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Honour the Thrones of our Royalties







TICKETS: $5 $10 $15 $25  Ministry of Culture Complex: Mon – Fri 9am – 3pm  Tourism Cook Island Main Office: Mon – Fri 9am – 3pm  Are Tapaeanga (Opposite Cook Islands Police Station) Downtown Avarua: Mon – Friday 9am – 3pm  Door Sales on the Night: National Auditorium – 5pm – 6pm Honour the Thrones of our Royalties Te Maeva Nui 2016 Souvenir Programme Published by: Ministry of Cultural Development Printed by: Cook Islands Printing ISSN: 1179-9498

Compilation/typesetting/layout and design:

Ani Manuela-Talbot Front Cover: Front only Left to right - Ariki Makea Takau, Pa Ariki, Tinomana Ariki, Daniella Makea.

Nohoroa_Ariki,_Hon._C.H._Mills,_King_John,_Pa_Ariki Cultural Performing Team: Manihiki Henua Copyright: Tauranga Vananga/Ministry of Cultural Development 2016 Kia Orana & Welcome – Introductions 4 Prime Ministers Speech 5 Minister of Cultural Development’s Speech 6 Secretary of Cultural Development’s Speech 7 Acknowledgements: TMN 2016 Sponsors 10 Official OPENING & Float Parade 11 Full Order of Appearance 12-15 Official FULL PROGRAM 18-19 Te Atamira o te Ui Ariki – Our Theme 20-21 st 51 Constitution Park – Concert 23 st 51 Constitution Day Ceremony Program 24 Bank of Cook Island Trade Day 25 Tangi Kaara – Drumming Competition 27 Judges Panel 28 Official Closing of Te Maeva Nui 2016 29 Organising Committee 30-31 3 Kia Orana and Welcome to Te Maeva Nui 2016. This is the greatest and most important celebration of the year – the Constitution Celebrations reflects the joy and pride in this event of Self Government. We hope that you will experience all aspects of the Cook Islands traditional and modern culture this year.

The theme for our Te Maeva Nui, we celebrate Te Atamira o te Ui Ariki – We honour the thrones of our Royalties, the Chiefs of Rarotonga.

This festival is a great way to experience the full impact of Cook Islands Culture. It is also a time to bring in our people from the Pa Enua (outer islands) to joyously celebrate this important event as well.

From the 29th of July to 6th of August, one can experience numerous events on the island of Rarotonga. There are Arts & Crafts exhibitions, dancing and drumming competition, the colourful float parade that marks the opening as well as other historical events that are all part of this wondrous occasion. Te Maeva Nui launches an all week festive mood for both our visitors and people of the Cook Islands.

Now in its 51st year of Celebrations, we hope you enjoy this joyous occasion in Rarotonga.

–  –  –

As a country, the Cook Islands can rightly stand beside a solid history of progress. We can be proud of our accomplishments, our advancement and maturity. There is no doubt that even as our small nation continues to work hard, and struggle against the odds of a challenging global environment, the great strides in achievements have been tremendous.

The scope of natural advantages and the gains we have made will continue to be our platform for the future. The Cook Islands has the resilience of its people and the aspiration to improve and do better. We can, for instance, look forward to an expansion in development as project streams come to fruition, and secure further growth in our economic position. Our Christian faith keeps us spiritually grounded, and the preservation of our customary ways and language remains at our core as a people. In celebration of our Constitution on 4 August 1965, and in honour of the Ui Ariki, I ask you join me in upholding our nation. Kia Manuia and God Bless us all.

Hon. Henry Puna 5


Message from the Minister of Cultural Development Turou and Kia orana tatou katoatoa.

