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«Interaction and text courses (Holy Scriptures, Cosmology and Eschatology,  Asceticism and Monasticism)   ...»

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- From Climate to the Self.

- Iranian Views of the Afterlife and the Ascent to the Heavens

- Greek and Classical Views of Life After Death and Ascent to the Heavens

- Second Temple Judaism: The Rise of a Beatific Afterlife in the Bible.

Enoch tradition:

Text to 1 Enoch:

Nickelsburg, G. W. E., and J. C. VanderKam. 2004. 1 Enoch. A New Translation. Minneapolis (170 p.) Mosaic and Enochic Judaism: Cosmology, Torah and Eschatology Carr, D. M. 1996. Reading the Fractures of Genesis. Historical and Literary Approaches. Louisville, Kentucky. 43-47, 114-140.

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Cosmology and Eschatology in Enochic Writings:

VanderKam, J. C. 2008. Enoch. A Man for All Generations. Paperback ed. Colombia, South Carolina. 1-101. (101 p.) Kvanvig, H. S. 2007. "Cosmic Laws and Cosmic Imbalance: Wisdom, Myth and Apocalyptic in Early Enochic Writings." In The Early Enoch Literature, edited by G. Boccaccini and J. J. Collins. Leiden. 139-58. ( 20 p.) Nickelsburg, G. W. E. 2003. "Apocalyptic Construction of Reality " In 1 Enoch, George W. E. Nickelsburg in Perspective, edited by J. Neusner and A. J. Avery-Peck. Leiden. 29-43. (22 p.) Collins, J. J. 1997. Apocalypticism in the Dead Sea Scrolls. London. 30-51, 110-129. (40 p.)

Enochic Traditions in Christianity and Rabbinic Judaism:

VanderKam, J. C. 2008. Enoch. A Man for All Generations. Paperback ed. Colombia, South Carolina. 169-182. (13 p.) Reed, A. Y. 2005. Fallen Angels and the History of Judaism and Christianity. The Reception of Enochic Literature. Cambridge.

122-159. (37 p.)

Philosophical Judaism/Christianity:


Source Text:

Philo. De gigantibus. The Works of Philo. Complete and Unabridged.Translated by C. D. Yonge. Peabody, Massachusetts:

Hendrickson Publishers. 152-157 Alan Scott. 1991. Origen and the Life of the Stars. Part II. 53-103 (51 p.)

- The Hellenistic Schoolroom

- Philo

- The heavenly Powers John R. Levision. 1995. “The Prophetic Spirit as an Angel According to Philo”. HTR 88, 2. 189-207 (19 p.)


Source Text:

Paul. First Corinthians (extract from) *Alan Segal. 2004. Life after Death. A History of the Afterlife in the religions of the West. 399-440 (42 p.)

- Paul’s Vision of the Afterlife Troels Engberg-Pedersen. 2010. Cosmology and the Self in the Apostle Paul. The Material Spirit. 8-105 (98 p.)

- A Stoic Understanding of Pneuma and the Resurrection in 1 Corinthian 15

- The Bodily Pneuma in Paul

- Physics, Cognition and Superhuman Persons Henrik Tronier. 2001. The Corinthian Correspondence between Philosophical Idealism and Apocalypticism. In Beyond the Judaism/Hellenism Divide. Ed. Troels Engberg-Pedersen. Louisville, Kentucky. Westminister John Knox Press. 165-196 (32p.)

Gospel of John:

Source Texts:

The Gospel of John (extract from) The Gospel of Philip. The Nag Hammadi Library. The Definitive Translation of the Gnostic Scriptures. Edited by J. M. Robinson.

New York.N.Y.: HaperSanFrancisco. HaperCollinsPublishers. (extract from) 139-160.

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- Cosmology in Stoicism. The Discourse of Physics.

- The Penultimate Pneumatic Event: ‘It is the Spirit That gives Life. Jesus’ Ascent and Translation into the Father *Hugo Lundhaug. 2008 (recommended reading). ”Fødsel, transformation og opstandelse som en Kristus. Filipevangeliets rituelle fortolkning af Johannesevangeliet”. In Mellem venner og fjender. En folkebog om Judasevangeliet, tidlig kristendom og gnosis. Eds. Anders Klostergarrd, Jesper Hyldahl & Einar Thomassen. Copenhagen: Anis. 267-297 (31 p.)


Source Text:

Origen. Commentary on the Gospel According to John. Book 1. In The Fathers of the Church. Translated by Ronald E. Heine (extract from). 31-94.

Alan Scott. 1991. Origen and the Life of the Stars. Part III. 113-168 (56 p.)

- Origen and the Stars

- Stars and the resurrection Body *Alan Segal: Life after Death. A History of the Afterlife in the religions of the West. 532-595 (64 p.)

- The Church Fathers and their Opponents     Course descriptions RRE Lund 2010, Text course 

 The Roots of Asceticism and Monasticism 

Course content Christian monasticism has had a major influence on the development of European culture. It was mainly through the monastic tradition that the philosophical and scientific heritage as well as the practical knowledge of he Greek and Roman world was transmitted to the high Middle Ages and the establishment of universities. Although a totally new institution monasticism has its roots in the ascetic traditions of the Graeco-Roman world mainly developed within various schools of philosophy as an essential element within the search for wisdom. Socially the emergence of the ascetic has been seen as related to the disintegration of traditional societies as a result of Roman military conquest of the Near East.

Major questions about the emergence of Christian ascetic tradition and the formation of monasticism are intensely debated in recent scholarship. In addition to the most pertinent scholarly literature the course has its focus on the most important texts related to Christian ascetic and monastic traditions. An elementary knowledge of Greek is required for this course.

