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«St Andrew’s and St George’s West June 2015 Magazine June 2015 A Place of Hope – Ian Gilmour 3-4 Worshipping God at St Andrew’s & St ...»

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St Andrew’s and St George’s West

June 2015 Magazine

June 2015

A Place of Hope – Ian Gilmour 3-4

Worshipping God at St Andrew’s & St George’s West 5

Announcements 6-7

Church Diary 8-11

Young People at St Andrew’s and St George’s West

Young Creative Writers 12-14 Donald Gorrie Schools Debates 15 Dalry School Artwork 15 Creative stuff for young folk 16 Summer Fun in the Courtyard 17 Making a Difference in the World Building Strong Communities Summer Lectures 18 A major task: Arthur Chapman reflects on the opening 19-20 lecture Good News from the Amnesty Undercroft Group 21 Plenty to keep us busy – an update on Malawi 22-23 Christian Aid Sale 2015 Judy Chapman 24-25 Church Life Notes from the Kirk Session 26 Zest for Life James McNeill 27 From the church manager’s desk Jean Howard 28 Congregation picnic - Evergreens-Memory project 29 Music and Arts 30-31 General Assembly 2015 People Make the Assembly Jack Thompson 32-36 An Amazing Experience Jennifer Dunlop on Reach Out & Listen 37-38 CONTACTS 40 Next copy deadline Mon 22 June 2015 for the summer issue, covering July and August. Thanks to all contributors. Editor: Alison Bruce Photo credits: Jane Brown, Alison Bruce, James MacPherson, Anne Wilson. Contact us at magazine(at)stagw(dot)org(dot)uk.

2 A Place of Hope A letter from Ian At the service on Sunday 24 May we thought about the mystery of Pentecost through the lens of those nine wonderful and practical gifts of the Spirit listed by Paul: Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness and Self- Control. The more of these we can exhibit in our lives the better, they are designed to help build strong communities, families and relationships.

On that day we had eleven of our elders receiving their long service certificates, which means they have served the church in leadership roles for over 30 years and received in recognition a certificate signed by the Moderator of the General Assembly.

Several of them said to me, “I do not wish to have any personal recognition, so please do not refer to me individually.” One told me he felt that the quality of service is what matters and not the length of service, however the session clerks and I think it is always good to say thank you. It is important to mark that very few organisations have 11 people who have given it over 400 years of time, talent and energy. We will have another opportunity to recognise the contribution of another group of elders with similar certificates later in the summer.

I decided to illustrate the commitment service with this story of Mr Arthur and Mrs Muriel Hope. They were prominent and generous at St George’s, Charlotte Square and after the union with St Andrew’s they did not diminish their commitment, quite the reverse. Arthur became the much loved session clerk. I said that despite the fact they have now both ‘gone to glory’ last Saturday at 9.30am I reckon they would be very proud indeed. One of their sons, a former Lord President of the Court of Session, had been asked to represent the 3 Queen as Lord High Commissioner of the General Assembly. I knew that by 9.00am he would have left his ‘royal’ accommodation at Holyrood Palace where he would stay for the week and be part of the grand procession into the Assembly building.

At 9.30am exactly he would enter the Assembly Hall prepared to read the message from Her Majesty to a packed hall. His parents would be proud of him, but equally proud of another son Alec who at 9.30am, that same morning was hoovering the pews on the east side of our building while I was dusting them.

The church invites us into prominent positions and the limelight at times, but often it invites us to work quietly as unsung heroes to glorify God.

I think Mr and Mrs Hope would have been proud of their family both contributing royally but in very different settings. Our elders and members do contribute hugely through the range of their service and often it is the effective unnoticed contributions which really impress our friends and parents and God, so let us mark and celebrate our community of faith and continue to share the gift of the Spirit within and beyond our church.

Live, love and enjoy life, Ian

–  –  –

4 Worshipping God at St Andrew’s and St George’s West Worship can strengthen and transform… Worship is helpful for our growth as followers of Christ, so consider joining us Sunday by Sunday. You can attend Communion at

9.00am, the All Age service at 9.45am or enjoy our progressive pattern at 11.00am or come to all three!

