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«Homeschool Teacher Control Journal Copyright 2015 All rights reserved; FlyLady and Company Inc. Dear Home Educator, First of all I would like to ...»

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Homeschool Teacher

Control Journal

Copyright 2015 All rights reserved; FlyLady and Company Inc.

Dear Home Educator,

First of all I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart because

you have chosen to teach your children. This can be a tough thankless job,

and I want to make sure you know how much I appreciate you! My dear

daughter-in-love is a home educator, my mother was a teacher, and my son’s

father is a teacher. I have seen their struggles with class schedules,

administrative issues, lack of money, and not enough time in a day! All they ever wanted to do was make a small difference in a child’s life.

This is exactly what you do! You give the children in your care the foundations they need to succeed in a vicious world. These babies thrive on structure and this is exactly what they get from you. They know what happens next; this is all any that of us want, to feel like we are in control of our lives. Sometimes just the knowing is enough to calm us down.

You are homeschooling your children, and it is imperative that you have your home in order and you are dressed to shoes each morning and your class starts at the same time each day. If you are not willing to do these things then you are not ready to teach your babies. Teaching is a chosen profession; you have to act like you are in control. Don’t whine to me about their education being the most important thing. If they can’t find a clear surface to write on then there is a problem.

Your classroom is also your home. It blesses your children day in and day out with the satisfying structure of your routines. Keeping your home and school supplies in order will bless your children and give them a peaceful place to learn. You give them something they can depend on.

You can start now to regain control over your home while also doing school with your children. My goal with this Homeschool Teacher Control Journal is to help you use The FlyLady routines to organize your home and school materials.

Every teacher I have ever known has been overwhelmed by their teaching materials. Storage closets can’t hold it all. The materials take on a life of their own. Our homes become cluttered with items that have no specific place in the classroom. It is essential that you declutter every day. It can be just one 27 Fling Boogie a day; this will keep your teaching clutter at bay.

You can help new homeschool mom build up their collections by setting up a give-away box to share at homeschool events.

I do not have a degree in education but I do know how to teach. We are very creative people or we would not have chosen to help others by sharing our skills with them. I have seen our system work for every profession and it can work for you too! You just have to adapt it to fit you and your classroom.

This is just an instruction manual to help you think about what needs to be done and how to implement it.

I will say it again and again. Children thrive on order. Living in CHAOS (Can’t Have Anyone Over Syndrome) is not conducive to a good learning environment. You set the tone for your home. They are watching you! They are listening to your every word. It is up to you to show them instead of tell them. This way they understand what is expected of them.

When you are not spending precious minutes searching for things you can spend more time being creative with your teaching techniques. You can do this! All of you! One BabyStep at a time! One habit at a time and with our simple routines we can turn our classroom into a place of peace and where there is peace there is learning!

You can do anything for 15 minutes!

–  –  –

This is the million dollar question. You were not handed an instruction manual for how to manage your home and your classroom all-in-one. You may not have been taught as a professional teacher on how to arrange your classroom, how to store your teaching materials, or how to organize your day from start to finish. We have a tendency to allow time to get away from us. This is why I think it is most important for you to have a timer in your home. We can get sidetracked so easily and our timers keep us focused.

Every fall we start a new school year. With this comes the anxiety as well as the hope of a fresh start. We go into the year wanting to be organized and by the end of the year we find ourselves struggling just to get through the day. It is not going to be like that, this year!

Here are the tools that you are going to need to build your Teacher Control Journal.

Paper - let’s get creative and use colored paper and white.

o Sheet protectors - Don’t know how many we will use.

o Hole punch o Timer o Colored Markers o Dry erase markers o File folders in colors o a box or crate for files o a plastic box for each child to keep special projects in o a Calendar with big blocks o A Three Ring Binder o Zipper Notebook cover to put it in. Our Office in a Bag works well to o keep from losing things.

o Dividers - You may have to make them out of file folders because of the sheet protectors being wider than most dividers. The office supply store may have some dividers for sheet protectors.

This is your list; Go gather them up for your first day school organization!

We want to be prepared!

LESSON # 1: Start the New Year Checklist Right now I want you to think about what you have to do before the first day of school. Make a rough list in no particular order. We will rearrange them later for your Teacher Control Journal. Here is an example Tami gave me for her July/August Setup.

July/August Set-up  Decide on the school calendar for the year (Most of us have 180 school days per year.) o When will you start?

o How many days a week will you do school?

o When will you schedule breaks?

o When will you end the school year?

o Create a Master Calendar with these days. Start with pencil and paper. You can use this to set up an online calendar later, if you wish.

Classroom Set Up:

 Decide if you want to do any decorations for your school area  Have a system for each child’s school materials to be stored when not in use.

o Some people use plastic bins o Some people use a cabinet with doors that close o Some people use rolling carts with removable storage bins  Decide where to store special projects your children wish to keep  Make sure your book collection actually fits on your bookshelves o If you are using lots of boxes and bins to store books, invest in bookshelves to make it easier to find needed materials o If you have too many books, you need to purge.


 Create a separate list for each child in your school  Make a list of subjects you want to cover with each child  List books you want to use for each subject Check your bookshelves and resources on hand before you buy  anything Review your list with your husband and set a budget  Start school shopping. Remember that lots of stores do back-to school specials on school supplies in August.

