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Gemma Galdon Clavell, (Spain). Dr. Clavell is a policy analyst working on surveillance, the social, legal and ethical impact of technology, smart cities, privacy, security policy, resilience and policing. She is a founding partner at Eticas Research & Consulting and a researcher at the Universitat de Barcelona’s Sociology Department. gemma@eticasconsulting.com Twitter @gemmagaldon Nighat Dad (Pakistan). Nighat Dad is a lawyer having special focus on Cyber crimes, Privacy, surveillance, Internet Law and Policy, technology and human rights and is a founder and director of Digital Rights Foundation, Pakistan Twitter: @nighatdad Hauke Gierow (Germany). Hauke is head of the Internet Freedom Desk at Reporters Without Borders Germany where he focuses his work on digital source protection, surveillance and companies' responsibility for human rights. He holds a Magister Artium in Political Science and Chinese Studies from Trier University and has been involved in a number of civil society initiatives on 'Internet freedom'.

David Greene, (US). David is Senior Staff Attorney for the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF).

Lauri Hirvonen, (Finland). Electronic Frontier Finland - Effi defends citizens’ digital rights, including freedom of information without censorship, fair terms of use for digital information and freedom to develop and publish open software.

Effi aims to raise awareness on free speech, privacy, copyright and online innovation and to influence related legislation. http://www.effi.org/ Tamir Israel (Canada). Staff Lawyer, Samuelson-Glushko Canadian Internet Policy & Public Interest Clinic; Advisory Board Member, Privacy International

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main research focus are privacy and anonymity from a legal-philosophical point of view. She is lecturer and a PhD candidate at the department for Political Philosophy of the Ludwig Maximilians University researching about moral conflicts. She occasionally writes at irights.info Ephraim Percy Kenyanito (Kenya). Ephraim works with AccessNow.org in Kenya Otso Kassinen, (Finland) Electronic Frontier Finland.

Melih Kirlidog (Turkey). Melih holds a BSc in Civil Enginering from Middle East Technical University, Turkey, an MBA in MIS, and a PhD from University of Wollongong, Australia. After working as an ICT analyst and consultant for over twenty years he is currently working as an academic in Marmara University, Turkey. He is also a member of Alternative Informatics Association, an advocacy group in ICT issues.

Monserrat Laguna Osorio (Mexico). Monserrat is an intern with SonTusDatos, and an International Relations and Political Science student at the Instituto Autónomo de México in Mexico City.

Cedric Laurant (Mexico). Cedric is the founder of the nonprofit project “SonTusDatos”, the first and only in Mexico that is dedicated to defend, and advocate for, the right to privacy and data protection (http://sontusdatos.org). He is a data privacy lawyer and public policy expert who has worked for the past 15 years with more than ten nonprofit organisations in Latin America, the United States and Europe.

Raegan MacDonald, (Belgium). Raegan is European Policy Manager at Access (AccessNow.org), Brussels, Belgium TJ McIntyre (Ireland). Dr. TJ McIntyre is chairman of Digital Rights Ireland and a lecturer in the Sutherland School of Law, University College Dublin.

Joe McNamee, (Belgium) Executive Director, European Digital Rights – EDRi, Brussels.

Peter Micek (US) Peter is Policy Counsel at Access Now. He leads its advocacy with telecoms companies, developing norms to increase respect for telecommunications users' rights worldwide. A lawyer by training, Peter completed a JD at the University of San Francisco School of Law, and in 2010 published "A Genealogy of Home Visits," critiquing suspicionless surveillance of at-risk communities, in the U.S.F. Law Review.

Jenny Ng (Australia). Dr Jenny Ng specialises in Intellectual Property Law, Information Technology Law and eCommerce Law and has been admitted as a lawyer at the Supreme Court of New South Wales. She has taught both Australian Law and English Law in several countries. She has conducted research extensively in the academia and in practice. Jenny is a Board A Crisis of accountability 76 Member of the Electronic Frontiers Australia and is a Lecturer at Charles Darwin University.

