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«Mararoa River Track (Map 130, 131, 132) Northern Start Mavora Camping Area, Mavora Lakes Rd Southern End Junction of SH94 and Princhester Rd Distance ...»

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Mararoa River Track

(Map 130, 131, 132)

Northern Start Mavora Camping Area, Mavora Lakes Rd

Southern End Junction of SH94 and Princhester Rd

Distance 45km

Time 2 days

Tramping Standard Tramping track


Trampers continuing on from the Mavora Walkway can walk south down and around the North Mavora Lake shore to the

swingbridge across the Mararoa River at the lake’s outlet.

From here the track is marked and sign-posted. It stays west of but proximate to the Mararoa River and then South Mavora Lake to this lake’s outlet where another swingbridge provides an alternative access point from Mavora Lakes Rd.

Beyond this swingbridge the track continues down the true right side of the Mararoa River to a third and final swing bridge.

Along the way a careful assessment is required: if the Mararoa River can be forded safely then Te Araroa Trampers can continue down the track on the true right side to the Kiwi Burn then either divert 1.5km to the Kiwi Burn Hut, or ford the Mararoa River and continue south on the true left bank. If the Mararoa is not fordable then Te Araroa trampers must cross the final swingbridge.

Trampers can then continue down the true left bank on the river side of the fence and, after 3km, rejoin the Te Araroa opposite the Kiwi Burn confluence.

Below the Kiwi Burn confluence Te Araroa is marked with poles down the Mararoa’s true left bank. This is on the river side of the fence all the way down to Wash Creek, some 16km distant. Travel is occasionally damp underfoot and a little slow through long grasses but the route improves and becomes easier as progress is made.

After fording Wash Creek the route climbs to Mavora Lakes Rd. Turn right onto the road and continue for 11km through to SH

94. Turn right and walk - carefully - along SH94 a further 2.5km to where Te Araroa turns into Princhester Rd. The Lower Princhester Hut is 6km up Princhester Rd.

DOC’s Mavora Lakes Park pamphlet, available through the link on this page, includes additional information on some of this trail section and the surrounding area.

It is 22km left on SH94 to Mossburn and 33km right on SH94 to Te Anau, a pleasant lakeside town and gateway to Fiordland National Park.

Other Information Te Araroa preferred hostel YHA Te Anau - 29 Mokonui St, Te Anau P: 03 2497847 E: teanau@yha.co.nz YHA Te Anau is a large, comfortable hostel designed for walkers. One block from the shores of Lake Te Anau and just off Te Anau’s main road, walkers can purchase hiking gear, groceries and local Fiordland cuisine. YHA Te Anau lovely lounge has a fireplace and plenty of couch space and there is a drying room and gear storage available. There are a range of accommodation options from dorm to private, all with a unique homely atmosphere. Staff can even arrange a shuttle to the start of the next track. Free Wifi available to YHA Members. YHA Low Carbon Travellers are welcome.

Te Anau General information Fiordland I-SITE Visitor Centre - 85 Lakefront Dr, Te Anau - P: 03 249 8900 - E: info@fiordland.org.nz DOC Te Rua-o-te-moko / Fiordland National Park Visitor Centre - Lakefront Dr, Te Anau - P: 03 249 7924 E: fiordlandvc@doc.govt.nz Getting there/away Intercity Coachlines - P: 03 365 1113 - Daily buses to Queenstown, Dunedin and Christchurch Accommodation YHA Te Anau - 29 Mokonui Street, Te Anau P: 03 249 7847 E: teanau@yha.co.nz Te Anau Lakefront Backpackers BBH - 48-50 Lakefront Dr, te Anau - P: 0800 200 074 - E: res@teanaubackpackers.co.nz Te Anau Kiwi Holiday Park - 15 Luxmore Dr, Te Anau - P: 03 249 8538 - E:

- W: info@teanau.kiwi.nz

Te Anau (Mountain View) Top 10 Holiday Park - 128 Te Anau Terrace, Te Anau - P: 0800 249 746 or 03 249 72 62 - E:

stay@teanautop10.co.nz Many other options at all levels are also available in Te Anau.

