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«Table of ConTenTs 3 Maplewood Elementary, WA 3 Fruitland Elementary, WA 4 Middle School, OH 5 Chiefland Middle School, FL 6 Texas ...»

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Table of ConTenTs


Maplewood Elementary, WA


Fruitland Elementary, WA


Middle School, OH


Chiefland Middle School, FL


Texas Middle School, TX


Wangenheim High School, CA


John F. Ryan Elementary School, MA


Lincoln High School, TX


Roosevelt Elementary School, CA


Westfield High School, NJ


Leighton Elementary School, OH


Williston Middle School, ND



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Maplewood eleMenTary, wa 5th Grade Science MSP Scores Compared 5th Grade Science 55.7% Washington State MSP Scores 63.8% Puyallup School District 93% 93% Carol Randolph’s Class using Qwizdom “I have been using Qwizdom’s Student Response System and Washington State standards-

–  –  –

Recently my students and I participated in a case study using the Qwizdom Student Response System. The results showed that the Qwizdom group performed higher than the control group on the eighth grade Ohio Achievement Assessment, concluding that by using the Qwizdom remotes, students did in fact show an increase in class participation and state testing performance.

We began using the system in November of the 2009-2010 school year. Using Qwizdom’s ReadySet Curriculum, I had access to lessons and pre-made quizzes that were aligned with my state’s standards. I used the Qwizdom remotes four times a week for about 20 minutes per session, until two weeks prior to testing. During the two weeks before testing, we reviewed using the Qwizdom System for the entire 41-minute class period.

Collecting data was easier than expected. I found that I could assess student strengths and weaknesses quickly by creating an answer key that I could effortlessly link to a state standard. Using the data, I accurately assessed student understanding and refocused my teaching strategies to include areas of need by the end of each lesson. Then using my textbook software with the Qwizdom remotes, I effortlessly customized review games that focused on specific state standards. Streamlining the assessments and data collection saved valuable time, as I was not investing time in re-teaching mastered material.

The self-paced testing mode allowed advanced students to work at their own pace, while I provided guided practice for struggling readers.

Being able to accommodate special needs students was essential in my classroom and the self-paced mode made it easy for all students to participate.

Class participation increased as even the most reluctant students participated in the review games. Several students stated that they “felt more confident answering anonymously with the remotes.” However, it was the test scores that provided the most significant data. The 8th Grade Ohio Science Achievement Assessment results

were as follows:

–  –  –

Stephanie Greathouse, 8th Grade Science Teacher, OH 4 Chiefland Middle sChool, fl As a 7th grade math and ESE teacher, I am always looking for innovative ways to capture my students’ attention. Most of my students are lower level students that I am trying to motivate to pass the Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test. The Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test (FCAT) is a criterion-referenced test which measures student progress toward meeting the Sunshine State Standards benchmarks. In order for my students to show proficiency on the FCAT, they must have a level 3 or above on the FCAT mathematics test.

And in order to show a year’s growth, they must have an increase of 78 points in their developmental scale score.

After reviewing my class data, I selected my first and fourth periods to conduct my study. My first period Intensive math class, which was my Qwizdom group, consisted of 18 students; 9 girls and 9 boys. Of the 18 students in this class, 50% are students with disabilities. My fourth period Intensive math class, which was my Control group, consisted of 14 students; 8 girls and 6 boys. Of the 14 students in this class, 57% are students with disabilities. Demographically and academically both of these classes were similar and I felt they would work well for this study.

Both classes are 90 minutes block classes that use the district curriculum based on the Sunshine State Standards and district pacing guide. Both classes used supplemental material as needed. The Qwizdom groups had the advantage of the ReadySet Curriculum and were able to use the Qwizdom clickers.

To begin, both classes were given the Pretest from the ReadySet Curriculum and both classes found it to be quite challenging. One thing that I noticed immediately is that the Qwizdom group was excited to take the pretest so they could use the clickers. The mean score for the Qwizdom group was a 27% and the mean score for the control group was 26%. Therefore, both classes scored approximately the same and I was interested to see the effect of the Qwizdom clickers and curriculum.

Throughout the year, my Qwizdom group was taught a lesson and then given a quiz using the responders. I instantly received feedback and saw the standards that needed remediation. If the students needed remediation, I used premade lessons from the Ready Set Curriculum. This was an amazing time saver. My control group also had quizzes that I had to make and grade. They were not nearly as excited to take quizzes as my Qwizdom group. After hand grading these quizzes, I had to search out and find the remediation materials.

In addition, I used the ReadySet curriculum in Racecar and Baseball mode presentation and the clickers as a review. The students loved to see their racecar and watch it move. At first I was a little hesitant and worried that students who were not winning would feel badly but I did not see this at all. In fact, I loved to watch the discussions among the students. They all were excited and willing to explain to their peers as to how they answered the questions. I also used the game presentation as review for our state test.

–  –  –

In closing, I would like to thank Qwizdom for allowing me and my students to be a part of your case study. It was an eye opening experience that showed me the importance of using technology, specifically the ReadySet Curriculum and Qwizdom Responders in the classroom. I can’t wait to use my Qwizdom responders and ReadySet curriculum with all my classes this year!

