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«DATE DUE James Prendergast Library Association 509 Cherry Street Jamestown, N e w York 14701 M e m b e r Of Chautauqua-Cattaraugus Library System THE ...»

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Woodward, Oliver C, (Ellen F.), farmer, h. Levant.

Woodworth,Joseph P., r. Falconer.

Wright-Fitch Co., mfr. harness and harness parts, J. S. Wright, pres.; C. F.

Fitch, treas.

Wright, James C, (Mattie S.), laborer, h. Work.

Wright, Judson S., (Effie), school com., h. Falconer.

Yeardon, Florence, student, r. Dow.

Yeardon, Gilbert, (Arie), emploed Warren, Pa., h. Dow.

Yeardon, Willis, student, r. Dow.

Young, Chase R., (Flora M.), laborer, h. Main.

Young, George,finisher,r. Main.

Young, George, moulder, bds. Everett.

Young, Hawley,finisher,r. Main.

Young, Mary, Mrs., r. Main.

Young, Robert, weaver, r. Main.

Zachrison, Carl, machine hand, r. Kane ave.





President—Melford Stevens.

Clerk—Ralph H. Maxson.

Treasurer—J. G. Wiggers.

Collector—Guy R. Taber.

Board of Trustees—James L. Phillips, Frank Alexander.

Board of Health—President, Charles C. Swart; John P. Johnson, George Rew.

Board of Education—President, William C. Miller; clerk, John I. Veness;

treasurer, Mildred Smith; E. J. Daugherty, Albert G. Lawson, Will C.


Lakewood Hook & Ladder Co. No. 1—Chief, E m m e t W. Alexander; foreman, Guy R. Taber; secy., Stewart Alexander; directors, John Kazer, James Russell.

Albro, Clarence D., (Minnie N.), Jamestown Razor, (Jamestown), h. Highland ave.

Albro, Ethel C, r. Highland ave.

Alexander, Emmet, (Mary), teamster, J. S. Ry., h. West 3rd.

Alexander, James P., (Lydia), farmer, h. Gifford park.

Alexander, Roy, bds. West 3rd.

Allen, Nellie, widow William T., housekeeper, h. Summit.

Arkison, George, (Viola), gardener, r. Lake View ave.

Arkison, Jennie, mender, r. Lake View ave.

Atkins, Theda, widow Andrew A., h. Ashville ave.

Badgley, Francis M., (Helen), groceries, dry goods and notions, Chautauqua avenue, h. do.

Baker, Benjamin, (Minnie E.), laborer, h. Shadyside ave.

Barker, Mark, (Ruth), farmer, h. East 3rd.

Barker, Thomas F., retired, r. Ohio ave. and Summit.

Becklund, William, (Alice), laborer, h. Beechwood.

Bemus, Mary, widow Jotham, h. Southland ave.

Blazier, Rachael, widow John S., h. Highland ave.

Bowen, Nathaniel H., (Jennie), carpenter, r. Summit.

Breckenridge, Hotel, W m. M. Breckenridge, prop., Chautauqua ave.

Breckenridge, William M., (Hattie), hotel keeper, h. Chautauqua ave.

Brown, Charlie, (Sarah), painter, h. Alta way.

Brown, Irvin, (Anna), h. Altaway.

Brown, Newton H., (Rachael), justice of peace, h. Pennsylvania ave.

LAKEWOOD JAMESTOWN DIRECTORY. 485 Brummagin, Simeon, bds. Jamestown House, Chautauqua ave.

Burdick, Curtis L„ (Cora), laborer, h. Southland ave.

Burdick, Lafayette, (Laura J.), farmer, h. Shadyside ave.

Burdick, William H., (Alma P.), retired, h. Southland ave.

Buss, Adelbert, (Emma), farmer, house Ashville ave.

Buss, Harry E., gardener, r. Ashville ave.

Buss, Helen, r. Ashville ave.

Butterfield, Lucina S., Mrs., restaurant, r. Chautauqua ave.

Butts, Claud D., (Martha), stone mason, h. Lake View ave.

Butts, Norah G., h. Altaway.

Carpenter, Bernard F., (Samantha), carpenter, h. East 1st.

Carpenter, Florence E., r. East 1st.

Carpenter, Fred G., (Lucy), carpenter, Erie R. R., r. East 1st.

Carpenter, Hattie B., widow George, elocutionist, r. W. Summit.

Carpenter, Mary, student, r. East 1st.

Caskey, Elizabeth D., widow Gideon, r. Southland ave.

