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Bemus, William M., (Minnie), physician and surgeon, 517 Main, h. do.

Benander, Anders M., (Hulda A.), pastor Immanuel Lutheran church, h.

556 East 2d.

Benchley, Willoughby H., machine hand, h. 808 North Main.

Bendall, Alfred C, (Jennie), hostler, h. 31 Marvin.

Bender, Edward R., student, 24 Harrison.

Bender, Robert, (Parmelia C ), veterinary surgeon, 209 Pine, h. 44 Harrison.

Bender, Victoria, milliner, r. 17 West 9th.

Bender, William J., (Grace E.), blacksmith, 211 Pine, h. 17 West 9th.

Benedict, Jessie, music teacher, rooms 12 Chandler.

Bennett, Vincent, carpenter, bds. 56 Water.

Bennett, Alfred J., (Hilda), machinist, h. 5 Bennett.

Bennett, Guy C, (Tillie), motorneer, h. 28 West 10th.

Bennett, Joseph A., h. 14 East 3rd.

Bennett, Lucile, librarian, r. 17 Ross.

Bennett, Mary J., Mrs., h. 17 Ross.

Bennett, Mrs. Lydia, nurse, 21 Dickerson.

Bennett, Willard S., casemaker, r. 17 Ross.

Bennie, Mrs. M. B.j r. 12 Whitley Place.

Benny, Sevilla F., artist, r. 528 East 2d.

Benson, Aaron, carpenter, h. 319 Allen.

Benson, Albert J, (Signa M.), bed spring maker, h. over 36 Benson.


Bennett, Alfred J., (Hilda), machinist, h. 5 Bennett.

Benson, Alfred J., (Augusta L.),finisher,3 East Newland.

Benson, Alma, weaver, r. 24 Peterson.

Benson, Alex, band sawyer, bds. 10 Peterson.

Benson, Amel, carver, bds. 152 Chandler.

Benson, Andrew, (Anna S.)—H. P. Robertson Co., 38 Steele—h. 17 Linden ave Benson, Andrew, (Augusta), laborer, h. 9 Eagle.

Benson, Andrew, (Christine), retired, h. 36 Benson.

Benson, Andrew, (Christine), machine hand, h. 435 Willard.

Benson, Anna A., spinner, bds. 109 Wescott.

Benson, August, (Louisa),finisher,h. under 220 East 1st.

Benson, August, woodworker, r. 5 Sturges.

Benson, Belle, aristo worker, r. 124 Winsor.

Benson, Bernhard, (Anna C ), woodcarver, h. 229 Steele.

Benson, Carl, woodcarver, bds. 516 East 2d..

Benson, Charles, machine hand, bds. 254 Willard.

CLARK HARDWARE CO. Builders' Hardware.

T h e Largest and Best Stock of Dry G o o d s - T H E A. D. S H A R P E C O.

JAMESTOWN DIRECTORY. 123 Benson, Charles, r. 9 Eagle.

Benson, Charles, (Mary), metal worker, h. over 5 Appleyard place.

Benson, Charles L., (Manilla), dyer, h. 55 Water.

Benson, Charles N., (Alice M.), plumber, h. 501 Ashville ave.

Benson, Charlie, finisher, bds. 3 East Newland.

Benson, Doremus O., (Jennie E.), teamster, h. 124 Winsor.

Benson, Edward, (Christine)—Hulquist & Benson, 358 Willard—h. 386 do.

Benson, Edward, (Emma), h. 216 Forest ave.

Benson, Eugene H., (Charlotte W. ), machine hand, h. 623 English.

Benson, Felix, r. 5 Sturges.

Benson, Florence O., bookkeeper, room 12 Gokey bldg., 16 West 3rd, r. 335 Foote.

Benson, Fritz A., clerk, 213 Main, bds. 261 Broadhead ave.

Benson, Gust, painter, bds. 117 Barrett.

Benson, Gust, (Christehe), painter, h, 10 Lake.

Benson, Gust, (Louise), h. under 145 Barrows.

Benson, Henry, woodworker, h. over 302 Willard.

Benson, Herbert M., laborer, r. 8 River.

Benson, Rla, domestic, h. 5 Church.

Benson, James, freight handler, bds. 218 Forest ave.

Benson, James J., (Anna), laborer, h. 408% Washington.

Benson, John, r. 547 East 2d.

Benson, John B., (Matilda), switchman, Erie R. R., h. 11 Culver.

Benson, John 0., (Caroline), dyer, h. over 24 Peterson.

Benson, Junius H., (Mary A.), h. 114 King.

