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«3M™ One Pass Fiber Pathway Installation Instructions 3 November 2011 78-8140-6222-6-D Contents 1.0 System Overview 2.0 3M™ One Pass Fiber Pathway ...»

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3M™ One Pass Fiber Pathway

Installation Instructions


November 2011



1.0 System Overview

2.0 3M™ One Pass Fiber Pathway Components and


3.0 Site/Floor Inspection

4.0 Installation Surface Preparation

5.0 Assemble the Load Cart

6.0 Determine Duct Offset of the 3M™ One Pass Fiber


7.0 3M™ One Pass Interior Corner Support Installation........17

8.0 3M™ One Pass Exterior Corner Support Installation.......21

9.0 Free Form Corner Preparation

10.0 Bridge Installation

11.0 Initial Installation—Fiber Distribution Terminal (FDT).37

12.0 3M™ One Pass Fiber Pathway Duct Installation Through the Riser

13.0 Funnel

14.0 3M™ One Pass Surface-Mount Multipurpose Box Installation (Wall Penetration)

15.0 3M™ One Pass Liner Sheet Installation

16.0 Terminate Connectorized End of Duct in Fiber Distribution Terminal (FDT)

17.0 Duct Placement on Wall

18.0 Interior and Exterior Corner Duct Application...............71

19.0 3M™ One Pass Planar Corner Installation

20.0 Free Form Corner Installation

2 78-8140-6222-6-D

21.0 3M™ One Pass “T” Cover Installation

22.0 3M™ One Pass Liner Sheet Removal

23.0 End of Run

24.0 Sealing End of Duct

25.0 Window Cut Placement

26.0 3M™ One Pass Surface-Mount Point-of-Entry Box Installation

27.0 3M™ One Pass Small Point-of-Entry Box Installation..103

28.0 Service Connection with Small Point-of-Entry Box.....105

29.0 Provide Service to Living Unit

30.0 Fusion Splicing with the 3M™ One Pass Surface-Mount Multipurpose Box

31.0 Fiber Maintenance

–  –  –

78-8140-6222-6-D 9

i) The number and type of corners found in the hallways and stairwells along the installation path of the 3M™ One Pass Fiber Pathway

j) Number of disruptions in the reference surface used to guide the installation tool

k) Disruptions in the wall surface itself

l) Open or closed stairwell or riser closet

m) Direction duct will be installed in hallway once it exits the FDT (i.e. left or right)

n) Obstacles such as pipes, vents, electrical cords that must be avoided

o) Confirm wall surfaces have been tested for adhesive compatibility. If they have not been tested, install test plugs/bars where duct will be placed at inconspicuous locations in the hallway.

If test plugs/bars remain adhered to the wall after 24 hours, the surface is suitable.

–  –  –

78-8140-6222-6-D 11 12 78-8140-6222-6-D

5.0 Assemble the Load Cart Items required: 3M™ One Pass Utility Cart 800-U-C-Kit, Spool for 3M™ One Pass Fiber Pathway Duct, 3M™ One Pass Accessory Tool Kit, 3M™ One Pass Surface-Mount Point-ofEntry Boxes, 3M™ One Pass Corner Pieces, 3M™ One Pass Window Cut Covers and other system accessories.

5.1 Load reel of 3M™ One Pass Fiber Pathway Duct on dowel so that the fiber is deployed from the top of the reel.

–  –  –

78-8140-6222-6-D 13

5.2 Place the 3M™ One Pass Accessory Tool Kit and bridge material beneath the reel at the base of 3M™ One Pass Utility Cart 800-U-C.

14 78-8140-6222-6-D

6.0 Determine Duct Offset of the 3M™ One Pass Fiber Pathway

• Duct can be placed from ¼" (6 mm) to 3½" (89 mm) below the reference surface.

• Evaluate the installation surface and determine the correct offset distance.

• Offset distance may be determined based on various obstacles, wall surface conditions, interior living unit ceiling height, reach, etc.

• Choose an offset that will ease installation difficulty while maintaining aesthetics.

• Duct offset distances are set at ¼" (6 mm), ½" (13 mm), 1½" (38 mm), 2½" (64 mm) & 3½" (89 mm).

• The minimum recommended duct offset from the reference surface is ½" (13 mm).