Chamber of Commerce, Ohio ave.

Chautauqua Lake Stock Farm, H. W. Odell, prop., Ashville ave.

Cherry, Allie B., widow Edsall, r. Summit.

Cherry, Henry, (Phoebe), laborer, h. Chautauqua ave.

Christ, Albert, (Rosa), fruit stand, h. Lake.

Comstock, Survila, widow Isaac, house Shadyside ave.

Congregational church, Summit.

Cottage Hotel, William V. Stork, prop., Chautauqua ave.

Cowing, Howard B., r. Ohio ave.

Cowing, Ransom F., (Martha), farmer, h. Ashville ave.

Daniels, Alexander, (May), laborer, h. Ashville ave.

Daniels, John, laborer, bds. Ashville ave.

Darrow, Fidelia, widow Sumner, r. East 3rd.

Darrow, James E., (Julia), carpenter, r. Lake View ave.

Darrow, Lucy M., student, r. Lake View ave.

Darrow, Minnie G., dressmaker, bds. East 3rd.

Davis, Galusha M., (Anna), carpenter, h. Shadyside ave.

Deveraux, William, (Augusta), painter, r. Terrace.

Diamond Hotel—M. V. Keene, prop.—Chautauqua ave.

Dick, Jett E., (Evalena), barber, h. Ashville ave.

Dupree, Samuel, (Sarah), retired, h. Lake.

Dye, Earl, (Jennie), barber, r. Chautauqua ave.

Elmore, Nellie, widow Noah, r. East 1st.

Erie R. R. station, Chautauqua avenue.

Everdon, Celena, widow Shedrick, r. Chautauqua ave.

Everdon, Florence, student, r. Chautauqua ave.

Everdon, James, (Elander), carpenter, r. Chautauqua ave.

Finley, Ralph, (Ollie A.),fireman,h. Southland ave.

Fitch, Franklin, (Julia A.), prop. Lakewood House, Chautauqua ave.

Fitch, Jason A., machine hand, bds. Chautauqua ave.

Fitch, Myrtle B., bookkeeper, 95 J. & G. ave., Jamestown, bds, Lakewood house, Chautauqua ave.

Fleek, Fayette, (Cynthia), retired h. Summit.

486 J A M E S T O W N DIRECTORY. LAKEWOOD Freeman, Anna, housekeeper, bds. Lake View ave.

Freeman, Eldred, laborer, r Lake View ave.


Gerron, Genevieve, stenographer, Union Lumber Co., Jamestown, bds. Lake View ave.

Gerron, John, (Anna), laborer, h. Lake View ave.

Gifford, Jerry, (Caroline), farmer, h. Ashville ave.

Grant, Frank, (Delia), painter, Lake View ave.

Grant, Lucy, widow George, Lake View ave.

Green, Dorcas, Mrs., physician, h. Lake View ave.

Greene, George, (Hattie), r. East 3rd.

Gron & Son, livery stables, Altaway.

Gutteridge, Lewis, laborer, bds. Shadyside ave.

Hall, Flora, ice cream, confectionery, cigars and tobacco, Chautauqua ave., h. do.

Haskins, A. Mildred, student, r. Summit.

Haskin, Rua, widow Hiram Frank, h. Lake View ave.

Hanan, Kate M., r. Ashville ave.

Hanan, Mary, widow Henry, h. Ashville ave.

Hildrum, Laura, widow Hiram, r. Lake View ave.

Hodges, Alpheus, (Lucy), retired, h. Summit.

Hodges, James M., (Kezia), retired, h. Summit.

Holbrook, Sanford A., (Hettie), prop. The Holbrook, h. Chautauqua ave.

Holbrook, (The), Sanford A. Holbrook, prop., Chautauqua ave.

Hollenbeck, Clifton D., (Minnie S.), iarmer, Bentley farm, Ashville ave.

Hopkins, Arnold B., (Bertha), laborer, h. Lake View ave.

Houghtaling, Sarah, widow Horace, housekeeper, r. Ohio ave.

Howard, Mollie, widow Elmer H., h. Shadyside ave.

Howard, M. T., (Gertrude), foreman,-h. Lake.

Hull, Aaron, (Minerva), farmer, h. Chautauqua ave.

Humphery, Rolland H., (Euphemia), The Spencer, Chautauqua ave., h. do.

Jagger, James, laborer, r. Lake.

James, Abraham, laborer, r. Altaway.

James, Perry, laborer, r. East 2d.

Jamestown House, Timothy J. Mallen, prop., Chautauqua ave.

