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«Winter Wonderland Quarterly Journal of the Wanganui Tramping Club (Inc) Tramper has a new Editor Our gratitude and ...»

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Wanganui Tramper

November 2016 – January 2017

Winter Wonderland

Quarterly Journal of the Wanganui Tramping Club (Inc)


Tramper has a new Editor

Our gratitude and thanks to Chris Maher who stepped in at short notice and

did a wonderful job with Tramper magazine. Jeanette Prier is your new


Jeanette has lived in Wanganui for nine years and has been tramping with

the club for three years.

It is timely to review the magazine’s format. No major changes are planned but we could reduce costs by limiting page numbers. For a start, we can avoid repetition and transfer some items to sep- arate guideline manuals and as well publish on the website.

From now on, please email all contributions to Jeanette at j.prier@paradise.net.nz No email? Handwritten contributions are perfectly acceptable. We’d like to see more gen- eral items too, snippets you think would be amusing and interesting.

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Cover: Ice formation. Looking towards Ngauruhoe August 2016

–  –  –

The months are hurtling by and we are fast approaching that time of year where life can get a bit out of kilter. With summer trips to look forward to, hopefully sanity will prevail and we can relax and enjoy our beautiful outdoors.

These last three months seem to have been a time of change:

Firstly a new editor for our Tramper. We wish Jeanette well as she takes on this (to me, daunting) task. A wonderful new club website is up and running, fresh and so 'alive'. Then there is the improved Facebook page. Thank you to those people who have helped make this happen.

We have more members helping to share the challenges and responsibilities of leading tramps. Please support and assist them as they learn the ropes.

Our club hut, Mangaturuturu, has had attention of late. The closing-in of the veranda (to keep the possums out) will have many benefits, one of which is creating another sheltered cooking area.

The Memorandum of Understanding has changed and this will be explained further by the Ohakune DoC representative Paul Carr at our November club night.

Then there is FMC's proposed Affiliation Fee increase. There has been no increase since 1996!

Finally, our thoughts are with our club members and the families who are currently coping with illness of their loved ones.

In Val‟s absence, I wish you many happy and safe hours in the outdoors.

Margret McKinnon, Acting President

–  –  –

Thursdays: A tramp every second Thursday. No bush bashing, generally over better tracks and a little easier. Planned and led by Earle Turner.

Coordinated by:

Barbara Gordon 348 9149, email barbarajgordon@xtra.co.nz

Coming months‟ Thursday trips will be on the following dates:

–  –  –

TT2’s (the second Thursday walk): Alternate Thursday mornings.

Leader Carolyn Shingleton 347 7644 will advise the meeting place and time. Easy, ideal for the more senior member / recovering from injury / or for that extra walk with companions.

–  –  –

Weekend DAY Tramps: Ask to be on the email list if you are interested in Saturday or Sunday day trips. Contact Dorothy Symes 345 7039 Mountain biking: Mountain bike trips are held from time to time. Enquiries to Mark Kennedy 343 1135 or 027 757 1888 Tuesday Biking (BOMBS): Depart from the I-Site 9.00am Tuesdays. Ask to be on the email list. Contact Barbara Gordon 348 9149.

–  –  –

What you will need Good waterproof clothing including leggings or over-trousers is necessary. Woolen balaclava or hat and suitable mittens or gloves are essential for mountain trips.

You should carry your own immediate first aid supplies. Check with the leader for more details of what is required for the trip. Take lunches for each day, and your drink requirements, plus emergency chocolate, sweets and/or scroggin. On overnight (s) trips, all other food is supplied by the leader.

–  –  –

Need help? We have a list template – ask Barbara or Dorothy.

For leaders without computers/email, phone details to Barbara 348 9149 or Dorothy 345 7039.

November 2016 to February 2017 Club Activities Note: Trip cost estimates are based on 8 cents per kilometre

–  –  –

Nov 26-29 Kaimanawa multi-day Basil and Tracey Hooper 346 5597 Sat-Tues A four day Kaimanawa walk starting with the Te Iringa track to Oamaru Hut, Boyds Hut, Cascade Hut and back out to Clements Mill Road.

