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«Sketch and text by Robert H. Hays, Jr. - Worth, Illinois, USA December 31, 2014 02:08-02:34 UT, 15 cm refl, 170x, seeing 8/10 I sketched this crater ...»

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EDITED BY: Wayne Bailey wayne.bailey@alpo-astronomy.org

17 Autumn Lane, Sewell, NJ 08080

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Sketch and text by Robert H. Hays, Jr. - Worth, Illinois, USA

December 31, 2014 02:08-02:34 UT, 15 cm refl, 170x, seeing 8/10 I sketched this crater and vicinity on the evening of Dec. 30/31, 2014 after the moon hid ZC 355; 31 Arietis was hidden later near moonset. Turner is a modest crater well southeast of Copernicus, where Oceanus Procellarum, Mare Nubium and Sinus Aestuum merge. Turner itself is a neat, crisp crater with a noticeable raised rim. Turner F to the west is a smaller version of Turner. A low partial ring is between these craters. This feature has a fairly obvious, nearly straight northwest rim with low extensions toward the east and south. Any nominal east rim would probably have been obliterated by Turner. The small pit Turner A is northwest of Turner F; a shadowless bright patch is between these craters. The large mountain Fra Mauro eta is west of Turner F. Two round domelike hills are near the ends of this elongated peak. A ray-like streak is between Turner F and the hill near the south end of Fra Mauro eta. Turner H is the tiny pit south of Turner, and lies nearly in the shadow of the V-shaped peak Turner nu. Three substantial hills are southwest of Turner and south of Turner F. One of them is Fra Mauro delta. It's hard to tell which one, judging from the Lunar Quadrant map, but it may be the farthest south of this trio. That one is the largest of the group and has the darkest shadowing.



MAY-JUNE 2015 (UT) 2015 UT May 01 09:50 Moon Ascending Node 04 03:42 Full Moon 05 16:18 Moon-Saturn: 2.1° S 07 13:39 Moon South Dec.: 18.3° S 11 10:36 Last Quarter 14 20:37 Moon Descending Node 15 00:23 Moon Perigee: 366000 km 18 04:13 New Moon 20 09:41 Moon North Dec.: 18.4° N 25 17:19 First Quarter 26 22:12 Moon Apogee: 404200 km 28 14:40 Moon Ascending Node Jun 01 20:02 Moon-Saturn: 2° S 02 16:19 Full Moon 03 21:10 Moon South Dec.: 18.4° S 09 15:42 Last Quarter 10 04:39 Moon Perigee: 369700 km 10 23:29 Moon Descending Node 16 14:05 New Moon 16 19:47 Moon North Dec.: 18.5° N 20 11:28 Moon-Venus: 6.3° N 23 17:01 Moon Apogee: 404100 km 24 11:03 First Quarter 24 17:23 Moon Ascending Node 29 01:27 Moon-Saturn: 2.1° S 2 AN INVITATION TO JOIN THE A.L.P.O.

The Lunar Observer is a publication of the Association of Lunar and Planetary Observers that is available for access and participation by nonmembers free of charge, but there is more to the A.L.P.O. than a monthly lunar newsletter. If you are a nonmember you are invited to join our organization for its many other advantages.

We have sections devoted to the observation of all types of bodies found in our solar system. Section coordinators collect and study members’ observations, correspond with observers, encourage beginners, and contribute reports to our Journal at appropriate intervals.

Our quarterly journal, The Strolling Astronomer, contains the results of the many observing programs which we sponsor including the drawings and images produced by individual amateurs. Additional information about the A.L.P.O. and its Journal is on-line at: http://www.alpo-astronomy.org. I invite you to spend a few minutes browsing the Section Pages to learn more about the fine work being done by your fellow amateur astronomers.

To learn more about membership in the A.L.P.O. go to: http://www.alpoastronomy.org/main/member.html which now also provides links so that you can enroll and pay your membership dues online.

2015 ALPO CONVENTION The 2015 ALPO Convention will be held in Las Cruces, NM Monday –Saturday, July 6-11,

2015.in conjunction with the Astronomical League’s ALCON2015. Details are available in the Spring 2015 issue of the Journal of the ALPO (vol. 57 #2). Registration, schedule and accommodation information is available on the ALCON2015 website (alcon2015.astroleague.org). Las Cruces is the home of Walter Haas, the ALPO’s founder, who recently passed away. There will be a special tribute to Walter at the Star-B-Que on Friday evening.

