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«People Served: Dellion BigWoods Church 56 A note from Mission Jamaica’s Jerusalem Mountain Clinic 73 Grange Hill Clinic 89 founder and team leader, ...»



People Served:

Dellion BigWoods Church 56

A note from Mission Jamaica’s

Jerusalem Mountain Clinic 73

Grange Hill Clinic 89

founder and team leader,

Thorton Baptist Church 121

Norda Ratcliff, NP


Mission Jamaica 2010 team members originated entirely

Dr. Reddy’s Clinic 73

from my hometown. This presented some wonderfully unique Total People Served: 482 circumstances with preparing for our trip. We were able to have a bake sale organized and carried out primarily by one Services/Supplies of the team nurses and her mother. The staff at our clinic donated all the items for the bake sale. Collection boxes 4000 condoms/education provide were set out at our clinics and the staff donated so many wonderful items for our mission. Packing was completed in 482 Lipid Panels an orderly fashion and in such a way that everything was 482 Glucose screenings really organized for our arrival and start of clinics. It worked out exceptionally well for the team.

550 Reading glasses provided The team members left on different days prior to my 34 pairs of new shoes for Clifton departure from the island. I remained on the island and Boys Home completed another clinic. The tempo changes as the team members depart and I begin to reflect on the mission and Monetary donation to Savanna La start to organize Mission Jamaica 2011!

Mar Hospital The drive from Negril to Montego Bay airport on the final day School supplies for Jerusalem is long and quiet. I stopped at the Pelican for my traditional Mountain School departure breakfast complete with dumplings. This morning Dressing supplies, reusable is full of emotion for me. It is difficult to put into words the instruments, and other supplies were way I feel. I have a Jamaican family and friends now that are distributed to Grange Hill Clinic, Dr. so important to me and who teach me so much about life Reddy, Sav Hospital, Sav infirmary and living. (continued on page 2) and Nurse Jones At the same time I ache for my family and friends back home. The drive from the Pelican to the airport is even shorter than normal and the emotions are building inside. The good bye is short and the mad dash for the ticket counter to cover the emotions that are aching to emerge! Business is completed and off to the gate. More time to watch the rain and bad weather that I later learned was tropical storm Nicole.

As I left Jamaica on Tuesday, Sept. 28th, I was thrust into tropical storm Nicole. Nicole caused massive floods, power outages, mud slides and major hardships to the Jamaican people. My departure flight was very turbulent! I really thought the plane would crash, but I am not a good flyer! The skill of those Delta pilots is amazing. My flight from Atlanta to Indianapolis was excellent! When I landed I immediately began to think of my family and returning to my job and my American way of life. I cannot say it often enough, I am glad to be American. I returned to work the next day as well as returning to my role as wife, mother, daughter, friend, sister, aunt, niece, and all the other hats I wear. I looked forward to my wonderful bed and my shower! I dreaded returning to all the hustle and bustle, wearing a watch, easy access to unlimited foods and unhealthy choices, and find myself wishing for the laid back lifestyle in Jamaica. At the same time I am feeling very blessed for another successful mission and meeting so many wonderful people and sharing so many joyous events!

Mission Jamaica was a strong force of four this year plus a recruited volunteer. This mission trip was the best planned, organized, and smooth mission to date. Special thanks to Mr. Wrenn and Delta Airlines for their donations that helped us with baggage fees - the thirty eight bags were easily checked in at the Delta ticket counter without the first problem stateside and again on my return flight out of Sangster. I cleared customs in record time with no problems while the team was at Margaritaville enjoying sea, food and spirits. I recruited a volunteer at our resort that I had met last year for our reading glass distribution station. She agreed to help us two days at the church clinics. She learned quickly how to screen the patients for reading glasses and we were very grateful for her help.

The team conducted five clinics. We attended two church services. I did a clinic with Dr. Ganga Reddy and some other volunteers at his new office in Negril. We were blessed with a tour of Savanna La Mar Hospital led by Dr.

