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The need to simulate electromagnetic phenomena with characteristics such as complex geometries and heterogeneous materials can be found throughout applied science and engineering, especially models based on Maxwell’s equations in the frequency domain. It is well known that without proper care, finite-element methods generate spurious modes: solutions that are not physical. To avoid or at least to minimize this problem, several penalized, discontinuous Galerkin methods have recently been proposed. In this work, we present a computational framework for the penalized local discontinuous Galerkin method and other discontinuous Galerkin methods applied to time-harmonic Maxwell’s equations. A simple description of the internal, discrete operators is formulated using tensor notation. The proposed software derives its flexibility from the use of the object-oriented programming paradigm, which can be used for high order approximations on unstructured meshes in 3D. Numerical experiments are presented to assess the performance of the penalized LDG method. Graduate Ballroom C - 144 Poster


PHENOMENON Juan Morales, Virgil Pierce.

University of Texas-Pan American, Edinburg, TX.

A neural network can be studied as a graph where each node represents a neuron in the network. The neural activity is a combination of external stimulus and internal communication from one node to another. Moreover, some networks show synchronous discharges of pulses that form waves within the network. This wave phenomenon can be studied in detail with respect to certain brain regions. Recurring wave activity can suggest patterns that may imply certain brain disorders. In this paper, we will explain some of these ideas and make some assumptions about the topology

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of the underlying connectivity with an emphasis on the effects of long-range connections between nodes on the wave phenomenon.

Ballroom C - 79


AXIS Angelean Hendrix, James Selgrade.

North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC.

A 16-dimensional model of the human pituitary-ovarian axis is presented. In this study, we present a sensitivity analysis of the model’s 70 parameters. The 3 parameters with the largest sensitivity coefficients are investigated for biologically significant bifurcations. The first parameter, kappa, represents pituitary gonadotrophs’ responses to ovarian testosterone feedback. Iota, the second parameter investigated, controls a healthy dominant follicle response to pituitary stimulation. The final parameter, m2, controls the growth rate of young follicles. Studying bifurcation diagrams of these parameters suggests a balance of pituitary feedback and follicular growth rate is necessary for successful ovulation. Hopf, saddle-node, transcritical, torus, and period-doubling bifurcations are examined. A unique interval of parameters is identified for a stable, periodic solution that represents ovulatory cycles. A second, nonovulatory but periodic, solution is presented that resembles serum hormone levels consistent with polycystic ovarian patients, often nonovulatory or subovulatory. Bifurcation analysis of the flow of stable, periodic solutions is presented for possible identification of extended-use contraception and infertility treatments.


Ballroom C - 124


Cesar Alberto Serna Rapello, Reyes M. Ortiz-Albino.

University of Puerto Rico at Mayagüez, Mayagüez, PR.

In a framework of the theory of generalized factorizations or τ-factorizations, defined by Anderson and Frazier in 2006, the most interesting result holds when τ is a divisible relation. Our work focuses on the characterization of properties in the theory of τ-factorizations on integral domains when τ is an equivalence relation. We also assume τ is multiplicative and associative preserving to obtain results similar to a divisible relationship. If τ is an equivalence relation, it is reflexive and, hence, we cannot assume the divisible property. In addition, such relations are more realistic, in the sense the relationship’s domain is all the nonzero, nonunit elements of the integral domain and the historical fact of working with one of the oldest types of relationships. We present several results and examples for better visualization of this theory.

Ballroom C - 63


Esteban Melendez, Tim Huber.

University of Texas-Pan American, Edinburg, TX.

By analyzing the Notebook of Ramanujan, we show that the Eisenstein series for the Heckel-like subgroup of level 5 are expressible as homogeneous polynomials. We see interpretations for some quintic operators that will address conjectures regarding parameterizations for quintic multisections of Eisenstein series on the full modular group. Also, by using different techniques, we can derive congruences for modulo 5λ and generalize Ramanujan’s conjectures for the series from Jacobi.

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STATISTICS Ballroom C - 38



Andreea Erciulescu, Emily Berg.

Iowa State University, Ames, IA.

The Conservation Effects Assessment Project (CEAP) is a series of surveys intended to evaluate environmental outcomes associated with conservation practices. Four sources of error in CEAP are nonresponse error, location error, frame problems, and processing error. Nonresponse error occurs due to refusals and can be evaluated using auxiliary data available for the full sample. Location error, resulting from imperfections in data collection protocols and GPS instruments, refers to differences between the sampled location and the location at which data are collected.

Constructing a frame that covers the whole population of interest and does not cover domains that are irrelevant for CEAP is difficult. Only farming operations with land in crops or certain kinds of hay or pasture are eligible for CEAP, but current information on land use is not available at the sample design stage. A fourth source of nonsampling error in CEAP arises because the original collected data are processed through a computer model called the APEX model.

