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«VINAYALAYA, MSFS Provincial House P.B.No.5557, Malleswaram West P.O Bangalore 560 055, INDIA Circular JK/14 March 16, 2015 My dear Confreres, Season ...»

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He gave a very insightful input session on the animation of the community by the Superior by understanding the “need” of every member and taking into consideration one’s own need. The interactive session with the resource person was very lively. Fr.

Johny Kanjiramparambil proposed the vote of thanks to the resource person. In the afternoon session the participants shared the concerns of their particular responsibilities. The Provincial addressed the members and shared the mind of the General Chapter regarding the animation of the local communities. After a very meaningful session of future plan for animation the meeting came to an end at 4.00 pm.

Reported by Fr. Joshy Thazhathukunnel

The Young Priests’ On-going Formation Program A few days were set apart specially for the young priests’ of South-West India province, doing ministries in different places, in different capacities with vibrant spirit to come together at Vinayalaya to relax, to refresh, to update, to share and to go back with renewed spirit and energy. It was a long awaited day for all the young confreres of the South-West India Province. The young MSFS priests on-going Formation Program 2015, was held from 28-30 January, with the theme “innovation in Mission and Consecrated

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14 | P a g e Lawrance Pius, the Bishop of Dharmapuri, presided over the Eucharistic celebration which began at 6.00 P.M, and ordained five of us as Deacons for the service of the church. The brothers took the theme, “Called to love and serve” for the Eucharistic celebration and for our further reflection. The day was blessed with the presence of Rev.Fr. Jose Kumblolickal, the Provincial and our confreres from different communities.

The presence of fathers and sisters from various religious congregations and parishes made the day more colourful. The campus was decorated with lights and flowers. We sincerely thank all those who participated in the celebration and supported us through their prayers.

Reported by Dn. Nirmal Jose Pulikkalath Prayerful Wishes and Hearty Congratulations in anticipation Fr. Amougu Amougu Emile Paulin defended successfully on 12th March 2015 his Licentiate dissertation on Friendship in Salesian Spirituality, with special focus on the Chad Cameroon Mission. Hearty congratulations, dear Fr. Emile. You made us all proud by your efficient presentation and defence!

Fr. Sibichen Panathamcakel will defend his Doctoral thesis in Biblical Theology at the Pontifical University of Urbanianum, Rome on 26th March 2015. His Doctoral dissertation is titled: Jesus in the Wilderness: Meaning and Function of Mark 1, 12-13. On behalf of the SW Province, I wish you dear Fr. Sibichen, God’s blessings and success in the Defence and in anticipation the congratulations too. Fr. Sibichen will return to India by end of April 2015 to take up his assignment in the Province.

Transfers and Appointments Fr. E. Erudaya Raja is designated as the new Rector of Sannidhi Minor Seminary, at Mysore.

Fr. Amougu Amougu Emile Paulin is designated to be appointed as the Rector of the SFS Minor Seminary, Ngoya, Yaoundé, Cameroon. He will also be appointed as the Vocation Promoter of the Chad-Cameroon Mission and the Contact person for the Sponsors of the Seminarians in the Mission.

Fr. Joby Mattathil is designated as the new Rector of SFS Seminary Ettumanoor.

Fr. Shinto Parayankunnel is designated as the Vocation Promoter at SFS Seminary Ettumanoor.

Fr. Abey Thunduparambil is appointed as the Vice Rector and House Procurator of MSFS Formation House, Silang, Cavite, Philippines.

Fr. Jundie Sumagaysay is appointed as the Assistant Priest of Immaculate Conception Parish, Malvar, Batangas in the Archdiocese of Lipa with effect from February 2, 2015.

Fr. Mariaraj George is appointed at Antoninagara in the Diocese of Chikmagalur with effect from 17th February, 2015.

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Fr. Jose Maliekal is designated for pastoral ministry in the English Province.

Fr. Jose Puthukari is designated as the Procurator at SFS Seminary Ettumanoor.

Fr. Santhosh Pereira is designated as Vocation Promoter and staff at Sannidhi Minor Seminary, Mysore.

Fr. Charles Periyanayagam is designated as Vice Rector and Disciplinarian at Sannidhi Minor Seminary, Mysore.

Fr. Sebastian Vellaramkunnel is designated as the parish priest of St. Ignatius Church, Kannadiparamba.

Fr. Mijo Kulamkuthiyil is designated as Procurator at Atmajyothi Ashram, Pattikad.

Fr. Nelson Padikara is designated for pastoral ministry in the Delegation of Philippines for a term of five years.

Fr. Sujith Pallasserry is designated for pastoral ministry in the Chad-Cameroon Mission for a term of five years.

Fr. R. Bartholomew is designated for pastoral ministry in the Chad Cameroon Mission for a period of five years.

Fr. Francis Ekka is designated as the Vice Rector and Disciplinarian at SFS Seminary Ettumanoor.

Fr. Joseph Kannedom is designated as the new Priest-in-charge of the Syro-Malabar parish in Yelahanka.

Fr. A. Jerome is appointed on the permanent Faculty of St. Peter’s Pontifical Institute, in the Department of Canon Law and he continues to be the Archdiocesan Tribunal member. He will take up his residence in Vinayalaya from 17th March 2015.

Fr. J. Perianayagam is designated for pastoral ministry in the Diocese of Gulbarga for one year.