Benson, Leonard C, (Esther), warp dresser, h. over 219 Willard.

Benson, Mary A., widow John W., r. 22 Catlin ave.

Benson, Olga, weaver, r. 24 Peterson.

Benson, Olof, (Charlotte), woodworker, h. 123 Allen.

Benson, Rusko A., (Mary), ticket and freight agent, D. A. V. & P., Falconer, h. 8 River.

Benson, Ruth, widow Henry, Rev., r. 525 East 5th.

Benson, Selma, operative, 126 East 1st, bds. 117 Barrett.

Benson, Silas, laborer, bds. 634 Falconer.

Benson, Siegfred, laborer, bds. 117 Williams.

Benson, William H., (Myrtle), fireman, h. 218 Forest ave.

Benson, Wright J, (Jessie), machinist, h. 419 West 6th.


Bentley, Alex B., (Nellie L.), motorneer, J. S. Ry., r. 63 Prospect.

Bentley, Allan O., (Libbie), carpenter, h. IV Marvin.

Bentley, Anna, widow Charles, r. 214 West 3rd.

Bentley, C. Eugene, (Elizabeth), surveyor, r. 513 East 5th.

Bentley, Delia, widow Hiram, r. 786 East 2d.

Bentley, Burt, newsdealer, 214 West 3rd, h. do.

Bentley, Grace, r. 1343 East 2d.

Bentley, James, conductor, h. 1343 East 2d.

Bentley, Jane A., student, r. 100 East 5th.

CLEAN COAL. L. F. SHEDD. Both Phones.

Underwear, Hosiery and Gloves a Specialty at PROUDFIT'S


Bentley, John B., machinist, r. 1343 East 2d.

Bentley, Mary B., widow Fred A., h. 100 West 5th.

Bentley, Nellie R., r, 15 Flagg ave.

Bentley, Stowe T., laborer, r. 1343 East 2d.

Bentley, William J., (Margaret), stock keeper, h. 15 Flagg ave.

Benton, Fred A.,finisher,bds. 16 South Hallock.

Benton, Isaac S., (Nettie L.), traveling salesman, h. 11 Cook.

Berg, Adolph V., (Eva C ), laborer, h. 440 Maple.

Berg, Albert, laborer, r. 67 Benson.

Berg, Alice, drawer, r. 20 Cedar ave.

Berg, Amanda, h. 530 Allen.

Berg, Amanda C, widow Charles, h. 20 Cedar ave.

Berg, Andrew, laborer, bds. 652 Barrows.

Berg, Sophie C, widow Andrew F., h. 323 Willard.

Berg, Anna, weaver, bds. 49 Hickory.

Berg, Carl A., (Clara), teamster, h. 49 Hickory.

Berg, Carl E., laborer, bds. 652 Barrows.

Berg, Charles J., (Anna L.), plumber, h. 67 Benson.

Berg, Charlie, laborer, bds. 440 Maple.

Berg, Elizabeth A., winder, r. 440 Maple.

Berg, Esther, spinner, r. 67 Benson.

Berg, Emil, (Edla), metal worker, h. 18 Rush.

Berg, Genevieve, stenographer, r. 20 Cedar ave.

Berg, Gust, (Josephine M.), stationary engineer, h. 246 Barrows.

Berg, Gust F., printer, r. 20 Cedar ave.

Berg, Harry, upholsterer, r. 35 Barrows.

Berg, Hilda, weaver, bds. 49 Hickory.

Berg, John, meter reader, bds. 51 Hedges ave.

Berg, John (Sophia), shoemaker, h. 133 Sampson.

Berg, John 0„ (Anna), blacksmith, 296 East 2d, h. 118 Catlin.

Berg, Lawrence J, variety store and ice cream and confectionery, 42-48 Willard, r. 35 Barrows.

Berg, Lena, housekeeper, 644 'East 6th.

Berg, Lillian, duffer, r. 67 Benson.

Berg, Oscar, laborer, bds. 301 Barrett.

Berg, Peter, laborer, bds. 5 Waterman.

Berg, Signie, picker, r. 440 Maple.

Berg, Victor, laborer, bds. 440 Maple.

Berg, Walter, (Freda J.), laborer, h. 24 Champlin.

Berg, William, painter, h. over 35 Barrows.

See also Burg.

Bergdahl, T)scar, machine hand, bds. 22 Chapin.

Berger, Frank E., (Louise), moulder, h. 40 West 8th.

Berger, Katherine, operative, r. 339 East 3rd.

Bergerson, Genevieve, r. 24 Swan.

Bergerson, Berdena, winder, r. 24 Swan.

