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«To cite this version: Aihua Yuan. Latest Permian Deep-Water Ostracod (Crustacea) Fauna from South China. Pa- leontology. Universit´ Pierre et Marie ...»

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Appendix 1: Index of figures and tables Remarks: There are 36 figures and 24 tables in this thesis. All figures cited or modified from other literatures have been indicated the derivation. Figures without illustration are from our own research.

Fig.1-A: Geographical and geological sketch map of South China (after Wang, 2004, Fig. 1.1;

Lehrmann et al., 2005, Fig.1) Fig.1-B: Sketch map showing the Changhsingian basins of South China and studied sections in this work (after Wang et al., 1994; Wang, 2004) Fig.1-1-A: (a) Location of the Dongpan Section and the Liuqiao Section (after Yuan et al., 2007); (b) The photo of the Dongpan Section; (c) Geological map showing the investigated sections: 1. Dongpan Section; 2. Liuqiao Section; 3. Xichang Section; 4. Paibi Section; 5. Balong Section.

Fig.1-1-B: Location of the Shaiwa Section (modified after Gao et al., 2005 and Chen et al., 2006) Fig.1-1-C: (a) Geographic location of the Chaohu Section (modified after Tong & Zhao, 2005); (b) The photo of the Chaohu Section; (3) Geologic location of the Chaohu Section (modified after Tong & Zhao, 2005).

Fig. 1-2: Stratigraphic correlation between the Liuqiao Section, Dongpan Section, Meishan Section and Chaohu Section. The Meishan Section shares the common scale with the Chaohu Section (Meishan Section after Yin & Lu, 2006) Fig. 2-1-1: Ostracod soft parts. (a) sketch of a Cypridinidae female; (b) SEM picture of a male (antenna, maxilla and fifth limb removed ); (c) sketch of a biramous appendage (madibula of Harbansus barnardi Kornicker, 1978 (Myodocopida, Sarsielloidea), female), not to scale (after Cohen & Morin, 1993;

Kornicker, 1978; Hinz-Schallreuter & Schallreuter, 1999) Fig. 2-1-2-A: chart showing ostracod ontogeny (modified after Hinz-Schallreuter & Schallreuter, 1999 and Ikeya & Kato, 2000) 162 Yuan Aihua: Latest Permian Deep-Water Ostracod (Crustacea) Fauna from South China 2008/5 Fig. 2-1-2-B: transverse section and marginal structure of ostracod carapace (modified from Scott, 1961;

Harding, 1965; Pokorny, 1978) Fig. 2-1-3-A: measurements of a Bairdia carapace.

Fig. 2-1-3-B: morphological features of the lateral surface ((a) Bairdia sp.4 sensu Yuan & Crasquin-Soleau from Dongpan section, right lateral view of valve; (b) Kellettinidae indet. from Liuqiao section, in right lateral view of valve).

Nomenclature referred to Scott (1961). MA: mid-anterior; MP: mid-posterior; M: median; MD:

mid-dorsal; AD: anterodorsal; PD: posterodorsal; MV: mid-ventral; AV: anteroventral; PV:

posteroventral; AM: anteromedian; PM: posteromedian; DM: dorsomedian; VM: ventromedian.

Fig. 2-1-3-C: examples of carapace overlap ((a) Bairdia dongpanensis Yuan & Crasquin-Soleau, 2007 from Dongpan section, LVRV, right lateral view of carapace; (b) Cyathus ceparata (Guan 1978) from Tieqiao section. RVLV, left lateral view of carapace; (c) from Tieqiao section. LVRV, dorsal view of carapace; (d) Fabalicypris cf. minuta Cooper, 1946 sensu Yuan et al. (2007), LVRV, ventral view of carapace). Scale bar is 100µm.

Fig. 2-1-3-D: sketch of preplete (a), amplete (b) and postplete (c) carapace.

Fig. 2-1-3-E: cardinal angles of Permoyoungiella ?sp.1 sensu Yuan et al. (2007), right lateral view of valve. Scale bas is 100µm.

Fig. 2-1-3-F: sketch showing common ornamentation for ostracod shell. (modified after Scott, 1961) Fig. 2-1-3-G: some examples of ornamentations. All specimens from this work ((a) Aurikirkbya cf.

ultima (Kozur, 1985), right lateral view of valve; (b) Permokegelites cf. beichuanensis Becker & Wang, 1992 sensu Yuan & Crasquin-Soleau 2007, right lateral view of valve; (c) left lateral view of carapace;

(d) right lateral view of carapace; (e) Paraberounella ?cf. laterospina Kozur, 1991 sensu Yuan et al.

