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«Sept 9th 2016 to Oct 10th 2017 Jupiter in Libra Insights & Horoscopes Maggie Kerr A.A.T. ...»

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Sept 9th 2016 to Oct 10th 2017

Jupiter in Libra Insights & Horoscopes

Maggie Kerr A.A.T. www.universalastrology.com.au

https://www.facebook.com/UniversalAstrology https://twitter.com/universalmaggie

As Jupiter enters Libra in September for his once in 12-year visit, the

global scene has rarely been in such a state of ‘high tension’! Brexit has

revealed a new level of anti-establishment sentiment fuelling the

revolutionary urge for change, the force underpinning the 2010’s, as the USA heads toward elections in the midst of anger, confusion & disillusionment, and global terror events are escalating.

So it is with great interest I consider the implications of the year ahead from September 2016, as Jupiter’s ‘job’ is to expand & enlarge the theme of which ever sign he triggers, & Libra is all about relationships personally & collectively. And right now there are a whole lot of international relationships that are about to morph & change. Typically Jupiter is considered a ‘good guy’ as he opens and expands new territory for growth in our lives. But he also has a tricky feature as his expansion urge highlights extreme positions and amplifies issues. So hang onto your hats people we’re in for some big global shifts between Sept 16 & Oct 17.

We’ve been in the build-up to this with Jupiter in Virgo since Sept 2015. Virgo rules systems…physical health & the systems that run our planet. We’ve seen revelation of toxic food…poisonous fertilizers etc…bees & oceans dying...medical issues for so many…the list is endless. And just how broken our global system is on every level…greed & corruption…the deep state agendas that run our economies with blatant disregard for the needs of the planet and us! Gotta love Jupiter. Yep he’s the dude who often brings growth as “opportunity disguised as loss”. On the plus side we are meant to have spent this past year cleaning up our act, and to make informed health & food choices. I’m sure you can relate to cleaning out & up on so many levels, as we have also been building the practical systems & plans we need to take us forward from here.

So get excited my friends as Jupiter in Libra bring the next vital step in our process, as in Libra we are set to open a whole new phase in PR & marketing of our business goals, as Libra is one of the business signs. We will also welcome fab new partners who are aligned with our consciousness, and in some cases the opportunity will be to let go of some old ones that aren’t! One thing is for sure…’optimistic Jupiter’ in ‘sociable Libra’ is going to be a whole lot more fun than the past 12 months!!

Libra brings us the themes of diplomacy & deal making and Jupiter makes these deals big. Historically Jupiter in Libra brings us classic developments on the timeline of personal & global social change…fascinating stuff & really sets the tone for just how significant this next phase will be. There are many associations for the socialisation process of Libra, all of which are up for expansion over the next year including: ‘style’ in fashion and design - social networking - PR & marketing - treaties & deals – social justice & the law - business & commerce - Aerospace techno advances. Lots of goodies on offer here!

Libra’s highest ideal is PEACE by seeking the BALANCE between polarized energies to achieve HARMONY & resolution to the inner & outer conflicts that arise from fear & insecurity. CO-OPERATION is the key!

–  –  –

The Aries Libra axis also brings us the reality that we need others to help us aspire to & reach our goals. Thus the gentle arts of diplomacy and co-operative interaction with others hold the key to real progress over the coming year. Stay open and receptive to incoming ideas & solutions as you happily share yours!

Aries offers healthy independence and courage to engage with others confidently and Libra opens us to the social interactions to do this. So there are plenty of reasons to get excited about Jupiter in Libra, as he opens a world of limitless possibilities to attract and join with fascinating new folks to take us forward in our lives, from a state of deep inner balance and poise!

–  –  –

 This current Jupiter cycle began in mid-2010 when he entered Aries for a brand new cycle personally & collectively. Uranus also entered Aries for the first time in 84 years & Jupiter ignited this new revolutionary phase in technology & individual expression!

 Then mid-2011 when he was in Taurus we dealt with our core issues re our values & prosperity and added steady building to our initial seed of 2010.

 In mid-2012 he charged into Gemini and we experienced the arrival of a whole new set of technology and expanded our knowledge & connections to grow our lives.

 Then mid-2013 he took us into Cancer so we could heal our emotional safety and do the hard yards required to build safe foundations to underpin further progress.

 Mid-2014 as he powered into Leo he gave us the opportunity to step into our true individuality and ‘be free to be me’ and grow our creative confidence and courage.

 Between Aug 15 & Sept 16 we’ve dealt with practical plans & strategies we need to take our new creative goodies forward.

 He enters Libra in September 2016. This will be when we step up and out into PR and marketing our projects and goals as Libra is the sign of social connections.

–  –  –

One of the downside features of Libra can be the tendency to co-dependence, by surrendering our independence & personal needs for the sake of ‘getting loved and our needs met by others’. As Jupiter will be making big aspects with Uranus the freedom theme is huge, so be they old or new partnerships the key here is to ‘let the winds of heaven dance between you’ and hold your independent space. As Libra brings us ‘The Law of Attraction’ principle be aware that we attract or ‘magnetize’ people in direct reflection of our own consciousness. So if you’re looking for a fab conscious partner who is in their power & has dealt with their emotional baggage then…yep you have to be this to attract it…ok? The new relating on offer requires two autonomous individuals loving and working toward their own goals, supporting each other, and being self-responsible. There will no longer be room to project blame onto others for what is not working in our lives. This is called living consciously.

All of the above also apply to business alliances, also set for fresh developments. This is a great phase to invite partnerships to bring in those with skills to advance your goals. Again, the caution is to make sure new people aren’t just full of promises they can’t really deliver. If you don’t have PR & marketing skills now’s the time to ‘outsource’ these to the cool people you will ‘magnetize’ into your life, by setting your intentions for this!

