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«DATE DUE James Prendergast Library Association 509 Cherry Street Jamestown, N e w York 14701 M e m b e r Of Chautauqua-Cattaraugus Library System THE ...»

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Boyle, Charles A., (Lizzie), woodworker, h. 750 East 2d.

Boyle, Ellen, textile worker, r. over 201 East 1st.

Boyle, Myrtle, Mrs., textile worker, r. over 201 East 1st.

Boyle, RoIIin E., woodworker, r. 750 East 2d.

Boyle, William C, (Lena), conductor, J. S. Ry., h. 309 Ashville ave.

Boys' Department, Y. M. C. A„ 213 East 2d.

CLARK HARDWARE CO. Stoves and Furnaces.

Cloaks, Shawls, Gloves, Hosiery. T H E A. D. S H A R P E C O.

JAMESTOWN DIRECTORY. 133 Bracly, Anna, Mrs., r.175 J. & G. ave.

Bradburn, Minnie, r. over 308 East 2d., Bradigan, Henry G., (Alice), gardener, h. 1409 Falconer.

Bradine, Charles, (Gusta), laborer, h. over 7 Partridge.

Bradley, Charlotte A., widow Samuel, r. 114 Bowen.

Bradley, Earl, clerk, 104 East 2d, r. 71 Marvin.

Bradley, Fred, rooms 71 Marvin.

Bradley, John, clerk, r. 71 Marvin.

Bradley, Michael, laborer, bds. 10 Steele.

Bradley, Will F., (Mary), laborer, h. 57 Grant.Bradley, William H., (Florence), teamster, 104 East 2d, h. 71 Marvin.

Bradshaw Brothers—William A. Bradshaw—insurance, over 303 Main.

Bradshaw, Edwin A., (Mabelle S.), editor The Journal, 14-16 East 2d, h. 210 East 5th.

Bradshaw, Elizabeth, widow William A., h. 35 Lake View ave.

Bradshaw, William A., (Mary C.)—Bradshaw Bros., over 303 Main, h. 27 Lake View ave.

Bradshaw, William T., sewer and paving inspector, h. 112 W. 7th.

Bradt, Clyde M., (Lydia), depot agent, h. 124 Kent.

Brady, Carson B., (Pearl), coachman, h. 622 Spring.

Brady, George W., (Grace), janitor, h. over 19 East 2d.

Brady, Robert, (Alelia A.), blacksmith, 211 Pine, h. 41 West 9th.

Braff, August, gluer, r. 127 Euclid ave. Braff, John, (Maggie), h. 127 Euclid ave.

Bragg, Eveline, r. 16 Regent.

Bragg, Oscar D., (Harriet), laborer, h. 18 Steele.

Brainard, Charles, cabinet maker, r. 221 Warren.

Brainard, Don, cabinet maker, r. 221 Warren.

Brainard, Marjorie, r. 221 Warren.

Brainard, Vern, shipping clerk, 104 Main, r. 221 Warren.

Braley, David F., (Rachel W. ), draughtsman, h. 70 13th.

Braley, Earl H „ laborer, r. 70 13th.

Braley, Guy A., clerk, 207 Cherry, r. 53 Rathbone.

Braley, Jesse W., (Lavina), retired, h. 53 Rathbone.

Branch, Hira K., r. 231 Crescent.

Brand, M. Alice, domestic, 9 Cook.

Brahdin, Gustaf, (Emma), h. over 821 East 2d.

Brandt, E m m a V., clerk, 212 Main, r. 787 East 2d.

Brandt, Fred, machine hand, bds. 220 Bowen.

Brandt, John A., (Albertina)— Carlson & Brandt, 704 East 2nd—h. 787 do.

Branney, Caroline, widow Eric, tailoress, r. 217 East 8th.

Bratt, A. C, leader Bratt's orchestra, rooms 302 West 5th.

Bratt, Bailey P., (Mercy A.), painter, h. 118 Newland ave.

Bratt, Beulah E., bookkeeper, 335 Harrison, r. 118 Newland ave.

Bratt, Casper, (Tilda), metal worker, h. 5 Orchard.

Bratt, Claude F., employed 63 Taylor, h. 512 Hazeltine ave.

The Best Cement at L. F. SHEDD'S.

DOUBLE YOUR M O N E Y = = J o i n the G o l d e n Seal.


Bratt, Florence J., Mrs., r. 512 Hazeltine ave.

Bratt, Herman, (Gurdy), painter, h. over 20 Davis.

Bratt, Reynold, (Agnes), laborer, h. Lake View ave., beyond Buffalo.

Brattberg, Ella S., bookkeeper, 18 Shearman Place, r. 5 Peach.