–  –  –

Make labels:

 Make file folder labels with student names (decide how many you need per child based on the suggestions below)  Unfinished work folder  Writing journal  Books Read List  Science  Social Studies/History  Math Drill Sheets

For each child:

 Help your child list Morning, Afternoon, and Before Bed Routines  Give each child a Student Control Journal to personalize  Review with them how they will know what their assignments are (either a notebook or with online assignment book)  Show them where basic supplies for school are stored. Give instructions on items that need adult supervision. Give them the responsibility to put things away after use.

 Explain how to use folders, if you set them up.

Student placements:

 Show each child where their school books are stored. They are responsible to put their books away each day.

 Set up backpacks for co-ops or supplemental classes, if needed

–  –  –

Organize home library  Set up log to officially record school days, if required by your state  Consumables available as needed  Art and Craft supplies available as needed  Take Tami’s lists and use them to help trigger your memory as to what you need to do. Then get started building your Setup list! A few minutes planning will save you so much time in the long run. This is your checklist. Put it in a sheet protector, because you will reuse this list every year. You will never have to make this list again. This list will fit the way you teach. You may have to pencil in new things that come to mind. So save the document in a folder called Homeschool Teacher Control Journal. As you build each section and develop templates for things. Save them here so you are not reinventing the wheel each year.

This is what a Control Journal is all about; not having to redo something each day, each week and each year. It saves you time and frustration having to rethink and rewrite the simple things. Your time is better spent being creative with your teaching skills; not the administration of it.

Now that I have set the stage by teaching you the principles behind this control journal; it is time to put it into practice. Isn’t this what you do every hour of your teaching day? You introduce the subject. Give examples, have discussion and then you do an assignment that reinforces the principles learned.

Beginning of the year Setup: I want you to set your timer for 15 minutes and sit down and write or type this out to fit your classroom. It doesn’t have to be perfect. You just have to be able to read it. Don’t allow your perfectionism to stop you at this point. This is for your eyes only. It can be edited at a later date. A control journal with imperfections still blesses you and your students. I am not getting hung up on the writing of your Homeschool Teacher Control Journal. Let it go and let it flow out of you!

Read this testimonial from a homeschool mom and FlyBaby:

Flylady: Well, I am on my way, again! This is my third, fourth, or something attempt at doing your system. I am afraid I am a tough nut to crack. I decided to take it slowly this time and try to make habit changes by focusing on your routines. I live in CHAOS all the time, FlyLady. I get depressed, but I look around and get so discouraged that I want to go bury my head under the covers... Anyway, I started by making myself and my children each a morning and evening routine. The morning routine has changed us so much. The kids are reluctant (due, I am sure to ages of not having one!) but with a few reminders, they are really catching on.

Following this morning routine has helped me so very much. I'm afraid the evening routine has been more of a challenge for us. Maybe I am expecting too much at first. I am going to shorten the evening routines and then gradually add to them as we improve our habits... We homeschool and are frequently out of the house in the evenings and come home bone-tired to fall into bed. Anyway, I am determined to change things a little at a time. I appreciate the support and the fifteen minute crisis cleaning has been a real blessing this week. Otherwise, I would be panicked over the company and run around like a headless chicken... This has helped me stay calm and focused. So, here I am trying to change a little at a time... Thanks and God bless all of you! Fly Infant, Tina LESSON #2: You Can’t Organize Clutter Every day we waste precious time searching for things we know are right in front of us, and we can’t see them for the clutter we have surrounded ourselves with. You are setting the example for your students, and it is up to you to act the part.

You can’t organize clutter; you can only get rid of it. This goes for your storage closets, file cabinets, desk drawers, desktop, table or any flat surface, and your brief case or tote bag. Decluttering the areas is not a one time task; it is on going throughout the year.

To declutter you will use the same method we use when we declutter our homes. Here are the tools you will need.

–  –  –

A timer is to keep you focused. The water bottle to keep you energized.

Keep one thing in mind as you declutter your classroom. The one with the most school supplies does not win. It is how we use what we have that makes the difference. By the time you have decluttered your school materials everything will have a place and everything will be in its place.

Set your timer for 15 minutes and start with one area. A fun way to do this is stand at the door and work your way around the room clockwise. First we are going to start with your desk. Once the desk is decluttered you can start at the front door. YOUR DESK IS THE SHINY SINK OF YOUR ROOM!

With your boxes by your side start on the left side of your desktop and go through one pile at a time; purging things you don’t use, don’t love, or trash.

If something is worth keeping and does not belong on your desk then place it in the put away box. Eventually you will have a box full of things to put in another place and you will have some decisions to make and the label maker to use. By the time this box is full hopefully you will have cleared out an area for storage.

Setting up a storage plan is simple when you think about the school year and the themes for each month. You may want to use banker boxes labeled by the month. You know what you need and when you need it.

Keeping things contained stops you from pulling everything out of a closet to find what you are looking for. There is a method to a storage system. Ask a friend who is Born Organized for her help on what works best for her. They love to share their wisdom with you. All you have to do is ask! We just need an example to help us. This is why I want to thank Tami Fox for her examples to help me to help you.

Now here is the goal. I do not want you to crash and burn when you have several things to do to get ready for the first day of school. We are going to take babysteps and pace ourselves through this process. This is another reason I want you using your timer.

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