Jenner, Thomas L., (Cora B.), laborer,h. Shadyside ave.

Johnson, Carl O. N., student, r. Chautauqua ave.

Johnson, Charles, (Eureka), section boss, h. Chautauqua ave.

Johnson, Frank G., (Sophia), supt. C. L. stock farm, h. Ashville ave.

Johnson, Jay, gardener, Kent House, bds. East 2d.

Johnson, John, foreman, Erie R. R. section, bds. Lake View ave.

Johnson, John P., (Almeda), farmer, h. Ohio ave.

Johnson, Ludwick, (Bridget), gardener, Kent House, h. East 3rd.

Johnson, Eliza, widow William, h. East 3rd.

Jones, Sylvester, well driller, bds. East 1st.

Kazer, John L., (Alma), Lake View Rose Gardens, h. Shadyside ave.

Keays, William J., (Emily D.), h. Ashville ave.

Keene, Martin V., (AliceB.), prop. Diamond Hotel, Chautauqua ave.

Kent House, Maxson & Lenehen, props., Terrace ave.

Kent, William E. M., (Lillian), motorman, J. S. Ry., h. Linwood ave.

LAKEWOOD J A M E S T O W N DIRECTORY. 487 Kitlinger, Anita, domestic, Chautauqua ave.

Laing, David G., (Rhoda), retired, h. Summit.

Lakewood Chamber of Commerce—President, Ziba L. Squier; 1st vice pres., Frank E. Wells; 2d vice pres., Elsworth J. Daugherty; secy., Theodore B. Winchester; treas., August A. Hall.

Lakewood Hook and Ladder Co., village hall, Chautauqua ave.

Lakewood House, Franklin Fitch, prop., Chautauqua ave.

Lakewood Union school, High street.

Lee, Rollin M., jeweler, Lakewood, bds. Lake View ave.

Lenehen, T. M., (Mabel S.)—Maxson & Lenehen, props. Kent House—h. do.

Leonard, Belle, domestic, r. Shadyside ave.

Leonard, Job S., (Lydia M.), gardener, h. Shadyside ave.

Lloyd, Ephraim W., (Sarah L.), retired, h. Summit.

Lowe, Alfred T., r. Ashville ave.

Lowe, Elizabeth A., r. Ashville ave.

Lowe, James B., (Carrie), farmer, h. Ashville ave.

Lynch, Anna, domestic, Lake View ave.

Lynch, Jane, widow Dennis, housekeeper, h. Lake View ave.

Lynch, Joseph C, laborer, Erie R. R., bds. Lake View ave.

Mallen, Timothy J, (Addie), prop. Jamestown House, Chautauqua ave.


Manville, William H., (Mary), horseman, h. Ashville ave.

Marsh, Clement W., (Mae M.), clerk, h. East 3rd.

Marsh, Joseph, (Isabell), framemaker, h. Lake View ave.

Marsh, Viola, widow Cyrus M., h. East 3rd.

Matson, Elias A., (Mary), janitor school building, h. Chautauqua ave.

Maxson, Ina, stenographer, rms. 3-4-5 Gokey block, Jamestown, bds. Chautauqua ave.

Maxson, Leslie W., (Grace)—Maxson & Lenehen, Kent House—h. Ohio ave.

Maxson, Ralph H., (Myra A.), postmaster, h. Chautauqua ave.

McCleary, John, (Francis), section hand, Erie R. R., h. Lake View ave.

Megahey, Arthur, (Evelyn), retired, h. Lake View ave.

Miller, Merle, carpenter, bds. Chautauqua ave.

Miller, Ray, laborer, r. Chautauqua ave.

Miller, William, carpenter, r. Chautauqua ave.

Minigar, Ray, (Addie T.), teamster, h. Ohio ave.

Morse, Sarah L., widow Gilard, domestic, h. East 3rd.

Mower, Margaret E., widow Henry, r. Ohio ave.

Moynihan, Anna, domestic, Lake.

N e w England cottage, Mrs. John P. Johnson, prop., Ohio ave.

Nichols, Perry J, (Venora S.), laborer, h. Lake View ave.


Norton, Clyde H., laborer, bds. East 3rd.

Norton, Grace M., r. East 3rd.

Norton, Warren L., (Clara A.), gardener, h. East 3rd.

Oberg, Clyde, (Clara), baggagemaster, Erie R. R., Jamestown, h. Lake View avenue.

Owen, Benjamin F., (Amelia), retired, h. East 1st.

