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«Sept 9th 2016 to Oct 10th 2017 Jupiter in Libra Insights & Horoscopes Maggie Kerr A.A.T. ...»

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Sagittarius Your natural 11th house is your ‘field of experience’ for Jupiter in Libra action so "groups, organisations, friends and social justice" will be your themes for growth. As Jupiter loves learning & education this is a highly active phase for playing in new ideas and inventions, so teaching or participating in groups can also be very social as well as lots of fun…at last!! You may also be inspired by "causes" to bring meaning to your life & activities with international people and places will open you to a bigger picture. With Saturn still in your sign you’ll now be free to reap the benefits of all the hard yakka of the past year as he begins to form fab connections to Uranus in your creativity sector…yay! Best dates for travel & launces = Late Dec 16, March/May & late Sept 17.

th Capricorn Jupiter now ignites a once in 12-year advancement for your 10 house of "career, achievement, honour, responsibility & Dharma…or our work in the world". This is a reaping year for all the hard work of the past 6 years. You may step up to a higher more responsible profile, or you may simply feel excited and highly creative around your career as fresh aspiration ignites you goals. Jupiter rules international opportunities so some of you may travel to share knowledge or maybe just to give yourself a much needed reward! There will be some big shifts also around home & family with major moves afoot for some that free up new opportunities, so go with the flow late Dec 16 & March/May & Sept 17.

Aquarius Jupiter in Libra falls in your 9th house (ruled by Jupiter), so as with the other air signs (Gemini & Libra) this is a very major year for expansive growth in your chosen field. The ingredients Jupiter now offers involve any form of higher education to enhance your knowledge & exposure to philosophies and fresh ideals that increase your sense of meaning and purpose. Long distance adventures may open your horizons to fresh international possibilities especially if you make the effort to innovate your message with new IT & social media & group connections….it’s all about PR & marketing now! So keep that passport current & you guys also benefit from launch &travel dates Late Dec 16, March/May & late Sept 17.

Jupiter in Libra – Maggie Kerr AAT – Sept 2016 Page 11 Pisces Libra falls in your natural 8th house so Jupiter will expand your "hidden resources, unconscious power issues, investments with others and legacies". So perhaps you will open to passion and power in new and interesting ways, expand your financial activities in conjunction with ‘safe’ others, or simply deepen your sense of inner power in readiness for future unfoldment in a few years’ time. For many this signals a deeply transforming time with a fab new you the outcome. Jupiter aligns with powerful Pluto and change agent Uranus over the next year urging you to welcome new shared alliances as you also let go of old situations that are impeding you growth.

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Maggie has trained in the fields of Metaphysics, Philosophy, Astrology, Humanism, Ancient Teachings, Psychology and Psychotherapy. Her unique blend of these subjects offers in-depth understanding of our life purpose and challenges to our empowerment.

Maggie has been a pioneer in developing tools and techniques to identify and change limiting unconscious patterns so we may heal and connect with our Soul’s purpose and step into our full creative power. In her ‘spare time’ she researches historical global and cosmic cycles to offer her insights as a social commentator in regular articles and blogs at www.universalastrology.com.au where you may also book personal sessions and sign up for her free newsletters.

Maggie’s earlier career in Computing & Corporate Marketing, Advertising and Tourism brings her an understanding of business cultures and procedures, and has led to her interest in offering concepts and training toward a more 'Conscious and Ethical Corporate World'.

Mail maggiekerr@universalastrology.com.au or ring 61755 945959. Maggie lives on the Gold Coast in Australia.

I send my warmest good wishes to you all for a fabulous Jupiter in Libra year ahead no matter what your ‘belief system’, as we know that we are all one in the community of humanity and ultimately we all laugh & cry and love our kids and want the world to be a peaceful place! Thanks a million to all my faithful friends who have been part of my own journey through my monthly newsletters. I would not bother keepin on keepin on if it wasn’t for your messages of thanks and support as I am just a little lady doing my small part to help awaken us to the marvellous opportunity for evolution currently unfolding. If you would like to make a contribution to my unpaid work behind the scenes here’s a PayPal link You can donate here if you’d like

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‘She is a low-interest-rate person. She has always been a low-interest-rate person. And I must be honest. I am a low-interest-rate person. If we raise interest rates, and if the dollar starts getting too strong, we’re going to have some very major problems.’ — Donald Trump With startling clarity, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee described himself…and Fed chief Janet Yellen. But he could have just as easily been talking about his rival in this year’s presidential elections, Hillary Clinton.

