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«Winter Wonderland Quarterly Journal of the Wanganui Tramping Club (Inc) Tramper has a new Editor Our gratitude and ...»

-- [ Page 2 ] --

1. 18 glaciers (in order to qualify for being a glacier, it must have an area of at least one hectare)

2. West

3. 170m

4. Fiordland National Park

5. Japan

6. Motueka

7. Mt Hikurangi

8. Over 14,000km -- 14,529 km to be precise

9. Tarata (lemonwood)

10. Hokitika

–  –  –

Landmarks … Margret McKinnon turned 70 in August and John McClintock achieves the same number in November.

George Neil also clocked up an anniversary in September. It was 10 years since his medical mishap in Egmont National Park which threatened to end his tramping career. But the ever resilient George bounced back and remains a regular Wednesday tramper.

Nice try, Brian, but no cigar. Brian Doughty finished 17th in a field of 33 for the 12 seats on Whanganui District Council, reminiscent of the failed attempt by another clubbie, Darrell Grace, a couple of decades ago.

"It wasn't on my agenda" says former midwife Margret McKinnon but she got a thrill when she delivered her latest great grandchild.

A nonstop drizzle all day at Sutherlands Bush had one guy moan about the track having become a stream. Jim retorted, "Shut up and get out your whitebait net."

A small chimney fire issue turned into a big occasion for Jacky Evans.

Firemen everywhere and lots of bootprints to clean up afterwards. Oh well, makes a good story, eh?

Poles apart: Esther Williams left her walking pole behind at the morning tea stop on the Wednesday walk up Mt Thompson. The crossover team coming the other way was asked to watch for it. They didn't find it but Bruce Thomas did find half a pole, maybe half a golf club.

–  –  –

“Thursday group” is way too dull a description. How about EAT -Earle‟s Adventure Tours”?

EAT Report #1: Katy G and her broken bone narrowly avoided a helicopter ride and the ignominy of one of those headlines “Elderly tramper rescued”. You‟re elderly if more than 15 years older than the journalist. Local farmer Sandy and his ute saved the day.

The demands of running Earle‟s Adventure Tours obviously weighs heavily on the CEO‟s shoulders. He managed to leave his pack – and lunch, and morning tea – in the van and was obliged to beg.

Andra Beck takes broken-bone second prize – tripped during a tramp and broke her wrist. And, proving that calamities come in threes, John Hamling managed to break a shoulder bone while ski-ing. At least Andra and John had continued use of legs, unlike the unfortunate Katy.

Mishaps really do come in threes. A BOMBS bike ride resulted in one puncture and two tumbles. Minor bruises were assuaged by Carolyn‟s morning tea shout in celebration of her gold card birthday (sprung!) Two newcomers thought they were going on a TT2 morning walk and did not bring lunch for their first Thursday day trip. Pukeko‟s Nest saved the day.

Awful weather and hail began to fall. Ray, ever the optimist, says “It‟s only hail – we won‟t get wet”.

Just as the beekeepers are busily planting new seedlings, one tramper fells a small Manuka to enhance his lunchtime view over the Waitotara Valley.

–  –  –

When Laurel Stowell pranged her car she probably didn't think any good could come of that. But it has -- a blooming romance with her bike and the joys of cycling.

Cycling used to be Mark Kennedy's bag but now he's taken up competition walking and we note that he's already having some success.

Irene Back really is a glass half full woman. So when a big tree fell from her berm in a storm and blocked her drive, she was able to tell the Chronicle about how "gracious" it had been in sparing her any damage.

It rather focussed the mind of Wednesday trampers returning from a day out in Taranaki to pass not one but two prangs along the highway.

Thank goodness we have a good supply of safe drivers.

Talk about quick out of the starting blocks! When a tramper pulled out, Andra Beck had just 45 minutes to get to the club to join the Ruatiti day trip. She made it.

When Graham Sutcliffe returned to the Wednesday fold after a long injury layoff his return was hailed by George Neil. Seems he missed Graham as the go-to guy when he wanted someone to rark up. The team soon made up for it!

When a Wednesday tramper had a tumble, Graham Ellett reassured the group that "old trampers carried a bit of whiskey in case they were hurt."

