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«JUPITER ENTERS LEO – July 2014 to July 2015 + Horoscopes Maggie Kerr AAT If your patience and good cheer are running a bit low after these testing ...»

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JUPITER ENTERS LEO – July 2014 to July 2015 + Horoscopes Maggie Kerr AAT

If your patience and good cheer are running a bit low after these testing times of late

take ‘heart’ my friends, because the King of the Gods Jupiter enters Leo on July 16th

and Leo rules the heart! Within the planetary system Jupiter brings opportunity and

new horizons as his 12 year cycle = the divine number 12/3; an active creative point in

the process we call life. As the Lord of positive Karma he brings us what we need to open new doors and progress in our lives as he is "Fortuna" or luck. Jupiter expands the affairs of the sign he is blazing through in any year heralding the changing of our fortunes… in more ways than one.

The Leo goodies about to unfold will get things moving for us all at a creative and inspiration level, cause for celebration I say, as the first half of 2014 has been loaded with challenges, delays and preparation on many levels courtesy of change agent Uranus in his hard aspect to transformer Pluto. It’s time for some fresh energy expenditure kids so from mid-July get ready to motivate and get passionate about the things that matter to you!

This accords very well with our current Chinese ‘Year of the Horse’, as Jupiter’s animal is the horse and he loves hanging out in heroic Leo. The trouble is Jupiter Leo Horse years also have a history of our Leo leaders leading us into battles with massive consequences, as we shall see when we review some history shortly. In my 2014 Year Ahead Report I offer “2014 will be a fast paced year of extremes after July when Jupiter moves into dynamic Leo for the first time since 2002. We will experience breakdowns, breakups, breakthroughs and breath taking shifts that have been building during 2012/3.” We have been ‘home’ doing duty and responsibility toward our families over the last year whilst he has been moving through the sign of Cancer. We have decorated and done the real estate thing, watched cooking shows and generally nested. The positive outcome goes a lot deeper with real healing and reconnection in many families, whilst for others there have been needed endings and separations when karmas are complete. Remember Jupiter can sometimes bring our growth as opportunities disguised as loss. So we have all had the opportunity to balance, enrich and deepen healthy relationship to our feelings, emotional safety, and our capacity for loving support. If you have not already done so let go of any old hurts and angers you have toward your ‘family’, and this means all the people we love or who have brought us our lessons.

So onward and upward we go!! What’s next for our growth and how might our big friend bring it to us? As usual I will look at this on a few different levels so we may empower ourselves to use the benefits on offer and get real about some of the more difficult issues that may also surface.

Our Inner ‘Free Child’ Leo is the 5th sign in the 12 fold Zodiac process, signaling the release of the dynamic creative energy which lives in each of us, once we have achieved the inner emotional safety offered by the proceeding sign of Cancer. Leo is our spontaneous free ‘inner child’ who is brave and courageous, knows how to have fun and is loaded with passion and excitement. We’ve all been awfully serious over the past year haven’t we, so a dose of Leo sounds good to me!

Leo is the part of us who is a self-motivated individual so you may find that you are ready to get up and get on with activities and projects that are about ‘you’ and not ‘them’ for a change. The entertainment industries and dramatic arts will feature strongly in the year ahead, so those of you in these fields will enjoy your next renaissance, with a general call to

–  –  –

Children come under Leos’ dominion and this should really be the "year of the child", as our kids and youth culture need to be freshly inspired toward their potential. If you have a natural Peter Pan in you who never wanted to grow up and is great with kids, this may be the year when you decide to get involved, or have heaps to do with your own kids on a very creative level… and love it!

