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«Roland Michel Tremblay rm Kiddo Blog in L.A. 2 December 2005 Kiddo blog in L.A. 1 I have now an ...»

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Kiddo Blog in L.A.

Roland Michel Tremblay



Kiddo Blog in L.A.

2 December 2005

Kiddo blog in L.A. 1

I have now an anonymous blog in parallel to this one, for the people who reads

this independently of Mycroft Holmes Blog in L.A. (this blog appears at two

places, but I assure you, it is unlikely that you will find out about where the

second place is).

At the time of writing this, it is too secret for my main blog that I wish some close friends to read. Unfortunately these close friends need not know that I might have met someone in L.A.

Lucky you, people who read this right now, it is going beyond the call of duty to let you read this. It means that this blog will forever need to remain anonymous and secret.

His pseudo is Norton, he calls me Kiddo. I’ve met him over the Internet. Where else? At least it kept me out of the bars and clubs so far. We have been discussing on the phone every day this week. I had to fight to get to him, it took 1 him a while to get back to me. For more than two weeks I did not think I would ever hear from him again.

So I went crazy, I multiplied the messages, I insisted, it was melodramatic. I somehow connected to him even though I have only one photo of him and had read some stuff he wrote about himself. I kind of connected because he looks so much like my Stephen who’s still in London, and might take a few months to sort his visa and come over here, if he comes at all.

It is because he might not come, though I know he suffers a lot over there without me, after ten years together this is quite normal, that I decided to meet someone else. I thought there was no need that I suffered too, like I did in my first month alone in Los Angeles.

Maybe it is not wise to start a new relationship over here behind his back, especially if he arrives sooner rather than later, however it happened like that and I wanted it. It was not part of my plan but sex has become a stranger in our relationship, and I certainly would like to meet that stranger again. I’m only 33, too young to be an old maid without even affection and tenderness.

It is however quite interesting that Norton is basically the double of my little Stephen. They are both very skinny, have a great smile with soulful eyes (as would say Norton), and are very simple people in their own ways. They are both little fiery things and appear to have great amount of energy screaming to get out. It would not take much for them to start a fight or suffer from road rage. My Norton was involved in many fights in pubs, strangely often on St. Patrick’s day, as he mentioned.

I knew Norton before I even spoke to him. He believes a lot in horoscopes, but he is a Virgo and Stephen is a Pisces. I believe in genes and chromosomes a bit more in this case. Norton has a deep voice, more than I would have thought from his photo, but I find it very sexy and comforting.

He also has, weirdly enough, a Scottish, Irish and British accent (all of them) even though he is certainly American. He says he has many friends who are from Scotland and Ireland, and he spent too much time with them down the pub. I know this kind of behavior is usually fired upon, but one has to stop and think about why someone would try to change his accent like this. He must have a 2 deep desire to be British, and his life is perhaps not that wonderful or complicated enough for him to suffer anyone because of that fake accent. So why not?

At the same time I have spent ten years in London, so for him I may be that missing link with the world he probably dreams of. We also have a lot of things in common, much more than I ever had with Stephen. We already speak on the phone like old boyfriends missing each other, even though he is only 11 miles away from me and we have never met. It is difficult to meet during the week, we both travel by public transport, but I should buy a car soon and then I would hope to never see the interior of one of those monsters running on the Orange Line.

This week was a wonderful week. No problems at work, even though I feel I have not worked as hard as I could have. I had something else to make it nicer. I had my Norton to think about all day. It was like falling in love again, something I have not felt or experienced in more than ten years.

To be honest, I never thought it possible for me to have a crush like this, almost like a little girl would have. I thought it was all over for me, until at least I went through an intensive Atkins diet for at least six months, or something even more radical like stopping eating altogether. I understand now why I was not that motivated with my inexistent diet, I needed to fall in love first. So it is like the chicken and the egg, which one comes first, and without either of them, love or losing weight, neither are possible.

Thankfully I think Norton is getting tired of his sex life with morons in Los Angeles. He appears to have connected with my personality and intelligence, more than the idea that I am an author and scriptwriter. Over here it does not impress anyone either, though at least here it might depress a few people who wish to succeed themselves. But not Norton. All I know about his sex life is that he has slept with a few people and that he was picked up by nice and young guys, but that he refused a few and he is quite picky.

That he would suddenly be interested in me without having met me is quite something special. In fact, I think it was destiny. His photo, as I told him, spoke to me. I really needed to meet this guy. I was sure at first sight that I would be capable of loving him very much.

–  –  –

Norton has worked for twenty years with actors, but now he feels a bit miserable in a computer survey job. He would like to have a better job so he could pay his bills. He too seems incapable to satisfy his boss, so life could not have been so great. His sister lives with him and, from what I can understand, most of his family is no longer living.

He is also two years younger than Stephen, and they both have a similar body.

The difference is that Norton does not have, to my knowledge, a heroine and vodka addiction. As a consequence, as he says, he loves sex anytime anywhere.

He is kind of explicit over the phone, he feels like me, certainly looking forward to fall in each other arms and enjoy love and sex all night long. Even if he has strange ideas like covering me with food and eating it there on my body. Not sure if I will enjoy it.

We will meet Sunday, unless something happens, which is quite possible.

Tomorrow, Saturday, he is working, and I guess I will be too, transcribing to a file all that was said in the hour and a half conversation with a lawyer about my conference. It is not going to be easy, especially that I still need to buy a car and a TV. After that, I’ve got pretty much everything I need.

Oh Sunday, will you ever come?

