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«Table of ConTenTs 3 Maplewood Elementary, WA 3 Fruitland Elementary, WA 4 Middle School, OH 5 Chiefland Middle School, FL 6 Texas ...»

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Thank you for giving me the opportunity to work with the Qwizdom Student Response System and ReadySet program. I am convinced that using response systems in the classroom are very beneficial for the students and for the teacher. This was a great opportunity for me, as well as my students.

Nancy Tyrrell, 5th Grade Teacher - Leighton Elementary School, OH

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14 TesTiMonials “student engagement is high when we use Qwizdom to review for a quiz or test. ” “I have used Qwizdom in class to motivate and excite students. Student engagement is high when we use Qwizdom to review for a quiz or test. We have used the Race Track Game during class and in tutorials. Qwizdom is helpful when teaching slopes and linear equations.” - Betty Anne Shearin, Algebra II & Geometry Teacher, Warren Early College High School, NC “i do believe that the use of Qwizdom remotes, readyset, and Qwizdom Connect has resulted in higher test scores...” As an eighth grade mathematics teacher in North Carolina, I know creativity in my delivery and assessment is a must to keep my students engaged. I have owned and used Q4 remotes for many years. In every class, at every level of achievement, the students love doing math using the Q4 remotes. Their favorite review activities include Fast Track and Mission to Mars. The remotes allow me to either pull questions from the existing rich question bank or use my own so I can tailor their review. The best part is, while playing the games, my students are reinforcing math concepts taught in class. They have a great time competing with one another while doing math. I do believe that the use of Qwizdom remotes, ReadySet, and Qwizdom Connect has resulted in higher test scores, more retention of the material, and enjoyment of mathematics. - Mark Jankowski, 8th Grade Math/Algebra Teacher, Asheville Middle School, NC “Best of all…two words…ON-LINE CONNECT! 1000’s of lesson at our fingertips.” Although there is no “magic bullet” that automatically turns children into successful learners…Qwizdom is pretty darn close! I have been a Qwizdom educator for just over a year and am still absolutely amazed how excited my 5th grade students get each time I scream, “It’s Q4 Time!” My students love working through different lessons that the ReadySet Curriculum provides on a daily basis, and the Content Manager makes creating new and exciting “on the fly” lessons a breeze. Best of all…two words…ON-LINE CONNECT! 1000’s of lesson at our fingertips. In our classroom community, everyday is a new Qwizdom adventure! Can it get any better than this? - Henry Rauhaus, 5th Grade Teacher, Hoffman Trails Elementary, OH “Qwizdom grading is quick and reliable. i don’t like to give quizzes any other way, now!” I teach 11th grade history at Greeneview High School in Jamestown, Ohio. I find the Qwizdom clickers invaluable when giving 10 question quizzes over short reading assignments. When I pass out the paper quiz and the “clickers,” my students seem to really focus on the quiz questions. As the answers come in, I can immediately see which questions the students are answering incorrectly. As we go over the material, I make sure I stress those problem areas. Qwizdom grading is quick and reliable. I don’t like to give quizzes any other way, now! - Cindy Mash, Social Studies Teacher, Greeneview High School, OH “i love just watching the students being so excited about doing math!” “Can we play Qwizdom today?!” - a phrase asked repeatedly by my students. From using it to check last night’s homework, to review games, and even tests…my students can’t get enough Qwizdom! It is a GREAT motivational tool. They’re having such fun they don’t even realize they are learning. And the teacher benefits - I love just watching the students being so excited about doing math! I also love that I can give students a class assignment or test using Qwizdom and get instant grades and feedback. I enjoy it so much that sometimes I find myself saying,“Can we play Qwizdom today?!” more than my students!