Resupply 4 Four Square Supermarket - 30 Town Centre, Te Anau - P: 03 249 7547 Fresh Choice Supermarket - 5 Milford Cres, Te Anau - P: 03 249 9600 Fiordland Bakery - 106 Town Centre, Te Anau - P: 03 249 8899 Mossburn Accommodation Mossburn Hotel - Cnr York and Bath St - P: 03 248 6399 - Pub style accommodatiom, bar and restaurant (closed Mondays) Mossburn Country Park - 333 Mossburn-Five Rivers Rd, 3 kms north of Mossburn - P: 03 248 6444 or 021 251 9246 E: info@mossburncountrypark.co.nz - Backpackers, cabins, campsites - NB: Closed over winter Kowhai Lodge self contained and B & B - 5665 Te Anau/Mossburn Highway, - P: 03 248 6137

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Route Takitimu Track

Introductory Notes:

Access - The final 19km of this track is across Mt Linton Station, which is a large and intensive farmed private property. Access across Mt Linton Station has been generously provided on an interim and trial basis by the Station owners. A number of conditions apply to enable walking access to co-exist with farm operations. These conditions including a track closure for lambing from 25 September to 5 November inclusive. The remaining conditions are set out below and it’s imperative that they all be strictly adhered to, both out of respect for the Station owners and to ensure Te Araroa is able to continue to use this critical link. A good portion of the Takitimu Track can still be used during the lambing closure. This is by using the exit/entry track from Aparima Hut to Dunrobin Road.

Navigation - Te Araroa’s Takitimu route is to a Back Country Adventurer tramping track standard. While marked throughout, many sections are over uneven terrain where there is no real ground trail evident. This creates navigational challenges that are not present on most other Te Araroa sections. Trampers are advised to carry a GPS, maps, compass, usual survival equipment, and to have the skills needed to use everything properly.

Shelter - While there are several huts enroute, there is no shelter at the Telford Campsite. Trampers will need to carry and use a tent here.

Track notes SH94 to Lower Princhester Hut - 6 km / 1.5hr From the highway the route follows Princhester Rd to DOC’s Lower Princhester Hut (6 bunks). Princhester Rd is a gravelled public road but, also, a working farm access way. Please give way to stock and farm operations and leave gates as you find them. No dogs are permitted by order arising from an OVIS management program.

Lower Princhester Hut to Aparima Hut - 17 km / 5-6hr

The track from Lower Princhester Hut is through beech forest and climbs to a saddle between the Bog Burn and Waterloo Burn catchments. It then descends to the northern boundary of Waterloo Station, a Crown Pastoral Lease comprising 3500ha. It is about 4.5km to this point.

Waterloo Station is private property but the lessees allow tramper access down their western boundary to Aparima Hut (12 bunks). The route is poled through tussock land on the bush fringe and marked through the bush clad headlands. Care is required to stay on the permitted track line.

Aparima Hut to Lower Wairaki Hut - 13.1 km / 6hr

Note: The next section to Lower Wairaki Hut is predominantly within the forest. The ground trail is light, or non-existent, so care and concentration is required to travel from marker to marker. This makes the going quite slow.

Cross the Aparima River on the swingbridge near the hut. The track forks here. To the left there is access out to Dunrobin Rd (2hr). Meanwhile Te Araroa follows poles westward (to the right) through marshland on the terrace above the Aparima River’s true right bank. The track reaches the forest edge after 2.5km. Once within the forest the marked track rolls over foot hills to a sign-posted junction with the Wairaki River Track. Turn left here and it’s a about a 45min walk downstream to the Wairaki River ford. Cross the river here, as river levels allow, and climb to the nearby Lower Wairaki Hut (4 bunks).

Lower Wairaki Hut to Telford Campsite – 8 km / 4hr

The sign-posted track departs to the side of the hut and traverses the bush fringe. After about 600m the track crosses a stream then a marker indicates a right hand turn and the beginning of the climb towards the Telford Tops. Carry water from here as it’s the last reliable stream until the campsite.

The climb to the ridge is steady and steepens towards the end. Once on the ridge the track turns left and follows the ridge.

After 440m the track emerges on the tops, which afford good views south towards the coast. Marker poles continue down on the main ridge for another 2km. The track then leaves the ridge to the right and descends through grasslands to the Telford Campsite, which has a toilet and water available from the stream. Trampers should camp here if arriving after midday (see Mt Linton Station conditions of access below). There is no shelter at Telford Campsite.

Telford Campsite to Struan Flat Rd – 18.9 km / 5hr Note: this section is entirely over Mt Linton Station, which is privately owned, and is closed for lambing from 25 September to 5 November inclusive each year.