June Sunday 7 June 11am What We Hear 1 Samuel 8:4–11, 16–20, Sunday 14 June 11am What We Perceive 1 Samuel 15:34—16:13 Sunday 21 June 11am What We Know 1 Samuel 17: (1a, 4–11, 19–23), 32–49, Sunday 28 June 11 am What We Do Mark 5:21–43 July Sunday 5 July 11am 11am What We Accomplish Mark 6:1–13 Sunday 7 July 11am 11am What We Contribute Ephesians 1:3–14,

–  –  –

Parish Funeral Andrew John Meguyer Taylor. A memorial service was held in St Andrew’s and St George’s West Church on 8 April. Andrew was the beloved son of Professor David Taylor and the late Fiona Bain and much loved brother of Gordon and David.

–  –  –

Then, screaming. Someone in the corridor had been shot. Then more gunfire and then more screams. Then distant sirens. The police had arrived.

But it was too late.

The door came down with a slam followed by the sound of boots meeting the ground. They were standing 2 metres away from me, but only one metre away from Mr. Evans. In desperation I got out from under the desk and stood in front of Mr. Evans.

"Ellie, no'' he screamed. But again it was too late.

Everything slowed. I could see the bullet coming towards my head like a dart being thrown on a dart board or an arrow being fired at a target. It wasn't going to stop. It wasn't going to turn around and go in the opposite direction. It was going to hit me in the head. It was going to kill me, and I couldn't do anything about it.

I fell down. It didn't hurt, it just felt fuzzy. I could see everything now, more clearly than ever. I was confused. I had just been shot but I was still seeing things. The gunman had left the room. People were crying, tears streaming down their face like raindrops on a window, their eyes were waterfalls.

People were looking at me as if l was dead.

"I'm still alive, you know," but they wouldn't listen, they couldn't hear. Then I realised why.

I saw myself lying where I had been standing. A pool of blood at my head.

My eyes open but showing no emotion. I was lifeless. Just a limp, cold, dead body lying on the carpet.

13 People started to leave the classroom. They were just walking out. "Where are you going?" I asked. "There's a gunman on the loose" There was a policeman at the door guiding everyone out. I followed them outside where hundreds of children and families were hugging each other and crying into each other’s jumpers. Then there were my parents. Standing and waiting in hope that I would come out of the school alive, but I wouldn't.

A police man walked over to them and started talking. My mum broke down into my Dad’s coat and he just held her in his arms.

When the police man left I walked over. But I didn't do anything. I just stood and observed.

It's now a week after the shooting. My body is currently buried in our local church. The gunman is in prison and the school is temporarily closed.

And I, well, I chose to go to heaven. I didn't see the point in staying down there as a ghost when you can be with older members of your family. I miss my life but it is also good up here. It is peaceful and you can do what you want when you want. I'm sure if my Mum and Dad could see me here they would be happy. Although I won't be able to go bungee jumping or climb Mount Everest, here in heaven I can meet Nelson Mandela and talk to Elvis Presley, I'm also learning how to play the harp!

–  –  –

by Emma Logan, The Royal High School, Edinburgh 14 Donald Gorrie Schools Debates Wednesday 2014 junior champions Royal High 17 June, 6.30pm Come and support the third Donald Gorrie Debating Competition.

The debates are organised by the Education Group here at St Andrew’s and St George’s West, with support from Edinburgh University Debating Society. Donald Gorrie was a member and elder of St Andrew’s and St George’s West. Before his distinguished career in public life as a Liberal councillor, MP and MSP, he was a teacher and passionately keen on the education of young people and their ability to express themselves.

This year, teams from six local secondary schools – Craigmount, George Watson’s, James Gillespie’s, Merchiston, Queensferry and Royal High – will debate the motion: “This house believes that we can create and sustain communities across Scotland in the 21st Century” Dalry Choir Visit – In Pictures Dalry Primary School Choir visited St Andrew’s and St George’s West.

–  –  –

Messy Church Saturday 13 June 10am-12.30pm We meet in the Undercroft Café. If you would like to would like to take part, please contact Angela Grant 077831 465642 angela(dot)stocks1975(at)btinternet(dot)com Little Ducks Tuesdays in June 10am - noon in the Undercroft Little Ducks parent and toddler group meet on Tuesdays from 10 am-12 noon in the Undercroft Café for stories, crafting and play.