Congratulations to the people of the Cook Islands this being our 51st Constitution Celebration. Last year we celebrated our nation’s 50th Anniversary where we remembered our nation builders like Papa Arapati, Papa Tom Davis, Papa Pupuke Robati, Papa Geoffrey Henry amongst many others. This year we remember our Traditional Leaders, our Ui Ariki for this is their 50 th Anniversary Celebration. Our theme for this year’s Celebration, “Te Atamira Ui Ariki” speaks for itself as we celebrate and honour our Ui Ariki here in the Cook Islands. Celebrating the Ui Ariki Day on the first Friday of the month of July since 2011 as a Public Holiday, has been a significant milestone in honouring of our Ui Ariki here in the Cook Islands.

This year’s celebration being 50 years for our Ui Ariki was a proud and special moment for the nation and recognition of our longest surviving Ariki, Mama Karika. The visiting traditional leaders from New Zealand and their delegation, New Caledonia and their delegation, our very own people from New Zealand and Australia was a special highlight for our Ui Ariki on that day.

Also on this day was the Tateni Atu Korero Reo Maori Speech Competition from the Primary Schools based on the Atamira Ui Ariki theme where they spoke about their Ariki. It is good to see that our young generation are being educated about their Ui Ariki at an early age so that they can appreciate their genealogy and identity better. As we celebrate today, we must be thankful to them from yesterday who had laid the foundation for us to keep on developing. Both these 50 years celebration for the Ui Ariki and the Nation marks a special place in our history.

So together let us celebrate our crowning achievements in this nation and continue our faith and beliefs in our Lord to guide our country into the future.

“Ka akara ana I te mato I pao ia mai ei tatou e te tipoko o te va’arua I ko ia mai ei tatou.” Te Atua te Aroa Hon. Teariki Heather Deputy Prime Minister 6 Minister of Cultural Development Message from the Secretary of Cultural Development

–  –  –

More importantly we celebrate the 50th Anniversary Celebration of our Traditional Leaders, our Ui Ariki and their Matakeinanga. We must be thankful to our Ui Ariki and Koutu Nui from prior years who had laid the foundation for us in preserving our culture and identity. The anniversary celebration marks a special place in our history with the identity theme of “Atamira Ui Ariki” Throne of our Royals.

Te Maeva Nui is the most important annual festival in the Cook Islands and the best time to experience all aspects of Cook Islands traditional and modern culture. The festival is an ideal way to experience the full impact of Cook Islands culture through numerous events, arts and craft exhibitions, dancing and drumming competition, sports and other historical events. Let us celebrate, and be thankful to our Leaders and Taungas from yesterday. We believe the 51st Celebrations will provide us another strong foundation to keep building our special nation into the future. Let’s celebrate our growing achievements in building this nation and continue our faith and beliefs in our Lord Jesus to guide our country into the future.

“Kukumuia mai e taku matakeinanga” Te Atua te Aroa Anthony Turua Secretary Ministry of Cultural Development 7 Platinum Sponsors

–  –  –

Supporting Business Sponsors Vonnia’s Polynesian Rentals Heritage Holdings Ltd Raro Signs Cook Islands General Transport Highland Paradise Cultural Centre Atiu Tumunu Experience Backyard Shopping Tours KiiKii Inn & Suites / Empire Cinema Pitt Media Group The Islander Hotel

–  –  –


Assemble Area: Along the main road from the West end of Avatiu Harbour towards Panama 12:00pm ALL FLOATS TO ASSEMBLE & READY FOR PRE-JUDGING 12:00pm Pre-judging of Floats commence 1:00pm Floats Roll to the Maire Nui Drive entrance

–  –  –

12:00pm All invited guests arrive and seated 12:35pm Arrival of the Chairman of the Religious Advisory Council (RAC) – met and escorted to his seat 12:40pm Arrival of the Kaumaiti Nui (President of the House of Ariki), Tou Travel Ariki & Mrs Tou, - greeted and escorted to their seats 12:45pm Arrival of the Deputy Prime Minister, Hon. Teariki Heather and Mrs Heather – greeted and escorted to their seats 12:50pm Arrival of the Queen’s Representative, H.E. Tom Marsters and Mrs Marsters – greeted and escorted to their seats 1:00pm Opening Prayer Service by the Chairman of the Religious Advisory Council


Lighting of the Te Maeva Nui Flame by the Deputy Prime Minister, Hon Teariki Heather. Address and Declaring OPEN the Te Maeva Nui 2016 by the Deputy Prime Minister Hon. Teariki Heather. Float Parade arrival led by the Brass band, Uniform organisations Floats End Closing Prayer by the Chairman of the Religious Advisory Council. Followed by Music & Entertainment.

