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«To cite this version: Aihua Yuan. Latest Permian Deep-Water Ostracod (Crustacea) Fauna from South China. Pa- leontology. Universit´ Pierre et Marie ...»

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Latest Permian Deep-Water Ostracod (Crustacea)

Fauna from South China

Aihua Yuan

To cite this version:

Aihua Yuan. Latest Permian Deep-Water Ostracod (Crustacea) Fauna from South China. Pa-

leontology. Universit´ Pierre et Marie Curie - Paris VI, 2008. English. NNT : 2008PA06262.



HAL Id: tel-00812782


Submitted on 12 Apr 2013

HAL is a multi-disciplinary open access L’archive ouverte pluridisciplinaire HAL, est archive for the deposit and dissemination of sci- destin´e au d´pˆt et ` la diffusion de documents e eo a entific research documents, whether they are pub- scientifiques de niveau recherche, publi´s ou non, e lished or not. The documents may come from ´manant des ´tablissements d’enseignement et de e e teaching and research institutions in France or recherche fran¸ais ou ´trangers, des laboratoires c e abroad, or from public or private research centers. publics ou priv´s.

e Université Pierre et Marie Curie Ecole Doctorale Géosciences et Ressources Naturelles Université de Géosciences de Wuhan Thèse de Doctorat Faune d'Ostracodes (Crustacea) d'eau profonde du Permien Terminal de Chine du Sud par Yuan Aihua Soutenue le 28 mai 2008 à Wuhan, Province de Hubei, R.P. de Chine Devant la commission d'examen Président: Pr. Yin Hongfu Directeurs de thèses: Dr. Sylvie Crasquin Pr. Feng Qinglai Examinateurs: Pr. Jean Broutin Pr. Tong Jinnan Pr. Zhang Kexin Pr. Zhang Xionghua 巴黎皮埃尔&玛 丽 ·居里大学 地球科学 与 自然资 源博士生院 中国 地质 大学 (武汉 ) 博士学位论文 华 南晚 二叠 世末期深水相 介形虫动 物群研 究 博士生:袁 爱 华 答辩委员会组成: 主 席:殷鸿 福 教 授 导 师:冯 庆 来 教 授 Sylvie Crasquin 研 究员 成 员:Jean Broutin 教 授 童金南 教 授 张 克信 教 授 张 雄华 教 授 二○○八年五月二十八日 A Dissertation Submitted for the Doctor Degree of Science University of Pierre & Marie Curie Doctorate School of Geosciences & Natural Resources China University of Geosciences (Wuhan) Latest Permian Deep-Water Ostracod (Crustacea) Fauna from South China

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我以诚信声明: 本人所呈交的博士学位论文是在导师指导和相关项目资助下开展 研究工作所取得的成果,文中所研究的华南晚二叠世深水相地层介形虫 化石均系本人与课题组成员共同采集得到的原始资料,涉及介形虫的属 种鉴定、古环境分析和灭绝方面的讨论均系本人独立完成;所引用他人 思路、方法、观点、成果均在参考文献或脚注中进行了明确标示,所引 用他人数据、图件等原始资料均已征得所有者同意,并在文中相应引用 处做了详细标注,在引用前人资料基础上进行相应修改的部分也进行了 说明;对本论文的顺利完成提供过帮助的相关人员也已在文中进行了说 明并致以谢意。 学位论文作者(签字):

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2003-2008, Laborotory of Micropaleontology, University of Pierre & Marie Curie, Paris, France;

Faculty of Earth Sciences, China University of Geosciences (Wuhan), Wuhan, P. R. China.

Doctor of Science (Micropaleontology; Paleontology&Stratigraphy) 1999-2003, Faculty of Earth Sciences, China University of Geosciences (Wuhan), Wuhan, P. R. China.

Bachelor of Science (Geology) Participated Projects : Programme de Recherch Avancée (France & China) (PRA ST03-01) French ECLIPSE 2 and PICS-CNRS (3361) National Natural Science Foundation of China (40232025, 40730209) Project of China Petroleum & Chemical Cooperation (G0800-06-ZS-319)

Academic Activities:

2006/06/17-06/21 2nd International Palaeontological Congress (abstract, report & poster) 2006/12/04-12/09 21 eme Réunion des Sciences de la Terre de la France (


& report) 2007/06/21-06/24 16th International Congress of Carboniferous-Permian (poster) 2007/09/14-09/17 24th Annual Conference of Palaeontological Society of China (abstract & report)


Yuan Aihua, Crasquin-Soleau Sylvie, Feng Qinglai & Gu Songzhu., 2007. Latest Permian deep-water ostracods from southwestern Guangxi, South China. Journal of Micropalaeontology, 26:169-191.

