Anna C, r. Harrison.

Arnold, F. T., bds. Main.

Arnold, George, (Mary), laborer, r. Work.

Arnold, Wesley, (Mary T.), engineer, r. Falconer.

Arthur, Charles K., (Alice), farmer, r. Main.

Arthur, Henry, news agent, r. Main.

Asker, Fred, clerk, r. James.

Asker, Leonard, (Gertie), hardware, Main, r. James.

Backlund, John, (Margaret), machine hand, r. James.

Bacus, Daniel, (Clara C ), laborer, h. Harrison.

Bacus, Fred R., r. Harrison.

Baker, Frank, laborer, bds. city line.

Baker, Fred S., (Hulda), paperhanger, r. Central ave.

Baker, Lottie A., r. Main.

Baker, William H., (Martha J.), laborer, h. West ave.

Balder, Fritz, (Millie),finisher,r. Falconer.

Balone, John, (Mary), barber, Main, h. do.

Barber, Guy W., (Hattie E.), laborer, r. Everett.

Bard Bros.—Charles S. and Oscar Bard—cabinet makers, Falconer.

Bard, Charles S., (Hulda)—Bard Bros., Falconer—h. Falconer.

Bard, Oscar—Bard Bros., Falconer—r. Falconer.

Barger, Jessie, bds. Everett.

Barker, J. Burdett, (Blanche), shipping clerk, h. Main.

Barker, Lansing W., (Mary M.), farmer, h. Everett.

Barmore, John, (Clara), carpenter, h. Everett.

Barns, Ernest E., (Flora M.), confectionery and cigars, Main, h. do.

FALCONER J A M E S T O W N DIRECTORY. 465 Bartlett, George W., (Hattie M.), laborer, h. Main.

Bartlett, Grace O., r. Main.

Beard, Charles O., (Etta), operative, h. Falconer.

Benedict, Alfred, commercial traveler, r. Main.

Benedict, Hiram, r. Levant.

Benedict, Mary, student, r. Main.

Benedict, Odin, r. Main.

Benedict, William, (Mary), h. Main.

Benedict, William H., (Florrie), commercial traveler, h. Main.

Bedient, Irwin, (Melvina), undertaker, h. Levant.

Bedient, Orton D., (Ellen L.), butter maker, h. Levant.

Bedwell, Thomas, cabinet maker, bds. James.

Bemus, Mary A., r. Lynndon.

Bennett, Herbert S., (Agnes L.), prop. The Tavern, Main, h. do.

Benson, Alfred W., milk peddler, r. Harrison.

Benson, Andrew, farmer, h. Harrison.

Benson, Carl, r. Work.

Benson, Charles J., r. Main.

Benson, Elmer E., (Georgie), machine hand, h. Falconer.

Benson, George H., (Lulu), h. Main.

Benson, Grace A., clerk, P. O., r. Falconer.

Benson, Gust, (Anna), machine hand, h. Everett.

Benson, Hettie M., school teacher, r. Harrison.

Benson, Jay, (Alice), h. Work.

Benson, John A., (Lucy)—Benson & Johnson, Main—h. James.

Benson & Johnson—John A. Benson and Otto B. Johnson—clothing, Main.

Benson, L. Clifford, milk peddler, r. Harrison.

Benson, Leon J., bds. Dow.

Benson, L. Tessie, school teacher, r. Harrison.

Benson, Rose A., widow John, h. Falconer.

Benson, Peter, laborer, bds. Harrison.

Benson, Sidney T., farmer, r. Harrison.

Benson, William W., (Laura K.), cabinet maker, h. Falconer.

Bentley, George W., ( E m m a C ), h. Main.

Bentley, Norman, (Lena), engineer, h. Work.

Bergland, Albin, (Alma), machine hand, h. Outlet.

Bergren, Victor, machine hand, bds. City line.

Bingham, George R., (Josephine M.), laborer, h. Allen.

Bjork, Celia, operative, bds. James.

Bjork, Conic, operative r. James.

Blackmer, Lucy A., Mrs., h. Mosher.

Bliss, Archie, polisher, bds. city line.

Blodien, Theodore, laborer, bds. Hanson.

Blodin, Emil, laborer, bds. Work.

Bloomquist, Alias, (Maud), laborer, h. Harrison.

Bloomquist, Andrew P., (Lottie S.), laborer, h. Harrison.

Bloomquist, J. Edgar, (Mary), woodcarver, h. James.

Bohman, Martin, (Matilda), laborer, J, S. Ry., h. Levant.

Bowkaw, Irwin, laborer, bds. Hotel Lynndon.

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