3 December 2005 Kiddo Blog in L.A. 2 Oh oh, I think I have asked too personal a question tonight to my dear Norton. I asked him about his family, he had no trouble telling me about his sister who lives with him, or that his parents are dead, but he blocked when I asked him about his other brothers and sisters, if any. What could it mean?

I already knew he had something going on about his family, since he did say before that his special someone would have to be understanding of friends and

–  –  –

And knowing myself, I will ask it again soon, embarrassing him even more. I should not, he will tell me in his own time. If I insist, I feel he might cut all bridges. It is one of these things that are very serious. What could it be?

First thing that came to my mind is that he has a brother in prison. Somehow I feel he could admit to that. Perhaps he has a sister in prison. That would be more difficult to say. Especially if she was there for something shameful, like, well, like what? Why do women go to prison for these days that is shameful?

Stealing is of no consequence, sexual abuse could be shameful enough, but somehow I don’t think this is it. People who have a rotten apple in the family, are usually quite capable of dissociating themselves with that member of the family and continue to live on ignoring that the person actually exists.

What could it be then? Mental illness? He said I had a lot of imagination tonight, I guess I just don’t have enough to figure that one out. I did a quick search on the Internet about shameful things about family members. One of them is incontinence or Female Bladder Control Problem. Again, I don’t believe that would be something to get you into depressing mode and send you into a spin whenever we mention it.

Actually, death is probably something that would do that. They are dead, or one is dead, and it has affected him terribly. He still feels a lot of pain, so it must be recent. And if he blocked tonight, it is because he did not want to get into it since he is sick and wanted to go to bed. That must be it.

I should be ashamed with myself! I think my life has become just a film script since I have arrived here, I can just imagined the weirdest and impossible things.

But everyone knows that life is weirder than movies. I heard many people say that they often base their stories on true events, and have to tone it down for the films since it would be too unbelievable and people would not buy it.

I am also ashamed to say that the word pretentious came back a lot tonight in our conversations. Well done! One month in L.A., and I feel already so insecure,

–  –  –

I hope he won’t hold it against me, I tried to correct that the best way I could, under the circumstances, I haven’t been convincing enough. He said that my pretentiousness was part of my charm, I hope he believes it.

There is another big worry here. He has kind of cancelled tomorrow, saying that he nearly froze to death waiting for the bus tonight, and the wind brought upon him all these particles which makes him sneeze. So now he has a cold. We’re in Los Angeles! Catching a cold waiting for a bus? If I had not frozen to death myself less than a week ago while visiting Universal Studios, I would not have believed him. And then it occurred to me that he could have easily invented any other story which would have been more credible.

So will I see him tomorrow or not? He will let me know in the morning. He seems to be a home bunny, so I guess any idea of a cold kills any motivation to get into a bus for two hours to cross 10 miles, and the thought that you will need to do it again to return home when you work the next day, and I will be lucky to see him once a week, on Sunday. And come to think of it, I would be lucky to even meet him once in this lifetime.

I also know now why I have been repeating myself a lot to him yesterday on the phone. I was so drunk the first time we spoke, and perhaps the second time as well, that I had forgotten a lot of what was said. I also went right over the fact that he had been quite sick on the last three years, in a coma actually. He was pushed down the stairs in a bar on New Year’s Eve, he does not know why or by whom, ended up in hospital and was virtually given up for dead. On a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the best chance of recovery, he was classified as 1. Can’t believe I did not get into that subject then and did not remember about it tonight.

He was not drunk, and he has to take pills every day from fears to lose consciousness and never wake up again. Apparently a nerve has been severely damage and he has fainted over a dozen times in recent years. This is why he lost his job working with actors and now has a rotten job requiring little abilities.

However he says he suffers no disability except that he cannot lie in job interviews since he could lose consciousness, and he has been discriminated against for years now. He did say that he was not happy about the government of 6 California stating that he was 100% healthy, possibly for financial reasons, it suggests that he is not 100% OK. I bet this is why he does not have a car, which in these day and age, and especially in Los Angeles, is quite amazing. He said it is because he has no money, and his family helps him financially, however it could be because he can no longer drive, possibly because of the Californian State, caring as much as they do, could not let someone who could lose consciousness drive a car.

You know you are living in a paranoid state when at 33 years old they ask you for ID whenever you buy beers. I found it funny the first time, but now it is getting on my nerves. Do I look 16? Or do they ask ID to grandfathers as well? What else is this State paranoid about that I don’t know yet but will suffer from eventually?

And the worse fact is that California must be the most liberated of all American States, then again, they voted for a Republican Governor. Obviously, probably, because the Republicans are so desperate to win California, that they hired an actor to play the part.

I digress from my topic of conversation, typical me. My blog is like a phone call to Norton, we can jump from topic to topic, at least there is no blank in our conversation. One favorite subject of ours is Sherlock Holmes, as his favorite film of all time is Private Life of Sherlock Holmes, I am watching it right now on my computer. Why is it his favorite? Because a friend sold to him a laser disc player and he inherited I supposed this laser film with the machine.

That is one way of getting into Sherlock Holmes, I discovered the books because my Manager in my first conference job gave me the book. This is a case of developing a new passion because of technology, and limitation of technology.

Not many laser discs were made before these laser disc players died as if they never existed. So he must have watched them over and over again, until that film became his favorite of all time. Anything Sherlock Holmes turns to gold. Oh mighty Sir Arthur Conan Doyle has done it. My favorite of all time is the series of Sherlock Holmes played by Jeremy Brett, also my favorite actor.

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