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«A Resource Guide for Parents and Teens Developed and Compiled by the Youth Council of the DuPage Workforce Board A Letter to Parents: Your teen’s ...»

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Activities that are liked or disliked. People will tend to seek and carry out activities that they like and avoid activities they don’t like.


Demonstrating competence in doing certain activities.


Skills that come naturally to you and that can be further developed.

–  –  –

CREATIVITY The opportunity to be creative and use my talents and abilities.


Most people have some willingness to help others, and show it everyday outside of their work (putting themselves out to do favors, giving gifts, community service and donations, etc.) THIS DOES NOT COUNT HERE. To cite this as a high value, the focus is on helping others as a MAIN part of your occupation.


Freedom to make your own decisions. Freedom to work without supervision or direction from others. It does not necessarily mean that you have to work alone.


Liking of the actual work itself. How important is it for you to enjoy the HOUR-BYHOUR activities? Not the results of the work, or the returns (salary, status, affect on others) of the work, but the ACTUAL work.


Guiding others, telling them what to do, being responsible for their performance.

People who cite leadership as a high priority usually want power to control events.

They also need to be willing to assume the RESPONSIBILITY that accompanies positions of leadership, and accept blame for their employees’ mistakes.


The amount of time your occupation will allow you to spend away from work. It is really the strength of your NON-OCCUPATIONAL spare time satisfactions. To place importance on leisure is like saying, “The satisfactions I get off the job are so important to me that I want my work to take up as little time as possible.” How important is it for you to have a lot of time off from work?

PRESTIGE/STATUS Importance in the eyes of other people. If they respect you, look up to you, listen to your opinions, or seek your help in community affairs. Ask yourself, “How much do I want to work in an occupation that will make most people look up to me?” 6


Freedom from fear that you will lose your job and income. In a secure occupation, opportunities for employment tend to remain high in spite of the economy. Your income will generally remain stable and predictable. It will not be less with slow times, but likewise, it will usually not be extremely high.


Starting in an occupation right away without spending a lot of time in training. If you are considering changing careers, how much time and money will you spend to prepare for it, and what have your previous attitudes and abilities been toward education and training?

WEALTH Income that is more than enough to live on. Some minimum (enough for survival) is necessary for everyone. But beyond that, how important are the extras? High income is not defined as a specific amount of salary. It is income that allows you to buy LUXURIES.

–  –  –

I Independence – Freedom to make your own decisions.

I Interest – Enjoy the work/skills involved DAILY.

I Leadership – Guiding others, accepting responsibility.

I Leisure/Spare time for family, recreation, hobbies.

–  –  –


A member of this group likes investigative jobs such as biologist, chemist, physicist, anthropologist, geologist and medical technologist. Members of this group have mathematical and scientific abilities.


A member of this group likes artistic jobs such as composer, musician, stage director, writer, interior designer and actor/actress. Members of this group have artistic abilities: writing, music, drawing or creative ideas.


A member of this group likes social jobs such as teacher, religious worker, counselor, clinical psychologist, social worker and speech therapist. Members of this group have interpersonal skills.


A member of this group likes enterprising jobs such as sales person, manager, business executive, television producer, sports promoter and buyer. Members of this group have leadership and speaking abilities.


A member of this group likes conventional jobs such as administrative assistant, accountant, banker, cost estimator and tax expert. Members of this group have organizational and arithmetic ability.

Adapted from Self Directed Search, John Holland

–  –  –

The World-of-Work Map is broken down into six clusters, twelve regions, twentyfour job families and contains four primary work tasks (center of map). It is designed to help you visually organize every possible occupation.

What do the twelve regions represent?

The regions (sections stemming from the center of the map) highlight the similarity of work tasks (competencies) involved in occupations, including their overlapping nature.

How does the center of the map relate to everything?

The four primary work tasks (competencies), which are located in the center, point out the activities that are the “building blocks” of occupations. These work-related interests include People, Data (numbers, facts, files, information), Things (tools, equipment, objects) and Ideas (art, science, concepts, problems). You should know about and experience all four of these kinds of activities.

Although any occupation will involve some work with all four tasks, one or two will typically predominate.

What about those twenty-three job families:

The job families (the individual circled letters on the map) are based on the work tasks (competencies) typical of occupations in that family. The closer the job family is to the center, the more it is related to center activities.



Non-traditional careers can be creative, challenging and satisfying. Many take great pride in knowing that they have physically created and built something, or cared for and assisted someone.

There might be more flexibility in non-traditional careers. Some careers offer many options in pay, environment and hours.