There will be a separate session for ALPO papers. You are encouraged to submit a paper for presentation. The Spring JALPO includes instructions for submission.

3 When submitting observations to the A.L.P.O. Lunar Section In addition to information specifically related to the observing program being addressed, the following

data should be included:

Name and location of observer Name of feature Date and time (UT) of observation Size and type of telescope used Magnification (for sketches) Filter (if used) Medium employed (for photos and electronic images) Orientation of image: (North/South - East/West) Seeing: 1 to 10 (1-Worst 10-Best) Transparency: 1 to 6 Full resolution images are preferred-it is not necessary to compress, or reduce the size of images. Additional commentary accompanying images is always welcome. Items in bold are required. Submissions lacking this basic information will be discarded.

Digitally submitted images should be sent to both Wayne Bailey – wayne.bailey@alpo-astronomy.org Jerry Hubbell –jerry.hubbell@alpo-astronomy.org and


FOCUS ON: Mare Tranquillitatis Focus on is a bi-monthly series of articles, which includes observations received for a specific feature or class of features. The subject for the July 2015 edition will be Mare Tranquillitatis, including its surface and margins. Observations at all phases and of all kinds (electronic or film based images, drawings, etc.) are welcomed and invited. Keep in mind that observations do not have to be recent ones, so

search your files and/or add this to your observing list and send your favorites to (both):

Wayne Bailey - wayne.bailey@alpo-astronomy.org Jerry Hubbell –jerry.hubbell@alpo-astronomy.org Deadline for inclusion in the Mare Tranquillitatis article is June 20, 2015

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4 Focus On: Rimae Sirsalis Jerry Hubbell Acting Assistant Coordinator Lunar Topographical Studies Rimae Sirsalis is a very interesting formation, along with craters Sirsalis and Sirsalis A, which look like twins in that they overlap and are very much the same size (41 km and 42 km in diameter, respectively) (Figures 1 & 2).

Rimae Sirsalis is a lunar rille. It is located at 15.7°S

61.7°W and is 426 km long. It cuts across highlands almost exclusively. The rille starts at the edge of Oceanus Procellarum, near the modest crater Sirsalis from which it gets its name, and proceeds directly away from the mare, Figure 1. Rimae Sirsalis, Jerry Hubbell, Locust Grove, VA.

01/07/2012 0017 UTC, 0.13-m refractor, 4x Televue Powermate, DMK21AU04 video camera, multiple stack/1000 frames, North:UP, East:RIGHT, Colongitude: 67.8 degrees, Transparency 8/10, Seeing 4/5.

–  –  –

SIRSALIS - Howard Eskildsen, Ocala, Florida, USA. December 30, 2009 01:32 UT. Seeing 8/10, Transparency 4/6. Meade 6” f/8 refractor, 2x barlow, no filter, DMK 41AU02.AS.

–  –  –

RIMAE SIRSALIS – Richard Hill – Tucson, Arizona, USA February 16, 2011 04:59 UT. Seeing 8/10. C-14 SCT, 2x barlow (f/22), DMK 21AU04.

UV/IR block filter.

–  –  –

RIMAE SIRSALIS. - Alberto Martos, Nieves Del Río, José Del Castillo, Eduardo Adarve & Jorge Arranz – Madrid, Spain.

April 2, 2015 23:00 UT. 20cm Newtonian reflector.

–  –  –



RAFAEL BENAVIDES – PORSADAS (CORDOBA), SPAIN. Digital images of Longomontanus & Moretus.

MAURICE COLLINS - PALMERSTON NORTH, NEW ZEALAND. Digital images of 5, 6, & 11 day Moon, Alexander, 5 day Earthshine, Gassendi, Posidonius, Sinus Iridum, & Theophilus(4).

HOWARD ESKILDSEN - OCALA, FLORIDA, USA. Digital images of Capuanus, Clavius, CopernicusEratosthenes, Kies, Rima Sirsalis & Sirsalis(3).

RICHARD HILL – TUCSON, ARIZONA, USA. Digital images of Cruger, Heraclitus & Rimae Sirsalis(3).



ARRANZ – MADRID, SPAIN. Digital images of Sirsalis(3).




–  –  –

MORETUS - Rafael Benavides, Posadas (Córdoba), Spain March 1, 2015 21:35 UT. C-11, 2x barlow. Seeing 7/10, transparency 5/6. DMK21AU618. Baader IR pass filter.

–  –  –

CAPUANUS & PALUS EPIDEMIARUM Howard Eskildsen, Ocala, Florida, USA. April 11, 2015 11:24 UT. Seeing 9/10, Transparency 3/6.