2007, left lateral view of valve; (f) Spinomicrocheilinella anterocompressa Yuan & Crasquin-Soleau, 2007, right lateral view of carapace; (g) Petasobairdia bicornuta Chen, 1982, left lateral view of valve;

(h) Macronotella ? sp.1 sensu Yuan et al. 2007, left lateral view of carapace; (i) ?Libumella athabascensis Green, 1963 sensu Yuan et al. 2007, right lateral view of valve; (j) Denticupachydomella spinosa n.gen.n.sp., left lateral view of valve; (k) Hollinella sp., right lateral view of valve; (l) Monoceratina sp.1 sensu Yuan et al. 2007, right lateral view of valve. Scale bas is 100µm.

–  –  –

Fig. 2-1-4-A: measurements for ostracod with different outlines. The red dashed indicates the hinge line.

Fig. 2-1-4-B: comparison of measurements Lb and Lh.

Lb: maximum length parallel to hinge line; Lh: maximum length parallel to basal line; Ha: vertical distance between anterior extremity and basal line; Lp: vertical distance between posterior extremity and basal line; angle h&b: the angle between hinge line and basal line.

Fig. 2-2 shows the complete procedures of hot-acetolysis.

A: sample crushing; B: sample dehydration in heater; C: sample acidization; D: acid recycling and residua rinsing with a battery of three sieves; E: residua dehydration; F: hand picking and sorting under a binocular stereoscope; G: stubs prepared for scanning.

Fig. 3-1-A Ostracod distribution in the Dongpan Section.

Fig. 3-1-B Ostracod distribution in the Liuqiao Section.

Fig. 3-1-C Ostracod distribution in the Shaiwa Section.

Fig. 3-1-D Ostracod distribution in the Chaohu Section.

Fig.4-1 Sketch map showing the marine zonation (after Yin et al., 1995, Fig.1-4).

Fig.4-2-A Diagram showing the triangular model proposed by Lethiers & Raymond (1991) (after Lethiers & Raymond, 1991).

Fig.4-2-B Proportions of paleopsychrospheric, bairdiid and other neritic species by sub-bed (14 valid horizons according to the statistics standard of triangular model) along the Dongpan Section.

Fig.4-2-C Projecting based on the Dongpan ostracod compositions by sub-bed (14 valid horizons according to the statistics standard of triangular model) in the triangular diagram.

Fig.4-2-D Projecting according to the Shaiwa (2 valid horizons) and Liuqiao (3 valid horizons) ostracod composition in the triangular diagram.

Fig.4-3-A Comparison of oxygen-level reconstruction based on different methods (grey zones indicate the interval of oxygen deficiency; curves of V/Cr and Ce modified from He et al., 2007; foraminifer and trace fossils data from group work).

164 Yuan Aihua: Latest Permian Deep-Water Ostracod (Crustacea) Fauna from South China 2008/5 Fig.4-3-B The percentage of filter-feeding ostracod species and approximately calculated oxygen levels in relationship to paleoenvironments and individual abundance proposed by Lethiers & Whatley (1994).

Fig.4-3-C Diagram showing changes in the percentage of filter-feeders in the Dongpan Section (19 valid sub-beds) (the data of oxygen level according to Lethiers & Whatley, 1994).

Fig.4-3-D Comparison of oxygen-level reconstruction interpreted by ostracods and other analyses (grey zones indicate the interval of oxygen deficiency; the data of oxygen level in the column of ostracod according to Lethiers & Whatley, 1994).

Fig.5-2-A Stratigraphical distribution of ostracod genera in the Dongpan and Liuqiao Sections (the black dasheds mark the three special horizons, i.e. LQ16, top of 03DP5-bottom of 03DP6 and 03DP10 from the bottom up; the red dasheds indicate the genera which have been reported from the Triassic strata in previous studies).

Fig.5-2-B Stratigraphical distribution of ostracod species in the Dongpan and Liuqiao Sections (the black dasheds marks the two apparent extinction horizons proposed in this work; the red dasheds indicate the species compared to the Triassic elements).

Fig.5-2-C Comparison of the extinction horizon between the Dongpan, Meishan and Chaohu Sections.

Tab.1-1 Geographic location and studied strata of the other investigated sections in this work Tab. 2-1-3-A Some common ornamentations of ostracods Tab. 2-1-4-A Common criteria for distinguishing the anterior and posterior of ostracods Tab. 2-1-4-B Common criteria for distinguishing the dorsal and ventral of ostracods Tab. 2-1-5-A Milestones of ostradological development in the early times (before 1961) Tab. 2-1-5-B Classification adopted in this work (mainly modified after Moore, 1961) Tab. 2-1-5-C Common criteria for ostracod identification in different levels Tab. 2-2-A Date sheet used during ostracod picking

–  –  –

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