- Nicole Lavigne, 7th Grade Math Teacher, Cleveland Middle School, TN

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“The students love instant feedback on their responses, the teachers love the printable reports to target certain skills...” At Gray Elementary School, Qwizdom has been part of our curriculum for the past five years. An Exploratory class was named Qwizdom and is still in use. In my Qwizdom class, the remotes have offered our students a new and exciting way to learn skills in Language Arts and Math. I coordinate my class with the classroom teachers to offer a quality lesson using the remotes. The students love the remotes and our host has been named Henry. The students love instant feedback on their responses, the teachers love the printable reports to target certain skills, and our school faculty and staff love the excitement shown by the students when they come to my class. They are motivated to do their best because a game follows a lesson. Our school created a video of Qwizdom in the Classroom. It shows the enthusiasm of students as they participate. At GES, Qwizdom is #1.

- Marty Harrington, GES Technology Teacher K-5, Gray Elementary, GA “...the reports generated supply me with vital information that drives my teaching. ” Qwizdom remotes provide a multitude of advantages for my students. As a teacher, the reports generated supply me with vital information that drives my teaching. I am able to access information regarding student progress, to reflect on teaching methods and question choices, and to instantly provide students feedback on their performance. Most importantly, I am able to accommodate for a diverse population of learners by reading questions aloud through keynote, modifying answer choices on paper-based assessments, and spontaneously checking the strategies students are engaged in daily. - Rachel Lebo, 7th Grade Science Teacher, Elmore Park Middle School, TN “Seeing their response to a correct answer is priceless!” I use Qwizdom in my classroom as not only a learning resource, but also as a student motivator. Qwizdom Connect software along with the remotes are used to introduce concepts as well as reinforce skills within my classroom setting. My students are more engaged and on task when they have their Q4s in hand! Students use their remotes to answer math questions after they have worked them on individual dry-erase boards. Seeing their response to a correct answer is priceless! It also allows for immediate intervention and re-teaching within the lesson. - Cassie Bland, 3rd Grade Teacher, Winnsboro Elementary, TX “our scores have increased from 74% to 92% over the last 2 years!” During a science lab activity, students answer questions that correlate with the activity. The students answer the questions before they begin the lab, then as they perform the tasks, they can change their answers if needed. At the end of the lab, students enter the final answers into the Q6 remote. We use Qwizdom during our Math/Science Boot Camp to review for the TAKS test, playing the Qwizdom games, and taking daily quizzes. Our scores have increased from 74% to 92% over the last 2 years! A big part of our success is owed to Qwizdom! My students love it! - Jamie Long, 5th Grade Teacher, Dickinson Elementary, TX 16 “99% of my kids passed the high school science TAKS & our district received an exemplary rating from the state.” Qwizdom works great! I’m serious, the kids love it. They come to class asking “Are we playing Qwizdom today?” They think learning is playing. 99% of my kids passed the high school science TAKS & our district received an exemplary rating from the state. Students input homework for instant grading at the beginning of each class;

presentations on the daily lesson containing questions about the lesson and tests allow me instant feedback for evaluating my kids’ comprehension of the subject matter before moving on. I am truly the envy of teachers here;