Stephanie Parks, 7th Grade Math/ESE Teacher - Chiefland Middle School, FL

–  –  –

I have used the Qwizdom Student Response System in my classroom to introduce 60 and reinforce curriculum for the past few years. Qwizdom not only provides questions in the three areas of science, but these questions can be put into different game formats or altered to meet the needs of a particular teacher. My students in years past enjoyed two such games – Fast Track (a car racing game) and Baseball. The students answer questions to win a game. Amazingly, without them knowing, they are learning and having a great time in the process. These remotes also allow the teacher to see how well students in the class are grasping content by presenting the responses in form of a bar graph. This is a great feature, because it helped me identify which content had to be readdressed.

–  –  –

The day of the TAKS came, and all 8th grade science students in Texas were tested. I was pleased to see that the Qwizdom Group had a passing rate of 80%. This was excellent! I chose my other class of 25 students as the Control Group. Both classes were similar in ability, male/female ratio and size. The Control Group never used the Student Response System or the ReadySet program, and we reviewed for the TAKS test in a traditional way that is done with all students in the 8th grade. The Control Group average was 60%. This was a significant difference from the Qwizdom Group! I teach in an inner city school that is 97% Hispanic. It is a Title I school and all of our students have free breakfast and lunch. Our district passing rate was a disappointing 55.5% in 8th grade science. The state average passing rate for all students taking the science test was 68%. This was 2% lower than last year’s results. Yet, my students who used the ReadySet program not only surpassed the district average but also the state average. Imagine what the passing rate would’ve been if the entire district had used Qwizdom!

These results have convinced me that next year I will use the ReadySet program with all my students. The Qwizdom Student Response System coupled with the ReadySet curriculum is an excellent tool that helps all students prepare for their state test in a fun way that they enjoy.

Adah Stock, 8th Grade Science Teacher, TX 6 wangenheiM high sChool, Ca I teach 7th grade Pre-Algebra at Wangenheim Middle School in the San Diego Unified School District. In the beginning of the school year, I gave a pretest to both a Control group and a Qwizdom group. The median score for both classes was within 1% of each other, which made them ideal candidates for the case study. Also, approximately 18% of both groups were at-risk students and the demographics for

both groups were also very similar. Here is the Demographic Profile:

–  –  –

During the course of the school year, I utilized a form of scaffolding for review of key California 7th Grade Mathematics standards. For the Qwizdom group, I implemented three different types of classroom learning. Working in three week cycles, I first used Qwizdom’s state-aligned curriculum, ReadySet, as well as customized question sets as whole group learning. In the second cycle, I used individual responses to a paper and pencil quiz, with the Qwizdom Student Response System providing immediate feedback. In the final week of the cycle, I utilized group games, from Qwizdom Connect’s game options (primarily Fast Track, the car racing game), with two students per team. This combination of whole group, individual, and team learning was then repeated throughout the entire school year up to state testing.

The control group had access to the same question and answer sets but did not have the advantage of the Qwizdom Student Response

–  –  –

The Qwizdom Student Response System also provides benefits in the classroom beyond the window of the state testing cycle. It is a true motivational tool that can increase student engagement and interest in the subject matter. The Qwizdom Student Response System was the hit of our annual Family Math Night, as over 250 parents and students played Math Trivia. The system integrates well with both PowerPoint® and interactive whiteboards. The Qwizdom Student Response System is truly the centerpiece of my technology-based classroom.

David Schick, Mathematics Teacher - Wangenheim Middle School, CA

–  –  –

In the following, I would like to comment on different aspects of the Qwizdom Student Response System.

1. Easy to Use – Students found the remotes very easy to use. As soon as one student found out how to do something, word spread like wildfire among them and the entire class was up and running. It literally took 10 minutes and one practice activity to have all students on board.

2. Participation – Our schedule would leave us with math in the afternoons. Students would have a two hour academic block most afternoons and class participation was a challenge. When I started using Qwizdom, I turned the assessment questions into a game such as “Fast Track” and my students instantly came alive. I am fortunate enough to have a whiteboard in our classroom and the nice big picture of the different cars racing motivated the students. I had one student in particular who was passively engaged in class and as soon as the remotes were introduced, he just came alive!

3. Feedback – My students really liked knowing if they got the question right or wrong. If this feature was disabled so they could change their answers, they would come to me at the end of class and ask if I could look up the report to find their score. This really showed me that students were actively engaged in their learning. They wanted feedback to know if they had mastered the material. As a teacher, feedback is difficult to give to a class of 28 students. The Qwizdom system assisted me tremendously in providing students with the feedback they craved.

4. Curriculum – The Qwizdom Student Response System guided the curriculum I taught throughout the year. I have many examples of this. We use the Scott Foresman Math Series. Form C of this series is a multiple choice test. On some chapters I chose this form and had students use the remotes to record their answers for the test. I printed the reports at the end of the day and took them home with me. Instead of correcting tests, I analyzed the data. I could easily see that the class had not mastered two important standards which they would need to know for state testing. The next day, I retaught these skills and gave a quick assessment at the end of class. Again, I checked the data to see if we were ready to move on. Another area where the Qwizdom remote system guided the curriculum was during the review for state testing. The Massachusetts standards are extremely vast and determining where to put the emphasis on reviewing is challenging. Qwizdom made this job much easier. I was able to tailor the review to meet the needs of my students. Certain Massachusetts’s standards are covered more intensively on the state exam; I refer to these standards as our power standards. The Qwizdom remotes helped me recognize which students were having difficulty with these standards and helped me identify a group of students who needed remediation. I believe the Qwizdom system helped me use my time more efficiently, therefore, benefiting my students. I would expect to see favorable results on state testing for my class.

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