Yuan Aihua, Zhu Zongmin, Lin Wenjiao, Liu Yuyan. Susceptibility study on the boundary of terrestrial Permian-Triassic in Ningwu, Shanxi Province. Geological Science and Technology Information, 2003, 22(3): 37-40.

Gui Biwen, Feng Qinglai, Yuan Aihua. Late Changhsingian (latest Permian) radiolarian from Chaohu, Anhui. Earth Science—Journal of China University of Geosciences. submitted Liu Yuyan, Zhu Zongmin, Yuan Aihua, Deng Shenghui, Liu Benpei, Gui Renju, Zheng Hongrui. Remagnetization in shanxi area and its implications in the boundary between Permian and Triassic. Acta Geoscientica Sinica, 2004, 25(4):437-442.

Liu Yuyan, Lin Wenjiao, Zhu Zongmin, Yuan Aihua. Geomagnetic polarity reversal records and susceptibility variations of the laterite in South China. Geological Science and Technology Information, 2003, 22(3):33-36.

Feng Qinglai, Meng Youyan, He Weihong, Gui Biwen, Yuan Aihua, Liu Guichun, 2007. Discovery of Asphalt in the Upper Permian Reef Limestone in Liuqiao, Guangxi. Earth Science—Journal of China University of Geosciences, 32(6): 868-870.

Yuan Aihua, Crasquin-Soleau Sylvie, Feng Qinglai, Gu Songzhu, 2006. Latest Permian ostracods from Southwestern Guangxi, South China. In: Yang Qun, Wang Yongdong & Weldon Elizabeth A. Ancient life and modern approaches — Abstracts of the Second International Palaeontological Congress (2006, Beijing, China). Hefei: University of Science and Technology of China Press.

Yuan Aihua, Crasquin-Soleau Sylvie, Feng Qinglai & Gu Songzhu, 2006. Ostracodes profondes du Permien terminal de Chine du Sud. Résumé pour 21 eme Réunion des Sciences de la Terre (RST) de Dijon.

Yuan Aihua, Feng Qinglai, Crasquin-Soleau Sylvie. Late Permian ostracods from the deep water strata of Guangxi and Guizhou, South China. Abstract Volume of the 24th annual conference of Palaeontological Society of China, 29-30.

Nanjing: Palaeontological Society of China.

Main Scholarship:

Bourse du Gouvernement Français (2005680), 2005-2008 Foundation of China Scholarship Council (2007U41025), 2007-2008 Scholarship of “Climb in the field of Geosciences”, Chinese Academy of Sciences, 2002 Scholarship of “Golden spike”(Permian-Triassic Boundary), China University of Geosciences (Wuhan), 2002

Main Awards:

Excellent thesis of China University of Geosciences (Wuhan), 2008 Excellent Graduate of China University of Geosciences (Wuhan), 2008 Excellent Awards, Ministry of Education, P.R. China, 2003 Excellent Awards, student cadre, China University of Geosciences (Wuhan), 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003 “Honorary life member of military band”, China University of Geosciences (Wuhan), 2002 Acknowledgement This dissertation is jointly supervised by University of Pierre & Marie Curie (UPMC) and China University of Geosciences (Wuhan) (CUG). By which means, I would like to express my sincere thanks to all people in both countries who have supported me, supervised me, helped me and encouraged me during these five years.

My tutors At first, I would like to say “Thank you” to my two tutors, Dr. Sylvie Crasquin-Soleau and Prof.

Feng Qinglai, for their wise supervision. They witness my walking out of the mistiness in the research.

They pull me over of the low tide. They prop me up to be energetic and confident in my study and life.

In November 2004, I met with my French tutor, Dr. Sylvie Crasquin-Soleau, for the first time at the Wuhan Airport. We did not know each other at all then. But after four years, she has been the person who knows me the best about my ostracod study. I would like to thank her for her patience on so many crabbed sentences in my manuscripts, for her efficiency on revising thousands of pages and for her tolerance on my immature ideas. There is nobody else than her who devoted so much time and energy on my thesis. In the research, she supervised me not only the method but also the attitude. She usually says that we do what we can with what we have. She taught me that the researcher must be very cautious and responsible for his work and respect the peer researches. It is the duty for scientific researchers to present a completely reliable and precise science to readers. She also willingly offered a lot of help for my overseas life and guided me in the daily life. I will not forget, in the darkest time before the sunrise, she moved me by the “April 1 birthday” gift.