Planet debt Donald Trump had already gone broke — twice — by the time Bill Clinton took office. But then, the combination of lower interest rates and rising asset prices saved him. And extraordinary abundance and prosperity of the Clinton years owes little to Mr and Mrs Clinton, and much to the fact that Alan Greenspan had inaugurated his famous ‘Greenspan Put’ in 1987. Greenspan reassured investors that he had their backs with a rate cut whenever the stock market took a turn for the worse. This led to an ‘illusion of prosperity’, as stock prices rose, helping Bill get re-elected…and gaining national prominence for Hillary as the aggrieved wife in the Monica Lewinsky affair. Stock prices filled with hot air…until the bubble in the NASDAQ blew up in Clinton’s face last year in office. Both of this year’s presumptive candidates are ‘low interest rate’ people, all right. Their adult lives were marked by the credit cycle, and their careers shaped by ballooning debt. And now almost the entire world economy depends on low rates. We live on Planet Debt.

Subzero yields The amount of government debt trading below zero yield rose to $11 trillion last week. In Japan, negative yields run out the yield curve until 2051. Overall, interest rates are said to be lower than they’ve been in 5,000 years. (This is a fanciful but entertaining factoid; you can’t compare the apples of Sargon the Great to those of Donald the Tremendous.) ‘How cometh it to be that interest rates ride so low…while the hack and the hustler ride so high?’ you might wonder. We are glad you asked… We have been connecting dots. These are dots that others do not want to connect. Because they connect to too many reputations, too many fortunes, and too many opinions. We are talking about the line that runs from the post-1971 money system to the Deep State, passing through the spectacular rise of China…the spectacular fall of the US (where the average man has made no financial progress in the last 40 years)…to the remarkable luck of the 1% (who got richer and richer, as most people around them lost ground). Yes, the line ties together the great kvetches of our time: inequality…stagnation…alienation…globalisation…debt…the failure of the economy…the failure of democracy…and the failure of our own culture. According to political scientist Charles Murray, white middle and lowermiddle class Americans now suffer from the ills that were once confined to ghettos — broken homes, drug addiction, unemployment, and violence. Surely we’re not going to try to pin that on the Deep State, too? Yes…we are.

Deep State money ‘Our’ money system is not ‘ours’. It is the money system created by, for, and of the financial insiders. It is the Deep State’s money system! But wait…we sense an objection: ‘Isn’t it the money system set up by our elected representatives…serving us all?’ Oh, dear reader, sometimes you make us laugh. Really, where have you been? The US money system is largely under the control of one organization — the Fed. And the Fed was set up at a secret meeting of plutocrats and bankers. (No kidding; they rode down to Georgia in a private train, using phony names so they wouldn’t be identified.) It is not owed by the people…nor by their government. It is owned by private banks. And it is controlled by a small group of unelected insiders — mostly bankers and their economists. It has never been audited. And no member of Congress really knows what it is up to.

Miracle-Gro On 15 August, 1971, President Nixon made the fateful announcement that the world’s reserve currency, the US dollar, would no longer be directly convertible to gold. But do you think Mr Nixon came up with that on his own? Do you think he was advised by our elected representatives? No chance. Instead, the insiders, the bankers, and the deepest of the Deep State elite had his ear. The president — and probably almost everyone else — had no real idea of what was going on…or why. But that was 45 years ago. A lot has happened since. The new money was a Sahara for the common American; his income growth dried up…his wealth ceased growing. But it was Miracle-Gro for the Deep State.

The insiders sank their roots deeper and deeper into the US economy, sucking out more and more wealth and power. Whether the insiders fully realised what they were doing in August 1971, we don’t know. But as the system developed, they liked it. More than that, they became dependent on it. And now, almost the entire world — its stocks, bonds, real estate, and collectibles…along with its businesses, retailers, factories, investors, bonused-up executives, papered-up speculators, PhD economists, and politicians — almost everybody with wealth or power depends on the insiders’ cheap money.

‘Government can have no more than two legitimate purposes,’ wrote the 18th-century English political philosopher William Godwin, ‘the suppression of injustice against individuals within the community and the common defence against external invasion.’ But now it has another purpose…a goal it is desperate to achieve — keeping the low interest rate planet spinning.

Jupiter in Libra – Maggie Kerr AAT – Sept 2016 Page 13 Jupiter in Libra – Maggie Kerr AAT – Sept 2016 Page 14

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