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«Tarnobrzeg Szkice z dziejów miasta i jego obywateli Adam F. BARAN Wydawnictwo „Attyla” TARNOBRZEG 2012 Tarnobrzeg Szkice z dziejów miasta i ...»

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SUMMARY Tarnobrzeg. Sketches from the history of the city and its citizens by Adam F. Baran Tarnobrzeg today is a city with county rights, which lies in the northern part of Podkarpackie district. It is situated on the right bank of the Vistula river and it directly borders with Sandomierz. In 1975–1998 it was the capital city of the Tarnobrzeg district and because of the well-developed industry at that time it was named the “capital of Polish sulphur”. According to the census made in 2010, the number of registered population reached 48 800 (about 1.5 thousand less than in 2002). It is known as the ancestral residence of Tarnowski’s family (the city founders) and a center of Marian cult of Dzikowska God’s Mother. The city was made famous in the country and abroad by Jan Slomka, the administrative officer of the commune, who wrote “Memoirs of the peasant” (ed. I – Cracow 1912; II – 1929)*), but during the Polish People’s Republic it was promoted mainly by the events of “the Tarnobrzeg Republic” (1918). The Nazi occupation during the Second World War dramatically changed the demographic structure of the city (in 1939 it was inhabited by more than 50 percent of Jewish population). Since the late *) Look in: From Serfdom to Self-Government: Memoirs of a Polish Village Mayor, 1842–1927 by Jan Slomka, translated by William John Rose and (in the Introduction) Stanislaw Kot, Publisher: Minerva Pub. Co (1941).

Tarnobrzeg. Szkice z dziejów miasta i jego obywateli | 237 50s of the twentieth century there was a rapid development of Tarnobrzeg, associated with the earlier discovery of sulphur and development of sulphur plant “Siarkopol”. But after the collapse of local industry in the 90's and after the reform of administration, the city has lost its significance. Nowadays it is known primarily owing to the disastrous flood effects, which affected the northern and western parts of the districts (May-June 2010), and thanks to the national and international successes of Tarnobrzeg’s table-tennis players. Currently some efforts are being taken to make an artificial reservoir, which emerged on the liquidated Sulphur Mine in Machow, now named Tarnobrzeg Lake, a tourist’s attraction and a strategic regional center for water sports’ amateurs during the spring and summer. Moreover, via Tarnobrzeg runs one of the Trails of Wooden Architecture Route of Podkarpacie district, and since 2007 there is also the Chassidic Route.

The book deals with themes that in my assessment have not been tackled at all or they require significant additions based on the latest sources. It is not the full history of Tarnobrzeg, but only a selectio of its essential fragments – also reported from the perspective of selected citizens’ biographies and urban symbols. Its goal is to show the research problem (regionalism) which was particularly close to me before I directed my scholarly interests to other areas of history (national or international). And though the last serious study on this subject was compiled more than ten years ago, the history of Tarnobrzeg and its citizens are still close to me, whose “material” evidence is a biography of Hieronim DekuAdam F. Baran towski published in the first volume of biographical dictionary “Conspiracy and social resistance in Poland, 1944–1956”, a case study on the genesis and structures organization of the Scouting Association of the Republic of Poland (ZHR) in southeastern Poland in 1989–1993 or the text devoted to the history of scouting in the High School named after Copernicus (LO im. M. Kopernika) in Tarnobrzeg in the years 1980–2009.

In this book I attempt to show that I was (and still am) interested in issues that go beyond the scope of scouting subjects.

For this reason it is not the leading issue of the publication (only three of fifteen articles selected for publication refer to it), while the current 100th anniversary of the establishment of Scouting in Tarnobrzeg tempted me to recall also this issue. Finally, in the present work, I tried to focus on presenting the history of Tarnobrzeg and its citizens on the background of such issues as the history of the Jewish and Christian communities, the role of local government representatives and local intelligence, anti-Nazi and anti-Soviet conspiracy, the history of the local structures of the “Solidarity”, the struggle for memory and honor for local heroes after 1989 or the fate of urban symbols in free and democratic Poland, i.e. the image of God’s Mother Dzikowska and the monument of Bartosz Glowacki.

Beside the author's introduction, a personal index and the summary placed at the end, all the texts in this volume were published in the newspapers and scholarly journals (mainly local and regional, but also nationwide). These include selected essays and popular-science texts from Tarnobrzeg. Szkice z dziejów miasta i jego obywateli | 239 the weekly “Siarka” (“Sulphur”), quarterly “Harcerz Tarnobrzeski” (“Tarnobrzeg’s Scout”), Sandomirian addition to the “Gosc Niedzielny” (“Sunday’s Guest”) or monthly “Afisz” (“Placard”). This group (though it has a different nature) also includes the body of my speech at a solemn session of the City Council Tarnobrzeg, published in “Merkuriusz Tarnobrzeski” (“Tarnobrzeg’s Merkuriush”) *28th May 1996+.

