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«Compiled and edited by Simon Davies June 2014 A Crisis of accountability 2 Contents Contents Acknowledgments ...»

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Correspondents: Micheal Vonn, Christopher Parsons and Tamir Israel.

A Crisis of accountability 29 Colombia Snowden’s leaks confirmed that many governments in the world are under permanent surveillance. Moreover, according to those leaks, during the last 5 years Colombia was the third-highest priority country in the region for surveillance activities (1). In Colombia, a simple diplomatic note by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was sent to Washington stating some discomfort over the activities (2).

Shortly after this scandal, the US Secretary of State, John Kerry, visited Colombia and during his press conference it became clear that the incident was considered to be over.(3) Colombia accepted Kerry’s explanation that the NSA had acted under established cooperation agreements in keeping with the mutual fight against local guerrilla groups and drug cartels.(4) To no great surprise for Colombian citizens, the meeting between Colombia’s President Juan Manuel Santos and Kerry marginalised the issue and the Colombian government further agreed that the activities were done in line with our Constitution and legal framework.(5) Clearly, during this last year, there has been no official reaction to Snowden’s revelations, nor has any public authority demanded any sort of guarantee for citizens from such State surveillance activities, despite the fact that there are real threats by way of recent examples in Colombia. (6) There is a previous episode that should be considred: the 2009 “DAS wiretapping” spy scandal.(7) The former State Intelligence Agency (DAS in Spanish) illegally tapped the communications of journalists, politicians, judges and NGOs. The facts remain obscure but the incident culminated in the entity’s disappearance (many of its officials passed to the new Security Agency and others are now working as freelancers (8). But, after Snowden, the spy scandals returned in 2013, when the media drew attention to “PUMA”, the communications-monitoring platform for criminal investigations and key for the implementation of the Intelligence Act.(9) At the time, it became evident how little was known about the new Colombian intelligence institutional framework and State mass and selective surveillance. However, in February 2014 President Santos announced a revision of the Intelligence legal framework (10) triggered by a new revelation exposing a military intelligence A Crisis of accountability 30 facade operation called “Andromeda.”(11) Once again, the target of State surveillance activities were mainly journalists, political opponents, government and guerrilla peace negotiators in La Habana. The language describing the initial impact of the proposed revision soon changed from reviewing the intelligence legal framework to enhancing the State cyberdefense.

If Snowden's revelations have had some influence in Colombia it was to highlight the fact that intelligence decisions cannot be based solely on State security rationale. To some extent, these revelations have served to demonstrate that there are limits to state surveillance activities. It has also shown that there is a need to guarantee citizens' rights, as well as to establish civil society oversight mechanisms. Yet, it will take some time to translate this recognition to the domestic reality.


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10. With New Unchecked Surveillance Revelations, Colombian Government Ignores Both History and Human Rights https://www.eff.org/deeplinks/2014/04/new-unchecked-surveillancerevelations-colombian-government-ignores-both-history

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–  –  –

Denmark Since the first Snowden revelations became available in June 2013 there has some activity in Denmark with governmental, political and judicial responses to questions asked by media and NGOs. But the overall observation is that none of these debates actually led to any changes in attitude for the vast majority of parties in the Danish Parliament - the Folketinget.

Only one small leftist party, Enhedslisten, took a critical stand, while the rest

of the parties supported an often repeated statement from the Government:

"We have no reason to believe, that any illegal American intelligence activities directed toward Denmark or Danish interests are taking place."1 Media Coverage of the Snowden revelations has in general varied over time.

Niche media in Denmark did cover some of the initial stories. 11,12 By January, 2014, media coverage seemed to peak, especially when details about the the top meeting COP 15 in Copenhagen were released in January.13 The remainder of 2014 has seen a decline in coverage.

No judicial or legislative initiatives have been carried out to prevent mass surveillance or limit access to company and personal data as a consequence of the Snowden revelations. On the contrary, there have been initiatives to further legalise and legitimise the current modus operandi - as carried out by intelligence services operating in Denmark or on behalf of Denmark.2, 3

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