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466 J A M E S T O W N DIRECTORY. FALCONER Bowman, Louis, (Mary), engineer, h. Main.

Boyd, Hamilton, (Mertie F.), farmer, h. Central ave.

Bradley, Ida L., r. Work.

Bradley, Marvin, (Sarah A.), r. Work.

Bradley, Olive J, r. Work.


Bradley, Sadie A., r. Work.

Bragg, Fred A., (Jennie F.), farmer, h. Levant.

Brewster, William, (Ida B.), laborer, h. Falconer.

Briggs, Bert, mechanic, bds. Main.

Briggs, Henry, (Freda), lumber inspector, h. Merriam.

Brown, Edward, (Mary E.), laborer, h. Work.

Brown, George A., (Ida L.), laborer, h. West ave.

Brownell, Jerome, (Patience), electrician, h. Elm.

Brownell, Willard J, loomfixer, r. Elm.


Brunson, C. Elizabeth, widow Alfred, h. Main.

Bryant, Herbert C, (Ella M.), dry goods and notions, Main, h. Falconer.

Buckley, Kate, bds. Harrison.

Buckley, Malinda E., h. Main.

Burch, Carl A., laborer, r. Allen.

Burch, Charles E., (Alice A.), laborer, h. Allen.

Burch, Percy P., r. Allen.

Burdick, George W., (Ettie), retired, h. Dow.

Burns, John, (Gettie), operative, h. Everett.

Burr, Clarence, (Minnie), laborer, h. Central ave.

Bush, Charles M., (Jeanett), machine hand, h. Work.

Campbell, Earl, (Ida), machine hand, h. Main.

Cannon, Charles, (Evonette), retired, h. Main.

Cardot, E. Jeanett, widow Charles, h. James.

Carlson, Alex., (Jennie), laborer,h. Dow.

Carlson, Alma M., bds. Main.

Carlson, Anna, r. Falconer.

Carlson, Annie C, domestic, r. Main.

Carlson, Antonia, domestic, r. Main.

Carlson, Carl A., (Bettie), machine hand, h. Harrison.

Carlson, Charles, laborer, r. Harrison.

Carlson, Charles A., (Blanche E.), commercial traveler, r. Falconer.

Carlson, Charles O., (Mary), machine hand, h. Harrison.

Carlson, Claus, (Emma), laborer, h. Harrison.

Carlson, Frank A., (Ellen S.), laborer, h. Mosher.

Carlson, Godfrey, r. Falconer.

Carlson, Gust, machine hand, h. Kane ave.

Carlson, Henry, machine hand, r. James.

Carlson, Hilma, bds. Almet ave.

Carlson, Lottie, r. Mosher.

Carlson, Olga, domestic, r. Allen.

Carlson, Sophia, r. Falconer.

Carter, Cyrus M., foreman, h. Main.

Case, William C, (Mary L.), laborer, h. Main.

Cass, Dora, r. Main.

FALCONER J A M E S T O W N DIRECTORY. 467 Cass, Jane, widow Willis, h. Main.

Central House, Lincoln Day, prop., Main.

Chadburn, Horace, laborer, bds. Harrison.

Chamberlin, Ellen, widow Deloss, h. Main.

Chambers, Fred W., laborer, bds. Main.

Chase, Donald S., clerk, r. Main.

Chase, Florence, clerk, r. Main Chase, Frank W., (Louisa M.), dry goods and undertaker, Main, h. do.

Chase, Guy G., student, r. Main.

Chautauqua Planing Mill Co.—B. F. and F. O. Merriam and A. W. J. Pohl.— house and interior trimmings, Falconer.

Chautauqua Worsted Mills—Fletcher and Herbert J. Goodwill and W. T.

Falconer—worsted yarns, Lister ave.

Cheney, Amanda T., r. Main.

Christianson, Albert, laborer, bds. Hotel Lynndon.

Clark, David, (Coraline), Hotel Lynndon, Lynndon Park, h. do.

Clark, Flora, student, r. Falconer.

Clark, Frank, laborer, bds. Everett.

Clark, James P., (Annis), ass't state dairy com., h. Falconer.

Clark & Waite—David Clark and Perris B. Waite—props. Hotel Lynndon.

Cleland, Clyde, (Ida), machine hand, h. Mosher.

Cleland, Mandeville, machine hand, r. James.

Cobb, Charles R., (Hannah), h. Main.

Cobb, Glenna A., r. Main.

