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«ATLAS ESTATES LIMITED FINANCIAL STATEMENTS FOR THE YEAR ENDED 31 DECEMBER 2012 Atlas Estates Limited Martello Court Admiral Park St Peter Port ...»

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1) registered and financial pledge agreement executed between the Bank and Atlas FIZ AN (the subsidiary of Atlas Estates Limited) over the 28,081,200 shares in the share capital of the Borrower, of the nominal value 1 PLN each share, of the joint nominal value of 28,081,200 PLN constituting 99.99% shares in the share capital of the Borrower, being the ownership of Atlas FIZ AN; the pledge secures repayment of the Loan Agreement up to the maximum amount of 70,000,000 EUR; the book value of the pledged shares equals to 200,373,402.60 PLN;

2) registered and financial pledge agreement executed between the Bank and Gretna Investments Sp. z o.o. with its registered seat in Warsaw (“Gretna”, the subsidiary of Atlas Estates Limited) over 2,800 registered shares in the share capital of the Borrower, of the nominal value of 1 PLN each share, of joint nominal value of 2,800 PLN, constituting 0,01% shares in the share capital of the Borrower, being the ownership of Gretna; the pledge secures repayment of the Loan Agreement up to the maximum amount of 70,000,000 EUR; the book value of the pledged shares equals to 19,979.40 PLN;

3) registered and financial pledge agreement executed between the Bank and Atlas Estates Investment B.V. (the subsidiary of Atlas Estates Limited) with its registered seat in Amsterdam over 100 equal shares in the share capital of Gretna, of the nominal value of 50 PLN each share, of joint nominal value of 5,000 PLN, constituting 100% of the shares in the share capital of Gretna, being the ownership of Atlas Estates Investment B.V. with its registered seat in Amsterdam; the pledge secures repayment of the Loan Agreement up to the maximum amount of 70,000,000 EUR; the book value of the pledged shares equals to 15,464.75 PLN;

4) registered and financial pledge agreement executed between the Bank and Gretna over financial receivables of Gretna being the general partner in the Borrower; the pledge secures repayment of the Loan Agreement up to the maximum amount of 70,000,000 EUR; the book value of the pledged rights constitutes 0,0036% of the Borrower’s profits; (jointly “Pledge Agreements”) At the day of signing of the Pledge Agreements total outstanding payment from the Loan Agreement equals o 57,712,141.23 EUR.

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Corporate governance review The Group aspires to apply high standards of corporate governance in all material areas of its business. The Board and, where delegated, the Property Manager use a comprehensive system of controls, checks and reporting requirements that they consider provide the capability to maintain these standards. The systems mentioned are being designed to meet the requirements of the Company and its business and to assess and manage the opportunities and risks that may arise. Whilst the Board is mindful of the guidance of the Combined Code, its systems will be suitable for a Company of its size, the small number of Directors that form the Board and the external management function provided by the Property Manager. In accordance with the WSE Rules, the Board resolved in January 2008, to the extent practicable and reasonable, to also comply with the majority of the corporate governance rules defined in the Code of Best Practices for WSE Listed Companies. The Company’s compliance with certain principles is limited by the differences between Guernsey and Polish legal systems, procedures and accepted practices.

Structure and membership of the Company’s Board

The Board of Directors comprises the non-executive Chairman and two further non-executive Directors. In 2012 there were no changes of the Board of Directors. There is a clear separation of the role of the Directors and the Property Manager, governed by the Property Management Agreement that was entered into on 24 February 2006. The Board identifies majority of its non-executive Directors as being independent of the Company based on their level of involvement with the founder shareholders prior to the formation of the Group and their involvement in the day to day management of the Group on an ongoing basis. They provide strategic management and act as the final Investment Committee for all investment/divestment decisions. The executive and day to day management is provided by the Property Manager whose role and responsibilities are clearly defined in the Property Management Agreement.

The Board meets formally at least four times a year and regular contact is made between the Board and the Property Manager in the intervening periods. The Directors meet periodically without the Property Manager present and on occasion without the presence of the Chairman.

A formal schedule of matters reserved specifically for the Board’s decision is approved and reviewed on an ongoing

basis by the Board. Such matters include, but are not limited to:

developing Group strategy and monitoring the progress towards objectives set for management;

• reviewing the Company’s capital, operating and management structures;

• setting the system of internal and financial controls and accounting policies;

• communicating the aims and objectives of the Company to shareholders; and • ensuring that the Group has effective risk management procedures in operation at all times.

• A formal schedule of matters reserved for the Board of the Property Manager is also approved and reviewed on an ongoing basis by the Board.

All members of the Board have access to the advice and services of the Company’s Administrator and full and timely access to all relevant information in an appropriate form and of sufficient quality to enable them to discharge their duties and responsibilities. Guidance is provided to Directors on obtaining independent professional advice when necessary and the Company maintains a comprehensive directors’ and officers’ liability insurance policy.

Appointments to the Board are subject to a formal process of selection involving the Board as a whole. The Directors are appointed for indefinite terms and a third of the Board retire by rotation each year. Directors’ terms of appointment provide for prior approval of the Board for the acceptance of any outside appointments. In the event of a request for approval the Director in question is asked to confirm and demonstrate that they can continue to commit sufficient time to the fulfilment of their duties.

Board committees

The Audit Committee comprises the whole of the Board and is chaired by Mr Mark Chasey. It meets at least three times a year to review the interim and year end financial statements prior to their submission to the Board and to review the appointment of the independent auditors and the scope, performance and remuneration of services provided by them.

