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«DATE DUE James Prendergast Library Association 509 Cherry Street Jamestown, N e w York 14701 M e m b e r Of Chautauqua-Cattaraugus Library System THE ...»

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Thomas, Perry A., (Ella J.), grocery, r. over store, Chautauqua ave.

Thompson, John, (Ida), caretaker horses, h. Ashville ave.

Towne, Meritt, h. Glenwood ave.

Trask, Edwin A., (Clara), laborer, r. East 2d.

Tyler, Eva E., Mrs., r. West Summit.

Tyler, Fred, hotel clerk, bds. West Summit.

Tyler, John, laborer, bds. West Summit.

Tyler, Stewart, hotel clerk, bds. West Summit.

United Brethren church, East 2d.

Varian, Robert E., farm hand, r. Ashville ave.

Veness, John H., (Eliza), carpenter, h. East 3rd.

Veness, John I., music teacher, bds. East 3rd.

Walton, Byron L., (Emma), retired, h. Ohio and Summit.

Ward, Eliza, widow Charles P., h. Dunham ave.

Ward, Perry W., (Sarah), machinist, h. East 3rd.

Warner, Bessie O., r. Bentley ave.

Warner, Frank, (Mary), plumber, h. East 3rd.

Warner, Louis, clerk, bds. Bentley ave.

Warner, Velina J, student, r. East 3rd.


Warner, William, (Eva), laborer, r. Bentley ave.

Wells, FranK, (Nettie), wholesale bakery, Jamestown, h. East 3rd.

Wescott, Herman, (Catherine), upholsterer, h. Gifford park, lake front.

Westman, Charles, (Ethel), foreman, Erie R. R., h. West 2d.

Westrom, Adolph F., (Sophia), retired, h. Chautauqua ave.

White, Agnes, r. East 3rd.

Whitford, Clyde, laborer, r. Lake View ave.

Whitford, Edmund D., (Ella), laborer, h. Lake Side.

Whitford, Raymond, student, r. Lake View ave.

Wicks, Charles H., (Florence), h. Ohio ave.

Wicks, Corrie J, student, bds. Ohio ave.


Wicks, Mary, r. Ohio ave.

Wiggers, John G„ (Anna), grocery, Chautauqua ave., h. over do.

Wiggers, Nina, clerk, Chautauqua ave., bds. over do.

Williams, Mary, widow Iram M., laundress, h. East 2d.

Williams, T. J., (Adeline), pastor U. B. church, h. Chautauqua ave.

Wilson, Horace A., bds. East 3rd.

490 J A M E S T O W N DIRECTORY. LAKEWOOD Wilson, Nelson, (Elizabeth), milk dealer, h. East 3rd.

Winch, Harry J., (Ella), laborer, h. Ashville ave.

Winch, Joel H., (Eliza), farmer, h. Ashville ave.

Winchester, Theodore B., (Minnie), machinist, h. Lake View ave.

Wood, Ethel M., stenographer, Jamestown, r. Shadyside ave.

Wood, Fred S., farmer, r. Shadyside ave.

Wood, John M., (Luly V.), farmer, h. Shadyside ave.

Woodburri, Bessie E., r. Shadyside ave.

Woodburn, John W., (Polly), electrician, h. Shadyside ave. ( COTTAGE OWNERS.

Summer Residents.

Adams, Millard, Jeffersonville, Ind., r. Lake View ave.

Aldrich, T. H., Mrs., Birmingham, Ala., r. Terrace ave.

Allen, Laura, Mrs., Cincinnati, O., r. N e w York ave.

Atwood, Elmer, Jamestown, h. Highland ave.

Aull, William F., Pittsburg, Pa., h. Pennsylvania ave.

Beaty, David W., Warren, Pa., h. Lake.

Bender, William, Jamestown, h. Beechwood.

Bly, Charles, Jamestown, h. Beechwood.

Brandine, Gustaf, Jamestown, h. Clement Park.

Broadhead, Fred, Jamestown, h. Lake front.

Broadhead, S. B., Jamestown, r. Lake Front.

Brown, Harold, Jamestown, r. Lake Front.