Perrins. We visited the Clifton Boys Home, the orphanage in Darliston. We witnessed these boys and young men get brand new shoes and games. There is nothing like the smile of a child!!! The team was treated to a wonderful home cooked Jamaican dinner, after a long day of work by my dear friends Denar and Kerry Hall and their children, Lamar and Thyona. We enjoyed fish, rice and peas, smashed potatoes and vegetables, salad and wonderful blended fresh fruit punch. The team experienced work in the church setting, in two clinics, and a clinic set up at the resort for the staff and the drivers of the resort. I met some wonderful new people while working with Dr. Reddy in his new office area. We heard the lovely singing voices of the children at the Jerusalem Mountain School. The LDX machines from Cholestech functioned perfectly and never let us down once! The glucometers were essential when current failed or was not available.

Our team had two goals and they were partially fulfilled. We were able to purchase brand new shoes for each child at the Clifton Boys Orphanage in Darliston thanks to a wonderful donation from Dr. Larry Ratts and the assistance of Western Sports in Jamaica. A personal thanks to Doc for connecting me with Western Sport. Mission Jamaica also made a donation to Savanna La Mar Hospital with the remainder of the donation. Dr. Perrins will advise me what the donation purchased.

This year Mission Jamaica unveiled our web site with the help of Ann Kwilinski, a graphic designer in St. Petersburg, Florida. The web site has proven to be very beneficial. There will be some additions in the next few weeks that will provide future trip information and more information to future site visitors. A Power Point Presentation will be added that was completed by a nursing student from last year’s mission. I feel it summarizes well the mission, the vision, the experiences and the general atmosphere I try to create for MISSION JAMAICA as well as some valuable data about the island.

(Continued on page 3)

–  –  –


Kerry and Denar Hall and family Dr. Ganga Reddy Dr Dianne Campbell-Stennett Dr. Kevin Lawrence Nurse Daphne Jones and the staff at Grange Hill and Jerusalem Mountain Clinics.

Western Sport Stores in Kingston and Montego Bay Dudley and Everol with Big Ship Transportation for the excellent transportation;

Negril Beach Club Condo’s and all the wonderful staff, Jean, DeAndra, Kevin, we could not manage without you all and so many more I cannot mention them all!;

Jamaican Ministry of Health and Ms. Janice Walker;

Mr. Bailey from the procurement office in Kingston


Norda Ratcliff, NP Carol Beall, NP Bonnie Martin, LPN Peggy Wormley, RT Ann Barclay, volunteer Goals for Mission Jamaica 2011 include dress shoes and flip-flops for the boys at Clifton Boys Home, a crash cart for Sav Hospital, health screening supplies, and patient education materials. If you wish to contribute please visit our web site www.mission-jamaica.com where PayPal is set up for your convenience. You may also contact me directly at nadrrn@aol.com for supply/item contributions.

The entire team thanks each of you for your thoughts, prayers, donations and sponsorship. We received so many thanks for each and every item we transported and distributed to a wonderful new home in Jamaica.

Respectfully submitted by Norda Ratcliff, NP Mission Jamaica Director and Team Leader www.mission-jamaica.com 3 Bonnie Martin, LPN This was my second medical mission trip to Jamaica. Both were entirely different experiences for me. My first mission trip of course I did not know what to expect and I have to admit I was a little intimidated! The second trip I felt I knew what to expect. I knew flexibility was mandatory and I knew personally that there were certain goals as

–  –  –

The second goal which I decided I wanted to accomplish at the end of last years mission trip was to supply each boy at Darliston Boys Orphanage a brand new pair of shoes. Thanks to Dr.

Ratts and Norda for their help in making 34 young boys very happy! Their smiles were so big when each of them were handed their new shoes. They also received Beanie babies, toothbrushes and tooth-paste and assorted table games. Upon walking into their large living room/meeting room everything was so neat and tidy for they knew we were coming. They even had displayed on a table in the middle of the room several of the Beanie babies we had given them from last years visit.

We had a wonderful visit with the boys and their headmaster. You just wanted to hug each one and tell them how special they are!

What an amazing experience, which I will forever hold close to me!