Leo rules the Heart & our Capacity for LOVE and PURPOSE

–  –  –

Jupiter in our ‘whole person makeup’ infuses our sense of meaning and purpose for life. Hence the mythical Jupiter represents the Heroic quality within us. The Quest for the Holy Grail is a mythic theme that is so relevant over these transformational years, as the origins of sacred chalice legends arise from Celtic times and were th integrated into Christian mythology during the Crusades of the 11 /2th centuries. The hero is Parsifal whose quest was to heal and restore life to the kingdom that is cursed because it defied mans’ relationship to nature. Surely this echoes in our times! To fulfill his quest Parsifal had to regain the lost innocence, which required he submit his will and ego to this greater purpose. As Jupiter transits Leo we are offered this opportunity for reclaiming innocence as we purify our Leo egos. Until we as individuals and our leaders, submit their egos to the will of the people rather than forcing their will upon the people, we cannot find the Grail - the metaphor for healing and restoration.

A Little Bit of History…

The last time Jupiter was in Leo was between August 2002 & 2003. A dynamic period to say the least, with th the most notable event being on March 19 when the invasion of Iraq by American and British led coalition began without United Nations support and in defiance of world opinion…after the largest ever recorded protests by 11 Million people globally! Whether you ascribe to the view that oil business interests were the prime motivation or that our unconscious ego driven ‘leaders’ were just plain stupid enough to believe that western interests could hope to prevail in the Islamic east, the result has been a massive growth (Jupiter) in the conflict between eastern and western ‘systems’.

Jupiter in Leo 2014/15 Maggie Kerr AAT Page 2 The next 5 paragraphs are an excerpt from my 2002 Jupiter Leo report. Please read to gain perspective before I continue my narrative! “The previous Jupiter in Leo was from mid-1990 to mid-1991. In October 1989 the "Berlin Wall” came down and in Oct. 1991 the re-unification of Germany occurred. Boris Yeltsen was elected President of Russia, Lech Walesa in Poland, and the Cold War finally burnt itself out, unleashing a new phase in global business affairs. Nelson Mandela was released in South Africa, Rajiv Gandhi was assassinated, and whole new phase in world affairs began. In Jan. 1991 The Gulf War strategically signaled the world dominance of the USA and its’ position as the Superpower.

The Iraqi horoscope has Uranus at 10 deg Leo and also Mercury and the Ascendant in Leo quite close by. The day Jupiter was in Leo at exactly the same degree as Uranus was the day the war started - the 15th January!! This is pretty accurate stuff, and when you also consider that the June Solar Eclipse was at 19 degrees Gemini, the same degree as the Iraqi Moon and Venus, and almost exact to the USA Mars in Gemini, it certainly feels like something might just happen here again! My bet for any action will be in the January 2003 period, when Jupiter will again pass over Uranus in Leo in the Iraqi chart. Also the December 2002 Solar Eclipse falls at 12 degrees Sagittarius, smack on the Ascendant of the US Chart - all very interesting!!

The charts of India and Pakistan are very similar, both having their birth on August 15th 1947 at the time of partition, with 5 planets in Leo including Sun, Saturn and Pluto. So Jupiter will trigger off’ these energies throughout late 2002 and early 2003. Rajiv Gandhi was killed in a massive explosion 12 years ago. The Israeli & Palestinian charts (May 14th 1948) also have the Saturn Pluto conjunction in Leo along with Moon and Mars in Leo, so again Jupiter’s’ expansive quality may bring things to a head.

So the recent history of Jupiter in Leo suggests that our dynamic Lord of Karma brings growth and opportunity in sometimes rather confrontational fashion, and that we should not be surprised if the next year contains explosive developments. The question remains; have we gained the wisdom since his last visit through Leo to handle his urge toward expansion without the conflict of war. Economically the early 90s was a period of recession, and current trends in the US are also signaling a retracement period in the US economy. The other important feature of US politics over these months will be their decision regarding their right to conduct "pre-emptive strikes" at will, now that there is no other ‘superpower’ to balance their actions. We must hope and pray that a wiser and more tolerant position arises here ASAP.” I wrote this in early 2002. The Iraq invasion happened in March 2003 so the answer is no, wisdom did not prevail with the consequence that the ongoing “War on Terror” is now escalating once more, as we see the rise of the Sunni Taliban ISIS group in Iran as I write this in late June 2014 plus ongoing chaos in Syria & Pakistan causing the largest humanitarian disaster in history. Meanwhile Russia is front and center once more playing power games with the USA over the Ukraine and the east/west polarized tensions are up for grabs once more. Who ever said the Cold War was over? This is an obvious moment for me to mention just how fascinating Astrology is as it offers us the recording device of history and the cycles of unfoldment that underpin it!