Bullock, Frank, Jamestown, r. Clement park.

Burtch, Y. W., Jamestown, r. Lake Front.

Butler, Bertha, Jamestown, h. Front ave. and Pleasant View.

Butman, Luther M., Jamestown, r. Lake Front.

Carlson, Charles, Jamestown, h. Beechwood.

Carlson, Charlie, Jamestown, r. Lake.

Clapp, Capt. J. M., Washington, D. C, r. Lake.

Clapp, M. S., Warren, O., r. Terrace ave.

Coldren, Louis L., h. Lake.

Crawford, Susan, Mrs., Cincinnati, O., r. Lake.

Derby, Frank, Jamestown, r. Lake.

Derby, John, Jamestown, r. Lake.

Derby, N., Mrs., Jamestown, r. Lake.

Doubleday, J. W., Jamestown, r. Lake Front.

Drouilard, J. P., Mrs., (estate), Nashville, Tenn., r. Pennsylvania ave Eckstrom, Luther, Jamestown, h. Beechwood.

Engwood, J, Warren, Pa., r. Highland ave.


Ernst, John P., Covington, Ky., r. Terrace ave.

Falconer, Archie, Jamestown, r. Highland ave.

Fenner, James R., Jamestown, h. Lake Front.

Fenton, Lawrence, Jamestown, r. Lake Front.

Fenton, Martin L., Jamestown, h. Lake Front.

Gage, Nettie, Mrs., Jamestown, r. Terrace ave.

Gardener, E., Jamestown, r. Highland ave.

Garfield, Fred H., Jamestown, h. Lake Front.

LAKEWOOD J A M E S T O W N DIRECTORY. 491 Gilbert, Albert, Jamestown, r. Lake Front.

Giles, Rachael, Jamestown, r. Lake.

Goucher, W. E., Dr., Jamestown, r. Lake Front.

Graff, Jos. W., Jamestown, r. Lake Front.

Gray, D. S., Columbus, O., r. Terrace ave.

Gray, Margaret Stewart, Mrs., Pittsburg, Pa., h. Pennsylvania ave.

Greenlund, A. H., Jamestown, r. Lake Front.

Greenwood, Enoch, Jamestown, r. Lake Front.

Groesbeck, H. J., Dr., Cincinnati, O., r. Terrace ave.

Groesbeck, Telford, Cincinnati, O., r. Pennsylvania ave.

Gunckel, L. B., Mrs., Dayton, O., r. Winchester road.

Hall, George, (estate), Cleveland, O., r. Terrace ave.

Hazzard, R. T., Jamestown, r. Terrace ave.

Herrick, Charles W., Jamestown, r. Lake Front.

Isherwood, Pittsburg, Pa., r. Ohio ave.

Johnson, Earl, Jamestown, h. Squier's park.

Johnson, John, Jamestown, r. Lake Front.

Jones, John, Jamestown, r. Lake Front.

Kuhn, William, Pittsburg, Pa., r. Pennsylvania ave.

Langford, E. R., Jamestown, h. Beechwood.

Langford, Laura, widow John, Jamestown, h. Glenn Iris, Lake Front.

Lawson, Charlie, Jamestown, r. Lake Front.

Lawson, John, Jamestown, h. Beechwood.

Lehmer, J. D., Mrs., Cincinnati, O., r. N e w York ave.

Leighton, John A., Cleveland, O., h. Pleasant View ave.

Lemont, S. M., Louisville, Ky., r. Ohio ave.

Lindsey, Homer, Pittsburg, Pa., h. Pennsylvania ave.

Mackey Cottage, Edward Morgan, Jamestown, r. Lake Front.

Maltby, George E., Jamestown, h. Glenn Iris, Lake Front.

McAlpin, Emily, Mrs., Cincinnati, O., r. Lake View ave.

McCord, Elizabeth N. J., Mrs., r. Terrace ave.

Moore, George H., Mrs., Louisville, Ky., h. Ohio ave.

Myers, Fred, Jamestown, h. Beechwood.

Nelson, John, Jamestown, h. Beechwood.

Nichols, Charles M., Jamestown, r. Lake Front.

