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I believe that I have only scratched the surface of using the Qwizdom Student Response System in my classroom. The math curriculum offered with the system has many great lessons and assessments which were ready to be used immediately. I believe the Qwizdom Student Response System is an invaluable tool for teachers. With the increasing demands placed upon us, this system helps us use our time more efficiently, use data to drive our decisions, and most importantly, motivate and improve student learning.

Eileen Lindsey, 5th Grade Teacher - John F. Ryan Elementary School, MA 8 linColn high sChool,Tx

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2006 210/489 17 10.9 64% 11 6.5 59% 11 5.7 52% 8 3.5 44% 8 5.0 62% 44%/7 2007 287/595 17 10.8 64% 11 6.8 62% 11 6.6 60% 8 4.1 51% 8 5.7 71% 48%/27 Listed above is a data table and graph with information taken over the past two years for Juarez-Lincoln High School at La Joya ISD. Column one indicates years tested; column 2 lists the number of students who passed and tested, and columns 3 through 7 list objectives tested.

Listed under each objective are the number of questions tested, followed by the number of questions mastered, followed by the percent of students mastering each objective. The last column lists the percent of students mastering all five objectives, as well as the number of students commended. Objective 1 represents the nature of science which includes safety, measuring, and the scientific method; Objectives 2 and 3 represent the number of student expectations covered under the field of biology; Objective 4 represents the number of student expectations covered under the field of chemistry, and Objective 5 represents the number of student expectations tested under the field of physics.

Look at the 2006-2007 school year. As you can see, we achieved mastery at two levels, namely, Objective 1- the nature of science, and objective five- physics. Objective 2 came close- two points from mastery and an increase of 3% over the previous year. Objective 3 came close as well- four points from mastery and an increase of 8% over the previous year. Objective 4, our lowest objective, was 13 points below mastery, however, an increase of 7% over the previous year. Objective 5- physics, a standout, stood 7 points above mastery, an increase of 9% over the pervious year. Objectives 2 through 5 hit an all time high, and there’s no question in my mind that this improvement was due to the contributions of the TAKS ReadySet curriculum Qwizdom supplied, as well as their Student Response System, which in my opinion, revived many students who we thought were lost. I was amazed to see how the system resurrected and motivated so many of my students.

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64% 64% 62% 60% 62% 59% 52% 51% 44%

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We received the ReadySet curriculum just before spring break. We had three short weeks to use the curriculum and the impact was phenomenal. In my opinion, the biggest obstacle that teachers have is fear of new technology. However, once one realizes how userfriendly Qwizdom is and how creative the system lends to be, every fear is lifted and one realizes how one could have functioned without it. During the past five years, I have had continuous success using the Student Response System, and the ReadySet curriculum provided even more this year. In fact, during the 2004-2005 school year, while working for Point Isabel ISD, our high school scored the highest TAKS scores in Region I. I used the system while I was there and the students were just as motivated. I am very excited to implement ReadySet for a longer period of time this year; I’m sure I will see even better improvements.

Juan Sanchez,Teacher - Lincoln High School, TX

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The classes involved with this Qwizdom case study were two fourth grade classes with similar demographics. Both classes consisted of students ranging from advanced proficient to far below basic in mathematics, the area of this study. Both classes used the same district pacing guide and textbooks to teach mathematics. The main difference in instruction was that my class would be using Qwizdom’s state-aligned curriculum, ReadySet, and the Qwizdom Student Response System.

My class used ReadySet with the student remotes on a daily basis, as either an introduction or a closing activity. All students were very excited to be using this new technology. Students, and teacher alike, liked the immediate feedback so that students could see their errors and analyze how to correct. The answer slides also provided visuals for the students.

The overall student response to using Qwizdom was overwhelmingly positive (on the rare days that we did not use Qwizdom, the students were disappointed.)

Data Analysis:

Using the ReadySet curriculum and the pretest and posttests, the Qwizdom group had a pretest average of 17% while the control group had a pretest average of 48%. The posttest results were rather impressive as the Qwizdom group had a posttest average of 59% and the control group had a posttest average of 56%. This means the Qwizdom group’s average score went up 42% while the

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Here is the teacher review:

» Using Qwizdom brought those students who normally try to ‘hide out’ while everyone else answers to a new level of confidence in their ability to participate.

» Using the ReadySet curriculum with the student remotes provided me with the immediate ability to see what strengths and weaknesses the students had.

» Immediate feedback; this not only helped the students, but me as well. I was able to reflect on my lessons and see where I could make them better.

» Additionally, I was able to pinpoint which concepts needed re-teaching.

I would like to thank Qwizdom for allowing me the opportunity to use ReadySet and the Qwizdom Student Response System in my classroom. My students and I were provided with a grand opportunity, and this has only strengthened my belief that the use of a response system in the classroom opens doors for all students.

Craig A. Lane, 4th Grade Teacher - Roosevelt Elementary, CA 10 wesTfield high sChool, nJ

Qwizdom Case Study (2nd Semester):

This study was conducted February 19, 2009, to May 29, 2009 (finals). It basically covered the second semester of the school year.

Case Study Setup:

I taught 3 high school chemistry classes this year (periods 2, 4, 6). All classes took the same pretest and posttest. However, periods 4 & 6 used the Qwizdom Student Response System and ReadySet state-aligned curriculum, while period 2 was my control group. This setup was a change from the first semester, where period 6 was my control group and periods 2 & 4 used Qwizdom regularly. It was very difficult taking Qwizdom use away from period 2 after they had gotten used to using it during the first semester.