Procedures are in place for the approval of non-audit services provided by the Company’s auditors. The auditors will not be awarded non-audit work unless the Company is satisfied, through enquiry, that the provision of such services would not prejudice the independence and objectivity of the auditor.

The entire Board also forms the Investment Committee in order to appraise and approve or reject investment proposals made by the Property Manager. The Investment Committee meets as and when required.

–  –  –

No Investment Committee meetings were held in the year because all discussions and decisions related to investment proposals were made during the Board meetings.

Property Manager The Property Manager has also undertaken to maintain the highest standards of corporate governance in line with the direction set by the Board. Where delegated, the Property Manager has continued to put in place a comprehensive system of controls, checks and reporting requirements that they feel provides the ability to maintain these standards.

The Property Manager has a board (“PM board”) comprising of a non-executive Chairman and one non-executive director. Additionally it employs Chief Executive Officer and Chief Financial Officer who on daily basis are engaged in the management of the Group. A formal schedule of matters reserved for the decision of the PM board, derived from the role and responsibilities set out in the Agreement has been approved and is reviewed on an ongoing basis.

The Property Manager has appointed an Investment Committee comprising two of its non-executive directors to review and approve those investment and divestment opportunities that are presented to the Company for its approval and completion. The PM board collectively approves the appointment of senior management within the Property Manager, details of which are then reported to the Company.

Internal control The Directors assume overall responsibility for the Group’s system of internal control designed to safeguard shareholders’ investments and the Group’s assets and for reviewing its effectiveness. The controls are designed to identify and manage risks faced by the Group and not to totally eliminate the risk of failure to achieve business objectives. To this end internal controls provide reasonable, but not absolute assurance against material misstatement or loss. The implementation and operation of such systems has been delegated to the Property Manager and the processes are communicated regularly to all of their staff who are made aware of the areas for which they are responsible. Such systems include strategic planning, the appointment of appropriately qualified staff, regular reporting and monitoring of performance and effective control over capital expenditure and investment.

The Group’s key internal controls are centred on a system of comprehensive reporting on all of its business activities.

The Property Manager meets on a monthly basis to review the control systems and to assess the performance and position of the Group. A separate risk management process is operated that engages the Directors and senior management of the Company and Property Manager that is aimed at identifying areas of risk faced by the Group and assessing the likely impact on operating activities. Significant risks that are identified by this process are communicated to the Board with recommendations for actions to mitigate them. The Group uses independent agents to undertake any specialist analysis, investigation or action that is needed. The Board reports to shareholders at least annually that they have carried out a review of the system for internal controls.

Internal financial controls centre on a clearly defined set of control procedures and a comprehensive monthly and quarterly reporting structure. Detailed revenue, cash flow and capital forecasts are prepared for each asset and updated regularly throughout the year and reviewed by the Property Manager and the Board. The Property Manager agreement sets out clearly defined guidelines for all asset transactions. These require the approval of the Investment Committee of the Property Manager and then of the Board within defined levels of authority and de-minimise thresholds.

The Property Manager undertakes responsibility for the management of the Group’s property portfolio, delegating this responsibility to appropriately qualified independent parties where it is deemed necessary. Terms of engagement for such appointments include the requirement for regular reports in an agreed form.

The Audit Committee is responsible for reviewing the effectiveness of the system of internal financial control. A review of these processes is conducted on a regular basis and any significant issues raised by this review are communicated to the Board for their consideration.



Shareholder relations The Board encourages active communication with all of the Company’s shareholders. The Chief Executive and Chief Financial Officer of the Property Manager are the main points of contact for shareholders and they endeavour to respond to enquiries on a timely basis either verbally or in writing. Provision is made on the Company’s website for enquiries to be made of Directors.

As part of the communication process a series of meetings is held between the Property Manager and significant shareholders throughout the year. Directors are invited to attend these meetings and are available should shareholders request their attendance. All shareholders have at least twenty working days’ notice of the Annual General Meeting, at which questions can be raised.

Throughout the year meetings are held with the Company’s brokers and other corporate advisors to feedback information that they have gathered concerning shareholder opinion. Significant topics raised at other meetings are communicated to the Board and discussed at subsequent Board meetings.

The rights of the shareholders are subject to Guernsey Law and the Articles of Association of the Company.

The rules governing the change in the articles of the Company are subject to Guernsey Law and the Memorandum and Articles of Association of the Company.

Performance evaluation The Property Manager agreement provides for a formal process of performance evaluation that is based on the collective performance of the Manager rather than on an individual’s performance. These performance criteria are based on financial measures over the life of the Property Management Agreement. In addition, procedures are in place to review the approach and resources applied by the Property Manager and its performance throughout the year.

Procedures are also in place that enables the Board to appraise the performance of and level of fees paid to the Administrator and the Company’s professional advisors.

–  –  –

The Directors present their report on their remuneration and that of the Property Manager (the ‘Report’) that has been prepared in a manner consistent with commonly accepted practice.

The Report is to be approved at the Annual General Meeting of the Company at which the financial statements will be approved and a resolution to this effect will be proposed at the Meeting.

Non-executive Directors All non-executive Directors have specific terms of appointment that include their membership of the Audit Committee and the fee payable to them for their services. Their remuneration is determined by the Board in accordance with the Articles of Association of the Company. Such fees are reviewed annually with regard to a Director’s performance and those fees paid to non-executive directors of similar companies.

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