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«Curriculum Vitae Elizabeth Griffiths Rutgers University Phone: 973.353.3303 School of Criminal Justice Fax: 973.353.5896 Center for Law and Justice ...»

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2003 Griffiths, Elizabeth and George E. Tita. “Gangs, Guns, and Drugs in the Community:

Changes in the Mobility Patterns of Victims and Offenders Involved in Homicide.” Paper presented at the American Society of Criminology meetings, Denver, November 2003.

2003 Chavez, Jorge M. and Elizabeth Griffiths. “Communities, Guns, and Lethal Violence:

Examining Chicago Homicide Trends across Space and Time, 1980-1995.” Paper presented at the American Society of Criminology meetings, Denver, November 2003.

2002 Griffiths, Elizabeth and George E. Tita. “Spatial and Social Process of Homicide:

Bringing Offenders and Victims Together in Watts (1980-2000).” Paper presented at the American Society of Criminology meetings, Atlanta, November 2002.

2001 Griffiths, Elizabeth. “Who’s Who in Homicide? Network Connections among Homicide Victims, Offenders, and Witnesses in Buffalo (1993-1996).” Paper presented to the National Consortium on Violence Research at the American Society of Criminology meetings, Atlanta, November 2001.

2000 Griffiths, Elizabeth, Robert D. Baller, and Rosemary Gartner. “A Spatial Analysis of Seattle and Buffalo Homicide, 1986-1990.” Paper presented at the American Society of Criminology meetings, San Francisco, November 2000.

1999 Gillis, A.R. and Elizabeth Griffiths. “Limiting Liability and White Collar Crime in 19th Century France.” Paper presented at the American Society of Criminology meetings, Toronto ON, November 1999.

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1998 Griffiths, Elizabeth. “Gendered Outcomes of Self-Control: A Preliminary Test of Gottfredson and Hirschi’s (1990) Model.” Paper presented at the American Society of Criminology meetings, Washington D.C., November 1998.

Invited Conferences & Presentations 2010 Rich, Michael, Michael Leo Owens and Elizabeth Griffiths. “Evaluation of the McDaniel Glenn HOPE VI Revitalization.” Presentation to the Atlanta Housing Authority, December 2 2010.

2010 Griffiths, Elizabeth, Michael Rich, Michael Leo Owens, and Lance Waller. “The Effect of Public Housing Transformation on Crime in Atlanta.” Presented at the American Sociological Association meetings on an invited Regional Spotlight Panel, Atlanta, August 2010.

2010 Griffiths, Elizabeth. “Provocations to Violence: Explaining the Issue of Contention in Violent Altercations.” Presented at Emory School of Law, April 2010.

2010 Griffiths, Elizabeth. “Provocations to Violence: Explaining the Issue of Contention in Violent Altercations.” Presented at the University of Toronto, Centre of Criminology, March 2010.

2008 Griffiths, Elizabeth. “Reintegrating Prisoners into Society: Sentencing, Incarceration and Consequences.” Presentation for Leadership Atlanta Panel, Atlanta, December 2008.

2006 Griffiths, Elizabeth and Jorge M. Chavez. “The Criminal Careers of Communities.” Presentation at Florida International University, Miami, March 2006.

2004 Griffiths, Elizabeth and Jorge M. Chavez. “Community Trajectories.” Presentation at the National Consortium on Violence Research summer workshop, Miami, June 2004.

2000 Tenth United Nations Congress on the Prevention of Crime and Treatment of Offenders.

Attended meetings as an Expert Observer, Vienna Austria, April 2000.

Teaching Experience Rutgers University

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Teaching Preparation & Grants Griffiths, Elizabeth (2008). “Criminology – Soc 249.” Syllabus reproduced in the American Sociological Association publication Teaching Criminology: A Collection of Syllabi, Assignments, and other Resources: Fifth Edition. ASA Resource Materials for Teaching, edited by Timothy Brezina.

Center for Teaching and Curriculum – 2007 Summer Course Development Grant competitive grant awarded to develop Soc 445, Miscarriages of Justice. Award: $3,000.

Center for Teaching and Curriculum – Spring 2007 Teaching Consultation Pairs Grant with Dr.

Patricia Brennan, Emory University, Department of Psychology.

Marshall Gregory’s Teaching Pedagogy Seminar – Center for Teaching and Curriculum at Emory University (May 16th – May 30th 2007).

Now You Know: Sustained Engagement (Experiential Learning in the Community) Workshop (Emory University, October 2005).

Sociology Curriculum Course: Teaching in Higher Education (University of Toronto).

