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«Reference guide Reference guide Contents Executive summary Overview HPE Moonshot System with HPE ProLiant m710p Server Cartridges Aruba Networks ...»

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Results The HPE ProLiant m710p Server Cartridge and Aruba Networks wireless infrastructure testing verifies the capability of both components to deliver desktops and applications with a native look-and-feel, whether the client is wired or wireless. It is very clear that for the XenDesktop and XenApp workloads tested, wireless connectivity is not a performance bottleneck. Table 5 shows the delivered frames per second and round-trip latency (ICA RTT, or Independent Computing Architecture round trip time) for the desktop delivered from an m710p Server Cartridge to each of the different clients. ICA RTT is not calculated by Citrix when delivering to certain mobile devices, such as iOS or Android devices. Notice that ICA RTT stays extremely low throughout the tests, right on the line of human perception. Switching from a wired to wireless connection adds less than five milliseconds to the total latency, a value too small to perceive. Also, the frame rate stays within 5 percent of 30 frames per second across all devices and connection methods.

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Delivering desktops to smartphones and tablets uses slightly more server-side CPU than to devices running Windows or Mac OS X, because XenDesktop must use H.264 Enhanced SuperCodec instead of Desktop Composition Redirection in these cases. H.264 Enhanced SuperCodec utilizes more server-side compression than Desktop Composition Redirection, which offloads some of the window processing to the client device.

It is also notable that switching from wired to wireless delivery to the client device has virtually no effect on server-side CPU utilization. Average CPU utilization on the HPE ProLiant m710p is still relatively low for this workload regardless of end-point device. The m710p more than comfortably accommodates the tested workload with additional CPU capacity to tackle even more demanding workloads.

Figure 2 shows the average CPU utilization on the m710p Server Cartridge while delivering the same desktop workload to each client device.

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Figure 2. HPE ProLiant m710p Server Cartridge percentage CPU utilization by client device Analysis and recommendations There are multiple ways to configure the Moonshot System depending on whether desktop delivery, application delivery, or both are desired.

For desktop delivery, one m710p Server Cartridge supports one high-end desktop user with XenDesktop. For application delivery, one m710p Server Cartridge supports up to 50 applications users with XenApp, depending on the resource demands of the given application(s). These two configurations—separately or in combination—deliver an excellent end-user experience even for media and processor-heavy workloads. This configuration is also easily scalable, as adding new users is as simple as adding additional m710p cartridges. As mentioned, a single Moonshot Chassis can hold up to 45 cartridges, corresponding to 45 high-end desktop users or up to 2,250 application users. At 4.3U for a Moonshot Chassis, this is a density of over 10 high-end desktop users per rack unit or up to over 520 application users per rack unit. Multiple Moonshot Chassis can communicate with the same domain and Citrix XenDesktop infrastructure, so scaling is very straightforward.

Reference guide Page 9 Configuration guidance For information on setting up the HPE Moonshot System and provisioning the HPE ProLiant m710p Server Cartridge, refer to the HPE Moonshot for Citrix Integration Guide. Specific network implementations and considerations are addressed in the HPE Moonshot Networking Cookbook. For more information regarding OS deployment, including special cases and alternative methods such as Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager, refer to Operating System Deployment on HPE ProLiant Moonshot Server Cartridges and HPE Moonshot Integration with Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager.

Best practices and tuning parameters This section will cover best practices and tuning parameters that are specific to this All-Wireless Workplace XenDesktop and XenApp implementation on Moonshot.

General It is important to ensure that Windows is up to date through Windows Update. This is especially true when running Windows 7, as there have been significant performance improvement in Windows 7 since its release. However, be sure that the Windows-suggested Intel graphics and Mellanox network drivers are not installed through Windows Update. Download the latest graphics and network drivers from hpe.com/us/en/support.html instead.

As shown in figure 3, ensure that Windows is running in “High performance” mode under Power Options to avoid unnecessary throttling of the CPU. With 32 GB of RAM present, by default Windows 7 creates a page file of 32 GB. It is recommended to decrease the page file size to 1 GB, because a page file this large is not needed. Although Windows 8.1 creates a more reasonable page file size by default, it can also be reduced to 1 GB. Page file size adjustments can be accessed through the Control Panel System and Security System Advanced system settings Performance Settings Advanced Virtual Memory.

Figure 3. Windows power options Reference guide Page 10 Citrix policies Within Citrix Studio, there are policies that can be set to optimize performance and security, and to tune the system for the specifics of any given environment.

The settings in table 6 reflect the Citrix policy configurations used during testing, and represent a good starting point for customizing Citrix policies for most All-Wireless Workplace deployments.