Mod/fit Cost to be calculated.

–  –  –

January 12 Paloma Gardens, Fordell Esther 347 8456 or 021 0288 2368 Thurs The club has enjoyed the ambience of Paloma Gardens as the first social event of the year. Walk around themed gardens. Bring salads, plates, cutlery, drinks. The club will provide sausages. Let leader know by 10 January. Vans leave clubrooms at 5pm returning about 9pm.

Easy Entry $5, travel $2 - $3

–  –  –

November 2016 Quiz

1. How many permanent glaciers are there on Mt Ruapehu - 8, 18, 28?

2. Does the weather pattern known as El Nino cause wet weather on our west or east coast?

3. We like to walk the Old Coach Rd from Horopito because it is higher than Ohakune. How much higher - 150m, 170m or 200m?

4. The Murchison Mountains are in which national park?

5. Which country has more native forest - NZ or Japan?

6. Where would you find the Great Taste Trail, a new cycleway and walkway?

7. In Maori mythology, what was the first part of the North Island to emerge when Maui pulled it as a giant fish from the ocean?

8. What is the length of tracks maintained by DoC - over 10,000km, over 12,000km or over 14,000km?

9. Name the largest of genus pittosporum in NZ

10. With some 70 huts in the area behind this town, it has been called the Backcountry Hut Capital of NZ. Name the town.


–  –  –


There are five recorded air crashes in Egmont National Park. The first was a Gypsy Moth, which crashed into the Pouakai Ranges in September 1934. In October 1942 a RNZAF Airspeed Oxford twin-engine bomber flew into the Pouakai Ranges, killing four - the wreckage not being found until January 1974. An Avro Anson bomber crashed into the side of Mt Taranaki in September 1944, killing two, and a month later a Venturer bomber also hit the mountain, killing the five men aboard.

Even with the rise in pilot use of GPS navigation in recent times, weather conditions still claim the occasional aircraft. In November 2004 pilot Wayne Philip Stratford and his passenger, John Colin Hoskin, of Nelson, died when their Piper Seneca hit the crater.

Bad weather frustrated attempts to send police and rescue teams to the crash site, but about six days after the accident, 11 police and rescue experts were dropped at the summit by helicopter to begin clearing snow from the wreckage.

The Wanganui Tramping Club has visited the three air force plane crash sites in recent years - that of the Airspeed Oxford, Avro Anson and the Venturer.


Climbers returning from the summit of the world's tallest mountain say its most feared barrier, a colossal wall named for Sir Edmund Hillary, is no more. The Hillary Step was a 12m vertical rock face near the summit of Mt Everest. It was the last and most difficult challenge for climbers before the summit.

Hillary and Tenzing Norgay were the first to conquer the step in

1953. Hillary called it "the most formidable obstacle on the ridge."

But climbers returning from the summit say the step is now unrecognisable. It no longer requires climbing equipment and is now a leisurely stroll through thick snow.

17 17 The Wanganui Tramper November 2016 - January 2017 18 The Wanganui Tramper November 2016 - January 2017


Another Whanganui River trip beginning 30 December 2016 to 4 January 2017 for the six day event departing Cherry Grove, Taumarunui, ending Pipiriki. If a four day trip suits you, 1-4 January from Whakahoro. Led by Esther Williams: canoes, paddles, bailers and barrels supplied. You only need to bring personal gear. List available. Please book early.

Total cost for adult $350 for 6 days, $275 for 4 days approx. Young person $280 for 6 days, $205 for 4 days approx.

–  –  –

19 19 The Wanganui Tramper November 2016 - January 2017 Outdoors News Government funding for cycle trail extension The $2 million to extend the Mountains to Sea Cycle Trail from Turoa to Ohakune announced by Government is set to give the Ruapehu visitor industry a massive boost. The proposed new trail will be partially funded through the National Cycleway Fund. Prime Minister John Key said it will be up to 20km long and link with the existing Mountains to Sea Cycle Trail.

