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«Curiculumm Vitae Professor Ida Torunn Bjørk, Dr.polit Department of Nursing and Health Sciences University of Oslo, Norway Education Institution and ...»

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Curiculumm Vitae

Professor Ida Torunn Bjørk, Dr.polit

Department of Nursing and Health Sciences

University of Oslo, Norway


Institution and location Degree Year Field of study

University of Oslo, Norway Dr.polit in Nursing 2000 Nursing Science


University of Oslo, Norway Candidate in Nursing 1988 Nursing Science


University of Oslo, Norway 1985 Examen philosophicum Norwegian School for Teachers and Leaders Nursing Educator 1976 Nursing didactics in Nursing, Oslo, Norway Aker School of Nursing, Oslo, Norway Registered Nurse 1972 Nursing Positions 2010 - Professor, Department for Nursing and Health Sciences, University of Oslo 2007 - 2010 Associate professor, Institute for Nursing and Health Sciences, University of Oslo 2002 - 2006 Researcher, Centre for Shared Decision Making and Nursing Research, Rikshospitalet University Hospital 1999 - 2002 Senior consultant, Nursing directors office, Rikshospitalet University Hospital 1997 Lecturer, Institute for Nursing Science, University of Oslo 1993 - 1997 Doctoral research fellow, Institute for Nursing Science, Universitetet of Oslo 1991 - 1992 Lecturer, Institute for Nursing Science, University of Oslo 1988 - 1990 Lecturer, Aker School of Nursing, Oslo 1977 - 1986 Nursing educator, Aker School of Nursing, Oslo 1972 - 1975 Staff nurse, Gynaecological and medical units, Aker Hospital, Oslo Programmer, Taxdirector’s EDP unit, Oslo.

1968 - 1969 Honorary positions 2007- Reviewer for Journal of Nursing Scholarship, Disability and Rehabilitation, International Journal of Nursing Studies, Nursing Inquiry, Sykepleien Forskning, Nordisk Tidsskrift for Helseforskning 2007- Representative in National Advisory Board for Health Sciences (Nasjonalt fagråd i helsevitenskap) Facilitator in Workgroup at Aker University Hospital: ”Developing a common professional development ladder in nursing”.

Member of Norwegian Nurses Association reference group: ”Qualifying new nurses in 2006-07 the clinical setting”.

2000-2006 Editorial board member, scientific journal, Norsk Tidsskrift for Sykepleieforskning 2001-02 Member of the Research Council at Rikshospitalet University Hospital 1998-2001 Member, advisory board for research, Regional college in Oslo, Nursing education 1997- Editorial board member, scientific journal, Vård i Norden.

1996-97 Referee for the scientific journal: Vård i Norden.

Focus in scientific work Learning and professional development in education and practice

- Practical skill development in nursing

- Learning environment in the clinical setting

- Informal learning (peer learning) among colleagues/students

- Systematic professional development in the clinical setting

- Clinical decision making Patients’ and health personnel’s perspectives on clinical problems

- Challenges in intensive care

- Patient problems during long-term illness.

Permanent research collaboration RiNS (Research in Nursing Skills) is a Norwegian- Danish research group that I established in 2006 www.rins.dk. Our collaborationis regulated through two 3-dau working seminars each year, one in Norway and one in Denmark. The participants are all active in research on practical skills in nursing. Participants from Norway: Ida Torunn Bjørk, University of Oslo;

Inger Åse Reierson, Telemark University College; Grethe Brynildsen, Lovisenberg Diaconal College. Participants from Danmark: Kirsten Lomborg, University of Århus; Carsten Nielsen andg Anne Marie Skovsgaard, VIA University College in Århus; Britta Stenholt, VIA University College in Silkeborg; Karin Larsen and Irene Sommer, Århus University Hospital.

Network for Research on Peer Learning is a network for researchers who study peer learning in education and practice in the education of health and social work professionals.

The network was established in 2005, I have been a member since 2006. The members represent different educations at Oslo University College: Anton Havnes, Pedagogical research; Bjørg Christainsen, Kirsten Halse og Gøril Nordang from Nursing education;

Amelie Fougner from Child welfare education; Lise Fogstad og Birgit Gunnari froma Physiotherapy education. From The University of Oslo: Ida Torunn Bjørk.

KiS (Competence in Nursing) is one of two research groups defined at the Department of Nursing Science http://www.med.uio.no/ish/forskning/kis/index.html. This group was established by Ida Torunn Bjørk and Anne Moen in 2007. Participants in the group focus on research related to learning and competence among patients, nurses and nursing and health services: Randi Nord, May-Solveig Fagermoen, Inger Schou Bredal, Anne Moen, Ida Torunn Bjørk, Ragnhild Hellesø, Hilde Solli and Hilde Wøien.

Research in progress Implementing the use of systematic assessment in determining the need for sedation and pain relief in intensive care. Doctoral student Hilde Wøien, main advisor Ida Torunn Bjørk University of Oslo, co-advisor Audun Stubhaug, Rikshospitalet.