Graduate Student Dissertation Committees & Independent Studies Rutgers University In progress. Marteache, Nerea. “An Analysis of Employee Theft from Passengers at U.S.

Airports using an Environmental Criminology Perspective.” Committee Member, School of Criminal Justice.

In progress. Lesneskie, Eric. “Homicide in the Projects: An Analysis of the Effect of Public Housing on Lethal Violence.” Committee Member, School of Criminal Justice.

In progress. Gaziarifoglu, Yasemin. “TBD.” Committee Member, School of Criminal Justice.

In progress. Chowdhury, Liza. “TBD.” Committee Member, School of Criminal Justice.

In progress. Sentner, Ryan. “TBD.” Committee Member, School of Criminal Justice.

Fall 2011. Rusnak, Danielle.

“Dissertation credits.” School of Criminal Justice.

Revised 03/12

Emory University In progress. Grosholz, Jessica. “TBD.” External Committee Member, Department of Sociology.

In progress. Nalkur, Sonal. “Moving Newspapers Online: Newspaper Diversification and Viability (1990-2010).” Committee Member, Department of Sociology.

In progress. Chung, Jin Won. “A Comparative Study of the Cable Television Industries in the United States and South Korea.” Committee Member, Department of Sociology.

In progress. Wellington, Andre. “Social Disorganization, Cultural Production, and Housing in Hillbrow, South Africa.” Committee Member, Department of Anthropology.

In progress. Brisman, Avi. “Legal Consciousness Among Youth at the Red Hook Community Justice Center.” Committee Member, Department of Anthropology.

2011 (Defended, May). Scheuerman, Heather. “Evening the Score: Factors Affecting Criminal or Deviant Responses to Injustice.” Committee Member, Department of Sociology.

2009 (Defended, April). Matthews, Shelley. “Self-Complexity and Crime: Extending General Strain Theory.” Committee Member, Department of Sociology.

2008 (Defended, December). Bucher, Jacob. “The Camouflage Collar: A Proposal for the Study of Causes of Crime among the Military.” Committee Member, Department of Sociology.

2011 (Spring). Armstrong, Julie. “Work and Occupations.” Directed Reading Advisor.

2009 (Fall). Wellington, Andre. “Ethnographies of Crime in Communities.” Directed Reading Advisor.

2009 (Spring). Brisman, Avi. “Manuscript Preparation.” Directed Research Advisor.

2008 (Fall). Brisman, Avi. “Communities and Crime.” Advanced Research Advisor.

Graduate Student Masters Committees Emory University Defended, November 2008. Davis, Tiffany. “Movin’ on Up?: Gentrification and Homicide Rates in Chicago 1980-1995.” Chair, Department of Sociology.

Undergraduate Honors Committees & Independent Studies Emory University 2010-2011. Leitner-Zieff, Ariel (Department of Sociology). “Getting Ahead: The Effects of Parental Education, Income, and Occupation on Children’s Skills at Kindergarten Entry.” Honors Committee Member.

–  –  –

2010-2011. Gregush, Roger (Department of Sociology). “Anabolic Steroid Use and Violence among Athletes and across Gender.” Honors Committee Member.

2010-2011. Morris, Laura (Department of Psychology). “The Influence of Autobiographical Memory on Strategic Remembering Performance.” Honors Committee Member.

Spring 2010. Fogel, David (Department of Sociology). “Developing a National Program to Aid in Public Defense.” Directed Study Advisor.

2008-2009. Cohen, Dale (Department of Sociology). “Drug Use among Elite College Students:

A Population Immune to Negative Consequence.” Honors Chair.

2008-2009. Melia, Elizabeth (Department of Sociology). “College Girl of the Day?!: Pluralistic Ignorance and Attitudes Towards and Objectification of College Women.” Honors Committee Member.

2008-2009. Hillyer, Whitney (Department of Sociology). “The Rape Culture on College Campuses.” Honors Committee Member.

2008-2009. Coffey, Karly (Department of Psychology). “Psychopathy and Heroism.” Honors Committee Member.

Spring 2008. Gittleman, Dana (Department of Sociology). “The Sociology of Work and Occupations.” Directed Study Advisor.

2007-2008. Dinger, Lauren (Department of Sociology). “Bipolar Diagnoses among Youth” Honors Committee Member.

2006-2007. Spicer, Jennifer (Department of Sociology). “Police Officers’, Attorneys’, and Community Advocates’ Perceptions of Violent Female Offenders” Honors Chair.