The alpine setting will make it a truly unique mountain biking experience and an exciting drawcard for tourists. Research shows it could boost the local economy by as much as $5.8 million in five years, he said.

The total cost of the extension is likely to be $4-5 million, therefore the local community will also need to contribute to the cost.

Given the extension will occur in a National Park, a National Park Management Plan Change is needed. This will require public consultation and community support. DoC will lead that process on behalf of the NZ Conservation Authority, Mr Key said.

Conservation initiatives Air New Zealand, DoC and local iwi have announced new conservation initiatives on three of the country’s Great Walks -- the Whanganui River Journey, the Heaphy Track and Lake Waikaremoana. The projects are an expansion of the Air New 20 The Wanganui Tramper November 2016 - January 2017 Zealand Great Walks Biodiversity Project.

Three new projects along the Whanganui River Journey, to be undertaken in conjunction with the Whitianga Papa Tupu Ora Trust, will focus on improving forest condition through intensified goat control, supporting native wildlife by establishing a network of selfresetting traps and researching kiwi population growth.

On the Heaphy Track work will centre on Gouland Downs – expanding an existing predator control trapping network to ten times its current size. This network will support an array of native wildlife, including great spotted kiwi/roa and blue duck/whio, and could pave the way for a new recovery site for critically endangered takahe. Rat and possum control work on Waikaremoana Great Walk will help protect many native species including parakeet/kakariki, grey duck, scaup, dabchick and beech mistletoes.

Smoother at Siberia Siberia Gorge, a notoriously difficult and cold section of the 22km Rimutaka Rail Trail, is now much smoother. Improvements to the rutted and rocky downhill gorge have brought it up to the standard of the rest of the popular trail. The gorge has long been the most rugged section. Cyclists have had to dismount and carry their bikes down the steep and narrow track, go over the Cross Creek stream and climb up the other side's similar steep and narrow track.

The gorge improvement was part of $80,000 of work on the trail recently completed.

Other remedial work included shaping and resurfacing the trail at the summit yards near the gorge and improving the 21 21 The Wanganui Tramper November 2016 - January 2017 track's drainage between the yards and the trail's main tunnel.

The Rimutaka trail recreation area is used by more than 30,000 walkers, runners and cyclists every year. It is also part of the 115km Rimutaka Cycle Trail, one of 22 Great Rides that make up the New Zealand Cycle Trail.

Plan to boost kiwi A plan to raise wild kiwi numbers to more than 100,000 by 2030 has been released by Conservation Minister Maggie Barry. The draft Kiwi Recovery Plan 2017-2027 sets a clear path forward for the conservation of our national bird.

Developed in collaboration with Kiwis for Kiwi, iwi, experts and NGOs, the plan has three high level goals: growing populations, maintaining genetic diversity and restoring the bird’s former distribution back into safe habitats throughout New Zealand. It focuses on growing the wild kiwi population and building on the work achieved under previous plans, rather than steadying or managing decline.

Wild kiwi numbers currently sit just below 70,000, with an ongoing decline of around two per cent a year caused mainly by predation from stoats and dogs. "Where kiwi are managed we can achieve a two per cent population growth. The challenge lies in scaling up those efforts and supporting them," Ms Barry says. The finalised plan will be released later in 2017.

Hydro plan under scrutiny DoC is seeking feedback on a decision to approve in principle an application from Westpower Ltd to construct and operate a hydro electric power scheme on the Waitaha River near Hari Hari on the 22 The Wanganui Tramper November 2016 - January 2017 West Coast. The proposal would be for a term of 49 years and would be subject to a number of special conditions. The proposal is being publicly notified and once this process has been completed and submissions taken into account, the final decision will be made.

The hydro scheme proposal is a run-of-river scheme. No instream storage (dam) is required for such a scheme. A weir and diversion Spotted after a tramp. Who has two right feet?

Answer page 29


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