The APEX model calculates an erosion value and an erosion index for each respondent as functions of the survey responses and auxiliary information related to climate and soil characteristics. Imperfections in the APEX model may lead to error in CEAP estimates. Possible ways to evaluate the effects of nonresponse error and error due to frame inefficiency on small domain estimates based on the CEAP survey data will be discussed. Limitations in our ability to evaluate location error and error in the APEX model will also be considered.

Ballroom C - 94



Ricela Feliciano-Semidei, Edgardo Lorenzo-Gonzalez.

University of Puerto Rico at Mayagüez, Mayagüez, PR.

In this study, indexes for quantifying social, educational, and economic aspects of the municipalities of Puerto Rico are created. In order to construct these indexes, the multivariate technique of principal components was used, then partitioning around medoids (PAM) was applied in order to obtain a classification of clusters for each aspect. The municipalities with the highest social index are in the West, the highest economic index are in the metropolitan area and the municipalities with higher education in the Northeast. In addition, municipalities were categorized into high, medium, or low, depending on a quality of life index. The municipalities with the highest quality of life index are concentrated in the metropolitan area. Several findings in this investigation would be relevant to decision making for government agencies of Puerto Rico.

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Ballroom C - 39



Teresa Monsue1, Frank Hill2, Keivan Stassun3, Nathan De Lee3.

Fisk-Vanderbilt Masters-to-PhD Bridge Program, Nashville, TN, 2NSO Integrated Synoptic Program, National Solar 1 Observatory, Tucson, AZ, 3Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN.

P-mode oscillations are studied in the Hα region to obtain information regarding the chromospheric structure on the Sun. It has been accepted that around magnetically concentrated active regions, such as sunspots, p-mode power


is suppressed. However, solar flares commonly occur in active regions. Flares are known to induce power to certain frequency oscillation bands. This study aims to take a survey of NSO’s GONG Hα data of various M and X-Class flares and study how active regions compare to quiet regions around the flares by analyzing frequency distributions of p-mode oscillations. To obtain information on the frequency distribution, power spectra of individual pixels around the flare region are taken utilizing the fast Fourier transform (FFT) with the time series data. We can then study how the frequency distribution evolves with time by constructing a power map movie of that region. We will then be able to study how the acoustic power in the active regions varies with flare intensity at different frequencies of p-mode oscillations. Studying power spectra in active regions in Hα such as sunspots on the verge of flaring, and investigating if there are any frequencies that peak in power for certain frequency p-modes, could answer some questions on magnetic flux emergence where acoustic energy from the surface could feed into the corona, one of the biggest mysteries of the Sun.


Ballroom C - 41


Linda Nagore, Harry Jarrett, YanWen Zhou, Yinshan Jia.

University of Texas at San Antonio, San Antonio, TX.

Classical promoter DNA characterization consists of identification of a single transcription factor under a single given condition, which tends to be laborious and time consuming. A method is employed that allows the characterization of any promoter DNA under any condition with minimal sample handling. Here we show a method called PromoterMALDI-MS where DNA designed for a specific promoter will be absorbed on a polymer-coated MALDI plate. The advantage is that transcriptional complexes bind to DNA in solution, and then the DNA is bound to the plate allowing characterization to be accomplished on one immobilized surface. MALDI-MS conditions will be set to identify proteins as well as show protein-to-protein binding. Cell line HEK293 nuclear extract and the promoter DNA of interest complex in solution, then attach to the surface by pipetting the solution onto the plate and drying. The plate is washed to get rid of any non-specific proteins along with salts and surfactants that are not compatible with MS. On-plate trypsin digestion and collision-induced dissociation is utilized to characterize the transcription factors and observe any protein-to-protein interactions. It is expected that Promoter-MALDI-MS will produce high purity transcription factors with minimal sample handling with any promoter. This will give higher recovery of already low abundant proteins with higher sequence coverage. Based on the nano-molar affinity of transcription factors for DNA, Promoter-MALDI-MS, and the increased accuracy of MS, this method will provide a new high throughput method to screen and identify transcription factors for any gene with a known core promoter.

Ballroom C- 162


Manisha Sharma, John Zhao.

University of Texas at San Antonio, San Antonio, TX.

Mannich reaction is one of the most powerful carbon-to-carbon bond forming reactions for the synthesis of nitrogencontaining compounds. It has been applied numerous times in the synthesis of pharmaceutically valuable compounds and natural products. The asymmetric version of this reaction enables to install one and/or two stereogenic center(s) depending on the substrates used. As a part of asymmetric reactions, we found highly enantioselective Mannich reaction of ketone and imine catalyzed by cinchona alkaloid-derived catalysts. Among the various solvents screened for the reaction, toluene was found as the best solvent. Reaction was carried out at room temperature with 10mol % catalyst loading. The corresponding product was obtained in moderate diastereoselectivity and excellent enantioselectivity.

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Ballroom C - 88



Belinda Molina1, Russell Chianelli2.

University of Texas at El Paso, El Paso, TX, 2Materials Research and Technology Institute, University of Texas at El 1 Paso, El Paso, TX.

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