• Grooves located in the side and ends of the 3M™ One Pass Free Hand Tool act as guides for corner support placement for each offset.

–  –  –

78-8140-6222-6-D 15 16 78-8140-6222-6-D

7.0 3M™ One Pass Interior Corner Support Installation 7.1 Identify corner location based on duct offset from reference surface.

7.2 Mark the location for the bottom of the interior corner support using the free hand tool or equivalent.

Measured distance is the preferred offset + ½" (13 mm).

7.3 Pinch ends of interior corner support together. Interior Corner Support Installation

–  –  –

7.7 Drill and insert screw anchors into holes, flush to wall surface.

7.8 Attach metal strip over 3M™ One Pass Interior Corner Support using #4 countersink screws.

–  –  –

78-8140-6222-6-D 19 20 78-8140-6222-6-D

8.0 3M™ One Pass Exterior Corner Support Installation 8.1 Identify the corner location based on duct offset from reference surface.

8.2 Mark the location of the bottom of the exterior corner support using the free hand tool or equivalent.

Measured distance is the preferred offset + ½" (13 mm).

8.3 Remove the liner from the adhesive on each end of the exterior corner support.

Exterior Corner Support Installation 78-8140-6222-6-D 21

8.4 Slightly spread the ends of the 3M™ One Pass Exterior Corner Support.

8.5 Align the bottom edge of the exterior corner support with the marks made on each wall.

8.6 Place the spine of the exterior corner support snug against the exterior corner of the wall.

8.7 Release ends of exterior corner support, allowing the adhesive to attach to the wall.

–  –  –

8.9 Place the center of the flat anchor strip in the center of the exterior corner support with the protective liner facing out, and form a radius to match the contour of the exterior corner support.

–  –  –

78-8140-6222-6-D 25 26 78-8140-6222-6-D

9.0 Free Form Corner Preparation Items required: Measuring device, pen, ScotchBlue™ Painter's Tape 2090 Definition: Corners where included angle is greater than 90 and less than 180 degrees and which are placed in a planar direction without support pieces.

The minimum radius for a free form corner is 2 feet (61 cm).

If the radius is tighter than 2 feet (61 cm) then anchoring in and out of the corner is required.

9.1 To determine the start and end location of a free form corner, measure 6" (152 mm) on either side from the center of the corner.

–  –  –

Note: A mechanical anchor is required at the beginning and end of the free form corners if the length of the duct, including the free form corner, is greater than 10 feet (3 m) between locations where the duct is mechanically fastened.

–  –  –

78-8140-6222-6-D 29 30 78-8140-6222-6-D

10.0 Bridge Installation Bridge Installation Items required: 3M™ One Pass Bridges, Anchors, screws, level, pen Bridges are used to span disruptions in wall surfaces such as columns, air conditioning vents, emergency lighting and door frame moldings. They could also be used to provide additional anchoring for duct in locations where the wall surface is poor (i.e. water damage).

Bridging an obstacle:

10.1 Measure approximate height of the disruption from the wall surface.

10.2 Multiply the height by six, this is the minimum length of the bridge to be cut.

10.3 Pull approximate amount of bridge material required from supply box.

10.4 If calculated length falls between two holes in the bridge material, add the additional length to the section to leave a pre-punched hole at each end of the bridge piece.

78-8140-6222-6-D 31

10.5 Cut bridge section, leaving a pre-punched hole at each end. Each 3M™ One Pass Bridge must be supported by at least two anchor screws. (Two screws recommended on each side of obstruction for fastening security.)

10.6 Measure and mark the surface at the chosen offset from the reference surface.

–  –  –

10.10 Mark first anchor hole location by using pre-punched hole in one end of bridge as template. Be sure to maintain form of bridge section while marking hole for accuracy.

–  –  –

10.12 Insert anchor into hole until it is flush with wall surface.

10.13 Place #4 counter sink screw (supplied with 3M™ One Pass Bridge Kit) through hole and screw into anchor. Do not fully tighten.

–  –  –

78-8140-6222-6-D 35 36 78-8140-6222-6-D

11.0 Initial Installation—Fiber Distribution Terminal (FDT) Note: For FDTs located on an adjacent floor, i.e., in a closet

–  –  –

11.5 Multiply this distance by three. Measure away from the edge of the box the calculated distance and place a mark on the ScotchBlue™ Painter's Tape 2090.