Kurt Westh Nielsen (Denmark). Kurt Westh Nielsen, kwn@prosa.dk, is a journalist that has been covering topics like Privacy, Data retention, Encryption Technologies and Digital Rights since the Mid-Nineties. He has previously held positions as editor and reporter at Ingeniøren (Engineering Weekly) the largest technical magazine in Denmark, and Computerworld Denmark. Currently he is Editor-in-Chief at Prosabladet (prosa.dk), a magazine targeted at IT professionals in Denmark.

Ville Oksanen, (Finland). Electronic Frontier Finland.

Christopher Parsons (Canada). Christopher received his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from the University of Guelph, and his Ph.D from the University of Victoria. He is currently a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Citizen Lab, in the Munk School of Global Affairs with the University of Toronto. He researches state access to telecommunications data.

Shaikh Rafia. (Pakistan). Shaikh is a research associate at Digital Rights Foundation, Pakistan - one of the foremost organisations policing for accessible and free digital spaces and better privacy legislations in Pakistan.

She has contributed to various research publications and her work is routinely published in local and international spaces.

John Razen (Brazil), Law researcher (Instituto Beta), masters student in Constitutional Law and Philosophy of Law (Universidade de Brasília) Gabriella Razzano (South Africa) is a Senior Researcher at the Open Democracy Advice Centre, South Africa.

Paulo Rená: (Brazil) Law researcher (Instituto Beta), activist for online fundamental rights (Movimento MEGA), founder of Partido Pirata, managed the development of Marco Civil da Internet (Ministry of Justice of Brazil).

Mike Rispoli (UK) Mike is communications manager for Privacy International, in London.

Katitza Rodriguez (US). Katitza is International Rights Director for the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF).

Gideon Rop (Kenya).

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Pilar Saenz (Colombia). Pilar is physicist by profession but activist by vocation. She’s a free software, open technology and open culture enthusiast.

She works in Karisma Foundation as projects coordinator She also participates in RedPaTodos, a group that seeks to influence the Colombian legislations to defend an open, secure and collaborative Internet.

https://twitter.com/mapisaro Katarzyna Szymielewicz (Poland). Katarzyna is human rights lawyer and activist; co-founder and president of Panoptykon Foundation – a Polish NGO defending human rights in the context of surveillance society. Vice-president of European Digital Rights. Graduate of the University of Warsaw (Law) and the School of Oriental and African Studies (Development Studies).

Amie Stepanovich. Amie is Senior Policy Counsel at Access and is an expert in domestic surveillance, cybersecurity, and privacy law. At Access, Amie leads projects on digital due process and responds to threats at the intersection of human rights and communications surveillance. Previously, She is serving as co-chair for the forthcoming 2014 Computers, Freedom, and Privacy Conference. Stepanovich has a J.D. from New York Law School, and a B.S. from the Florida State University.

Jerome Thorel (France) Jerome Thorel, video and radio documentarist, investigative reporter for the past twenty years, member of Privacy international’s Advisory Board, was also the founder of the French Big Brother Awards for the period 2000-2010.” Amalia Toledo (Colombia). Amalia is a trained historian and lawyer from Puerto Rico. She has served for several years as a researcher on international affairs. In recent times she has worked at international level on human rights issues, most notably on freedom of expression, press freedom and access to information. Currently she works in Karisma as Project Coordinator. https://twitter.com/amalia_toledo

Niklas Vainio (Finland) Electronic Frontier Finland.

Joana Varon (Brazil) researcher and project manager at the Center for Technology and Society - CTS/FGV, where she works on applied research on ICT for development focused on the evolution of an institutional framework for Internet governance capable of enforcing fundamental human rights, particularly the right to privacy and freedom of expression. Understanding the interplay between policy and technological tools to reach these goals, Joana is also a Member of Open Technology Fund Council, of the Advisory Board of the WebWeWant Campaign and editor of the newsletter Oficina Antivigilância.

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Micheal Vonn (Canada). Policy Director, BC Civil Liberties Association;

Advisory Board Member, Privacy International

Rejo Zenger (Netherlands). Rejo is a researcher at Bits of Freedom. He focuses on such topics as governmental surveillance, data retention, intelligence service powers and overview and transparency on user data requests by the government. Bits of Freedom is a Dutch civil rights organization, fighting from freedom on the Internet.

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