Cobb, Luna, r. Main.

Cobb, Marshall, (Eva M.), laborer, h. Main.

Coe, Erie, laborer, bds. Work.

Coe, Frank S., (Lillian V.), h. Falconer.

Coe, Herbert, machine hand, boards Main.

Colburn, Edward, laborer, r. Davis.

Colburn, Ina, spinner, bds. Cross.

Conroe, Fred, (May), teamster, h. Main.

Conroe, William, (Gertrude), laborer, h. Main.

Cook, Frank) laborer, bds. Everett.

Cook, Harry, (Mae),fireman,h. Merriam.

Cooper, William H., (Millie), laborer, h. Lynndon.

Corbet, Anna M., r. Davis block, Main.

Corbet, Charles E., r. Davis block, Main.

Corbet, Frank, r. Davis block, Main.

Corbet, Maria M., r. Davis block, Main.

Corbet, Patrick P., r. Davis block, Main.

Corcoran, Paul, machinist, bds. Everett.

Corell, C. B., bds. Main.

Cornell, William, laborer, bds. Lister ave.

Coulcher, Theodore, (Mary E.), laborer, r. Work.

Cowden, Bessie, stenographer, r. Main.

Cowden, Robert I, (Henrietta), wagon maker, Main, h. do.


Cowden, Willis R., electrician, r. Main.

Cox, Phoebe, r. Everett.

468 J A M E S T O W N DIRECTORY. FALCONER Crick, Flora, widow Henry, h. Main.

Crick, Glenn, clerk, r. Main.

Crick, Merl, laborer, residence Harrison. ' Crosby, Harley N., (Inez)—Edson & Crosby, Main—h. Pearl.

Culver, C. Vern, (Mary B.), laborer, h. Main.

Cumstock, Ernest, laborer, bds. Work.

Curtice, Nellie A., employed A m. Mfg. Concern, r. Almet ave.

Dailey, Alton, clerk, r. Main.

Dailey, Bessie E., r. Main.

Dailey, Charles, clerk, r. Main.

Dailey,Clayton B., hardware, Main, r. Main.

Dailey, Howard, student, r. Main.

Dailey, Wayne M., (Myra H.), hardware, Main, r. do.

Dalrymple, Charles S., (Rose), laborer, h. Main.

Darling, Orion, (Blanche), teamster, h. Main.

Davis, Genevieve N., r. Main.

Davis, George, foreman Jamestown Mantel Co., bds. Main.

Davis, Gilbert L., justice of the peace, r. Work.

Davis, Hattie Smith, widow Benjamin, h. Work.

Davis, Herbert W., (Florence), physician and postmaster, Main, h. do.

Davis, James W., (Kate), Straight Dry Plate Co., city line, h. Work.

Davis, Matthew, (Frankie), laborer, h. Main.

Davis, Murray H., (Laura), contractor and builder, Main, h. Work.

Day, Alice M., bds. Everett.

Day, Lincoln, (Ella), prop. Central House, city line.

Day, Nelson E., bartender, h. city line.

DeBell, Beatrice, r. Alberta.

DeBell Bros.—Francis W. and Sanford—hardware, West Main.

DeBell, Charles, clerk, r. Main.

DeBell, Francis W.—DeBell Bros., Main—r. do.

DeBell, Lucy, r. Main.

DeBell, Sanford, (Frederica)—DeBell Bros., Main—h. do.

. Dennison, A. Blanche, r. Falconer.

Dennison, Charles S., (Mary), engineer, h. Falconer.

Dennison, Earl,finisher,r. Falconer.

Dennison, Myrtle, bds. Falconer.

Densmore, Edward, (Rebecca), employed Falconer Mirror Wks., h. Everett.

Densmore, William, employed Falconer Mirror Wks., h. Everett Dickinson, Charles, (Lucy L.), carpenter and night watch, h. James.

Dickinson, Claude M., (Florence A.), laborer, h. Lynndon.

Dickinson, Lurena, bds. Work.

Dickinson, Ray, employed Falconer Mirror Wks., r. James.

Digiovauer, Larezzo, (Josephine), laborer, h. Lister.

Diver, Sarah A., widow Warren, r. Almet ave.

Dominey, Frank, (Amelia), laborer, r. Harrison.

Dunham, Dascum, (Ella), laborer, h. Work.

Dunham, Lottie, bookkeeper, r. Work.

Duquesne Construction Co., W. J. Maddox, president; John H. Wright, mgr.;

works, city line.