Libra also brings us the style kings & queens, so take advantage of this wonderful fresh urge to your own ‘style’.

You’ll be inspired to smarten up your wardrobe & hair, have a play with new colour schemes at home, and be out & about to galleries & concerts ‘cause there’s going to be lots of fresh new options. Sounds like fun…bring it on!!

You have Jupiter in Libra if you are born in 1933-4, 1945-6, 1957-8, 1969-70, 1980-81, 1992-3, 2004-5. Thus you will be experiencing your ‘Jupiter Return’ as he comes back to its natal position in your horoscope. So when we are 12, 24, 26, 48, 60, 72, 84 we all experience a Jupiter Return. These are incredibly significant age points in life when we expand into fresh territory, often involving travel or higher learning to trigger fresh meaning & purpose for the next 12 year cycle. All three Air signs; Gemini/Libra/Aquarius will receive Jupiter’s expansion and opportunities for growth over the next 12 months.

The Big Picture…or how is all this going to play out on the global stage?

–  –  –

Jupiter in Libra – Maggie Kerr AAT – Sept 2016 Page 3 2016 has already been a show stopping drama courtesy of: Jupiter in Virgo forming challenging square with Saturn in Sagittarius in their 20 year cycle, AND Saturn squaring Neptune in Pisces in their 36 year cycle. These both activate big social and business cycles from 1989 & 2000, with some major chickens coming home to roost as we now ‘reap’ the outcomes from the globalization agenda from 1989/90. This saw the ‘fall of the Berlin Wall’ as plans were being laid for the Euro currency, the emerging Chinese & Russian economies, & the credit expansion Ponzi scheme of the global elite.

Never have share/currency markets been so extreme & bizarre, as even experienced traders have absolutely no idea what’s going on. Thankyou Neptune for your ‘dissolving’ process of the old Saturn structures!! Fear & confusion reign as the global chess masters have lost control of the game. In my 2016 Report I suggest this will be the year when the old system would become so obvious in their lies & manipulations that squillions of people would finally start scratching their heads and asking some questions!

And this they did in late June when Britain voted to exit the European Union. Regardless of ‘apparent agendas’ on both sides, I see Brexit as the first major crack in the wall between the old 3D reality fear/consumption/bankster model, & the first evidence of the awakening masses now emerging from the Uranus/Pluto Zap Zone. So many people are totally disillusioned with the 2 party corporate driven systems because they all just jump to the whip of corporate masters…and not us. Yep we’re in for a wild ride over the next few years as this process continues. Vive La Révolution. By the way one of the previous Uranus/Pluto cycles brought us the French Revolution!

The key is to remain objective & to know that our personal consciousness actually holds the key to the revolution in time & space that is birthing our new era. Yes The EU can be seen as an exercise in unity consciousness – we are all one & must work together et al, but the underpinning agenda was driven by corporate greed.

–  –  –

There is also high tension in the South China Sea as China ignores the ruling from UN arbitration tribunal saying China had violated the Philippines' sovereign rights. The US says it does not take sides in territorial disputes, but has sent military ships and planes near disputed islands, calling them "freedom of navigation" operations to ensure

–  –  –

And let’s not forget the ongoing ‘cold war’ between USA & Russia currently in play via the war in Syria, with the resulting refugee crisis in Europe dividing nations and escalating fears of fundamentalist Islam. Oh wow it is all such an awful mess right now on our beautiful planet, so here’s to Jupiter in Libra bringing sensible diplomatic solutions to de-escalate the conflict & confusion!

–  –  –

2. Political Movements 1909/10 gave us the Mexican Revolution, Union of South Africa created & Imperial Japan annexed Korea. In 1921/2 Adolf Hitler became Führer of the Nazi Party, Benito Mussolini came to power in Italy, the Irish Civil War began, Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR), the world's first officially Communist state formed and the Chinese Communist Party was founded! Quite an impressive list! Then in 1933/4 Hitler became Chancellor of Germany & the rest as they say is history. 1945/6 saw the creation of the “Iron Curtain” USSR Eastern Bloc, as they were carving up Europe & the Middle East into the modern states we now know, and China’s civil war between the Communists & Republicans paved the way for Mao. In 1957 The Civil Rights Act was introduced in Eisenhower’s presidency kick-starting the political movement.

We continue to live in a world where the power of the few controls the good of the many. Call me an optimist but I’m creating a scenario where this Jupiter in Libra phase will bring us ‘enlightened’ growth of a whole new ‘civil rights movement’ to continue the ideals of the 1957 period, that includes people of every colour and political persuasion. The continuance of the ideals from 1921 & 1933 does not bear thinking about! The previous cycles of Jupiter in Libra hold the genesis of both communist systems plus our current western globalization system. So how all of these may morph into new revolutionary phases will be so very interesting to observe.

–  –  –

Jupiter in Libra – Maggie Kerr AAT – Sept 2016 Page 5 created in 1933, to separate traditional retail and commercial banking from the higher risk investment and trading activities undertaken by investment banks. This paved the way for mega mergers in the industry creating financial behemoths that were ‘too big to fail’. It’s one of the key problems in the current-day financial industry. That is, bankers know they can take big risks and take all the spoils if things work out. But if it all goes pear shaped, they’ll get a taxpayer funded bailout, meaning their downside is protected.

Both Bernie Saunders & Donald Trump are proposing the re-instatement of the Glass-Steagall Act, one of the few sensible propositions from Trump thus far. It will be interesting to see if Hilary can overcome the rising sentiment in her party to fulfil this, as she is a Wall Street gal through and through. P.S. so is ‘wolf in sheep’s clothing’ Obama, hence the ongoing escalation of the fraudulent credit model since 2008. The bottom line is that pressure is mounting to call the old guard to account by millions of people globally.

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