Brattberg, John J, (Augusta M:), letter carrier, P. O., h. 5 Peach.


Brawn, Joseph, (Annie Elizabeth), sewing machine adjuster, r. over 117 E. 2d.

Bray, Harriet, rubber worker, r. 207 Foote ave.

Bray, William, (Sarah), designer, bds. 304 West 3rd.

Brecheisen, Gilbert, (Emily), teamster, h. 134 Fulton.

Brecht, Maude L., h. 17 East 1st.

Breckenridge, Robert, warp twister, h. 250 Harrison.

Breed, Alfred V., (Laura), machinist, h. 786 East 2d.

Breed, Alice, widow Charles H., h. 114 Bowen.

Breed, Anna, widow Franklin E., h. 118 Bowen.

Breed & Armstrong—Louis C. Breed and George T. Armstrong—Insuranoe, rooms 32-33 N e w Fenton bldg.

–  –  –

Breed, Charles A., (Celestia P.)—Union Lumber Co., 41 Shearman Place—h.

5 Fairmount ave.

Breed, Clarence E., apprentice, r. 118 Bowen.

Breed, Franklin E., Jr., r. 118 Bowen.

Breed, Gertrude M., r. 5 Fairmount ave.

Breed-Johnson Furniture Co.—J. A. Eckman, prest.—mfrs. desks, bookcases, etc., 129-135 J. & G. ave.

Breed, Louis C.—Breed & Armstrong, 32 -33 N e w Fenton bldg.—r. 5 Fairmount ave.

Breed, Winfred W., pressman, r. 118 Bowen.

Breen, John, (Bridget), draughtsman, h. 135 Euclid ave.

Brennan, Carrie, widow Henry J., h. 547 Lake View ave.

Brennan, Mildred E., student, r. 547 Lake View.

Bricker, Clara, weaver, rm. 7 over 7 South Main.

Bricker, E. Louise, clerk, 205 Main, r. 308 Pine.

Bricker, Josiah, (Mary), contractor, 308 Pine, h. do.

Brickert, Josephine, r. 713 East 2d.

Brickett, Weltha, widow Charles, h. 9 Crossman.

Brickner. Charles, (Agnes), laborer, h. 301 Winsor.

Briggs, Alfred N., comber, r. 205 East 5th.

CLARK HARDWARE CO. Fine Cutlery and Tools.

The Best Goods at the Lowest Prices. T H E A. D. S H A R P E CO.

JAMESTOWN DIRECTORY. 135 Briggs, Arthur K., (Elizabeth M.), foreman dyeing and finishing dept., 335 Harrison, h. 313 West 3rd.

Briggs, A. Elmira, student, r. over 300 Barrows.

Briggs, David A., (Amelia), driver, Jamestown fire dept., h. 209 Prendergast.

Briggs, E. Bertram, reporter, 14-16 West 2d,- r. 521 East 5th.

Briggs, Elihu S., (Jennie), real estate, h. 1235 Main.

Briggs, Florence E., student, r. 300 Barrows.

Briggs, Fred, (Sarah), master mechanic, h. 521 East 5th.

Briggs, Harry L., (Edith R.), cashier, Union Trust Co., 211 Main, h. 115 Maple.

Briggs, John E., (Margaret), tinner, r. 36 Mechanic.

Briggs, John Sherwood, (Frances B.—h. 39 Fairmount ave.

Briggs, John W., (Catherine), weaver overlooker, h. 153 East 9th.

Briggs, Lee H., stenographer, 17 Shearman Place, rms. Y. M. C. A. dormitory.

Briggs, Martha May, teacher, r. 351 East 4th.

Briggs, Samuel, (Jane), superintendent Hall & Co., h. 205 East 5th.

Briggs, Thomas Riley, (Matilda), foreman warp dressing dept., h. 104 Barrows.

Briggs, William C, (Minnie E.), secy. Chaut. Towel Mills, h. 404 East 5th.

Bright, George S., (Belle G.), insurance, life and accident, 300-301 N e w Fenton bldg., h. 23 13th.

Brightman, Frederick A., (Franc), steelworker, h. 39 Fairmount ave.

Brighton, James, (Lily), waste sorter, h. over 97 Falconer.

Brindley, George B., (Martha), laborer, h. over 116 Willard.

Brindley, Howard G., bibbin setter, r. over 116 Willard.

Brink, Hjalmer, laborer, bds. 117 Catlin.

Bristol, Horatio N., retired, h. 9 Cleveland Place.

Bristol, Leon L., (Bernice), machinist, r. 20 West 7th.

Bristol, Louie E., laborer, r. 9 Cleveland Place.

Bristol, Mary, widow Solomon L., h. 140 Foote ave.

Broadbent, Benjamin A., (Eloese), mill hand, h. 120 Lincoln.