CLARK HARDWARE CO. Stoves and Housefurnishings.

Cloaks, Shawls, Gloves, Hosiery. T H E A. D. S H A R P E CO.


Bergerson, Julius J., woodworker, h. 24 Swan.

See also Birgerson.

Bergeson & Carlson—Herman Bergeson, Gust Carlson—grocers, 792 East 2d.

Bergeson, Arthur, laborer, bds. 28 Thayer.

Bergeson, Herman—Bergeson & Carlson, 792 East 2d—bds. 28 Thayer.

Berggren, Albert, (Freda), painter, h. 2 Chapman.

Berggren, August, (Emily),finisher,h. 33 Holman.

Berggren, Elmer,finisher,r. 11 Pullman.

Berggren, Frans, (Jennie M.),finisher,h. over 23 Stowe.

Berggren, John F., (Matilda), stock keeper, h. 15 Adams.

Berggren, Matilda, widow Olof W., h. 11 Pullman.

See also Bergren.

Bergholtz, E. Bruno, (Mary J. C ), architect, 38 Allen Sq. bldg., and draughtsman, 95 J. & G. ave., h. 408 West 6th.

Berglund, Andrew, (Hilda), laborer, h. over 7-9 Cowden Place.

Berglund, Edward, (Tillie A.), carpenter, h. over 218 Crescent.

Betglund, John, (Hannah), shoemaker, h. under 41 Chapin.

Berglund & Lundquist—Waldemar Berglund and Axel Lundquist, meat market, 302 Foote ave.

Berglund, Waldemar—Berglund & Lundquist, 302 Foote ave.—bds. 110 Mechanic.

Bergman, Arvid A., painter, r. 285 Willard.

Bergman, August W., (Anna A.), laborer, h. 285 Willard.

Bergman, Carl, (Mary), carpenter, h. 29 Columbia ave.

Bergman, Charles J, (Hilda S.), band sawyer, h. 47 Eagle.


Bergman, Herman C, painter—Stein & Bergman, 9 Main—r. 285 Willard.

Bergman, Julius, assistant cutter, 206 Main, r. 47 Eagle.

Bergman, Luther, employed 40 Quarry road, r. 47 Eagle.

Bergman, Robert E., machinist, r. 285 Willard.

Bergman, Theodore, carpenter, bds. 29 Columbia ave.

Bergman, Victor, woodworker, bds. 148 Warren.

Bergmann, Augusta, widow Fred R., h. 315 West 2d.

Bergmann, Hattie A., weaver, r. 315 West 2d.

Bergquist, Ada E., student, r. 47 Kinney.

Bergquist, Bernherdina, widow Peter J, h. 126 Warren.


Bergquist, Carrie S., weaver, h. over 530 Allen.

Bergquist, Charles A., (Anna),finisher,h. 73 Jones ave.

Bergquist, Christina, widow Axel, housekeeper, r. 106 Newland ave.

Bergquist, Clarence H., bookkeeper, 38 Winsor, r. 73 Jones ave.

Bergquist, Edward, (Eva E.), machine hand, h. 14 Cedar ave.

Bergquist, Ella L., teacher, r. 126 Warren.

Bergquist, Emma, weaver, r. 244 Forest ave.

Bergquist, Genevieve, domestic, 17 Center.

Bergquist, George W., com'l traveler, r. 126 Warren.

Bergquist, Gust F., (Anna C ), piano maker, h. 47 Kinney.

Bergquist, Gust R., (Emma), stone mason, h. 254 Crescent.

Building Supplies of all kinds. L. F- SHEDD.



Bergquist, Hilma, twister, h. 254 Crescent.

Bergquist, Hilma V., spinner, r. 169 Allen.

Bergquist, Hjalmer, laborer, h. 254 Crescent.

Bergquist, John, carpenter, r. under 502 Crescent.

Bergquist, John E., laborer, h. 475 Crescent.

Bergquist, John M., (C. Sophia), cabinet maker, h. 528 Allen.

Bergquist, Lewis B., spring setter, r. 16 Eagle.

Bergquist, Linnia A., duffer, r. 16 Eagle.

Bergquist, Mable, boxmaker, r. 73 Jones ave.

Bergquist, Samuel E., (Ida M.), cabinet maker, h. 16 Eagle.

Bergquist, William E., painter, r. 16 Eagle.

Bergren, Anton, (Mary), overlooker, h. 71 Wescott.

Bergren, Axel, (Esther),finisher,h. 501 Crescent.

Bergren, August, (Bertha), janitor, h. over 220 Barrows.

Bergren, Caroline, widow Charles, h. 6 7 % Wescott.

