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«DATE DUE James Prendergast Library Association 509 Cherry Street Jamestown, N e w York 14701 M e m b e r Of Chautauqua-Cattaraugus Library System THE ...»

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Birmingham, Ellen M., telephone operator, r. 297 Crescent.

Bishop, Daniel, (Alia), freight handler, h. 107 Lincoln.

Bishop, J. Henry,finisher,r. 50 Hazzard.

Bishop, Matthew, (Elizabeth), laborer, h. 50 Hazzard.

Bissell, Berne B., (Carrie L.), letter carrier, P. O., h. 831 Main.

Bitely, George laborer, bds. 12 Walnut.

Bixby, Frank, painter, bds. over 113 East 2d.

Bixby-Himebaugh Lumber Co., (incorporated)—William F. Bixby, pres., Joseph M. Himebaugh, vice prest. and treas., Lyle B. Himebaugh, secy.—• wholesale hardwood lumber, 40 Outlet.

Bjork, August J, (Eva K.), farmer, h. over 309 Main.


Bjork, Bertha J, r. over 309 Main.


Bjork, Carl, metal worker, bds. 489 Winsor.

Bjork, Carl, laborer, bds. 756 East 2d.

Bjork, Emelia, weaver, bds. 139 Park.

Bjork, Fred J., (Bertha O.), finisher, h. 25 Victoria ave.

Bjork, Helena, widow August, h. 20 Chandler.



Bjork, John, (Carrie), laborer, h. over 608 Barrows.

Bjork, William L., (Annie L.), carver, h. 100 Tower, i Bjorklund, Erich B., (Sophia), metal worker, h. Buffalo near Bowen.

Bjorkman, Alfred, (Anna), metal worker, h. 40 Sampson.

Bjorkman, Charles, machine hand, r. 40 Sampson.

Bjorkman, Senia, mill hand, r. 40 Sampson.

Bjorkstrom, Amanda, aristo worker, r. over 114 Bowen.

Bjbrkstrom, Anna, widow Jacob, h. over 114 Bowen.

Black, Eliza M., widow Thomas, r. over 20 Derby.

Black, Howard, bookkeeper, cor. Isabella and Monroe, r. 302 West 5th.

Black, T. Henry, photographer, over 12 East 3rd, h. over 20 Derby. • Black Bear, (The), saloon, Fred Bauer, prop'., 22 East 3rd.

Blackman, Bert L., (Minnie M.), machinist, 95 J. & G. ave., h. 29 Rathbone.

Biackman, Frank, (Delphenia), conductor J. S. Ry., h. 219 Spring.

Blackman, Vern, (Martha), woodworker, r. 9 Cleveland Place.

Blackmar, Ross, (Laura), meat deliverer, h. over 602 Winsor.

Blackmere, Mark, employed Lake View Rose Gardens, h. 207 Summit.

Blackstone, George V., (Catherine), president Blackstone Mfg Co., 56-68 Blackstone ave., h. 411 East 2d.

Blackstone Manufacturing Co.—George V. Blackstone, president; John P.

Moynihan, secy.; Andrew J. Lind, treas.—Mfrs. washing machines, 56-68 Blackstone ave.

Blackstone, William M., student, r. 411 East 2nd.

Blakesley, Edward S., (Anna), wool sorter, h. 1 Pullman.

Blakesley, Flora L., twister, r. 1 Pullman.

Biakesley, George, (Estelle),fireman,h. over 7 North Hallock.

Blakesley, George W., (Estella J.), teamster, h. 133 Harrison.

Blakesley, Jennie, widow Emory J., h. 410 East 4th.

Blakesley, Lydia M., duffer, r. 1 Pullman.

Blanchard, A. F., (Eliza), physician, over 211 W. 3rd, h. do.

Blanchard, Bessie H., r. 19 Crescent.

Blanchard, Calvin E., (Ida), finisher, h. 101 Frink ave.

Blanchard, Carlos E., (Georgianna), contracting carpenter, h. 19 Crescent.

Blanchard, Cecil A., clerk, 2-6 East 2d, r. 19 Crescent.

Blanchard, Charles E., (May), h. 408 Winsor.

Blanchard, Earl, painter, r. 615 Winsor.

Blanchard, Eugene L., (Ella J.), lumber buyer, h. Ill West 8th.

Blanchard, H. Charles, city engineering corps, r. 39 Fairmount ave.

Blanchard, Kate E., waist maker, r. 19 Crescent.

Blanchard, Marjorie, student, r. 19 Crescent.

Blanchard, Robert B., student Buffalo Medical University, r. 10 Chandler.