Access is otherwise on an interim and trial basis and upon these additional conditions, which have been set to enable walking

access to co-exist with farming operations:

Access is only for tramping parties of 8 or fewer members and during daylight hours;

Stick to the marked track and use stiles where provided;

Give way to stock and farm operations;

No camping, fires, vehicles (including bicycles), horses, dogs or firearms;

Carry all rubbish out;

There is no vehicle access into Mt Linton Station, beyond the main station office;

No commercial activity, including guiding or organized events.

In order to comply with the daylight hours condition trampers should start no later than midday while daylight saving is in operation (earlier when it is not) and make steady progress towards their destination.

Much of the route is along a working farm access-way so trampers may encounter vehicles and the movement of stock in large numbers. In these situations farm operations have right of way. Trampers need to step aside and wait quietly until all live stock have passed. Please take direction from farm staff as necessary.

There is no drinking water available en route so trampers should carry sufficient water to last the day.

From the Telford Campsite the route follows poles down the true left side of Telford Burn to a sign-posted crossing. Ford the river here, as river levels allow, and continue on the farm track down and beyond the confluence with the Wairaki River to a swing bridge.

Beyond the swing bridge the marked track follows fence lines to avoid the Rock Hut area (Rock Hut is private and not available for tramper use) and soon joins with one of Mt Linton Station's main farm access roads. The road climbs steadily for about 2km and then undulates for a further 10km to a junction marked by the Douglas Charles Nunn memorial. Turn left here and about 400m down the road the track departs at a stile on the right hand side and follows poles up hill and along fence lines towards Struan Flat Rd.

Cross Morley Stream on the footbridge a short distance from the roadside trailhead. There is parking and cell phone reception here and trampers can phone Taylor’s Lodge in Ohai, (03) 225 4244, (03) 225 4041, or 021 307 505 if they need shuttle transport or accommodation. To ensure availability it’s best to have made arrangements in advance.

Otherwise, it is 7km left on Struan Flat Rd to Ohai, a small rural town. A further 9km along the Ohai-Clifden highway will take you to Nightcaps where you can resupply at Nightcaps 4 Square.

Other Information Takitimu Track Accommodation en route Lower Princhester Hut - 6 bunks Aparima Hut - 12 bunks Lower Wairaki Hut - 4 bunks Taylor’s Lodge - Ohai - P: 03 225 4244 or 03 225 4041 or 021 307 505 - shuttle transport or accommodation. To ensure availability it’s best to book in advance.

Potential Hazards Vehicles on road or track Be aware of farm vehicles and/or stock on Mt Linton Station Farming operations River crossings - Never cross flooded rivers Track exposed to sun, wind or cold Few water sources on Mt Linton Station Requirements Keep to the track Respect private land Open daylight hours only on Mt Linton Station - DO NOT enter (from either end) after midday Leave gates as you find them No dogs No horses No firearms No vehicles No bikes No camping on Mt Linton Station No fires on Mt Linton Station Amenities (Start) Full range of amenities in Te Anau (33km away) Accommodation Lower Princhester Hut - 6km up Princhester Rd Amenities (On Route) No amenities Basic camp site at Telford Accommodation huts Birchwood to Merrivale (Map 134, 135) Northern Start Struan Flat Rd, Birchwood

–  –  –

Route The track starts on Struan Flat Rd. Walk 250m to the Ohai Clifden Highway. Turn right here and walk 650m to the intersection with Birchwood Wairio Rd. Turn left onto this road and walk 2.4km to the edge of the eucalyptus forest fringe.

Woodlaw Track - 14.2km / 7-8hr This track crosses private property and ongoing access is dependent upon the goodwill of land owners: Matariki Forests, DT King & Co Limited, Birchwood Station and Steven Blair-Eadie. The track is across farmland and through exotic forest, save for a small indigenous forest section within the Woodlaw Forest Conservation Area.

Access - A number of conditions apply to enable walking access to co-exist with farm and forestry operations. These conditions including an annual track closure for lambing from 9 September to 9 November inclusive. The remaining conditions are set out below and compliance is important, both out of respect for the land owners and to help ensure Te Araroa

walkers continue to be able to use this critical link:

Access is only for tramping parties of 8 or fewer members and during daylight hours.

Give way to stock and farm/forestry operations;

No camping, fires, vehicles (including bicycles), horses, dogs, or firearms;

Carry all rubbish out;

No commercial activity, including guiding or organized events.

In order to comply with the daylight hours condition trampers should start out early in the morning and make steady progress towards their final destination.

If you encounter farm staff moving stock en route please step well aside and wait quietly until all animals have passed by. Take direction from farm staff as necessary.

Don’t rely on drinking water being available en route.

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