We didn't get a call to pull pink ragwort at Whitiau this spring because DoC didn't hold any sweeps there. But they are looking at a "partnership" arrangement at Whitiau, according to a DoC spokesman, which may or may not see us going out there again in future.

–  –  –

Sad isn't it, the fading of memory. Battling through leatherwood on the way to Kiritaki Hut, Dee Ess had a duh! thought -- he'd forgotten to bring breakfast. He had to settle for half a stale date scone.

No more winter trips on farms, please, was the request from a weekend leader (name withheld) after a particularly muddy outing.

Brigitte Hund's gourmet meal weekend ended on a bit of a downer when she couldn't find her car key when the team got back to the yard. She reported later that at home she unpacked everything and at the bottom of her pack was the key – great relief.

When extensive earthworks at the slip-prone Blue Bluff site on Otaki Gorge Road were completed in July, engineers said there was no guarantee slips would not happen again. How true. When the Wednesday group visited Otaki Forks in August, they noted on their return that a new small slip had fallen. Fortunately it didn't block our vans but the road was closed briefly later.

We know Royce Johnson can turn his hand to just about anything, but racing a Husky dog? It's true. Ask him about it.

If Royce is good with dogs, Dorothy Symes has a more unusual talent. When she and Sandra Rogers visited an art gallery in Stratford and saw the image of a cow with its tongue up its nostril, Dorothy said she could do that -- and demonstrated. Good one, Dot, now try licking your elbow!

Bull‟s Eye: Strong winds transported trip leader Dee Ess‟s hat slap-bang into a muddy puddle. Nobody laughed.

–  –  –

We welcome Ridgy back from Italy unscathed from the big earthquake there and look forward to hearing his tramping and cycling adventures. Other travellers include Kevin Ross to Peru (Inca Trail); Suzanne and Robert Lakeland to UK (Coast to Coast walk);

John McClintock to Oz; Mike Miller to Europe; Val Wackrow to Borneo; Stuart and Julie Kelly to USA and Canada; Leonie Symes to France.

Further to Kevin Ross and his Peruvian adventures, ask him to show you the photo of him eating a guinea pig!

Driving up the Waitotara Valley, Baz Hooper spotted a farmer he knew moving stock. Quipped Baz: "He's ageing -- I'm not!" This was followed by hoots of laughter from everyone in the van.

Talking of van, have you seen the new lettering on our vehicles? Very classy. And a turnaround from previous policy that we would not identify our vehicles.

And guess who was at this year's Melbourne Cup? It was Dorothy, now a member of the O'Leary whanau and a keen supporter of Who Shot the Barman.

Another clubbie attending a Big Event in November is John Newton who will be cheering on the All Blacks against Ireland while visiting his son in Chicago.

Like all good journos, Laurel Stowell is ready to find a story anywhere, even in back blocks Waitotara. So when the Wednesday team came across an abandoned camp on a bush knob, it wasn't long before she had transformed the find into a story in the Chronicle.

The Wednesday trip promo said "be prepared to walk in snow." So

–  –  –

She felt it for days afterwards, but Margret McKinnon is a trouper and promised to return to her yoga classes. Well, many of us need a little help to get up the hills, don't we?

With an Olympic theme for the gourmet meal, it was no surprise that a couple of clubbies wore medals. Margret wore a singlet with 70 on it.

Wonder why she picked that number? The group awarded Brigitte Hund the gold for wearing the most layers -- six.

Continuing the Olympic theme, the Wednesday group awarded a gold to Sue Haden for successfully "knocking off" Wharite Peak, having been defeated on a previous trip there.

Should you be wondering, yes, the club is involved once more with the Whanganui Summer Programme. We will help with a trip to the Taranaki and Tawhai Falls in Tongariro National Park on Friday 6 January.

No prizes for guessing where Graham Sutcliffe was on the night of the mayoral forum. A Chronicle photo revealed a smiling Graham smack-bang near the front of the Concert Chamber audience.

Congratulations to former club member Anne Fulcher who became the first recipient of the Betty Bourke Award for services to the IHC community in the Whanganui region.

Helpful hint: Remember that the club's first aid kits don't carry any drugs. So BYO painkillers and other drugs on tramps.