All three classes were Chemistry I classes consisting of primarily sophomores, with some juniors and one freshman and one senior. In general, periods 2 and 6 seem to be higher performing classes, as measured by unit tests.

Pretest & Posttest:

All three classes took the same pretest and posttest. I started with the ReadySet pretest and customized it for the material that I would be covering during the second semester. The test consisted of 20 questions. After administering the pretest, we never discussed the correct answers for the questions. The same test was used for the posttest. When administering the posttest, the class was shown how their class responded (bar charts) and we discussed the correct answers as a class. The posttest was administered before we started final review.

Classroom Use:

A unit in my class is approximately 2 weeks long. I used Qwizdom for 7 units during the second semester, with 4-6 lessons during each unit. I most typically asked about 5 questions at the end of class as a closing to review the material presented that day. At times I would ask questions at the beginning of a class as a Do Now activity to review a concept from a previous class. I used a variety of question types, depending on the material the class was learning. In addition to multiple-choice questions and true-false questions, students would enter numeric answers for mathematical problems and sequence a series of data. I would show the class the percentage breakdown of how the class responded and reveal the correct answer using Qwizdom. We would then discuss the correct answer as a class. During daily quizzes, students could change their answer within the set time period. Qwizdom became an every day part of my teaching, not just a tool that we used for review games. During review games, student teams could not change their answers and they had to answer within a set time. These settings kept the review game moving along. Even though I explained the answer to each question, the pace was too fast for some students.

When preparing presentations, I would usually import the ReadySet questions on that topic. I was also very happy with the Qwizdom library of illustrations. I would frequently review the illustrations related to a unit, then create questions based on the illustrations.

Every day I would review the Qwizdom results of my classes. The results would give me an indication of topics that needed to be revisited the next day due to a lack of understanding by the class. It would also indicate which students needed to come in for extra help due to their individual needs.

I also teach one Physics class. I would frequently use Qwizdom for review games before a test in that class. I did not use Qwizdom on a daily basis with this class since I did not have time to create custom daily quizzes for this class. My focus was using Qwizdom in chemistry.

Results: (second semester)

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I prepared a survey for my chemistry classes on using Qwizdom that I gave to them after our final exam. In general, there was a lot of enthusiasm for using Qwizdom. The results of the survey are summarized in the below table.

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Carol Wenk, Chemistry Teacher - Westfield High School, NJ 12 leighTon eleMenTary sChool, oh


I began the case study in January 2008 and carried it through until the first week of June 2008. The two groups selected for this case study consisted of two different classes with similar demographics. Both classes consisted of average students and superior cognitive students. We both taught our class the identical reading curriculum from our school district, and followed the same pacing guide. The only difference was that I also used the ReadySet curriculum along with the Qwizdom Student Response System. I built the ReadySet curriculum into my daily lessons. The majority of students enjoyed using the response system with a few who did not. All students liked the immediate feedback after each question. If a student missed a question, they were able to ask questions immediately instead of waiting a day or two for the teacher to grade the papers and hand them back. This allowed discussions and clarifications for understanding the concept being taught. Overall, it was a very positive experience and students were enthusiastic about learning and looked forward to using the response system.

–  –  –

When analyzing the data I was surprised to see that the control group scored the same for both the pretest and posttest. This indicates to me there wasn’t any growth during the four month case study. The Qwizdom group increased their scores by 3%. This 3% could mean the difference between passing and not passing the Ohio Achievement Test (OAT). This increase showed growth among my students. What was impressive was when I analyzed individual students’ scores. For example, the average score for student number 7311 increased from an 84% to a 94%. This student is an average student who has difficulty with reading. Using the Qwizdom Response System gave him the chance to Pretest Posttest Pretest Posttest Control Group Qwizdom Group ask questions and clarify for understanding. His growth was due to using the ReadySet curriculum and Qwizdom.

What was impressive was that my second highest scoring student scored a 476 on the 5th grade OAT, but barely passed the 4th grade reading OAT. Using the Qwizdom curriculum and remote system allowed this student to learn the material in a different way. This student looked forward to using Qwizdom every day. Also, student number 7311 scored very well and performed at the proficient level with a score of 432. This was another student who didn’t do well on the 4th grade OAT but flourished on the 5th grade OAT. This is quite impressive considering how difficult reading was for this student. This student also liked using Qwizdom in the classroom. It was surprising to see that several of the students who performed at the high end of the proficient level were students who had a difficult time with reading and I was fearful of them receiving a low score. I truly believe that Qwizdom helped raise their ability to do well on the test. According to these students it helped to prepare them for the OAT.

Students’ Responses to Using Qwizdom:

» In language arts, I thought that Qwizdom helped me on the OAT by covering concepts on the OAT. I liked it because it was a fun way to learn.

» I think that Qwizdom really helped me because I learn a lot more when I’m having fun and Qwizdom was a new and fun way to learn. It was quick and new and it was very helpful on the OAT.

» I liked the Qwizdom because it was really fun. It helped me on the OAT because it helped me understand stuff.

» I liked the Qwizdom a lot. I think that they’re a great way to learn. It also helped me on the OAT. When we reviewed again and again, it stuck in my mind.

» I think Qwizdom helped a lot on the OAT. It is more fun than tests. I would have gotten only half of the questions on the language arts OAT if we did not use Qwizdom.

» I think that Qwizdom helped because the tests helped me to learn.

» I enjoyed the Qwizdom’s. I feel the language arts tests were helpful for the OATs.

» I really like Qwizdom. It really helped for the OATs. It was a good way for studying. It helped a lot and it kept me remembering what I needed to know.

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