Bergren, Elnora, spinner, Falconer, r. 6 7 % Wescott.

Bergren, Victoria, twister, Falconer, r. 6 7 % Wescott.

See also Berggren.

Bergstein, Martin, baker, rms. 409 Cherry.

Bergstrom, Axel, (Minnie), turner, h. 13 Pardee ave.

Bergstrom, Nels E., (Hilma), watchman, h. 28 Pearl.

Bergwall, Anton, r. 768 East 2d.

Bergwall, Christine, domestic, r. 305 East 4th.

Bergwall, Joseph A., (Selma), job printing, over 302 Main, h. 768 East 2d.

Bergkvest, Valentine, metal worker, bds. 139 Park.

Berlin, Almeda C, stenographer, r. 88 Prospect.

Berlin, Claus H., (Mary), carpenter, h. 88 Prospect.

Berlin, Jessie, teacher, rooms over 13 Prospect ave.

See also Burlin.

Bernhard, Charles, (Hilda)—Bernhard Hardware Co., 204 East 2d—h. 110 Sampson.

Bernhard Hardware Co.—Charles Bernhard, E. Rosencrantz, John Carlson, Carl A. Lundquist—204 East 2d.

Bernhard, William, (Hilda), machine hand, h. 114 Sampson.

Bernhard, Oscar, (Ida), laborer, h. 10 Colfax.

Bernhart, August, (Selma), woodworker, h. 24 Fairfield ave.

Bernhart, Gust, (Hilma), woodworker, h. 24 Fairfield ave.

Berry, Bessie M., stenographer, r. 366 Foote.

Berry, Carl A., (Minnie J.), plumber, h. 510 East 7th.

Berry, E m m a, textile worker, r. 143 Stowe.

Berry, H. Orton, (Mary A.), saloon, 18 Main, h. 3XJ6 Foote ave.

Berry, I. Belle, clerk, J. S. Ry. office, r. 510 East 7th.

Berry, Mark, (Catherine), liquor dealer, 11 East 2d, h. section 12 Fredrick blk.

Berry, Muriel, bookkeeper, 602 West 8th, r. 366 Foote ave.

Berry, Thomas, (Mary A.), weaver, h. 328 Allen.

Berry, Thomas, (Martha), warp dresser, h. 143 Stowe.

CLARK HARDWARE CO. Roofing and Building Papers.

Silks, Satins, Velvets, Trimmings. T H E A. D. S H A R P E CO.

JAMESTOWN DIRECTORY. 127 Berstone, Carl, bds. 17 Hedges ave.

Bertram, Carl W., bartender, Sherman House, r. do.

Berzee, Thomas, insurance agent, bds. 21 East 3rd.

Bettes, Mrs. Belle, cook, r. 143-151 Fairmount ave.

Beustrom, John J., (Ida G.), clerk, 104-106 Main, r. 143 East 9th.

Beyer, J. V., (Hilda S.), machinist, h. over 369 Foote.

Bickert, Josephine, waitress, r. 713 E. 2nd.

Bill, David J., (Mary L.), traveling freight agt. Michigan Central Ry., h.

394 Falconer.

Billings, Allen E., (Mary E.), attorney-at-law, rms. 21-22 Gokey bldg., over 16 West 3rd, h. 406 Washington.

Billings. Arthur, upholsterer, r. 346 Baker.

Billings, Jennie C, widow Wayne, dressmaking, h. 533 West 3rd.

Billings, Petronella, widow J. Paul, h. 346 Baker.

Billquist, Ernest, laborer, 40-42 Steele, r. 260 Prospect.

Billquist, Gust A., (Hilda M.), painter, h. 109 Barrett.

Billquist, John, (Ava), h. 260 Prospect.

Billquist, Minnie, r. 260 Prospect.

Billquist, Walter, deliveryman, 208 Pine,, r. 260 Prospect.

Billstone, Victor, (Ida), machine hand, h. 25 Orchard ave.

Bilton, Sarah A., widow William, r. 637 Lake View ave.

Bingham, George R., (Josephine), saw setter, h. Allen Ext.

Bintz, Edward, textile worker, r. over 201 East 1st.

Bintz, Nicholas, (Mary), cabinet maker, h. over 206 East 1st.

Bird, Washington, (Jane), laborer, h. 25 Ellicott.

Birgerson, B. Alvin, (Hilda C ), turner, h. 113 Hedges ave.

See also Bergerson.

Birmingham, Anna G., spinner, r. 297 Crescent.

Birmingham, Elizabeth, widow James, winder, h. 297 Crescent.

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