Mewlon 250, 1.4x barlow, W-25 red filter, DMK 41AU02.AS.

–  –  –

KIES-MARE NUBIUM - Howard Eskildsen, Ocala, Florida, USA. April 11, 2015 11:22 UT. Seeing 9/10, Transparency 3/6. Mewlon 250, 1.4x barlow, W-25 red filter, DMK 41AU02.AS.

–  –  –

HERACLITUS & STOFLER – Richard Hill – Tucson, Arizona, USA March 38, 2015 03:00 UT. Seeing 9/10.

TEC 8” f/20 Mak-Cass, SKYRIS 445M, 656.3 nm filter.

I had a very good night of 9/10 seeing on the 27/28th. This region caught my eye towards the end of the observing session mostly due to Heraclitus, the trilobite shaped crater. What was particularly eyecatching was the shadow on the floor of Heraclitus D. It formed a strong, stark crescent shadow, nearly a full circle. The mountain chain on the floor of the main crater was as always, striking. The large crater to the north is the great 129km Stofler, overlain to the lower right by Faraday which, in turn, is overlain by two very interesting irregularly shaped craters of 30-33km diameter.

To the right of these is one of our old friends, Maurolycus with several well defined young craters on its floor. Then to the right of Heraclitus is Cuvier, appropriate to have France's first true paleontologist next to a trilobte shaped crater! Directly below Heraclitus with a well defined central peak casting a long shadow, is the 63km Lilus At the top of the image is an unusual sideways teardrop shaped depression called Nonius. This is so interesting it may well be the subject of a future study. Just down and to the left, to the left of Stofler as well, is the shadow filled Miller, looking very deep in this lighting. Note that the whole area of this two image montage is peppered with 1-3 km scondary craterlets. A very busy selenoscape!



INA - Frank Melillo, Holtsville, NY, USA. Meade 10", Starlight Express MX-5. Left panel: April 26, 2015 00:30 UT. Seeing 6-7/10. Right panel: November 13, 2010 00:45 UT. Seeing 7/10.

Last night, I was looking for a Lunar X on the terminator. Somehow I wasn't too sure where it was. But I came across a possible sighting of Ina crater (left panel). It was just about sunrise where Ina crater (region) was located. Even though the condition was good, I think it was a bit too early to capture it clearly. The next night, it probably would be faintly visible. I had captured Ina Crater in 2010 (right panel & TLO October 2010). You can see the difference when Ina was more illuminated.



Coordinator – Dr. Anthony Cook – atc@aber.ac.uk Assistant Coordinator – David O. Darling - DOD121252@aol.com LTP NEWSLETTER – MAY 2015 Dr. Anthony Cook – Coordinator Observations from the following observers were received in March: Jay Albert (Lake Worth, FL, USA ALPO) observed: Aristarchus, Herodotus, Mare Humorum, Plato, Ross D, Torricelli B, and Tycho. Kevin Berwick (Ireland, ALPO) observed Mons Pico. Thomas Bianchi (Italy, UAI) imaged: Copernicus and Petavius.

Maurice Collins (New Zealand, ALPO) imaged: Aristarchus, Gassendi, Tycho, Langrenus, Mare Crisium, Mare Humboldtianum, Mare Orientale, Mare Smythii, Marius, Rupes Altai, Schickard, Sinus Iridum, Sinus Roris, and also made some whole Moon image mosaics. Alexandra Cook (Newtown, UK) imaged the solar eclipse.

Anthony Cook (Newtown, UK – BAA) imaged several features, videoed Earthshine, and imaged the solar eclipse. Marie Cook (Mundesley, UK – BAA) observed Alphonsus, Aristarchus, Cavendish, Gassendi, Plato, Proclus, Schickard, and Torricelli B. Brian Halls (Lancing, UK, BAA) imaged Alphonsus, Gassendi, and Picard. Rik Hill (Tucson, AZ, USA) imaged Heraclitius, and Triesnecker. Alun Jones (Aberystwyth University, UK) imaged the solar eclipse. Brendan Shaw (UK, BAA) imaged Aristarchus, Langrenus, Mons Piton, Oenopides, Schickard, and Torricelli B. Franco Taccogna (Italy, UAI) imaged Archimedes, Copernicus, and Proclus. Ivor Walton (Cranbrook, UK, CADSAS) imaged Torricelli. Paul Zeller (Indianapolis, IN, USA, ALPO) observed several features.

–  –  –

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