Note Due to the processing and graphic capabilities of the HPE ProLiant m710p Server Cartridge, this section does not focus on reducing desktop appearance and visuals to improve performance. The m710p cartridge, Citrix HDX, and Aruba Networks deliver a great visual experience even when desktops and applications are accessed wirelessly.

For increased security, client USB device redirection should only be enabled when it is necessary to fulfill a user requirement, as Citrix has optimized channels for most USB devices that don’t require generic USB redirection. Disabling Flash acceleration (Flash redirection) and Windows Media redirection will also improve security, and the HPE ProLiant m710p Server Cartridge is capable of rendering streamed video content server-side. To avoid delays in session brokering time, it is recommended to only auto-create the client's default printer.

Citrix HDX is a broad umbrella that contains a number of different protocols that will be used to actually deliver the user session depending on operating system, user preferences, and other factors. The default setting for Windows and Mac OS X with Citrix XenDesktop 7.6 is Desktop Composition Redirection (DCR), which is recommended for smooth performance. For devices that don’t support Desktop Composition Redirection, such as iOS and Android devices, the protocol automatically switches to H.264 Enhanced SuperCodec, with no policy change required. Therefore, it is best to enable Desktop Composition Redirection for best performance on devices that support it.

Table 6. Citrix policies


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Network Aruba Networks controllers come pre-loaded with system defaults that provide a good starting point for provisioning a high-performance wireless network. Changes to the default settings should be made as they apply to a specific installation or network environment. For this solution, changes included prioritizing Citrix traffic over the network, as the primary focus of this network is delivering desktops and applications.

To prioritize Citrix traffic using the controller WebUI:

1. Navigate to Configuration, Security, Access Control, and select the Policies tab.

2. Under IPv4 Sessions, locate the policy name allowall, and select Edit.

3. Click Add.

4. Create a policy using the settings listed in table 7. By setting the Queue to “High,” Citrix services will always receive high priority, even if they are the only traffic in the air.

Table 7. Aruba Citrix prioritization policy settings


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Bill of materials The bills of materials (BOMs) presented here are sized for up to 45 high-end XenDesktop users or 2,250 XenApp users, or one Moonshot Chassis.

This can easily be scaled either up or down by taking away some Moonshot Server Cartridges, or by adding additional chassis, with switches and power, and additional Moonshot Server Cartridges. The solution is also configurable in terms of the size of the M.2 SSD (up to 960 GB) on each cartridge.

Table 8 contains the Moonshot Server compute that comprises this solution, and table 9 contains the Aruba Networks wireless networking components. Tables 10 and 11 contain a Citrix Management Control Server and top-of-rack (ToR) switching and cabling, respectively. Depending on the level of high availability and redundancy required, consider doubling the infrastructure and compute components as necessary.

The following BOMs contain electronic license to use (E-LTU) parts. Electronic software license delivery is now available in most countries.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise recommends purchasing electronic products over physical products (when available) for faster delivery and for the convenience of not tracking and managing confidential paper licenses. For more information, contact your reseller or an HPE representative.

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Summary With the HPE All-Wireless Workplace, HPE ProLiant m710p Server Cartridges with Intel graphics can drive rich and fluid Citrix HDX desktops and applications, delivered wirelessly by Aruba Networks wireless access points. These desktops and applications can be securely accessed from any device, at any time, from anywhere within the campus network. Allowing users more access to their desktops and applications can increase productivity and open up collaboration between employees, who used to be tethered to their desks. This all-wireless infrastructure can give users an experience that is virtually identical to a native experience, without the cumbersome wired connection.

Implementing a proof-of-concept As a matter of best practice for all deployments, Hewlett Packard Enterprise recommends implementing a proof-of-concept using a test environment that matches as closely as possible with the planned production environment. In this way, appropriate performance and scalability characterizations can be obtained.

For help with a proof-of-concept, contact an HPE Services representative (hpe.com/us/en/services/consulting.html) or your HPE partner.

For more information HPE Moonshot for Citrix Integration Guide HPE Moonshot Networking Cookbook Operating System Deployment on HPE ProLiant Moonshot Server Cartridges HPE Moonshot Integration with Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager HPE Sizer for Citrix Mobile Workspace Aruba 7000 Series Cloud Services Controller Data Sheet ArubaOS Data Sheet Aruba 220 Series Access Points Data Sheet Aruba VisualRF Plan To help us improve our documents, please provide feedback at hp.com/solutions/feedback.

Learn more at hpe.com/us/en/servers/moonshot.html Sign up for updates

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4AA6-2812ENW, November 2015

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