Strictly scientific case studies (more complex and affixed with most appropriate sources) came from the “Tarnobrzeskie Zeszyty Historyczne” (“Tarnobrzeg’s Historic Notebooks”), “Zeszyty Sandomierskie” (“Sandomirian Notebooks”), “Rocznik Tarnobrzeski” (“Tarnobrzeg’s Yearbook”), “Notatnik Sandomierski” (“Sandomirian Notepad”) and “Studia Rzeszowskie” (“Studies of Rzeszow”). Only in a few cases I have decided to revise at once published text, introducing minor editorial corrections or indicating errors.

In the present book, I have decided to combine the selected studies, scientific publications and essays from the years 1989–2000 devoted thematically to Tarnobrzeg and its citizens. The work, which emerged this way, deals with some aspects of the city's history since its location in 1593 until the end of the twentieth century. Some of the social processes and their participants described in this book touch upon the issues which in the communist period were blank pages. The attempts to explain them by the present author since the end of the 80s – as part of regional research – lasted a decade, and the result is a series of previous publications and books. Currently, several years after their publication, 240 | Adam F. Baran

their large part have not become outdated, but they havebeen made more precise.

The book is not addressed to specialists – they certainly know most of the texts. The main targeted recipient of this publication is the reader interested in events from the past of our city, belonging to a new generation of Tarnobrzeg citizens.

Perhaps this work will only perpetuate this knowledge, but I hope that it will also demonstrate the “added value”. Twenty-first century poses new challenges for us, also in the field of dissemination of research. That is why beside the traditional edition, the e-book has also been prepared so that it can reach a wider audience using the latest technology.

Translated by Małgorzata Baran Tarnobrzeg. Szkice z dziejów miasta i jego obywateli | 241 CONTENTS 7 | List of important abbreviations

–  –  –

31 | The Jewish settlement in Tarnobrzeg in the years 1593–1772 (synthesis try-out) 47 | The historical records of the Roman Catholic cemetery in Tarnobrzeg – Miechocin 69 | 110 years anniversary of Jan Slomka house's existance 75 | The librarian from Dzikow. Ph.D. Michal Marczak (1886–1945) 89 | Gehenna of the Jews from Tarnobrzeg (1939–1944) 114 | Local hero – Stanislaw Jasinski 120 | The local structures Home Army [AK] in Tarnobrzeg in 1944– 1945 152 | Scouts from Tarnobrzeg in anti-Nazi and anti-Soviet organizations in the years from 1939 to 1949 160 | The uprising of the “Solidarity” in KiZPS “Siarkopol” in Tarnobrzeg (September-December 1980)

–  –  –

193 | Major Hieronim Dekutowski, special unit soldier, nicknamed Zapora [Dam] (1918–1949) 200 | The safety of the Republic of Poland as a supreme law 207 | Scoutmaster from “Jedrus” [Andrew]. Eugeniusz Dabrowski (1923–1996) 212 | Bartosz survived, it is worse with the eagle 217 | The renewal of God's Mother from Dzikow image 220 | The texts' sources

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241 | Contents  Autor postanowił połączyć ze sobą wybrane opracowania, publikacje naukowe oraz publicystykę z lat 1989–2000 poświęcone tematycznie Tarnobrzegowi i jego obywatelom. Powstała w ten sposób praca traktująca o niektórych aspektach historii miasta, od czasów jego lokacji w 1593 roku, aż po koniec XX wieku.

Opisywane w tej książce, niektóre procesy społeczne i ich uczestnicy dotykają zagadnień, które w okresie PRL były tzw. „białą plamą”. Próby ich wyjaśnienia przez autora od końca lat 80-tych – w ramach badań regionalnych – trwały dekadę, a ich efektem jest szereg dotychczasowych publikacji i książek. Aktualnie, po kilkunastu latach od druku w dużej mierze nie zdezaktualizowały się, a jedynie uległy po części doprecyzowaniu.

Książka nie jest skierowana do specjalistów – Ci z pewnością znają większość tekstów. Odbiorcą głównym tej publikacji ma być Czytelnik, ciekawy wydarzeń z przeszłości naszego miasta, należący do nowego pokolenia obywateli Tarnobrzega. Być może praca ta utrwali tylko Jego wiedzę, ale autor wyraża nadzieję, że wykaże także „wartość dodaną”.

XXI wiek stawia przed nami nowe wyzwania, również w dziedzinie popularyzacji badań. Stąd obok wydania tradycyjnego przygotowano też e-book, aby książka dotarła do grona odbiorców korzystających z najnowszych technologii.

–  –  –

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