In closing, I feel Mission Jamaica was a tremendous success. I am so thankful to have been a part of Team Hummingbirds for two years. What an awesome opportunity and a lifetime dream for me to have experienced. Thanks to everyone who donated and a special thanks to Norda Ratcliff for being our team leader, for without Norda Mission Jamaica would not be in existence.

4 Carol Beall, Nurse Practitioner Although not my first trip to Jamaica, this was my first mission trip and a wonderful opportunity to get to know the Jamaican people in a way many tourists never get to experience. One of our clinics was at Thornton Baptist Church in St. Elizabeth Parish. Our ride was long and bumpy as we wound our way up the mountain, stopping along the way to admire the view of the sugar cane fields in the valley and the Caribbean Ocean in the distance, and to inspect the coffee beans and various fruits that grow abundantly along the roadside. Everol, our driver, took us down Bamboo Alley, a 3-mile stretch of road lined with bamboo trees, and he explained how the bamboo was planted years ago by slaves to provide shade while working in the cane fields.

At one point, we were stopped by a woman holding out a large red flag-and we waited for a herd of goats to cross the road. About 150 people were waiting for us upon our arrival at the church. The pastor, an energetic and charismatic gentleman, began the “health fair” with a short devotion in which the people of the congregation sang, clapped hands, and recited from memory a long passage from the book of Isaiah. This was definitely my favorite day. Beverly was the woman in charge, and I was impressed at how well organized this clinic was. The people were lined up in orderly queues, and we had ample room to spread out. We set up our stations and got to work. Time passed quickly as we took blood pressures, checked cholesterol and glucose levels, and handed out reading glasses. At one point we lost “current” and decided it was a good time to eat the tasty meal the women of the congregation had prepared for us: chicken (which we are certain was sacrificed that morning in our honor) breaded and fried, slaw on top of macaroni, and freshly made fruit juice. We saw many people with severe hypertension, and one woman was taken to the local health clinic with a glucose level over 400: she had not taken her insulin since November! Several people told me they had never had their cholesterol tested before. Reading glasses were popular with the 40+ crowd, and Beanie Babies were a big hit with the children. By the end of the day we had screened about 120 people, all of whom expressed sincere appreciation for our services, and we were invited to return again next year for a two day clinic. All in all, it was an exhausting but incredibly satisfying and memorable day.

5 Peggy Wormley, Radiologic Technologist One paragraph on my Mission Jamaica experience? Are you kidding? Seriously, words do not adequately express all the emotions that I am left with after the mission. I do feel like I have seen the “real” Jamaica. I don’t think a lot of travelers who go to Jamaica and stay at the resorts like Beaches, Couples, Sandals, etc. see the Jamaica that we saw and served during our clinic days. Those people, most of them, are desperately poor (income wise) and many live in dwellings with no current or running water.

Regardless, they are a proud and resourceful people, determined to have better situations for their children. They are fiercely patriotic and wonderfully friendly and I am honored to have been able to meet many of them and to do my small part to help in their healthcare. I would recommend this mission trip to anyone who has the wish to help people, as this was without a doubt, one of the most meaningful experiences of my life. In short, this working vacation….and rest assured, there was plenty of beach time along with the long, hot clinic days… will go down as one of my favorite excursions. Thank you, Norda, for inviting me to “know” Jamaica.

Ann Barclay Hi all, my name is Ann. In January I went on a mission trip to Haiti. It was eye opening and I was there for the earthquake. Very challenging getting home. I'd always been told that once you went on a mission trip - you were changed for life and they were right. I'm always looking for ways to help. I have gone to Jamaica every year since 1996. The last few years I've seen the nurses that come and go but didn't think much of it until this year and I wanted to see if I could help. Before I could ask if there was something I could do, Norda asked me. I was thrilled. I went out 2 days with them. What a blessing. When they asked me to assess and hand out reading glasses......well, I was wondering how I was going to do that but I had a blast and hopefully I helped a lot of people. I didn't count the first day I went with them but the 2nd time, I handed out 74 pairs of reading glasses. I hope I can help again next year. Thank you so much, Team members, for the blessings of helping you.


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