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«Journal Part I Church Directory and Advance Reports of The Seventy-Seventh Annual Meeting of the Convention of The Diocese of Oklahoma of The ...»

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Episcopal Diocese of Oklahoma


Journal Part I

Church Directory and Advance Reports


The Seventy-Seventh Annual Meeting

of the

Convention of

The Diocese of Oklahoma of

The Episcopal Church

November 7th – 8th, 2014

Host: St. Augustine of Canterbury Episcopal Church, Oklahoma City


Table of Contents

I. Sacramental Acts and Bishop’s Journal

II. Administrative – Governance

a. Diocesan Council

b. Standing Committee

c. Constitutions and Canons

d. Council on Indian Ministry

e. Episcopal Church Women

III. Development - Formation a. St. Crispin’s Conference Center

b. Christian Formation and Education for Ministry

c. Summer Camp

Brotherhood of St. Andrew’s 


e. Daughters of the King

f. St. Anselm, OU Chaplaincy

g. St. Augustine, OSU Chaplaincy

Development – Congregational – Program a. Music Commission

b. Oklahoma Commission on Schools

IV. Outreach a. Commission on Prison Ministry

b. Older Adult Ministry

c. St. Simeon’s Home

d. Ardmore Village

e. Holland Hall School

f. Casady School

g. Oak Hall School

h. St. John’s School

i. St. Mary’s School

V. 2013 Budget

VI. Vital Statistics of Congregations & Missions

VII. Financial Statistics of Congregations & Missions

VIII. Directory of Churches

Bishop’s Journal – 2014 The Rt. Rev. Dr. Edward J. Konieczny Sacramental Acts   November 2013 - October 2014

–  –  –

Oklahoma Council of Communion Leaders Meeting - OKC


Holland Hall’s Lesson and Carols– Tulsa Finance Committee – Diocese, OKC Installation -St. Andrew’s, Stillwater Board Meeting - Casady Saint Simeon’s Joint Board Meeting– Tulsa St. Crispin’s Board Meeting Installation – St. Andrew’s, Stillwater Executive Committee - Casady

–  –  –

April – 2014 Visitations: Palm Sunday, St. Paul’s Cathedral Good Friday, St. Paul’s Cathedral Maundy Thursday, St. Paul’s Cathedral Easter Vigil, St. Paul’s Cathedral Easter Day, St. Paul’s Cathedral

–  –  –

The following consents were given:

   To the election of Allen K. Shin to be Bishop of the Diocese of New York on January 6 2014.

 To the resignation of The Rt. Rev. Nathan D. Baxter, The Bishop of Central Pennsylvania on January 8, 2014.

 To the resignation of The Rt. Rev. James J. Shand, The Bishop of Easton, on January 22, 2014.

 To the election of a Bishop Coadjutor in the Diocese of West Texas, on March 3, 2014  To the election of Alan M. Gates to be Bishop of the Diocese of Massachusetts, on June 3, 2014.

 To the election of Heather Elizabeth Cook to be Bishop of the Diocese of Maryland, on June 17, 2014.

 To the election of Brian R. Seage to be Bishop of the Diocese of Mississippi, on June 24, 2014.

 To the election of Robert Stuart Skirving to be Bishop of the Diocese of East Carolina, on July 8, 2014

–  –  –

  Page 8 of 68 In their capacity as Diocesan staff members, the following attended meetings of the Council: Ms. Sabrina Evans, Director of Christian Formation, The Rev. Canon José McLoughlin, Canon to the Ordinary, The Rev. Canon Michael P. Stephenson, Canon Missioner, Ms. Erin Morgan, Comptroller, and The Rev. Tony Moon, Congregational Consultant.

  The members of the Executive Committee of the Council are by Canon: Chairman, the Diocesan Bishop, President of the Standing Committee, the Treasurer, the Chancellor, and a member elected by Council to serve as Vice-Chairman. The Rev.

Shelby Scott was elected to serve as Vice-Chairman of the Executive Committee.


The following actions were taken:

   The Rev. Shelby Scott was elected to serve as Vice-Chair of Diocesan Council.

 Elected Ruth Dickinson Recording Secretary of Diocesan Council.

 Approved new Board of Trustees for St. Simeon’s Home and Foundation  Approved new Board of Trustees for Ardmore Village (all renewing).