Who has two right feet? Answer Graham Ellett

–  –  –

34 The Wanganui Tramper November 2016 - January 2017


The Tom Luff memorial booklet is scheduled to be launched at the club meeting on 1st March 2017 at the Tramping Club meeting.

This coincides with the 30th anniversary of the Great Stove Carry-in to Mangaturuturu hut, orchestrated by Tom.

The booklet, which will be in the same format as the club's quarterly magazine, will be packed with Tom's poems and writings as well as many photographs of Tom and writings about him. It will be a limited edition and available on order only, at $5.00.

To secure a copy contact Treasurer, Dorothy Symes at dorothy@displayassociates.co.nz or phone 345 7039 by 1st February 2017. Payment can be made to WTC Inc, PO Box 7324 Wanganui, or online to bank ac No 03 0791 055 7162 03.

If posting out is required, please add $2.00.

MEMBERS: ‘Word of mouth’ is always a good way to get messages out. Please could you help by spreading the word, especially to those who do not receive Tramper or club emails.

Kawana Mill Whanganui Regional Historic Places Trust Board invite WTC members to join us for a Working Bee at the Kawana Flour Mill, Sunday 4 December 2016. Objective: clean cottage and mill inside and out, shellrock paths. Gear needed: cleaning equipment, wheelbarrows, shovels, weedeater. Leave town 9am. Can you help?

Contact Bruce ph 027 228 3642.

–  –  –

The new site is easy to navigate with links to other pages on the tool bar across the top of the page, just below the banner image and club logo, as pictured. Important information about upcoming trips and events is one click away, as well as past events‟ reports and articles.

Big green buttons further down the pages also take you around the site.

When you mouse over the little calendar on the right side, the name of the trips scheduled for that day will pop up. The months can be advanced with the little arrows either side of the calendar. More details are found on the Weekend Trips page which is clearly accessible using the green button below the calendar. The Weekend Trips page automatically updates itself every day, so the next trip is always at the top. See picture of the page as at 9th October.

A search button on the right hand side will take you to the page where your search item is mentioned. Just scroll down the page to locate the item. There is a link to the last Tramper magazine to view as a pdf file, and also the three month summary card. Below that are link buttons to take you to the Facebook Page of the Tramping Club, where you can post items and view other people‟s contributions. Another three buttons take you to Flickr Pages where hundreds of photos are stored and available for downloading.

Looking again across the main navigation tool bar at the top, trip reports (as seen in Tramper) are accessed below the link for Weekend Trips. There are links to Contacts, Accommodation (Possum and Mangaturuturu), Waitahinga Trails (with maps), History of the Club, and a page of Links to other useful sites and our sponsors.

–  –  –

2016 and the Whanganui Tramping Club Is on Facebook.

It is awesome to see all the images go up of club trips.

The short time the club has been on Facebook has seen 50 of our club members “like” our page.

If you want to be able to see the club’s FB page you will need to have an account.

This is a simple process and takes very little time.

Once you have an account and “like” the club’s page, you will be up and running.

If you don't have a Facebook account, you can create one in a few steps:

1. Go to www.facebook.com.

2. If you see the signup form, fill out your name, email address or phone number, password, birthday and gender. If you don't see the form, click Sign Up, then fill out the form.

3. Click Sign Up.

Your account can be kept as private as you want it to be, so if you don’t want to have your phone number, address or birthday for example you just don’t add it. This info is not required for a Facebook account.

The page is used for communicating what the club is up to, trips coming up or trips folk have been on.

Facebook is a great way to keep in touch with fellow trampers and what is going on in the club on a week-to-week basis.

So sign up, or if you already have a FB account, go the club’s FB page, “like” it and away you go - all the latest info.

If you get really stuck, contact Heather, 06 347 1250 or 022 616 5670.

Happy tramping…

–  –  –

July 7: Met I -Site and Carolyn took them up Durie Hill via Braeburn Steps, Portal Street and morning tea at Kowhai Park before returning to the I-Site via Dublin Bridge.

July 21: Met at Splash Centre for a wander up St Johns Hill via Bens Place to Virginia Lake with morning tea at the Rotunda and back down Parsons Street (20).

Aug 4: In spite of wet conditions 10 hearty souls met at the I-Site for a walk around the bridges. Thanks to Carolyn once again for leading the group.

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