they want Qwizdom in their room now. - Cindy Sessions, Science Teacher, Timpson High School, TX “...my students’ scores on state exams have increased year after year.” “I got it!!! Yes!!!” Those are just some of the answers students respond to using Qwizdom remotes in my classroom. My name is Noe Garza and I am an elementary teacher at Ray H. Darr Elementary School in Eagle Pass, TX. I teach math and reading in the 1st through 6th grades. I love using Qwizdom with my students as it actively engages everyone in the class. I get immediate feedback on my Q7 Tablet and can intervene and help that child master the objectives that I am teaching. Data analysis with the click of a button is bliss. Since using Qwizdom, my students’ scores on state exams have increased year after year. It brings me joy to see that my students are not only learning, but having fun in the process as well. Thank you QWIZDOM!!! - Noe Garza, Elementary Teacher, Ray H. Darr Elementary, TX “Qwizdom quickly became my favorite way to teach math...” As a Qwizdom Connect user for the past 5 years, Qwizdom quickly became my favorite way to teach math concepts to 5th/ 6th grade students at Dunbar Middle School in Dickinson ISD. I have my students use the Q4 remotes daily in order to assess their knowledge. Student come in, grab their assigned remote and complete a quiz or prompt that is running on the projector in Actionpoint while I take attendance and work around the room to help students. Students raise their hand if the Qwizdom feedback shows an incorrect answer so I can work with them to find the correct one - decreasing or totally eliminating re-teach time on that particular skill. I have found that this helps them learn effectively and be more prepared for engagement in the lesson for that day. - Angelia Filer, 5th Grade Teacher, Dunbar Middle School, TX “It makes grading very easy, and there are so many different options...” I love to use Qwizdom in my science classes for station labs, quizzes, tests and reviews. It makes grading very easy, and there are so many different options for asking questions, including allowing students to input number answers, that I’m not limited to only multiple choice questions. The students have fun playing the games, stay engaged, and enjoy learning, and they ask me often if we can use it in class. Qwizdom helps make some of the least interesting parts of science fun and exciting! - Andria Niles, Science Instructor, Clear View Education Center/ Clear Creek ISD, TX “...high interest, modern day interactivity, this system allows me to do on the spot assessment.” Even though I have been using my Qwizdom Response System for three years, the novelty has not worn off. My classes still respond to the button-pushing interactive lessons that they view as play, and I view as learning or assessment. Whether using pre-made lessons included with my set, or custom making my own slides, my classes love to use Qwizdom. Besides high interest, modern day interactivity, this system allows me to do on the spot assessment. Using the system as a test answering tool, I am able to immediately see weaknesses in mastery of concepts or sometimes (heaven forbid) a bad test question. I can easily say, “Lots of people are missing question number seven. Go back and see if that is really the answer you want to choose.” And go back they do! I especially notice the usefulness of this device at the end of the day when everyone is tired. A child who has an interactive device in her hands cannot sleep. This device keeps everyone on their toes. - Kat Kirst, High School Teacher, Victory Lakes Intermediate School, TX

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“oh Qwizdom, how do i love thee? let me count the ways...” Oh Qwizdom, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways… You teach us grammar and spelling and vocabulary and punctuation… through teacher-made slide shows. You let everyone answer each question, keeping all of us on task. You tell us if our answers are right or wrong, so we don’t go too far without fixing problems. Your remotes add an element of fun to what might otherwise be boring grammar lessons. You make PowerPoints interactive; we have to pay attention. You let us review with games like racing and baseball. We can take tests by keying in answers.

Our teacher can monitor our progress. - Kitty Nash, Teacher, Holy Name of Jesus School, FL “Qwizdom student response systems have increased student engagement and achievement...” Teachers at Carmi-White County Unit District #5 are transforming the traditional classroom into an engaging environment in which students can thrive. The Qwizdom student response systems have increased student engagement and achievement while providing real-time feedback to their teachers. The teachers are able to engage every child in class by creating an interactive learning environment. Students who normally remain silent in class are now answering questions without fear of embarrassment. The teachers are able to see instant feedback from the entire class and know whether to move on or continue reviewing a concept. - Robin Huggins, Director of Technology, Carmi-White County Unit District #5, IL “It also helps me to know which student is having a difficult time understanding a concept...” My name is Latecia Dixon-Smith and I am a first grade teacher at CICS-Loomis Primary Academy. My students and I love the Qwizdom program and we use it at least once a day. Qwizdom is used to enhance lessons and ideas that I want my students to really get a good understanding of. The use of this program keeps their attention and draws them into focus. It also helps me to know which student is having a difficult time understanding a concept, by logging their responses into the system during the question activity. The students love it; because they know as soon as the lesson is over, they will use the remotes not only to show what they know, but to participate in game activities.

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