Broadbent, Herbert, (Esther), carver, h. 124 Barrows.

Broadbent, Mary M., widow James, h. 120 Lincoln.

Broadhead, Almet N., (Margaret B.), pres. J. S. Ry.—William Broadhead & Sons—and prop. Lake View Rose Gardens, h. 508 Main.

Broadhead block, 216 Main.

Broadhead block, 100-108 Main.

Broadhead, Ernest J., (Cecelia), shipping clerk, 126 East 1st, h. 216 Broadhead ave.

Broadhead, Franklin G., (Bertha T.), woolsorter, h. 13 East 9th.

Broadhead, Fred H., (Maude A.), Proudfit Clothing Co., 206 Main, h. 108 Mechanic.

Broadhead, Gladys, r. 101 East 4th.

Broadhead, Irving H., (Ida L.), designer, h. over 14 Arnold.

Broadhead, James A., (May), foreman, 126 East 1st, h. 110 Boradhead ave.

Broadhead, John L., (Nora), accountant, 126 East 1st, h. 128 Allen.

Broadhead, Jonas, rollerfixer,h. 102 Broadhead ave.

Broadhead, M. Elizabeth, r. 102 Broadhead ave.

Building Supplies of all kinds. L. F. SHEDD.

Headquarters foVSlrffifn,£*8atnd 33, Proudfit's 136 JAMESTOWN DIRECTORY.

Broadhead, Mertie M., r. 30 Warren.

Broadhead, S. Flora, r. 30 Warren.

Broadhead, Shelden B — W m. Broadhead & Sons, 126 E. 1st—h. 101 E. 4th.

Broadhead, William, (Lucy)—Wm. Broadhead & Sons, 126 East 1st—h. 3C Warren.

Broadhead, William A., student, r. 508 Main.

Broadhead, Wright D., cashier Bank of Jamestown, r. 102 Broadhead ave.

Broadhead, William & Sons—William, Shelden B. and Almet N.—Props.

Broadhead Worsted Mills, 102-120 East 1st.

Broadhead Worsted Mills—William Broadhead & Sons, props—mfrs. worsted dress goods and suitings, 126 East 1st.

Broberg, Andrew, (Augusta), teamster, h. 304 Foote ave.

Brockway, Marcus, (Carrie L.), h. 47 Hazzard.

Brodine, Axel, (Hattie), Brodine Table Works, 100 Steele, rear, h. 94 Hazzard.

Brodine, Gust, (Margaret), retired, h. 100 Steele.

Brodine, Herman—Brodine Table Works, rear 100 Steele, h. 100 Steele.

Brodine Table Works—Axel and Herman Brodine—tables, 100 Steele, rear.

Brogden, Rufus, (Martha E.), finisher, h. 662 English.

Brogren, Morris, (Mathilda), tailor, h. 248 Forest ave.

Bromley, Henry L., (Emma S.), clerk, 109-111 Main, h. 157 Prospect.

Bronson & Abbott—Frank M. Bronson, Christopher M. Abbott—grocery 1001 East 2d.

Bronson, Mrs. Addison, milliner, h. 125 South Main.

Bronson, Addison, (Mahala), wool sorter, h. 125 South Main.

Bronson, Frank M., (Minnie)—Bronson & Abbott, 1001 East 2d—h. Celoron.

Brooklyn Bottling Works—James M. and Herbert F. Cowan, props—under 7 Harrison.

Brooklyn Fish and Meat Market—Merritt B. Rowley, prop—2 Main.

Brooklyn Heights M. E. church, 101 Palmer, Rev. A. A. Horton, pastor.

Brooklyn House, Cowan Bros, props., 7 Harrison.

Brooklyn Park Green Houses—Thomas Russell, prop.—810 Forest ave.

Brooklyn Square Marble Works—Emory A. Sturdevant, prop.—11 Steele.

Brooklyn Square Restaurant—Benjamin Strauss, prop.—5 South Main.

Brookmire, Betsy J, widow Ezekel, r. 146 Stewart ave.


Brookmyer, Eva, student, r. 15 Prospect.

Brookmyer, John, (Margaret), coachman, 9 Prospect, h. 15 do.

Brooks, Clara M., twister, bds. 42 Barrows.

Brooks, D. Shearman, city engineering corps, r. 120 Lake View ave.

Brooks, Edwin A., (Lottie S.), prop. Brooks News Co., 8 East 3rd, h. 120 Lake View ave.

Brooks, Helen B., widow Edwin C, r. 611 Pine.

Brooks, Henry, laundryman, r. 207 Foote ave.

Brooks, James, foreman, Lake View Rose Gardens, bds. Ashville ave., R. F.

D., beyond city limits, (Celoron).