FALCONER J A M E S T O W N DIRECTORY. 469 Duquesne Motor Car Co., W. J. Maddox, president; John H. Wright, mgr.;

works, city line.

Dye, Berton J, (Lena E.), laborer, r. Work.


Dyer, George F., (Catherine E.), laborer, h. Work.

Dyer, Heshel V., (Maud M.), laborer, bds. Lynndon.

Eckbloom, Axel, (Lena), machine hand, h. Harrison.

Eckholm, Emil, (Anna S.), laborer, h. Falconer.

Eckholm, Esther E., r. Falconer.

Ecklund, Edwin,finisher,r. Falconer.

Ecklund, Fred, (Carrie), night watch, h. Falconer.

Ecklund, Jennie, operative, r. Falconer.

Eckstrom, Elof, laborer, rms. Main.

Edson & Crosby—Walter H. Edson, Harley N. Crosby—attorneys, Davis block, Main.

Edson, Arthur L., (Bessie S.), farmer, h. Levant.

Edson, Finley W., (Celestia R.), farmer, h. Levant.

Edson, Walter H., (Florilla)—Edson & Crosby, Main—h. Pearl.

Eggleston, James B., (Velma G.), traveling salesman, h. Levant.

Elderkin, Elbert L., (Ella), meat market, East Main, h. James.

Ely, Samuel, (Victoria), street com., h. Work.

Elmburger, Bert, bds. Main.

Empire Washer Co.—W. T. Falconer and D. E. Merrill—mfrs. washing machines, near Work.

Engstrum, Frank, laborer, bds. Main.

Ensign, Earl, residence Main.

Ensign, Kate S., widow William O., h. Main.

Everett, Marvin, (Viola), retired, h. Main.

Everett, Melvin A., retired, bds. Main.

Everett, Walter, retired, r. Main.

Everhart, Perham, (Grace), mason, h. Harrison.

Ewing, Samuel J., laborer, bds. Everett.

Fagerstrom, Gust, employed Meadow Brook Mills, r. Harrison.

Fagerstrom, Henry, (Hilda), clerk, h. Harrison.

Falconer Milling Co.—H. L. Ames, J. S. Wright, O. B. Johnson, H. F. Jones and Edwin Johnson—Main.

Falconer Mirror Co.—W. F. "Stitt, pres. and treas.; secy., A. D. Stitt; A. W.

Stitt, supt.—mfr. mirror plates, window and skylight glass, junction D. A. V. & P. and Erie R. R.

Falconer Towel Co.—Hiram Benedict, Chas. A. Carlson—Everett.

Falconer, W. T., Mfg. Co.—W. T. Falconer and D. E. Merrill—bee keepers' supplies, etc., near Work.

Falconer Worsted Mills—Geo. O. Meredith, Alfred Hine, R. D. Stoeltzing, Grant Forbes and Asa Hind—worsted yarns, Work.

Fargo, Addison A., (Lottie G.), laborer, r. Everett.

Farr, Oscar S., laborer, bds. Main.

Faust, Mary, trained nurse, r. Lynndon.

Fay, Lizzie, employed A m. Mfg. Concern, residence Work.

Fay, William, (Ellen C ), laborer, r. Main.

Felton, Delia J, r. Lister ave.


470 J A M E S T O W N DIRECTORY. FALCONER Felton, Frank, railroad employee, r. Main.

Finch, Roy, (Vangie), operative, Jamestown, h. Everett.

First M. E. church, Work, Rev. H. C. Weaver, pastor.

First National Bank—E. B. Crissey, pres.; E. H. Sample, cashier—Anderson block, Main.

Fisher, Ida M., Mrs., r. Main.

Fisk, Earl, laborer, bds. Cross.

Fisk, Howard J., ticket agent, D. A. V. & P. R. R., r. Work.

Fisk, John, operative, r. Harrison.

Fisk, Leroy J., (Olive), woodworker, h. Work.

Ford, Fred R., (Etta), freight agent, J. C. & L. E. Ry., Jamestown, h. James.

Forsburg, Anthony, (Hettie), teamster, h. Harrison.

Forsburg, Clarence, operative, r. Harrison.

Forsburg, Esther, operative, r. Harrison.

Fosberg, Amel, (Josephine), teamster, h. James.

Fosberg, Amil, metal worker, r. Main.

Fosberg, Andrew, (Anna), laborer, h. Williams.