During the past five years, Prof. Feng encouraged me to participate in several projects and offered me the opportunity of overseas study. Upon his support and encouragement, I was granted by the French Government Scholarship, which assured my 20-months study in France. His academic idea, research passion and precise attitude greatly promote my study. In numerous discussions, I was sobered down by his suggestion and “criticism”. I was cognizant my shortage and further defined the advancing direction. He supervised me not only in my study but also in my life. He inculcated me with his own experience in humanness and career. I will never forget his selfless help.

Both institutions My work and my progress are inseparably from the support of the Laboratory of Micropaleontology (UPMC) and Department of Geobiology (CUG). Both departments offered me the best and developed experiment conditions and friendly environments. The people in both departments gave me kind help in my research and life.

I would like to thank the people in UPMC:

——Prof. Jean Broutin gave me a lot of help in my overseas life. He met me and set me off at the airport. His family invited me to their house in the weekends and introduced me a lot about France.

I will never forget the picnic in his sunshiny garden ——Prof. Françoise Boudan, Prof. Fabrizo Cecca, Mme. Marie-Thérèse Carrouget and Mme.

Monique Troy for their support in the administrative procedures and wise suggestions in my research ——Dr. Edwige Masure for her care and help all along my stay in France ——Mme. Marie-Alice Lançon for her friendly help in references searching and collecting ——Dr. Silvia Gardin for her patience and advices on revising my oral presentation for the RST

I would like to thank the people in CUG:

——Prof. Yin Hongfu, Prof.Gong Yiming, Prof. Tong Jinnan, Prof. Lai Xulong, Prof. Xie Shucheng, Prof. Zhang Kexin and Prof. Wang Yongbiao for their wise instruction and kind help for my study ——Prof. Liu Yuyan for his selfless advices in my life during the past seven years ——Prof. Zhou Xiugao for his first guide on my ostracod taxonomy ——Prof. Wu Shunbao for his kind help and experienced instruction in field work ——Dr. Gu Songzhu and Dr. He Weihong for their help and suggestion during these five years.

They are teachers and good models in my research and close friends in my life ——Dr. Yu Jianxin, who spent the hardest time together with me in France. She is my teacher in China but my close comrade and friend in France. As a teacher, she taught me a lot in research and offered me important references. In the overseas life, we supported each other, helped each other and took care of each other. I will never forget that late night when she came to see me after taking 40 minutes’ subway just because she did not hear from me and worried about me ——Mme. Zhang Suxin in the State Key Laboratory of Lithosphere Evolution and Mineral Resources, who taught me the operation of Scanning Electonic Microscope and provided me a lot of convenience in my scanning work My schoolmates In France, during the three years, I met many schoolmates. They gave me numerous help in my overseas life. With their care, I did not feel alone at all in the foreign country. Joseph, Benjamin, Jean-Nazaire and Marie-Bienvenue are the first schoolmates that I knew in UPMC. I still remember very well and miss the lunch time that we spent together everyday. During the last six months in France, I contracted firm friendship with the lovely girls, Marie-Béatrice, Isabelle, Marie-Emilie, Carine, Dorothée and Gayané, in the laboratory. I would like to thank them for their kind help and great understanding to me. My life became colorful and happy together with them. I cannot forget the Christmas time at Marie-Béatrice’s, the gymnastics time that we have had together, the set-off diner they held for me and so much interesting chat with them during the spare time. I was moved by the delicate gifts that they secretly prepared for me. Especially when I met with difficulties in the life, their friendly and sincere attention gave me strength and courage. Their care drove out my unhappiness.

They are happy angels in my overseas life.

I would like to thank all the CUG office fellows. During the five years, I have the chance to contract friendship with many sessions of schoolmates in the office. My status changes from the youngest to the eldest. Despite the difference of age, we got along very well and spent a lot of joyful time together. Our office looks like a united family. The graduated schoolmates Meng Youyan, Zhang Fan, Jin Yuxi, Zhang Liyuan and Zhang Hongliang helped me in my study and life as the elder sisters and brothers. The schoolmates Peng Xingfang, Yang Wenqiang, Peng Fan, Gui Biwen, Zhao Liang, Wu Jun, Liu Guichun, Zhang Yang, Lü Xiaodong, Zhang Muhui, Wang Weijie and Zhang Lei, although younger than me, they also help and support me in my study. Their enthusiasm and curiousness greatly urge me to advance. In all, the five years is a memorable time in my life. I will never forget the time that we spent together in the field, our laboratory, our office and restaurants. I will never forget the birthday party that they held for me and will cherish the gifts that they gave me.

My family I cannot forget my parents. During the past five years, they successively left me forever. They have done their best to my growth for 24 years, but I have no opportunity to give back my love to them.

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