Blanchard, Robert N., (Belle B.), physician and surgeon, over 8 East 2d, h.

10 Chandler.

Blanchard, Silas, (Maria), painter, h. 615 Winsor.

Blanchard, William M., wool sorter, r. 19 Crescent.

Bland, Alice 1ST, mender, r. 87 Hazzard.

CLARK HARDWARE CO. Fine Cutlery and Tools.

Always b u y your D r y Goods of T h e A. D. S h a r p e Co.

JAMESTOWN DIRECTORY. 129 Bland. Matilda, widow Squire, housekeeper, h. 87 Hazzard.

Bland, Roy J., laborer, r. 87 Hazzard.

Blatchley, Charles, (Mabel), assistant superintendent, 13 Gokey, h. 12 Myrtle.

Blatz, lennie, housekeeper, 2 South Main, bds. 210 Harrison.

Bleakney, Horace H., (Georgie B.), bookkeeper, Falconer, bds. 142 Allen.

Bleckert, Bena, widow Frank, picker, bds. 124 Wescott.

Blinn, Edward B., (Louise), metal worker, h. 7 Rubinkam ave.

Bliss, Darwin A., foreman, 101 Harrison, rms. 213-215 East 2d.

Bliss, John C, (Emily), cabinet maker, Falconer, h. 77 Jones ave.

Bliss, Merlin A., (Bessie T., asst. supt., 101 Harrison, h. 42 Allen.

Bliss, Nellie H., clerk, 16-18 West 3rd, r. 77 Jones ave.

Blodget, Royal S., (Flora S.), bookkeeper, 335 Harrison, h. 99 Crosby.

Blodgett, Carl R., (Lora), deliveryman, h. 63 Steele.

Blodgett, Frank M., (Adla), messenger, Wells-Fargo Exp. Co., h. 58 Prospect avenue.

Blodgett, Lacy, retired, r. 620 Spring.

Blodgett, Minnie, domestic, r. 13-23 West 3rd.

Blomster, Eva, weaver, h. over 223 Steele.

Blomstrand, Alfred, (Johanna C ), shoemaker, h. 301 Barrett.

Blood, Clyde L., (Anna), machine hand, h. 113 Williams.

Blood, Ernest A., (Mary E.), carver, h. over 297 Crescent.

Blood, Lee D., (Edith), machine hand, 25 Briggs,, h. 11 Kidder.

Blood, Roscoe C, (Nellie R.), machinist, h. over 11 Bishop.

Bloom, Charles, (Mary), carpenter, h. 71 Allen.

Bloom, Gutfred, metal worker, bds. 65 Tower.

Bloom, Samuel A., shoemaker, 120 Willard, h. 99 Tower.

Bloomberg, Carl, rubber, bds. 33 Holman.

Bloomberg, Carl J., (Sophia C ),finisher,h. over 222 Barrows.

Bloomburg, Charles J., (Matilda), painter and paper hanger, h. 342 Bowen.

Bloomdahl, Albin, laborer, r. 15 Lake.

Bloomdahl, Fred, laborer, r. 15 Lake.

Bloomdahl, Gust, (Emily), metal worker, h. 15 Lake.

Bloomfield, Sarah, widow Charles, r. 2 9 % Rathbone.

Bloomgren, Carl, (Matilda C ), carpenter, h. over 22 Jeffords.

Bloomgren, Gust A., (Anna), h. over 34 Derby.

Bloomquist, Axel, (Julia M.), machine hand, h. 89 Eagle.

Bloomquist, Axel E., (Helga), cabinet worker, h. 7 Great Jones.

Bloomquist, Conrad, laborer, bds. 15 Barrows.

Bloomquist, Edith, r. 124 Wescott.

Bloomquist, Eli, (Amanda), carpenter, h. 106 Weeks.

Bloomquist, Enfred, band sawyer, r. 57 Eagle.

Bloomquist, Freda, cook, 409 Prendergast ave.

Bloomquist, George A. R., band sawyer, bds. 89 Eagle.

Bloomquist, George, employed Meadow Brook Mills, Falconer, r. 89 Eagle.

Bloomquist, Hattie, widow Jonas, h. over 356 Foote ave.

Bloomquist, Hjalmer A., (Ella M.), trimmer, h. cor. Benedict and Eagle.




Bloomquist, Huldah, domestic, 120 Lake View ave.

Bloomquist, Huldah J., weaver, r. 22 Water.

Bloomquist, Joel, gluer, r. 124 Wescott.

Bloomquist, John A., (Anna M.),finisher,h. 22 Water.

Bloomquist, John P., (Emily), machine hand, h. 57 Eagle.