Norquist, F., Jamestown, r. Lake Front.

Nyburg, John, Jamestown, h. Clement park.

Odell, Henry, Jamestown, r. Lake Front.

Opdyke, George, Plainfield, N. J., r. Terrace ave.

Osmer, William P., Jamestown, r. Lake Front.

Packard, J. V., Mrs., Warren, O., r. Lake.

Packard, J. W., Greenville, Pa., r. Terrace ave.

Paige, E., Mrs., Cleveland, O., r. Lake.

Perchment, P. D., Mrs., Pittsburg, Pa., h. Pennsylvania ave.

Phillips, Adele, Mrs., Dayton, O., r. Terrace ave.

Pogue, Henry, Mrs., Cincinnati, O., r. Lake.

Pogue, Samuel, Cincinnati, O., r. N e w York ave.

Proudfit, W. H., Jamestown, r. Lake Front.

Purdy, Charles M., Jamestown, h. Beechwood.

492 J A M E S T O W N DIRECTORY. LAKEWOOD Purdy, William G., Jamestown, h. Beechwood.

Rawson, Clark H., Jamestown, h. Harlem ave.

Ricker, Levant, Jamestown, h. Gifford park.

Rogers, Jamestown, r. Highland ave.

Root, C. A., Pittsburg, Pa., r. N e w York ave.

Rushworth, O. N., Jamestown, r. Lake Front.

Sandberg, Swan, Jamestown, h. Beechwood.

Shelters, Harry K., Jamestown, h. Beechwood.

Skinner, E., Jamestown, r. Lake.

Smith, T. Henry, Jamestown, r. Lake Front.

Smith, Minnie, widow Arthur E., Jamestown, r. Highland ave.

Smith, Walter, Mrs., Cincinnati, O., h. cor. Terrace and Ohio aves.

Sorg, Paul A., N e w York city, r. Lake.

Sorg, Paul J., Mrs., Middleton, O., r. Lake.

Stocker, Austin E., Jamestown, h. Beechwood.

Strom, G. A., Jamestown, r. Lake Front.

Sturdevant, E. A., Jamestown, h. Gifford park.

Swanson, John W., Jamestown, h. Beechwood.

Tapending, Cleveland, O., r. Lake.

Tashgian, Herbert, N e w York city, h. N e w York ave, VanScoter, Myron, Jamestown, h. Beechwood.

Verner, Murray A., Pittsburg, Pa., h. cor. N e w York and Terrace aves.

Wheeler, Frank S., Jamestown, r. Lake Front.

Whittaker, Virginia, widow Dr. James T., Cincinnati, O., r. Lake View ave.

Wilcox, Frank A., Jamestown, r. Lake Front.

Wilson, C. C, Jamestown, r. Lake Front.

Wilson, John T., Pittsburg, Pa., r. Lake View ave.

Wilson, J. T., Jamestown, h. Lake View ave.

Witz, Frank, Warren, Pa., Highland ave.

Woodard, E. H., Jamestown, r. Lake.

Wright, J. M., Pittsburg, Pa., r. Winchester road.

York and Stoner, Jamestown, h. Beechwood.

–  –  –

FKAHK MEBZ, President. HARRY L. BRIGGS, Cashier Transacts a general Banking Business under (he supervision of the Banking Department of the State of New York.

–  –  –


William C. Patterson -- - Oil Producer Samuel Briggs - Hall & Co., Worsted Mills Cyrus E. Jones President Chautauqua School of Nursing Frederick P. Hall - - President Journal Printing C o George V. Blackstone - President Blackstone Mfg. C o Arthur H. Greenlund Vice-President Jamestown Lounge C o Charles Samuels - - - - - Dry Goods Ralph C. Sheldon - Vice-President American Aristotype C o Harry R. Lewis • - Attorney at Law Frank B. Bush Capitalist Harlow J. Crissey - President Cattaraugus County Bank Harry L. Briggs - -- - Cashier You are invited,Merz your friends to inspect our Frank with President Safety Deposit Vaults, which are as secure and complete as any in the city. W e offer liberal interest and the Best of security to all who deposit with us.

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