Time period teaching: September 1 – December 10, 2010 (week 35-49) paper to be handed in by January 31, 2011 Responsible teacher and institution Professor Samuel Rubenson (samuel.rubenson@teol.lu.se) PhD candidate Andreas Westergen (andreas.westergren@teol.lu.se) Centre for Theology and Religious Studies, Lund University Learning outcome Through the course the student will acquire Comprehensive knowledge of the ascetic traditions in Early Christianity from the New Testament period until the seventh · century C.E.

· Insights into the current state of research and ability to discuss relevant theories and to relate Christian ascetic traditions to ascetic traditions in early Judaism and Islam.

· Skills in reading source material in the original language and to analyse, discuss and interpret historical texts.

· The ability to demonstrate such skills and communicate such knowledge in writing.

Prerequisites In addition to the general requirements for the program, a minimum of 10 ECTS of Greek.

Course activities The course is taught through a system of e-learning and a compact seminar. Students are provided with a bibliography to be worked through independently, but discussed through an e-forum. They will further be provided with the relevant texts in Greek and in modern translation. Their reading of these texts will be aided by material on internet. For the compact seminar they will be asked to prepare certain textmaterial and present their analyses to other participants in the seminar.

Examination form If the student has participated regularly, actively and satisfactorily in the course, by taking part in the compact seminar in Copenhagen, October 26-29 and handed in a minimum of 80% of the assignments, she or he may choose between a free and a fixed written examination. A student failing to fulfil these requirements must sit a fixed written exam. In the free written examination, the student writes a paper of between eight and ten pages on a subject, question or material chosen by the student and approved by the responsible teacher. In the fixed written examination, the student is given a week to write a paper of between eight and ten pages on a subject, question or material provided by the responsible teacher. A failure to hand in the exam paper in time is counted as a failed exam. Students who fail are entitled to new opportunities in mid-term and in the summer vacation.

Required reading a) TEXTS (30 pages in Greek, 25 pages in translation)

Athanasius, Vita Antonii, chs. 1–15. Greek text with French translation in Athanase d’Alexandrie. Vie d’Antoine. Sources Chretiennes 400 (Paris: Cerf 2004) ISBN 9-782204-076760 (pp 124-176). English translation in Athanasius. the Life of Antony and the Letter to Marcellinus (New York: Paulist Press 1980), ISBN0-8091-2295-2 (pp 29–43) Apophthegmata Patrum, Antonios. Greek text in Migne, Patrologia Graeca. English translation in The Sayings of the Desert Fathers. The Alphabetical Collection, ed. B. Ward (London: Mowbrays 1975) ISBN 0-264-66124-9 (pp. 1–9).

b) SECONDARY LITERTURE (600 pages) Alison, Keith & Vaage, Leif E., ”Imperial Asceticism: Discipline of Domination”, in Asceticism and the New Testament, ed.

Leif E. Vaage & Vincent L. Wimbush (New York: Routledge, 1999), ISBN: 0-415-92195-3, pp. 411–420.

Castelli, Elizabeth A., ”Disciplines of Difference: Asceticism and History in Paul”, in Asceticism and the New Testament, ed. Leif E. Vaage & Vincent L. Wimbush (New York: Routledge, 1999), ISBN: 0-415-92195-3 (pp. 171–186).

Clark, Gillian, “Women and Asceticism in Late Antiquity: The Refusal of Status and Gender”, in Asceticism, ed. Vincent Wimbush and Richard Valantasis (Oxford/New York: Oxford University Press, 1998), ISBN: 0-19-508535-3 (pp 33–48).

Dunn, Marilyn, “Asceticism and monasticism, II Western”, in Cambridge History of Christianity, vol II (Cambridge:

Cambridge University Press, 2008), ISBN: 13-978-0-521-81244-3 (pp 669–690).

Flood, Gavin, The Ascetic Self. Subjectivity, Memory and Traditioni (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press 2004) ISBN 9-780521-604017 (pp. 1–34, 144–174, 211–234).

Griffith, Sidney H., "Asceticism in the Church of Syria: The Hermeneutics of Early Syrian Monasticism," in Asceticism, ed.

Vincent Wimbush and Richard Valantasis (Oxford/New York: Oxford University Press, 1998), ISBN: 0-19-508535-3 (pp 220–45).

Hadot, Pierre, “Ancient Spiritual Exercises and ‘Christian Philosophy’”, in Philosophy as a Way of Life (Oxford: Blackwell Publishing, 1995), pp. 126-144.

Harmless, William, Desert Christians. An Introduction to the Literature of Early Monasticism (New York: Oxford University Press, 2004), ISBN 0-19-516223-4 (pp. 57–104, 115–163, 227–273, 417–469).

Late Ancient Christianity. A People’s History of Christianity, vol II, ed. Virginia Burrus (Minneapolis: Fortress Press 2005) ISBN 0-8006-3412-8 (pp. 1–92, 165–187, 255–283).

Patterson, Stephen J., ”Askesis and the Early Jesus Tradition”, in Asceticism and the New Testament, ed. Leif E. Vaage & Vincent L. Wimbush (New York: Routledge, 1999), ISBN: 0-415-92195-3 (pp 49–70).

Rubenson, Samuel, “Asceticism and monasticism, I Eastern”, in Cambridge History of Christianity, vol II (Cambridge:

Cambridge University Press, 2008), ISBN: 13-978-0-521-81244-3 (pp 637–668).

Additional reading (ca. 350p.) in relation to individual papers to be approved by teacher responsible for the examination.

This includes some 50 pages of sources in translation and 300 pagers of secondary literature. The additional syllabus is to be handed in at the latest two week before the exam date.

Registration Registration for the course takes place on AULA at the first tutorial and no later than the first week of September.

Registration for the compact seminar in Copenhagen takes place at the same time.

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