So What Are the Possibilities for 2014/5?

A major difference between the past 2002/3 cycle and our current time is the advent of the world changing challenging Uranus/Pluto cycle. Another quote from my 2014 Report “We are living through the most important, exciting and incredible time in human history. A revolutionary new phase in human evolution is unfolding right before our eyes awakening dormant codes in our human potential, and unleashing the very best and worst of times. Times of extremes as the rich get richer at the expense of the poor, our natural world is stressed to the max, and splendid opportunities accompany huge challenges. So how do we respond as individuals in these exciting

–  –  –

So this Jupiter in Leo period will trigger the transformational ‘zap zone’ of Uranus in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn with his fiery progressive nature. The countries already mentioned will be activated once again to potential conflict as the revolutionary fervor of Uranus does his chaotic thing as Pluto breaks down the existing world order. Uranian chaos is the father of new seeds and ideas, and underpins the essential freedom of true individual human rights.

One of Jupiter’s features is extreme polarization between 2 sides…or world views…or possible options. Thanks to my Moon in Sagittarius I am the eternal optimist, which has been sorely tested over the past 45 years of my observation of human affairs! So my choice of options as I ponder the next year is that the rising awakening occurring in the general population toward a more conscious ethical world will start to turn the tide of senseless conflict and destruction of our beautiful world for profit and control. A new world where people step forward to take action and become leaders and activists resisting the ‘dark agenda’, and daring to bring in new inventions and original solutions to take us beyond the old ‘separative agendas’.

–  –  –

Jupiter in Leo Timings between July 2014 & August 2015.

There are two primary cycle points to note. First he makes a great connection with change Uranus in Aries in late September, then again in early March & mid-June 2015. On the positive side this augurs for accelerative bursts of creative energy that move us forward as long as we are willing to embrace change. On the down side this suggests highly potent timings for conflict escalation in our war-mongering government systems. Hopefully some inspirational new leaders will make their appearance during this cycle as God knows we sure need some!

The 12-year Jupiter and 28-year Saturn cycles develop and regulate financial systems as they form aspect to one another. As we know it’s all about money these days and whilst Jupiter has been in Cancer he’s been synching positively with Saturn in Scorpio creating a ‘bull run’ in share markets, despite the fact that the world is in an unprecedented credit crisis! So Jupiter in Leo with Saturn in Scorpio is a tension point in their cycle. Although they don’t actually square each other until August 2015 the general atmosphere augurs an end to the bull-run especially th around October 29 when the shite hits the fan in the New York Stock Exchange chart. (Included after the Horoscopes for the astrologers out there!)

–  –  –

For useful insight here cast your minds back to mid-2002 to mid-2003 the last time he was in Leo. What was happening in your life then? 12 years later at this next phase in your life…now that you are a whole lot wiser…how can you use this energy now??

ARIES Leo is your natural 5th house of creativity, children, speculation, love affairs and ‘how we project ourselves as an individual. So Aries take your pick and off you go. A naturally spontaneous position for you here, but take care of your inclination toward impulsive action and any aggressive or reckless bits in your nature and all will be well. You will feel risky at times and ready for adventure. New love interests may feature that may not be built for longevity but rather for re-opening your passion toward life.

TAURUS For you guys Leo falls in your natural 4th house of home, family, emotional safety, nourishment and love. So you will send your energies toward motivating and inspiring within your home, or using your home base for new creative activities. Some of you may change residence… even internationally, or you may invite exotic new and interesting people into your home - it will be a party year! This all may be a bit of a shock to you normally fairly steady and ordered Bulls, so relax and enjoy or you may go into overwhelm!!

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