–  –  –

This year we celebrate Te Atamira o te Ui Ariki, which is our theme for 2016 – Te Atamira o te Ui Ariki Ngateitei. We honour the thrones of our Royalties, the traditional Paramounts of the Cook Islands. There are currently 16 Members of the Ui Ariki appointed by the Queens Representative, representing different islands of the Cook Islands. There are actually 24 of them with some still to be formally resolved.

The House of Ariki was established in 1966 by Prime Minister Albert Henry, shortly after the Cook Islands obtained internal self-government from New Zealand: Henry stated: "The Ariki and other chiefly ranks and their tribes are the backbone of all nations in this world. For any nation to allow this backbone to be broken or to disappear would mean that they are relying on a foreign backbone for their survival".

20 The Atamira: The Atamira is made of a particular timber, the ‘Tamanu’, or Island Mahogany, especially the core hard-wood of the tree. It is an extremely precious lumber as the solid hardened timber takes decades and some, a hundred years to grow before it is ready in size and quality. The Atamira has multiple cultural and social values.

Fundamentally, whoever takes possession of such a structure is accepted to have been immersed with the mana of the title he is invested. That comes with a trail of history – origin, design, the chosen material, the designated carving Are-Taunga, the name of the Atamira and the Ariki it is designed for.

The Va’a Tuatua, Putokotoko or Akaaere, the Speaker, of a Matakeinanga is usually the care-taker who is regarded as the guardian of the Atamira. A Atamira denotes mana, supremacy in the Ariki as the a leader of a people. It personifies the humbleness of the Ariki as the care-giver and guardian overlooking the wellbeing of a tribe. “Te Atamira o te Ui Ariki Ngateitei” - Te Maeva Nui 2016 honours all our Ariki's from past, present and the future.

–  –  –

Stage Manager – Andre Tapena Sound Engineer – Tauranga Vananga Staff Supported by - Bobby Brown & Noo Vaevaepare MC - Vaitoti Tupa & Janette Browne 23 9:30am For All invited guests and general public to be seated.

9:55am Uniform Organisations to form a guard of honour to the Auditorium main doors.


10:05am Arrival of the Representative(s) of the Religious Advisory Council (RAC) – met and escorted to their seats 10:10am Arrival of the Kaumaiti (President of the House of Ariki), Tou Travel Ariki & Mrs Tou, - met and escorted to their seats 10:15am Arrival of the Deputy Prime Minister, and Minister for Cultural Development, Hon. Teariki Heather and Mrs Heather – Turou/Traditional Welcome, arriving at their seats, All Rise for the Cook Islands National Anthem led by the Nikao Boys Brigade Band.

10:20am Arrival of the Queen’s Representative, His Excellency H.E. Tom Marsters and Mrs Marsters - Turou/Traditional Welcome Arriving at their seats, All Rise for the Queen’s Anthem led by the Nikao Boys Brigade Band.


 Opening Prayer Service by the Religious Advisory Council, with Imene Tuki by the Takamoa Theological College Students.

 FLAG RAISING CEREMONY conducted by the Boys Brigade  CONSTITUTION DAY ADDRESS by the Deputy Prime Minister, Hon.Teariki Heather.

 FLAG LOWERING CEREMONY by the Boys Brigade  Closing Prayer by the Representative of the Religious Advisory Council  Departure from Auditorium - Starting with VIP Guests led by His Excellency Tom Marsters and Mrs Marsters. Followed by the Public.

–  –  –

Paula Paniani TMN16 Competition Timing Robert Ioaba, Janette Browne, Maryann Joseph, Anthony Samuela & Sandra Tomokino Platinum Sponsors

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