Fr. Anand Ekka will continue to render pastoral service in the Diocese of Gulbarga for one more year and complete his LLB studies.

Fr. Balavendra Jacob is designated to be the Parish Priest at St. Xavier’s Church Sedem, Gulbarga and as the Mission Superior and Neighbourhood Local Community Superior of Gulbarga Mission.

–  –  –

Fr. Justin Chirackal is designated as the Parish Priest of St. Joseph’s Parish, Chuvannamannu, in the Archdiocese of Trichur.

Fr. George Chirayil is designated as the Superior and Principal of SFS School at Thazhechovva, Kannur.

Fr. Jose Vechuvettickal is designated to Mattanoor to begin new ministry and build the community house at Mattanoor.

Fr. Johny Puthiyaparambil is designated for beginning new ministry at Irupathekkar, Kattappana and to supervise the construction of the new community house.

Fr. A. Satya Seelan is designated for pastoral ministry and studies at Klosterneuburg, Austria.

Fr. Regi Muthukattil is designated for pastoral ministry at Klosterneuburg, Austria.

Fr. Devasia Koottarappally is designated for Pastoral ministry in the Diocese of Osnabruck in Germany.

Fr. Jose Kokkandanthil is designated as the Superior and Priest-in-charge of the Pastoral ministry at PSI House, Kengeri.

Fr. Biju Palamkunnel is designated for Pastoral ministry in the U.S.

Fr. Lalu Thadathilankal is designated as the parish priest of OLS Church in Hebbagodi, designated Pre-Novice Master for April-May 2015.

Fr. A. Mathias is designated for Educational/Pastoral Ministry in the Diocese of Shimoga.

Fr. Y. Mathias is designated as the Principal of SFS School,Savanur.

Fr. Sibichen Panthenmackal is designated as the Dean of Studies and on the teaching Faculty of Tejas Vidya Peetha in Kengeri.

Fr. Pangi Raj is designated as the Procurator and on the teaching Faculty of Tejas Vidya Peetha.

Fr. Jojo Kolarickal is designated to be the Procurator and Financial Administrator of SFS Parish and School Community, Koppal.

The list of other transfers and appointments will be published in the next Circular.

Bon Voyage Fr. Devasia Koottarappallil left for pastoral ministry in the diocese of Osnabruck, Germany on March 12, 2015. He is the first MSFS going to work in this Diocese. I thank Fr. Joy Vazhappillil for his instrumentality in getting this opening in this Diocese. We

–  –  –

On Home Visit and Vacation We extend a hearty welcome to our confreres who are abroad and will be visiting India in March and April: Fr. Jimmy Parayankuzhy, Fr. Jiji Manjackal, Bro. Rony Fernandis and Bro. Noel Tatoy from the Philippines, Fr. Louis Parappuram from Germany and Fr. Xess Bipin Kishore from Cameroon. We wish you a safe journey and warm welcome to India.

Let us pray for the Departed Let us pray for Mariyakutty, aged 86 years, eldest sister of Fr. George Chirayil, who passed away on 02.03.2015.

Confreres and persons who need our Prayers Fr. Paul Aranjanil underwent angiogram recently at Holy Cross Hospital Kottiyam. He had a few blocks and they were treated. He is recovering and let us pray for his complete recovery and good health.

Fr. D. Doraiswamy had skin-grafting surgery for his hand where the wound was and he is almost healed. He undergoes physiotherapy now. Let us pray for his complete recovery.

Fr. Subin Puzhakkara had a knee injury and he is to undergo a surgery to rectify the damage. We pray for his complete recovery.

Fr. Thomas Illikkattil is to undergo cataract surgery on one of his eyes at St. Marthas Hospital on 16th March 2015. We wish him speedy recovery and assure him of our prayers.

Fr. Shinto Parayankunnel is admitted in the hospital due to typhoid and chest infection. Let us pray for his speedy recovery.

The father of Fr. George Valliamthadathil is diagnosed with kidney cancer in an advanced stage. His condition is very serious. Let us earnestly pray for him and for the family of Fr. George.

My Programme March 2015 9 Return from Chad-Cameroon 10 SFS College, NAAC Accreditation Inspection, meeting with Officials 13-14 Council Meeting Vinayalaya 17 Meeting with Innovative Forum members on CSC discussion, Vinayalaya 26 Convocation – Suvidya College 27 KRCR Executive Meeting, Ashirvad, Bangalore 28-31 Visitation of confreres in Kerala

–  –  –

In the Footsteps of our Patron, St. Francis de Sales:

The magnet, as everyone knows, Theotimus, naturally attracts iron to itself by a hidden and very amazing power. All the same, five things hinder its activity: 1) A great distance between the magnet and the iron; 2) if there is a diamond between them; 3) if the iron is greased; 4) if it is rubbed with garlic; 5) if the iron is too heavy. Our heart is made for God. He attracts it constantly and does not cease to pour into it the delights of his heavenly love. Five things however, prevent the activity of this holy attraction: 1) sin which creates a distance between us and God; 2) attachment to riches; 3) sensual pleasures 4) pride and vanity 5) self love with its numerous disorderly passions which it produces. (SFS, Treatise on the Love of God, Bk VII, Ch. 14).

Fraternally in Christ, Rev. Fr. Jose Kumblolickal MSFS Provincial Superior

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