Inter- and intraprofesjonal collaboration between nurses and physicians in oxygenation of newborn children in intensive care. Doctoral student Marianne T. Solberg, main advisor Ida Torunn Bjørk University of Oslo, co-advisor Thor Willy Ruud Hansen, Rikshospitalet.

Transfer in the learning of practical skills – from skill centre to clinicl practice. Doctoral student Monika Ravik, main advisor Ida Torunn Bjørk.

E-health in the service to elderly next of kin. Doctoral student Hilde Solli, main advisor Ragnhild Hellesø University of Oslo, co-advisor Ida Torunn Bjørk University of Oslo, coadvisor Sigrun Hvalvik Telemark University College.

Learning environments in nursing homes, mental health care and home care: a survey with two cohorts. Research group: Ida Torunn Bjørk University of Oslo, Karin Berntsen Telemark University College, Margrete Hestetun and Grethe Brynildsen Lovisenberg Diaconal College. Financing Lovisenberg Diaconal College and Norwegian Nurses Association.

Use of the Model for Practical Skill Performance in theoretical and practical studies in nursing education. Four projects are running.

- Telemark University College: Action research to develop a new pedagogy in the skills centre, with Ida Torunn Bjørk, Inger Åse Reierson, Solvår Brungot, Marianne Wighus and Anne Hvidsten

- Lovisenberg Diaconal College: Use of the Model in clinical supervision in nursing homes with Grethe Brynildsen and Ida Torunn Bjørk.

- VIA University College Århus: Action research to develop a new pedagogy in the skills centre with Ida Torunn Bjørk, Karin K. Bonde, Hanne N. Sillesen and Anja Jørgensen

- VIA University College Silkeborg: Evaluating the use of the Model in the skills centre with Ida Torunn Bjørk, Else Møller and Anni V. Riemenschneider.

Developing an instrumental version of The Model of Practical Skill Performance.

Theoretical and empirical validation. Research group: RiNS.

Peer learning among nursing students in the skills centre. Research group: Ida Torunn Bjørk, Anton Havnes, Bjørg Christiansen, Elisabeth Hessevaagbakke. Financing Oslo University College.

Formal and informal learning at work. How nurses learn. Research group: Ida Torunn Bjørk, Anne Lene Sørensen, Mette Tøien.

Good work in nursing. An exploratory study. Bjørg Christiansen, Ida Torunn Bjørk, Dee Welk, Joan Miller.

Publications A. Original scientific publications in refereed journals


1) Bjørk IT, Hamilton GA. Clinical decision making of nurses working in hospital settings. Submitted Nursing Research and Practice

2) Nåden D, Bjørk IT. Patients’ experiences in hospital following a liver transplantation. Submitted Scandinavian Journal of Caring Sciences.

3) Wøien H, Stubhaug A, Bjørk IT. Norwegian clinicians’ sedation and analgesia practices in mechanically ventilated patients - a national survey. Submitted Acta Anaesthesiologica.


1) Meyer K, Bjørk IT, Eide H. Intensive care nurses’ perception of their professional competence in the organ donor process: a national survey. Accepted January 18 2011 in Journal of Advanced Nursing.

2) Christiansen B, Bjørk IT, Havnes A, Hessevaagbakke E. Developing supervision skills through peer learning partnership. ¤Nurse Education in Practice, 11: 104Solberg MT, Bjørk IT (2011) Nursing assessment when administering oxygen in ventilated preterm infants. Acta Pediatrica, 100: 193-7.

4) Hessevaagbakke E, Aaseth T, Johansen AG, Havnes A, Bjørk IT, Christiansen B (2010) Medstudentveiledning i praksisstudiene. Norsk Pedagogisk Tidsskrift, 94:


5) Randen I, Bjørk IT (2010) Sedation practice in three Norwegian ICUs: a survey of intensive care nurses’ perceptions. Intensive and Critical Care Nursing, 26: 270-7.

6) Røine E, Bjørk IT, Øyen O (2010) Targeting risk factors for impaired wound healing and wound complications after kidney transplantation. Transplantation Proceedings, 42: 2542-46.

7) Eilertsen G, Kirkevold M, Bjørk IT. (2010) Recovering from a stroke: a longitudianal, qualitative study of elderly Norwegian women. Journal of Clinical Nursing, 19: 2004-13.

8) Capjon H, Bjørk IT. (2010) Ambulant children with spastic cerebral palsy and their parents’ perceptions and expectations prior to multilevel surgery.

Developmental Rehabilitation, 13 (2): 80-87.

9) Capjon H, Bjørk IT. (2010) Rehabilitation after multilevel surgery in ambulant spastic children with cerebral palsy: Children and parent experiences.

Developmental Rehabilitation, 13 (3): 182-191.

10)Solhaug M, Bjørk IT, Sandtrø HP. (2010) Staff’s perception 1 year after implementation of the Newborn Individualized Developmental Care and Assessment Program. Journal of Pediatric Nursing, 25: 89-97.