Bloomquist, Joseph, laborer, r. 76 Jones.

Bloomquist, Julia, employed 335 Harrison, r. 89 Eagle.

Bloomquist, Laura E.. bookkeeper, 208 Main, r. 89 Eagle.

Bloomquist, Lena, widow Frank, h. over 107 East 3rd.

Bloomquist, Leonard, machinist, r. 57 Eagle.

Bloomquist, Oscar F., (Hannah), teamster, h. 124 Wescott.

Bloomquist, Otto F., (Emily C ), stationary engineer, h. 86 Eagle.

Bloomquist, Otto L., (Jennie)—Carlson, Bloomquist & Snow, Falconer—h.

532 East 2d.

Bloomquist; Peter, (Anna L.), stone mason, h. 362 Foote ave.

Bloomquist, Signa L., r. 362 Foote ave.

Bloomquist, Walter C. A., packer, r. 57 Eagle.

Bloomstrand, Hilmer F., laborer, r. 301 Barrett.

Bloomstrom, August, (Sophia), tailor, h. 22 Jeffords.

Blow, Elda W., Mrs., milliner, 101 South Main, h. over 10 East 3rd.

Bly, Charles A., (Lettie), conductor J. S. Ry., h. 38 West 10th.

Bly, Edward R., farmer, r. Fluvanna ave.

Bly, Ernest M., farmer, r. Fluvanna ave.

Bly, E. Verne, (May R.), bookkeeper, 14-16 West 2d, h. 340 Crossman.

Bly, Martin V., (Martha), farmer, h. Fluvanna ave.

Blystone, Elliott C, (Euphemia), clerk, 6 West 3rd, h. over 152-154 Chandler.

Blystone, Joseph, h. 423 East 4th.

Blystone, Mary S., r. 423 East 4th.

Blystone, Paul W., r. 423 East 4th.

Blystone, Walter I., (Sarah E.), mfr. mattresses, cushions, etc., 19-23 Briggs, h. 423 East 4th.

Blyth, Abraham, (Pearl), warp twister, h. 2S Water.

Blyth, Clara, spinner, r. 105 Water.

Blyth, Margaret, piece picker, r. 105 Water.

Blyth, Robert,finisher,r. 105 Water.

Blyth, Thomas, (Jemimah), dyer, h. 105 Water.

Board of Health, room 10, City Hall, 202-212 East 3rd.

Board of Public Works, room 9, City Hall, 202-212 East 3rd.

Boardman, George A., (Lillie M.), teamster, h. 27 Bush.

Boardman, Leonora, nurse, rooms 411 Lafayette.

Boberg, John, (Alma), laborer, h. 26 Forest.

Boberg, Swan, (Anna), cabinet maker, h. 27 Eagle.

Bogenschutz, Carl, machinist, r. 57 Foote ave.

Bogenschutz, Henry, warper, r. 57 Foote ave.

Bogenschutz, John, (Rose), engineer, h. 57 Foote ave.

Bogren, Minnie, cook, 2 West 5th.

CLARK HARDWARE CO. Hardware and Mill Supplies.

Carpets, Curtains, Draperies, Shades. T H E A. D. S H A R P E CO.

JAMESTOWN DIRECTORY. 131 Bohall, James W., (Beatrice), engineer, h. 80 Marvin.

Boline, Huldah C, duffer, r. 35 Oak.

Boline, John, (Caroline), metal worker, h. 35 Oak.

Bolt, Amelia C., widow Peter, h. 562 East 2d.

Bolt, Henry P., r. 562 East 2d.

Bolton, Andrew J., (Lucy H.), carpenter, h. over 114 West 8th.

Bolton, Henry C, (Annis), retired, h. 710 Lafayette.

Bond, Frank, (Jennie A.), night watchman, h. 20 Regent.

Bonner, Hannah, widow James, h. 609 Spring.

Bonnevier, Adolph G., (Minnie J.), polisher, h. 24 Peterson.

Bonnevier, Charles G., polisher, bds. 653 East 6th.

Bonnie Carrie, widow Marcus, r. 832 North Main.

Bonsteel, Fred E., (Carrie B.), Dept. Agre, Washington, D. C, h. 833 Prendergast ave.

Booman, Helgo, operative, r. 127 Bowen.

Booman, John A., (Eva L.), grocery, dry goods and notions, 343-345 Allen, and meat market 1 Winsor, h. over do.

Booman, Martin, (Berymin), butcher, h. 127 Bowen.

Booman, Robert, metal worker, r. 127 Bowen.

Boone, Martilla, tailoress, h. over 12 Stearns ave.