Fosberg, Arvid, woodworker, r. Williams.

Fosberg, Charles, (Sophia), clerk, h. Main.

Fosberg, Edwin, (Freda), machine hand, h. Williams.

Forsberg, Henry, (Elizabeth), laborer, h. Main.

Fosberg^ Jennie L., r. Main.

Fosberg, John E., bds. Main.

Fosberg, Linda, operative, r. Williams.

Fosberg, Mary S., r. Main.

Fosberg, Sadie, operative, r. Williams.

Fox, Jennie M., dressmaker, r. Work.

Fox, Rena M., operative, bds. Work.

Frantz, Bert, sawer, bds. city line.

Free, Flora N., teacher, bds. Main.

Freeman, Minnie, operative, bds. Elm.

French, Edwin H.,- (Eleanor), retired, r. Everett.

Gabrielson, Fred, laborer, bds. Everett.

Gage, Marcus B., (Irma B.), laborer, bds. West ave.

George, John A., laborer, bds. Main.

George, Cyrus, laborer, bds. Main.

Gerden, Florence B., r. Dow.

Gieske, Charles R., sawfiler,bds. Works.

Gilberts, Gardner, laborer, bds. Work.

Gill, Frank P., (Edith), laborer, h. Main.

Goodell, Mary A., bds. Main.

Grandin, Frank, (Emily E.)—Peterson & Grandin, Main—h. Falconer.

Grannis, Lewis, (Myra), laborer, bds. city line.

Grannis, William H., (May), lumber dealer, h. Work.

Green, Charles, (Eva), laborer, h. Lynndon.

Green, Harold M., r. Lynndon.

Green, Hazel M., r. Lynndon.

Griggs, Clarence H., student, r. Everett.

Griggs, Daisy, r. Everett.

FALCONER J A M E S T O W N DIRECTORY. 471 Griggs, George J., (Dora), policeman, h. Everett.

Grimes, Anna, stenographer, bds. Main.

Grimes, Elizabeth, bookkeeper, r. Main.

Grimshaw, Joseph, (Nellie), woolsorter, h. Harrison.

Gross,Fred, harnessmaker, bds. Main.

Grout, James, (Matilda), h. Mosher.

Gustafson, Anna, bds. Main.

Haight, Albert H., laborer, r. Harrison.

Haight, Charles E., woodworker, r. Harrison.

Haight, Frank G., (Frances), laborer, h. Harrison.

Haight, George A., laborer, r. Harrison.

Hake, Florence, domestic, Lister ave.

Hamlin, Edna, r. Work.

Hamilton, Almon A., (Sarah J.), h. Falconer.

Hamilton, Clara, music teacher, r. Falconer.

Hanson, Christina, bds. Harrison.

Hapgood, Adell, r. Main.

Harmon, Frank E., (Viola M.), h. Work.

Harris, Charles G., (Sophia), carpenter, h. Harrison.

Harris, Claud, laborer, r. Harrison.

Harris, Winifred, operative, r. Harrison.

Hart, Edward K., painter, bds. Main.

Hartson, Bernello, operative, r. Everett.

Hartson, Chancellor L., (Elvira), engineer and fireman, r. Everett.

Hartson, Fred M., (Lulu),fireman,water works, r. Main.

Hartwell, Chauncey P., retired, r. Main.

Hartwell, Fred, (Anna), machine hand, h. Main.

Hartwell, Hattie, r. Main.

Hartwell, Lewis, laborer, r. Main.

Hase, Mary E., r. Merriam.

Haskell, Archie A., laborer, bds. Harrison.

Haskell, Elmer E., laborer, bds. Harrison.

Haskell, Frank, laborer, bds. Prosser.

Haskell, George W., (Emily), laborer, h. Harrison.

Haskell, Irma, domestic, Harrison.

Haskins, Doyle J., r. Main.

Haskins, Gertrude L., r. Main.

Haskins, Martha, r. Main.

Hayward, Osmer H., (Elizabeth), operative, h. Everett.

Haywood, Raymond, student, r. Everett.

Hazzard, George, laborer, bds. Cross.

Heminger, Clarence, r. Lister ave.

Heminger,Dewitt, (Allie), machine hand, h. Lister ave.

Hibbard, Henry D., laborer, r. Lynndon.

Hiller, Clyde, clerk, N. Hiller grocery, r. Dow.

Hiller, Lizzie P., r. Dow.

Hiller, Mary A., r. Main.

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