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«Roland Michel Tremblay rm Kiddo Blog in L.A. 2 December 2005 Kiddo blog in L.A. 1 I have now an ...»

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I have to say, to be able to claim in a sci-fi book and film that there is no more gravity, that there is no more electricity, that would have quite an impact. That all this is just a consequence of the geometry of space. And this is what I need to say there, that I cannot if his greediness prevents it in the end.

One thing for sure, I now have another book to write, my theoretical physics book to explain my ideas better, and also in light of what Mark McCutcheon said. And in this case it is different. I will need to consider everything he says to better explain what I said. There is much more that can be said now, especially about exactly what I need for the film script, that I already thought of.

The motion of objects in space, as I feel it has everything to do with shrinking and expanding through this geometry of space. And I am glad that his subatomic particles can actually shrink, because for three chapters there, I thought things could only expand at the same rate, and that’s it. Nothing shrinks, ever. And I believe he says so, except for electrons outside the internal atomic structures, which justifies his whole theory of electricity and energy.

Well, I believe objects can shrink with acceleration, and if they can’t, I’m sorry, but for the need of this film script, they will. At the very least they can shrink and expand from specific frame of references, other points of view, relative to each other. He does not seem to have thought of that.

–  –  –

First thing I did, and I did it many times over the years, was to do a research on the net to find out if anyone else had come up with the same ideas, searching words like expanding and shrinking matter, etc. And I never found anything.

However my website is popular, especially that page on my website where I describe my theories. It always comes up on top whenever people do a search on parallel universes or relativity, or whatever else, even more so when they search on less popular terms. I have now links to that page all over the Internet, it is quite possible that I was the catalyst for Mark McCutcheon developing his ideas.

If he has done any research about his ideas on the Internet, it is virtually impossible for him to have missed my theory page. I don’t expect him to admit to it, of course. It is in the human nature to try to keep all the credit, especially on that kind of scale.

That brings the question, why have I let it on my website for ten years? I knew this could happen. The truth is that I was hoping someone else would see it and develop it further. It was more important to me that this came out and makes humanity grow scientifically, than my own little vanity of wanting to be recognized for it.

At the same time, I knew I could not bring this to completion, that I did not have the scientific background necessary, that I never had the time to think and work on this, so that was a compromise. It would have died in my drawers and I hate this idea of no one being able to see any of it, to inspire people to go further, it would not have gone anywhere.

In fact, it is quite possible that without my website, Mark McCutcheon would never have thought of it, write that book and revolutionize all physics and chemistry in the process. So once one considers all this, I believe I have made the right decision. If I have inspired Mark, then this is my gift to humanity. That I 66 did not care to hope to get the recognition, that I did not care to the point of keeping all these ideas hidden until such a time when I would have had the time to develop it further, and perhaps never.

When I will contact Mark, I would hope that he will tell me if he read my website, and not pretend that he did not if he did. Of course, the fear of being sued will stop him from admitting it. At that point he would also have to present his breakthrough as a common discovery between him and I, something that I’m sure he is not prepared to do, whilst I would definitely myself give credit to everyone who deserves credit.

But he is Canadian, there is a big difference. We are more human than Americans, or are we? At the same time, I don’t see how he would feel the need to credit me, in the final analysis he just thought of one principle, that matter always expand, and from there he went on to draw all his conclusions about everything that needs to be rewritten in physics and chemistry.

Even if I had given him the initial thought, that’s about it. And there is not much to credit me for at that point. He also states that we can go faster than the speed of light, I have not read that part yet. I state that the speed of light is relative, let’s see if he states the same thing, because if he does, this is proof that he read my website.

So far there is nothing in his theory that could have led him to state such a thing.

It is quite a leap forward. If he states it, it would have to be a logical conclusion of his principle of expanding matter for me to believe that he was not inspired by me.

In the end, I would be pleased to have been part of this, to have helped science on a massive scale. I don’t need recognition. I need to know myself that I did. So at the very least I can tell myself that I am a genius, if no one else will. I will never sue the guy, that much is certain. But now I have to make sure he does not sue me either for using my own ideas in my film scripts and all.

Funny that it is almost the first thing Leonardo said to me when we first met.

That we were both geniuses. Even though at the time he had no concept that I had developed my own theory of everything, neither he knew everything else I

–  –  –

I have to admit that at that time I felt he could be a genius, but I felt that I was far from it myself. That it was always just a nice thought to believe that perhaps I was, never thinking that I actually was. And what is a genius anyway? Someone capable of seeing further? To replace current thinking on a massive scale? And then, that person would need to achieve that first in order to be declared genius.

No one is a genius with theories in their drawers, dying forgotten, and then all their work is just thrown in the bin or ends up in an attic somewhere. I can now only be a genius for importing my ideas into sci-fi, in my films, my books, etc.

And I don’t see how I will ever have the time to prove that and do it. A full time job in conferences is all you need to destroy all your dreams.

And starting my own business will be the last nail in the coffin. Everyday I will need to sell these conferences, fighting to get delegates and sponsors. It is a bad idea. We need to finish that script, we need to sell it, I need to finally find that great freedom to write and think, that’s it. And Hollywood is the only place where this could happen. I need an agent, I need it badly, I have to find one. I have after all other film scripts, other ideas that could be sold, not just the one we are working on.

And now I am going to try to read as much of this book of Mark McCutcheon as I can. I have only today to try to finish it, though I will have to continue reading this week after work, and this is difficult. I should not waste any time. I will feel liberated once I am not anchored to this book. It takes me forever because he repeats himself three times all the time, and it is a good thing, because then I don’t need to read it again twice to finally understand what he means.