–  –  –

78-8140-6222-6-D 43 44 78-8140-6222-6-D

12.0 3M™ One Pass Fiber Pathway Duct Installation Through the Riser 12.1 When the duct makes a transition (vertically) from one floor to another it needs to be supported. The bridge material is used to add support to the duct.

12.2 Use the bridge to determine the length required.

–  –  –

78-8140-6222-6-D 45

12.8 Remove the red liner in a direction away from the fanout. This will be the point that you start sticking the duct to the bridge. Remove the white liner from the bridge. This is the surface that will attach to the duct to. Stick the duct to the bridge – do not cover the first or last hole of the bridge with duct. We will use these holes to anchor the duct at each floor.

–  –  –

78-8140-6222-6-D 47

12.12 Remove the tape. Fasten the bridge to the back wall inside the box at both floors.

12.13 Install the duct per practice.

48 78-8140-6222-6-D

13.0 Funnel The funnel is used to cover the penetration from the riser into the hallway. The funnel consists of four pieces, the main body, a smaller insert, screw and an anchor.

At no time should the 3M™ One Pass Fiber Pathway Duct be routed through a wall without being inside a metal conduit.

13.1 Determine and mark hole location for passing duct through wall.

13.2 Drill 1" (25 mm) diameter hole at marked location.

–  –  –

13.3 Determine direction of travel of duct down the hallway.

Check to make sure duct will be placed in the “flange down” position during installation.

78-8140-6222-6-D 49

13.4 Place funnel into hole to ensure fit, and locate the anchor hole of the funnel on the opposite side of the hole as the direction of travel of the duct.

13.5 Mark location of center of anchor hole on the wall using the funnel as template.

–  –  –

78-8140-6222-6-D 51

13.8 Feed duct through hole and anchor properly at fiber distribution terminal or closet location using appropriate procedures.

13.9 Determine section of duct that will be placed inside the barrel of the thru wall funnel.

–  –  –

13.18 The flange ends at the entry of the funnel.

13.19 Begin/resume normal installation of duct using approved installation procedures.

56 78-8140-6222-6-D

14.0 3M™ One Pass Surface-Mount Multipurpose Box Installation (Wall Penetration) The multipurpose box can be used as a double cable pass through cover, or house a set of fusion splices for a repair or special case. For instructions regarding fusion splices, refer to section 30.0 “Fusion Splicing with the 3M™ One Pass Surface-Mount Multipurpose Box” 14.1 Select location for the multipurpose box that will cover the cable exit hole(s) for that floor. If possible, position the exit location of each duct to match the selected duct offset for that floor.

14.2 Mark hole locations for mounting the multipurpose

–  –  –

78-8140-6222-6-D 57

14.3 Drill holes and insert plastic screw anchors into marked locations. Drill additional anchoring locations through box if necessary to create adequate anchoring to wall.

14.4 Insert and pull the duct fanout pulleye(s) into the fiber distribution terminal, and anchor fanout(s) using standard practice.

14.5 Place ScotchBlue™ Painter’s Tape onto wall surface beginning at exit point of box to create a reference edge at the desired offset from reference surface.

–  –  –

14.8 Use painter's tape reference edge and free hand tool to ensure straightness, and follow standard installation practice for duct.

78-8140-6222-6-D 59

14.9 Insert #4 countersink screw through flange into anchor within box to secure.

14.10 Place 3M™ One Pass Surfact-Mount Multipurpose Box over pass-through location and duct(s), and insert anchoring screws for box. Box should sit flat on wall after installation.

14.11 Snap lid into place.

60 78-8140-6222-6-D

15.0 3M™ One Pass Liner Sheet Installation Items required: 3M™ One Pass Liner Sheets, measuring device, ScotchBlue™ Painter’s Tape 2090 Note: Liner sheets prevent the duct from bonding permanently to the wall surface so it can later be repositioned by hand ensuring a straight installation. For use where known inconsistencies or disruptions in the reference surface (ceiling) are present.

15.1 Place edge of liner sheet ½" (13 mm) prior to disruption in reference surface, snug up against reference surface/ceiling.

15.2 Apply strip of ScotchBlue™ Painter's Tape 2090, slightly longer than the length of the liner sheet, just below installation height of duct.

–  –  –

15.3 Leave in place during installation.

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