Led by Angela Grant 077831 465642.

Bright Sparks Creative Workshop Sat 27 June 2- 4pm in the Undercroft We’ll be working on our special project in the Undercroft!

Led by Katie McNeill Summer Fun in the Courtyard Wednesdays in July 11.30am-1pm Our courtyard workshops for families and children of all ages return in July. You can help create a garden, make music, listen to stories and watch an award winning piece of puppet theatre.

Events are FREE (yes, free) and you get a voucher for our fabulous and child friendly café as well. So, go on, SPREAD THE WORD.

Tell all your friends looking for creative ways to amuse children, grandchildren, nephews, nieces and their friends this summer. The more, the merrier.

16 17 18 A Major Task Arthur Chapman reviews the first of our summer lectures In the first of three lectures at St Andrew’s and St George’s West on Building Strong Communities Professor Hugh Goddard, director of the Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Centre for the Study of Islam in the Contemporary World gave a stimulating lecture on Christian-Muslim Relations, looking at the past, the present and how to build a peaceful global community in the future.

In the first part of the lecture we were treated to a wealth of statistics on Islam and its geographical coverage as well as a brief history of the spread of Islam. Globally, 33% of the world's population are Christian, 21% are Muslim, 16% say they are non-religious and 14% are Hindu. The greatest population of Muslims is in Indonesia, where they are in the majority, with world-wide around one fifth of Muslims living as a minority. According to the 2001 and 2011 census reports, the numbers of Muslims in the UK have increased, whilst the numbers of Christians have decreased: in 2001 72% of the population were Christian with 2.7% Muslim; by 2011 the figures were 60% and 4.5% respectively. Muslims are present in all Scotland's regions and a new 'green' Mosque has just opened in Inverness in a building which was formerly the Rangers supporters club.

Whilst wars between Christians and Muslims have occurred throughout the centuries, so to have wars within Christianity and within Islam.

Although the media dwell on the negative news and stories of confrontation and violence there have been and still are many cases of cooperation between Muslims and Christians (as well as with members of other faiths and none).

Two examples of the desire to learn from each other and discern the truth whatever its source are revealed by Al Kindi, the father of Islamic Philosophy in the 9th Century, who had an open-minded approach to intellectual exchange and Thomas Aquinas, a medieval Catholic priestphilosopher who was willing to learn both from Aristotle and Avicenna (a Persian polymath who lived c. 980-1037).

There have been many cases of Muslim peacemakers who have advocated nonviolence in their confrontation with those in authority. A couple of examples: Khān Abdul Ghaffār Khān (1890-1988) was a spiritual and political leader, a devout Muslim and a pacifist who opposed the partition of 19 India and was nicknamed the "Frontier Gandhi".

Another example of Muslims and Christians standing together in the face of violence is that of Imam Muhammad Ashafa and Pastor James Wuye who live in Kaduna, in northern Nigeria. In the past they were firm enemies and when, in 1992, violent interreligious conflict broke out in Kaduna State both the Imam and the Pastor took part in the fighting. Both paid a heavy price for their involvement - Imam Ashafa saw two of his brothers and his teacher killed, while Pastor James lost a hand. Following the intervention of a mutual friend they formed the Interfaith Mediation Centre (in 1995) and now work together to teach warring religious youth militias to resolve their conflicts peacefully1.

Christian-Muslim relations will form a vital element in the years ahead and encouraging and strengthening understanding and cooperation between members of these two faiths (making up more than half of the global population) must be a major task for us.

In the final part of Professor Goddard's Lecture he spoke about five points of agreement between Christians and Muslims as well as five points of difference. These points of Agreement are: both are theistic faiths and monotheistic (believing in one God), both have a belief in creation and revelation through Holy Scripture (the Bible The next lectures in the and the Qu'ran), and both hold that we are series explore other accountable and stand in judgement for aspects of building our actions. The differences that were highlighted concern language about God strong communities (e.g.

Abba, Father for Christians being Tue 9 June:

seen as over familiar by Muslims), the Martin Johnstone place of inspiration of the Scriptures and explores building whether knowledge can be gained from community with outside the Scriptures, the relationship financially poor people between religion and the state and the

Tue 16 June:

renewal and revival of the faith(s).

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