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5. Diachronism of extinction along with paleoenvironment and paleogeography The comparison of the “extinction” horizon, between the Dongpan and Meishan Sections, indicated that the “extinction” took place earlier in the Dongpan section (Major extinction horizon of the Meishan Section following Jin et al. (2000); stratigraphical correlation between the Dongpan and Meishan Sections according to Feng et al. (2007) and Zhang et al. (2007a, b)). The Chaohu fauna, yielded in the deep water environments (although shallower than the Dongpan Section), declined rapidly in diversity and abundance at the corresponding horizon of the Meishan Major extinction. Then it can be inferred not only the paleoenvironment but also the paleogeography played an important role in the “extinction” process of the ostracod faunas.

The delay of “extinction” in the Meishan Section may indicate that the deep water area was earlier affected by the catastrophic events, such as the anoxia. The reason resulting in the similarities and 142 Yuan Aihua: Latest Permian Deep-Water Ostracod (Crustacea) Fauna from South China 2008/5 differences by the paleogeography is still pendent. However, without doubt, the variety of “extinction” between the different paleoenvironments and paleogeographical localities, indicates the necessity of the research on deep water ostracods, comparing the shallow water contemporaries with relatively abundant data (although systematic collation and revision are necessary).

§6.2 Perspectives

This work has opened up the study and acquired the primary understanding on Late Permian deep water ostracod faunas in South China. However, more additional work is needed for comprehensively cognizing the Late Permian deep water ostracods and further draw a general conclusion on Late Permian ostracods from different paleoenvironments and regions. Reflecting upon this study, the following perspectives could be carried out in the future work.

1. Systematic collation and revision for previous data In this work, all the comparisons of the species between this dissertation and previous studies are built on the assumption that the identification in previous studies are correct. In fact, during the identification, there are sorts of subjective and objective factors. The assignation of some specimens, especially some in very poor preservation, is in disagreement, which greatly distorts the objectivity of the comparison. Thus the systematic collation and revision is imperative.

In addition, the precise stratigraphical correlations are another difficulty in the present work. Take the Meishan Section for example, the ostracod study in Shi & Chen (1987) was sampled according to the stratigraphical division by Zhao et al. (1981) which is different from the accepted system at present.

Thus it seems difficult to confirm the ostracod occurrences and further influences the comparison between the faunas. Consequently, the stratigraphical correlation of previous sections should be scheduled in the ostracod studies. It is also suggested that the future ostracod studies had better be carried out along with the stratigraphical studies.

2. Extend the studies in stratigraphical interval, different paleoenvironments and paleogeographical localities As mentioned in the preface, there are two main problems restricting the Late Permian ostracod study. This dissertation has been attempted in the first problem, i.e. the study on deep water ostracod faunas. The second problem is the studied interval. In the previous studies, the too short studied interval made it difficult to trace the ostracod extinction and recovery in the Permian-Triassic events.

Crasquin-Soleau et al. (2007) proposed the extinction and recovery process of shallow water ostracods.

It seems the ostracods have begun the extinction from the Wuchiapingian and the recovery continued until the early Anisian. But this proposition was based on synthesizing the data scattered in different 143 2008/5 PhD dissertation of University of Pierre Marie Curie & China University of Geosciences (Wuhan) regions and geological times. The systematic ostracod study is necessary in the sections with complete interval spanning from the Wuchiapingian to the Anisian.

This dissertation highlights the differences of ostracod faunas between different paleoenvironments and paleogeographical localities. But the present data are still far from the comprehensive understanding. For example, in this study, the studied sections were located in the Yunnan-Guizhou-Guangxi basin and Lower Yangtze basin, between which the Middle Yangtze regions were not investigated. The “lack” of data in paleogeography makes it insufficient to summarize the whole characters of Late Permian ostracod faunas.

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