Brooks, John M., physician and surgeon, 312 Prendergast ave., h. do.

Brooks, Joseph V., cook, bds. 113-117 West 3rd.

–  –  –

JAMESTOWN DIRECTORY. 137 Brooks News Co., Edwin A. Brooks, prop., books.stationery, etc., 8 East 3r Brookins, Bridgman G., (Minnie), driver, h. 81 Water.

Bromley, Henry L., (Emma), clerk, 109 Main, h. 157 Prospect.

Bromstrom, John, (Augusta), stone mason, h. 25 Swanson.

Brown, Aaron A., (Elnora), carpenter, h. 227 King.

Brown, Albert L., (Ida), carpenter, h. 1398 East 2d.

Brown, Alexander S., (Linna), farmer, h. 610 Lafayette.

Brown, Alice Ross, Mrs., h. 305 West 3rd.

Brown, Ann, widow James, r. 254 Prospect.

Brown, Anna, clerk, 16-18 West 3rd, r. 104 East 5th.

Brown, Bessie, stenographer, r. 607 Washington.

Brown, Burton S., (Frances), polisher, h. over 13 East 2d.

Brown, Clara, r. 214 Clinton.

Brown, Clarence, r. 214 Clinton.

Brown, Caroline C, widow Safford Z., h. 71 Hotchkiss.

Brown, Charles H., head bookkeeper, 56 Prospect, bds. 29 Harrison.

Brown, Charles M., (Adele De Lano), printer, h. 525 Lake View ave.

Brown, Charles N., cashier Penna. Gas Co., 110 East 3rd, rms. over 211 Main.

Brown, Clarence, baker, bds. over 635 Prendergast ave.

Brown, Clayton M., (Maud), h. 32 1-3 Kent.

Brown, Donald S., bookkeeper, over 101 East 2d, bds. 116 East 4th.

Brown, Edward C, (Fannie G.), oil producer, h. 20 West 6th.

Brown, Ellis E., (Josephine A.), laborer, h. 18 Stowe.

Brown, Ernest, (Elizabeth), coachman, h. 110 Washington.

Brown, E. Ross, (Elizabeth G.), draughtsman, r. 148 Forest ave.

Brown, Florence, dishwasher, r. over 14 East 3rd.

Brown, Fred, (Delie), helper, h. 112 Hazzard.

Brown, Gaylord, student, r. 18 Stowe.

Brown, George W., (Lorettie), laborer, h. 37 Reinold ave.

Brown, George W., clerk, 325 Chandler, r. 607 Washington.

Brown Glenn K., (Anna Dempsey), com'l traveler, h. 544 Lake View ave.

Brown, Harold LeF., (Alice R.), Phillips & Brown, 8 East 2d, h. 513 East 8th Brown, Helen S., widow Henry E., h. 29 Harrison.

Brown, Henri LeF., (Alcesta), railway mail clerk, h. 112 Crosby.

Brown, Hilma C, spinner, r. 251 Barrows.

Brown, Irwin, conductor, J. S. Ry., bds. 124 Hamilton.

Brown, John, (Ethel), grocery, 615 Main, r. 11 Cleveland Place.

Brown, John, (Eva), teamster, h. 37 Chambers.

Brown, John A., (Lona D.), sanitary inspector, h. 313 Ashville ave.

Brown, John T„ (Samantha), clerk, h. 607 Washington.

Brown, Louis B., (Mame), shipping clerk, 118 Foote ave., h. 12 Rubinkam ave.

Brown, Margaret C, widow A. F. Allen, h. 32 Cedar.

Brown, Mary, widow William, r. 112 Hazzard.

Brown, Mary, widow James, h. 104 East 5th.

Brown, May, milliner, rooms 8 West 7th.

Brown, Peter J, ( E m m a L.), laborer, h. 251 Barrows.


Cedar Shingles, Lath and Plaster==L. P. SHEDD.

B o y ' s C l o t h i n g, Lar^£§ft°y°kln at PROUDFIT'S


Brown, Philo F., (Kate), engineer, h. 305% Warren.

Brown, Ray, liveryman, r. 610 Lafayette.

Brown, Rudolph C, wool sorter, Falconer, r. 251 Barrows.

Brown, Sadie, weaver, r. 254 Prospect.

Brown, Samuel A., (Carrie), mailing clerk, P. O., h. 57 Rathbone.

Brown, Sarah, r. 25 Steele.

Brownell, George G., (Ellie), conductor, J. S. Ry., h. 903 Main.

Brownell, Willard J., loomfixer, r. 23 Elm.

Bruce, Charles, (Mary), woodworker, h. 226 Hazzard.

Bruce, E m m a, drawer, r. 614 Newland ave.

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