Bootey, Anna S., Mrs., h. 219 Foote ave.

Bootey, Edward B., (Flora), harness maker, 11-13 Forest ave., h. 105 Barrett.

Bootey, Edward R., lawyer, room 8 Ellicott bldg., r. over 14 Maple.

Bootey, E m m a Y., widow Edward R., h. over 14 Maple.

Bootey, Lizzie A., teacher r. 39 Barrett.

Bootey, Roswell J., asst. sec'y Mfrs. Assn., 20 Gokey block, r. Falconer, N. Y.

Booth, William L., (Maude L.), bookkeeper, h. 410 East 4th.

Borden, Albert L., (Mary O.), machinist, h. 2 Cook ave.

Bordwell, Kate, widow Victor, housekeeper, r. 406 West 2nd.

Borg, Oscar, machinist, bds. 17 Bush.

Borkman, Enoch, laborer, r. over 22 Institute.

Borkman, John, (Sophia), h. over 22 Institute.

Borts, Samuel, (Jennie), Jamestown Bottling Works, h. 221 Crosby.

Boston Store, Manley E. Johnson, prop., ladies' furnishings, 210-212 East 2d.

Botsford, Myron H., (Anna C ), h. Ill East 6th.

Botsford, William R., (Lucia C ), asst. cashier, Bank of Jamestown, h. ovel 11 West 2d.

See also Bottsford.

Bottini, Louis, (Amelia), fruit dealer, 12 Main, h. rooms 1-2 Warner block.

Bottom, William, (Arville), h. 308 West 2d.

Bottomley, Frederick, (Martha), warp dresser, h. 20 Waterman.

Bottomley, Jennie, spinner,r. 509 Falconer.

Bottomley, Thomas, warp dresser, h. 509 Falconer.

Bottomley, William, r. 905 Falconer.

Botton, George, bds. 254 Prospect.

Bottsford, Frederick E., instructor in music, High School, r. 15 West 8th.


LordeVyforr F i n e C u s t o m C l o t h i n g at Proudfit's order for 132 JAMESTOWN DIRECTORY.

Bottsford, William H., (Ruth A.), carriage trimmer, h. 15 West 8th.

See also Botsford.

Bouck, Elvin, draftsman, bds. 65 West 10th.

Bouck, Gilbert,,(Arzetta), boatbuilder, Celoron, h. 235 J. & G. ave.

Bouck, Mabel, clerk, cor. Main and 2d, bds. 65 West 10th.

Bounds, James M., (Samantha M.), solicitor, h. 519 West 3rd.

Bourdo, Nelson, (Hannah),finisher,h. 11 Webster.

Bowen, Atlanta O., widow John J, h. 731 East 2d.


Bowen, Elnora, widow William D., h. 315 East 6th.

Bowen, David, (Elizabeth), operative, h. 263 Forest ave.

Bowen, H e m a n A., (Louisa), musician, h. 741 East 2d.

Bowen, Manley A., music teacher, r. 731 East 2d.




Organized May, 1903 MANLEY A. BOWEN, Director


Home Phone 818 Bowen, William Manley, bookkeeper, r. 731 East 2d.

Bowers, Abraham H., (Ida), physician, over 115 South Main, h. 67 Prospect.

Bowers, Henry A., (Clara), undertaker, 115 South Main, r. 67 Prospect.

Bowling Alley, Nicholas Skenandore, prop., 120 West 3rd.

Bowls, Margaret, mill hand, r. 723 East 2d.

Bowman, Charles C, (Bertha M.), carpenter, h. 42 Forest.

Bowman, David C, painter, r. 42 Forest.

Bowman, Hilda, domestic, 351 East 5th.

Bowman, Lester D., (Lillian Cook), physician and surgeon, 522 East 2d, h. do.

Boyce, Claud V., (Lulu V.), salesman, r. 744 East 2d.

Boyce, Eifie J., widow Richard, teacher, h. 119 Kent.

Boyd, Edward P., retired, r. 808 Prendergast ave.

Boyd, Grace E., copy clerk, 95 J. & G. ave., r. over 208 East 2d.

Boyd, Harry, (Florence), undertaker, 107 East 2nd, h. 10 Crane.

Boyd, Johnson, (Sarah)—J. Boyd & Son, 802 Main—h. 800 do.

Boyd, J. & Son—Johnson and Purl J.—grocers, 802 Main.

Boyd, Mary E., widow Charles N., r. 235 J. & G. ave.

Boyd, Purl J, (Minnie M.)—J. Boyd & Son, 802 Main—h. 19 Catlin ave.


Boyd, William, (Catherine), machinist, h. over 208 East 2d.

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