Owen, Nellie J, student, bds. East 1st.


Owen, William L., laborer, bds. East 1st.

Palmer, John S., (Adelaide), farmer, h. Lake View ave.

488 J A M E S T O W N DIRECTORY. LAKEWOOD Palmer, Jonathan, (Ina), cattle buyer, h. Chautauqua ave.

Parson, Ellen, Mrs., r. over R e w Bros., Chautauqua ave.

Partridge, Bertha, bds. Terrace.

Partridge, Morris W., hotel manager, r. Terrace.

Paul, Andrew M., basket maker, r. Lake View ave.

Paul, John, basket maker, bds. Lake View ave.

Paul, Walter, r. Lake View ave.

Persell, Charles B., (Bernice C ), principal Lakewood Union school, h. E. 3rd.

Peterson, Andrew F., (Christine), nursery agt., h. Boulevard.

Phillips, Fred, (Lina), boatman, Lakewood, h. Highland ave.

Phillips, James L., (Jennie L.), mason, h. Lake View ave.

Phillips, Lydia, widow Bradford, r. Lake View ave.

Read, Austin T., retired, r. Ashville ave.

Read, Frank L., painter, bds. Ashville ave.

Read, Isabelle, r. Ashville ave.

Read, Katherine, r. Ashvile ave.

Reeves, Eusebe, prop. Indian Bazaar, r. Chautauqua ave.

Reeves, Marie, r. Chautauqua ave.

Rew, Eliza, widow Daniel, r. Chautauqua ave.

Rew, George, (Permelia), grocery, Chautauqua ave., h. over do.

Rew, Glenn, (Ella), clerk, Chautauqua ave., h. West 3rd.

Risley, James, (Rachael), laborer, h. Ashville ave.

Risley, William F., (Velma), farmer, h. Shadyside ave.

Rogers, David, farmer, r. Lake View ave.

Rogers, H., r. Lake.

Root, Mary A., widow Abel, h. Lake.

Russell, Archie, laborer, r. Ohio ave.

Russell, Francis, (Louise), retired, h. Shadyside ave.

Russell, James A., bds. Ohio ave.

Russell, James D., (Alice), h. Ohio ave.

Russell, Winifred, r. Ohio ave.

Seymour, John A., (Hannah), electrician, Kent House, h. Shadyside ave.

Simmons, Lena, widow Harvey, h. Ashville ave.

Skinner, Elmer, (Jessie), civil engineer, r..Lake.

Sliter, E. Frank, painter, h. Southland ave.

Smith, Margaret, bookkeeper, bds. Chautauqua ave.

Smith, Mildred, stenographer, Jamestown Bank, bds. Chautauqua ave.

Smith, Thomas, (Sophronia), coal and lumber dealer, Chautauqua ave., h. do.

Southland, Caroline, widow Silas E., h. Chautauqua ave.

Spencer House, (The), Mrs. Euphemia V. Humphrey, prop., Chautauqua ave.

Steelman, Isaac N., Rev., (Carrie E.), h. Summit.

Stevens, Major, (Anna), supt. Lakewood Ice Co., h. Park.

Stevens, Theresa, domestic, r. Park.

Stewart, Andrew W., (Ernestine), farmer, h. Highland ave.

Stiles, Alfred E„ (Alice A.), machine hand, h. East 1st.

Storrs, Harriet A., widow James, r. Shadyside ave.

Swart, Archie, laborer, bds. East 3rd.

Swart, Charles, (Polly), laborer, h. East 3rd.

Swart, Lafayette, laborer, bds. East 3rd.

LAKEWOOD J A M E S T O W N DIRECTORY. 489 Tabor, Guy R., (May), butcher, Chautauqua ave., h. over do.

Tabor, Harry, butcher, bds. Chautauqua ave.

Tabor, Roy, meat cutter, bds. Chautauqua ave.

Tabor, Stephen L., (Ida), butcher, h. Chautauqua ave.

Tambling, C. Emily, h. Lake.

Tanner, Daisy, r. Altaway.

Tanner, Matilda, widow Russell, housekeeper, h. Altaway.

Tanner, William, (Martha), laborer, h. East 2d.

Tenney, Albert E., bartender, bds. Shadyside ave.

Terry, Burdett, (Hattie), teamster, h. East 1st.

Terry, Lyle, waterman, Erie R. R., bds. East 1st.

Thayer, David, (Abbie), carpenter, h. Shadyside ave.

Thomas, Kezia, widow Elijah, r. Chautauqua ave.

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