11)Berntsen K, Bjørk IT. (2010) Student nurses’ perception of the clinical learning environment in nursing homes. Journal of Nursing Education, 49: 17-22.

12)Bjørk IT, Tørstad S, Hansen BS, Samdal GB. (2009) Estimating the cost of professional developmental activities in health organizations. Nursing Economic$, 27: 239-244.

13)Bjørk IT, Nåden D. (2008) Patients’ experiences of waiting for a liver transplantation. Nursing Inquiry, 15, 289–298.

14)Meyer K, Bjørk IT. (2008) Change of focus: from intensive care to organ procurement. ¤Transplant International, 21, 133-139.

15)Tørstad S, Bjørk IT. (2007) Nursing leaders´ views and strategies in the professional development of nursing. Journal of Nursing Management, 15: 817Bjørk IT, Samdal GB, Hansen BS, Tørstad S, Hamilton GA. (2007) Job satisfaction in a Norwegian population of nurses: a questionnaire survey. International Journal of Nursing Studies, 44(3): 747-757.

17)Bjørk IT, Hansen BS, Samdal BG, Tørstad S, Hamilton GA. (2007) Evaluation of clinical ladder participation in Norway. Journal of Nursing Scholarship, 39(1): 88Alteren J, Bjørk IT. (2006) Studentenes læring av praktiske ferdigheter i modellavdelingen og klinikken; en utforskende studie. Vård i Norden, 26(4): 25Wøien H, Bjørk IT (2006) Nutrition of the critically ill patient and the effect of implementing a nutritional support algorithm in the ICU. Journal of Clinical Nursing; 15(2): 168-177.

20)Wik KE, Lindegaard KF, Bjørk IT, Ruland C (2005) Livet etter hjerneslag.

Tidsskrift for den Norske Lægeforening; 125(2): 152-154.

21)Bjørk IT (2001) Sykehusavdelingen – et miljø for læring? Vård i Norden; 21(4): 4Bjørk IT, Kirkevold M (2000) From simplicity to complexity: developing a model of practical skill performance. Journal of Clinical Nursing; 9: 620-631. Part of dissertation.

23)Bjørk IT, Kirkevold M (1999) Issues in nurses’ practical skill development in the clinical setting. Journal of Nursing Care Quality; 14(1): 72-84. Part of dissertation.

24)Bjørk IT (1999) What constitutes a nursing practical skill? Western Journal of Nursing Research; 21(1), 51-63. With commentary by Romyn DM, 64-70.

25)Bjørk IT (1999) Practical skill development in new nurses. Nursing Inquiry; 6:

34-47. Part of dissertation.

26)Bjørk IT (1997) Changing conceptions of practical skill and skill acquisition in nursing education. Nursing Inquiry; 4: 184-195. Part of dissertation.

27)Bjørk IT (1995) Neglected conflicts in the discipline of nursing: perceptions of the importance and value of practical skill. Journal of Advanced Nursing; 22: 6-12.

Part of dissertation.

28)McCracken A, Fitzwater E, Lockwood M, Bjørk T (1995) Comparison of nursing students' attitudes toward the elderly in Norway and the United States.

Educational Gerontology; 21: 167-180.

B. Other scientific publications

1) Bjørk IT (1999) Hands-on nursing: new graduates’ practical skill development in the clinical setting. Avhandling for Dr. polit graden. Institutt for sykepleievitenskap, Universitetet i Oslo. [Orginalt innhold referer her til kappen på 100 sider, artiklene står under A].

2) Bjørk IT (1988) Utdanning av morgendagens sykepleiere: hvilke praktiske ferdigheter skal man kunne kreve av en nyutdannet sykepleier. Hovedoppgave.

Institutt for sykepleievitenskap, Universitetet i Oslo.

C. Reviews, bookchapters, books.


1) Bjørk IT, Solhaug M. (2008) Fagutvikling og forskning i klinisk praksis. Oslo:

Akribe Forlag.

2) Bjørk IT, Bjerknes MS (red.) (2003) Å lære i praksis. Oslo: Universitetsforlaget.

3) Bjørk IT, Helseth S, Nortvedt F (red.) (2002) Møte mellom pasient og sykepleier.

Oslo: Gyldendal Akademisk.

4) Bjerknes MS, Bjørk IT (1996) Klinisk utbildning i vård och omsorg. Lund:

Studentlitteratur. Svensk oversettelse av bok nummerert 5.

5) Bjerknes MS, Bjørk IT (1994) Praktiske studier. Perspektiver på refleksjon og læring. Oslo: Tano.

Book chapters

1) Bjørk IT, Breievne G (2005) Kropp og velvære i sykepleien, s.106-136. I: NJ

Kristoffersen, F Nortvedt, E-A Skaug (red.) Grunnleggende sykepleie, Bind I. Oslo:

Gyldendal Akademisk.[dette lærebokverket i 4 bind er også gitt ut i Sverige, Danmark og Finland].

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