 Amended Bylaws, St. Simeon’s Home  Ardmore Village to Refinance Debt  Request to expend in excess of $1,500 by St. John’s, Woodward  Two requests to expend in excess of $1,500 by Christ Church, Tulsa,  Bishop Ed was given authority to negotiate up to $250,000 for purchase of a property containing a house for St. Crispin’s on adjacent land.

 Active fundraising for St. Crispin’s to begin the month of January, 2014  Authority to schedule ground breaking for Phase I at St. Crispin’s on April 21, 2014  Designation to St. Crispin’s of $3 million in the endowment fund for long term maintenance.

 Restore mission status to St. Paul’s Claremore  St. Simeon’s Auxiliary, begun in 1961, will dissolve and be replaced by an organization of St. Simeon’s Volunteers  St. Simeon’s Volunteers bylaws for their new Volunteer Organization/  St. Paul’s Claremore: revised bylaws for a mission congregation  Holland Hall: list of nominees for officers and trustees of their board.

 Casady School: list of nominees for trustees of their board  St. John’s Durant: revised bylaws for a mission church.

 St. John’s Durant: restored to mission status.

 St. Paul’s Claremore: request to expend in excess of $1,500 for termite damage and control.

 Ardmore Village: refinance their loan with Landmark Bank of Ardmore.

 Emmanuel Shawnee: purchase of land adjacent to their property  St. Augustine of Canterbury, Oklahoma City: request to expend in excess of $1,500 for repairs and additions.

 St. Patrick’s of Broken Arrow: loan for building expansion project.

 St. Augustine of Canterbury, Oklahoma City: 1) revision to bylaws for parish congregation; and, 2) change of status from mission to parish congregation.

Page 9 of 68  St. John’s Oklahoma City’s approved that negotiations for their property sale to proceed and for them to accept a minimum of $250,000.

 Oak Hall School’s list of nominees for trustees of their board  Casady School’s nominee for trustee of their board  Santa Maria: MAPs sidewalk project. Purchase of permanent easement from Oklahoma City.

 St. Augustine Oklahoma City’s request to expend in excess of $1,500 for: 1) termite infestation; 2) replacement of landscaping; 3) website redesign; 4) new office furniture; and 5) new carpeting for Narthex.

 St. Luke’s Idabel: request to expend in excess of $1,500 to replace roof.

 Christ Church Tulsa’s request to expend in excess of $1,500 for new HVAC unit.

 St. Thomas of Pawhuska’s request to expend in excess of $1,500 for a new roof.

 St. Crispin’s Project Contractor Bids: Permission to accept bid from W.L. McNatt from Oklahoma City.

 St. Mark’s Seminole’s request to expend in excess of $1,500 for a new fence.

 Ardmore Village’s newly revised bylaws.

 Grace Church Yukon’s request to expend in excess of $1,500 for a new stained glass window.

 The proposed 2015 Budget is approved to forward to Convention for Approval.


–  –  –

The Standing Committee is the Bishop’s council of advice and serves as the Ecclesiastical  Authority if the Diocese has no Bishop.  Under canon law, the Committee consents to the  ordination of bishops‐elect or the elections of coadjutor or suffragan bishops within the  Episcopal Church, receives the Bishop Diocesan’s resignation, conducts the election of all  Bishops within the Diocese, and interviews and approves all Diocesan candidates for ordination  to Holy Orders.  Its consent is required in various matters: for the formation or change of status  of a congregation, to permit a congregation or institution to borrow money or encumber or  transfer property, to oversee the dissolution of a congregation, and to approve borrowing by  the Diocese.   The Standing Committee is comprised of three clergy and three lay members, each of  whom serves a three‐year term.  The members are elected by the Convention.   Since the 76th Convention, the Committee has consented to the ordination or election of  bishops in the following dioceses:  Dominican Republic, East Carolina, Fond du Lac, Maryland,  Mississippi, New York, Southeast Florida, and West Texas.  The Committee has interviewed and approved 16 Candidates for Holy Orders, including  seven who are to be ordained.  The Candidates are identified on the attached list.   September 24, 2013 