2006-2007. Borochoff, Elise (Department of Political Science). “Lower Court Compliance with Supreme Court Remands” Honors B.A. and M.A. Committee Member.

2006-2007. Meager, Brett (Department of Sociology). “Not Just for ADD Anymore: A Study of Prescription Stimulant Abuse in the United States Today” Honors Committee Member.

2006-2007. VanHorn, Kelly (Department of Sociology and Department of Psychology).

“Miscarriages of Justice: Is Justice Blind?” Independent Study Advisor.

2006-2007. Rosenblum, Tali (Department of Sociology). “Interning at Nashville’s Office of the District Attorney” Independent Study Advisor.

2005-2006. Ritchwood, Tiarney (Department of Psychology). “Looters versus Finders: The Use of Media Framing to Perpetuate Stereotypes of African American Victims of Hurricane Katrina” Honors Committee Member.

–  –  –

Service Activities Rutgers School of Criminal Justice 2011-2012: Ph.D. Committee/Admissions & Awards 2011-2012: Library Committee 2011-2012: Ad-hoc Committee on Grant Activity 2011-2012: Ad-hoc Committee on Methods Curriculum Emory University/College Committee Membership 2008 - 2011: Elected to Admissions & Scholarships Standing Committee, Emory College 2009 - 2010: Recording Secretary for the Admissions & Scholarships Committee 2008 - 2011: Faculty Advisor for Alpha Delta Phi 2008: Center for Teaching Curriculum: Subcommittee for Summer Course Development Grants 2007 - 2011: Center for Injury Control, Education Committee Member 2006 - 2011: Faculty Advisory Committee Member for Community Building Fellows Program (Office of University and Community Partnerships) Emory University Departmental Committee Membership 2008 - 2010: Southeastern Undergraduate Sociology Symposium (SEUSS), Director 2007 - 2010: Honor Council Liaison 2007 - 2011: Undergraduate Program Committee member 2007 - 2008: Graduate Program Committee member 2006 - 2011: Social Inequality/Organizations Preliminary Examination Committee 2005 - 2011: Criminology Preliminary Examination Committee 2006 - 2009: Recording Secretary 2005 - 2009: Social Committee member (Co-Chair 2006-2007) 2006 - 2007: Brown Bag Seminar member 2005 - 2007: Job Seminar member Presentations on Professional Development 2011: Professional Development Seminar: “Grants and External Funding” School of Criminal Justice, Rutgers University.

2009: Pro-seminar: “Cultivating Relationships – and Interacting Successfully – with Faculty” Department of Sociology, Emory University 2005, 2007 & 2009: Job Seminar: “Applying for an Academic Job” Department of Sociology, Emory University 2005: Professional Development Workshop I: “How to Get a Tenure-Track Job” Department of Sociology, University of Toronto 2003 & 2005: Professional Development Workshop III: “How to Navigate Comprehensive Exams” Department of Sociology, University of Toronto Service to Profession 2013: Program Committee Sub-Area Chair for “Neighborhood and Place Effects,” ASC, Atlanta 2010: Committee Member for the Student Paper Award, ASA Crime, Law, and Deviance section 2010: Member of the Local Arrangements Committee, ASA, Atlanta

Revised 03/12

2010: Member of the Teaching Committee, ASC, San Francisco 2009: Sub-Area Chair for “Multi-Level Models,” ASC, Philadelphia 2008: Committee Member for Student Paper Award, ASA Crime, Law, and Deviance section 2007: Member of the Local Area Committee, ASC, Atlanta 2004: Chair of Crime, Law & Deviance Roundtable, ASA, San Francisco Editorial Boards Editorial Advisory Board of Criminology, 2012 to 2014 Editorial Board of Criminological Highlights, 2000 to 2005

–  –  –

Grant Reviewer National Science Foundation, Sociology Program (2010) National Science Foundation, Law and Social Sciences Program (2010) Professional Memberships Society for the Study of Social Problems, 2009 to Present Center for Injury Control, Affiliated Faculty Member, Emory University, 2007 to 2011 Psychoanalytic Studies Program, Affiliated Faculty Member, Emory University, 2007 to 2011 Southern Sociological Association, 2005 to 2010 Homicide Research Working Group, 2005 to 2007 and 2009 to 2011 Vice-President and Secretary of the Graduate Sociology Student Association, 2001 to 2002 Canadian Sociology and Anthropology Association, 2000 to 2002 Pre-Doctoral Fellow of the National Consortium on Violence Research, 2000 to 2003 American Sociological Association, 1999 to 2011 American Society of Criminology, 1998 to Present Consulting October 2010 National Gang Center: James Howell

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