Non-traditional careers provide our society with role models and begin changing the way society typically thinks about gender bias, discrimination and stereotyping. People are most successful in careers that are interesting to them and match their abilities.

–  –  –



Step One: Read through this list of tasks and check those that are your greatest strengths. Think back through your past achievements and hobbies. Feel free to reword or add new tasks to the list. Pick those you have tried. What you wish you could be good at doesn’t count!

–  –  –

Step Two: Circle the skills you most enjoy using. The skills that are checked and circled are skills you most want to pursue. Skills that are circled, but not checked, are skills you want to develop further through school or training.




My most important personal values are (Page 7 ):

1. ______________________________________________________________

2. ______________________________________________________________

3. ______________________________________________________________

4. ______________________________________________________________

My highest preferred work values are:

1. ______________________________________________________________

2. ______________________________________________________________

3. ______________________________________________________________

4. ______________________________________________________________

My interests that relate to work include the following occupational

codes: (Page 12 ):

1. ______________________________________________________________

2. ______________________________________________________________

3. ______________________________________________________________

4. ______________________________________________________________

The skills I enjoy using the most and want to develop are:

1. ______________________________________________________________

2. ______________________________________________________________

3. ______________________________________________________________

4. ______________________________________________________________

–  –  –

20 Where am I Going?


Career Clusters identify the knowledge and skills learners need as they follow a pathway toward their career goals.

The knowledge and skills identified form a strong basis for learner success whether the learners are in high school, college, technical training or in the workplace.

The career clusters also provide a means of exploring the many occupational options.

Each Cluster is divided into different pathways. Pathways are grouped by the knowledge and skills required for occupations in these career fields. Each pathway provides instruction as a basis for success in an array of careers and educational pursuits.

The U.S. Department of Education’s Career Clusters provide a way for schools to organize instruction and student experience around 16 broad categories that encompass virtually all occupations from entry through professional levels.

–  –  –



This diverse Career Cluster prepares learners for careers in the planning, implementation, production, management, processing and/or marketing of agricultural commodities and services, including food, fiber, wood products, natural resources, horticulture, and other plant and animal products. It also includes related professional, technical and educational services.

–  –  –

Employment Outlook.

Employment opportunities will continue to increase for those who provide and market an expanding array of food, forest, and veterinary medical consumer products to a growing world population. Continued globalization of the food, agricultural and natural resources system will increase opportunities for graduates who understand the socio-economic factors that define international markets.

Graduates who know how to satisfy the diverse consumer needs and preferences in different cultures, and who have the language skills to communicate effectively, will have the best opportunities to be employed by the growing number of multinational businesses.

–  –  –

Employment Outlook.

Architecture and construction comprise one of the largest industries in the United States. Based on the latest statistics, this career cluster has 13.8 million jobs. In the next few years, many new jobs will be added and many employment opportunities will result from the need to replace experienced workers who leave jobs.



Broadly, individuals that work in the AV communications industry manufacture, sell, rent, design, install, integrate, operate, and repair the equipment of audiovisual communications. They are involved in the presentation of sound, video, and data to groups in such venues as corporate boardrooms, hotels, convention centers, classrooms, theme parks, stadiums, and museums. The major activity sectors in the AV communications industry are distributive service firms (AV dealers, rental companies, consultants, designers, and related firms), manufacturers of AV presentations and communications products, and large end-users.

–  –  –

Employment Outlook.

Most observers expect the job growth rate within AV industries to be at 20-30% for the foreseeable future. In just the AV systems technician field, the industry could expect to add 20,600 jobs annually.

–  –  –

Employment Outlook.

The business management and administration services industry is projected to be one of the fastest growing through the year 2008. Nearly half of all jobs are in managerial and professional occupations, and nearly one-fourth of all workers are self-employed. The business management and administration services industry is one of the highest-paying industries. In the next few years, many new jobs will be added and many openings will result from the need to replace experienced workers who leave jobs.



This diverse Career Cluster prepares learners for careers in planning, managing and providing education and training services, and related learning support services.

Millions of learners each year prepare for careers in education and training in a variety of settings that offer academic instruction, vocational and technical instruction, and other education and training services.

–  –  –

Employment Outlook.

A growing emphasis on improving education and making it available to more Americans will increase the overall demand for workers in the Education and Training Cluster. Employers are expected to devote greater resources to job-specific training programs in response to the increasing complexity of many jobs, the aging of the work force, and technological advances that can leave employees with obsolete skills. This will result in particularly strong demand for training and development specialists across all industries.

–  –  –

Employment Outlook.

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