The last chapter is the more significant one, I would say. Maybe I should skip the chapter about rethinking energy for now, though he talks about Einstein in there and it will be interesting, since most of what I said in my theory rolls around Einstein in the fashion of objects in space following the warping of space, more than Newton. Whilst Mark’s theory is very much about destroying Newton, so far anyway.


–  –  –

Kiddo Blog in L.A. 21 Just two beers and I am already feeling drunk and sick. So in order to enjoy my third one, I have decided to write and to plug myself into Depeche Mode’s music.

I already feel much better, and ready to drink a few more beers.

(NOT TO BE PUT ONLINE 2 START) Unfortunately this means that I won’t finish reading that book The Final Theory by Mark McCutcheon, and I was so desperate today at lunch time to read as much as I could before going back to work. I have almost finished it, and it ends with a bang, the Theory of Everything, so I should be motivated.

Well, I have read enough to know that most of what I have said on my website is not in his book. It is unlikely that he read my website, and if he did, he only got there his inspiration for his principle of matter expanding.

What I have written so far is still good, new, revolutionary, and his theory just supports all my claims, proves it somehow, completes it. It is a great day to feel like a genius mind, as this is most likely what he is. And the most disturbing thing, is that he saw further than Newton and Einstein. And instead of being inspired by them, he first had to destroy them, to convince us that they were wrong. Not an easy feat, and yet, he has done it.

I never thought that I would be able to send an email to a genius one day, as I never thought the times I lived in contained any of them. But there you are, here is one, and I can actually help him. And get my own ideas out there at the same time, since he proves somehow my theories. Enough said about that.

(NOT TO BE PUT ONLINE 2 END) Let’s talk about work, nothing happened there today, enough said about that.

Let’s talk about Leonardo, he appears to have disappeared from the face of the Earth these last two days. I will admit that I would have liked to hear his voice, even if I don’t feel anything for him. And am I glad that I don’t feel anything for 69 him. It is clear that where he was, was with his 22 year old kiddo who has been calling him non-stop for days now.

Ordinarily this would have sent me into a spin, thank god I don’t care. I have my baby in London. And I remind him all the time now, I am preparing him for the day I will tell him that nothing intimate will develop between us. Which is sad in a way, I can fall in love so easily, but I guess a red headed guy just does not do it for me. And ultimately this might be what will save our friendship and working relationship.

I find it weird that when he was talking about his kiddo, I thought this was all in the past. And suddenly he resurfaced, Leonardo answered the phone, and instantly flew over there. Is it just the drug that gets him there? Free marihuana?

Leonardo is desperately poor at the moment, and yet, very much dependent on his drug. With the rich kiddo, they get stoned, Leonardo leaves with 20 dollars worth of stuff.

Well, it could also be that Leonardo is planning to write a book about that Kiddo one day. So he is gathering more info, who knows. The last possibility is that he is still in love, and secretly desires sex, the perk of friendship as the Kiddo calls it.

The weird thing is that it is obvious the Kiddo is straight, yet, he was so abused sexually, that it seems that it is the only way he can get whatever he wants from anyone. Or else he has such a strong libido, and sex is so normal to him, that whether it is a man or a woman sucking his dick, does not make much difference.

I don’t know.

All I know is that he has my Leonardo under his spell again. And whatever Leo is inventing to justify the why he goes back to the kiddo, it sounds like a lot of bullshit. He is badly in love and desires sex with the young god. And he will get it.

And he will suffer again.

He was already so obsessed with that kid, now it is going to take huge proportions. And I am getting tired of hearing about that semi-god who has a bestseller book written after him, and a fucking big blockbuster of a movie coming in less than three months. Kill him, that’s what I say.

And I am not jealous. Imagine what it would be if I were, if I was already in love with the Leonardo. It would be unsustainable, I would have left for England

–  –  –

Leonardo is lost. He is restarting his bad relationship with the Kiddo who, sometime ago was threatening to sue him in justice for sex with a minor. He declared himself a jail bait. And yet, Leonardo is running to him again. Ready for more crap from this, as he says all the time, a manipulator.

Well, I was talking before about four dimensional people, people with a past, the fourth dimension being time. Well, now I can talk about a full 10 dimensional Leonardo. His past has caught up with him, he is again walking in the wolf’s mouth.

You would have thought I would have done everything in my power to prevent it, and if love had been part of the equation, you could rest assure that I would have done so. However he would have just not told me anything about it, and still walk the dark path. And anyway, what do I care what he does with his life? I have known him less than three months, he had a life before me. Let him learn from his mistakes. It is obvious that despite of being aware of the dangers, he walks freely towards it, and he would under any circumstances, whatever I could say to prevent it.

I bet you by now he has experienced again the Friend with Benefits thingy. I’m sure they had sex. Maybe it will unfreeze Leonardo, make him understand a few things. Because my trauma with him has certainly been that he has been a block of ice in bed, and freaked out when my dick was on him. God, how many years would be needed to make him accept his homosexuality now? Never, most probably. Unless the Kiddo, his only love and sexual object ever, changes all that.

Good luck then, I have other things to concentrate on. I don’t need that bullshit to make my life more complicated than it already is. No Green Monster, no jealousy, be happy with your life.

Usually this is where I would do a comeback on myself and admit that it bothers me terribly. That I want my Leonardo, and that this damn kiddo is taking him away from me. But not this time, I don’t feel like it, I don’t really care.

Tonight I celebrate my independence! Not only from Leonardo, but from Stephen as well. If I am destined to greatness, it is neither of them that will get me there.

–  –  –

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