–  –  –

Gary W. Derrick (Chair), St. Paul’s, Oklahoma City, 405‐235‐1900 (term expires 2015)  The Rev. Bill Carroll, St. Emmanuel, Shawnee, 405‐273‐1374 (term expires 2016)  Field Griffen, St. Patrick’s, Broken Arrow, 918‐629‐1649 (term expires 2014)  The Rev. Everett Lees, Tulsa, 918‐299‐7510 (term expires 2014)  The Rev. Bill Holly, St. Aidan’s/St. Simeon’s, Tulsa, 918‐261‐9742 (term expires 2015)  James Menzer, Grace, Ponca City, 580‐363‐0800 (term expires 2016)   

–  –  –

The Constitution and Canons Committee consults with the Bishop, Standing Committee and  Diocesan Council regarding the Constitution and Canons of the Church and Diocese.  It also maintains  the Diocesan Canons through periodic amendments to ensure their currency, effectiveness and  compliance with the General Canons and reviews amendments proposed by others to confirm their  proper form.  The Committee has also prepared and maintains a model form of parish bylaws for use by  congregations and institutions and advises congregations and institutions that are amending their  bylaws.    The Committee is proposing no amendments to the Diocesan Canons at this Convention.  Since  th the 76  Convention, it reviewed and revised proposed bylaws for five congregations and one institution.    The Committee encourages input about the Diocesan Canons and its work.    September 23, 2013  

–  –  –

Gary W. Derrick (Chair), St. Paul’s, Oklahoma City, 405‐235‐1900  Preston G. Gaddis, St. Paul’s, Oklahoma City, 405‐235‐7715 

–  –  –

The Oklahoma Council on Indian Ministry (OCIM) is the oldest Indian outreach council in the national Episcopal Church. Its mission is to spread the Gospel, educate the public about American Indian/Alaska Native issues, and serve Indian ministry needs. A major focus of the council has been the completion of a church-community center in Watonga for the Whirlwind Mission of the Holy Family, erected in 2008. The Indian Missioner's move to a new job in Texas created a gap in leadership during 2014.

OCIM actively seeks new members to enlarge its outreach. Meetings have led to contacts in northeastern Oklahoma, with an August gathering there at St. Basil's in Tahlequah. The retirement of Rev. H. Barnett Jackson, Jr., from the Cherokee Scholarship Committee of OCIM led to a reorganization of the committee membership. The committee oversees annual college undergraduate scholarship support for qualified enrolled members of the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma. In addition, members co- hosting Paths Crossing in 2014.

OCIM helped host in Watonga at the mission grounds the Twenty-seventh Annual Honor Dance on a weekend date (September 6) near David Pendleton feast day on the national Church calendar. Oakerhater is the Anglicized version of the Cheyenne word for Making Medicine. The dance is open to all and pays honor to his ministry as well as those who help with Indian ministry everywhere. Many people travel long distances each year to attend the Eucharist, the dancing, and to enjoy the food and fellowship. Bishop Ed Celebrated and preached for the Eucharist held indoors at the Mission. This year's Honor Dance well attended and enjoyed by those present in spite of cool, wet weather. Members of the Cathedral's Oakerhater Guild also participated.

The dance spreads the message of OCIM and recognizes the role Oklahoma American Indian saint David Pendleton in the Episcopal Church. His fellow missioner in the territory, Harriett Bedell is also now a saint, listed in "Holy Women, Holy Men." She worked in the region before going to Alaska and Florida. Individual members of OCIM also take part in a much wider range of Indian diocesan activities throughout the year, helping to spread the word about Indian ministry. As one example, individuals participate in their church Vacation Bible School held in Watonga during July. Thank you for the opportunity to share the Oklahoma Council for Indian Ministry story. We welcome your ongoing support and prayers.

–  –  –



We are Sisters in Christ. We are every Episcopal Woman – lay or ordained. We are committed to prayer, listening, leadership, study, service, giving and fellowship.

The Episcopal Church Women's organization is comprised of all women of the church. The absence of a formal, organized women's group within individual churches does not preclude the women in that church from membership in this state-wide organization.

The Episcopal Church Women of the Diocese of Oklahoma offers programs throughout the year for the women of this diocese and their guests.

Examples of these offerings include our Women's retreats – held twice a year. In addition to our retreats, programs are presented in the regions of the diocese. We serve as an organizational resource for women involved in formation of ECWs in their parishes. Our Annual Conference and Bishop's Day brings women together from around Oklahoma for prayer, education and fellowship.

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