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The Chakra Systtem The Chakra Sys em We live in a universe propelled by the laws of electricity and magnetism and all third dimensional life forms within it reflect this. Our stars and planets (geo-magnetic life forms) all have a north pole and a south pole with magnetic lines of force flowing between them. Our human bodies (bio-magnetic life forms) also conform to this bipolar magnetic field, with the top of our head reflecting our north pole and the soles of our feet the south pole. In a third dimensional representation, these lines of force moving between our head and feet completely encompass the body within an etheric structure known as a tube torus. Imagine this donut shaped energetic field extending all around your body. It is called your aura.

Have you noticed that when meeting another person for the first time you may be instinctively drawn to them? This could be evidence that both of your auras are vibrating in sympathetic resonance. The same would be true when the presence of another feels uncomfortable. Perhaps the magnetic energies in your auras are repelling each other. At the centre of each bi-polar magnetic field is a magnetic core running from north to south. In the case of a simple bar magnet it is a magnetized piece of metal. In the case of the bio-magnetic human body it is a channel, only observable in subtle matter, called the pranic tube. Within this core the life force is carried to sustain each individual creation during its existence.

Every spiritual tradition identifies and acknowledges the life force, that great field of potential that gives rise to and then sustains each and all in existence from moment to moment. In Chinese spiritual teachings the life force is called chi, (Tai Chi meaning increasing life force) while the Japanese and Koreans call it ki, (Reiki, healing life force). In the Indian and Tibetan traditions it is identified as prana. The Christian tradition may name the life force sanctifying grace or grace, practitioners of new age spirituality refer to this field as the light or the white light, and to the physicist, it‟s known as the sub-atomic or quantum field. As you move among numbers of people going about their business in any large city, you can notice and identify many of those who are suffering from a diminished access to the life force. It shows in their state of health, their sense of openness and self confidence and even the way they relate to others and carry themselves. We must all access the life force fully and completely to maximize it‟s benefits to our daily existence and our chakra system is the vehicle that has been beautifully designed to fulfil this function.

Chakra, is a Sanskrit word that translates as “a spinning disc” or “a wheel.” It is one of many human names for what is perceived to be a bio-physical connection to our soul or spirit. These energy connections or chakras exist in that the soul or spirit is immersed in the physical body and mingles throughout. At present we each have seven of these energy connections that are woven into our body‟s meridian centres with some lying along the spine. These centres are similar in function to the junction box found in the electrical system of a home or office. Likewise our physical body is controlled through a vastly complicated neuro-electrical circuitry, with a number of special locations where these circuits converge. Each of these locations is monitored through a special mini neuro-computer connected through the central nervous system to the brain. It is these specific locations that are called chakras and each fulfils a number of functions. As well there are also several ductless glands associated with the functioning of each chakra point. Since the vibratory field of light also activates colour and tone, each of the chakra centres produces its own specific colour and sound.

RED, the root chakra, links you to the physical world and serves as the foundation to build and evolve your personality. As the electrician grounds the junction box with a copper grounding wire, so too this chakra grounds us here on earth.

ORANGE, (ovaries/testes) the pro-creative or sacral chakra is the center for sexual energy and creativity, balancing the free giving and receiving of feelings and emotions in all your relationships.

YELLOW, (spleen) the solar plexus chakra is where your honor, integrity and power originates. It is the essence of who you are.

GREEN (thymus) the heart chakra is the centre of the system. Known also as the great transformer it generates the ability to love freely without fear or self consciousness.

BLUE (thyroid) the throat chakra is where feelings and emotions are transformed into expressions. This chakra centre helps you find the balance between silence and speech and assists you to say what you honestly feel.

INDIGO (pineal) the “Third eye” between the eyebrows above the nose, connects you to your spiritual being and invites intuition and awareness into your daily life.

VIOLET (pituitary) the crown chakra connects you to your total being with the awareness that you, the universe and the Great Creator are all one.

A Siimplle Chakra Mediittattiion A S mp e Chakra Med a on First relax deeply, as you connect with the heart chakra through your breath. Next anchor your life force or light into the centre of the earth through a brief thought intention. Slowly focus on your breath and establish quiet, rhythmic breathing.

Become aware of your heart chakra and allow it to expand with each breath you take, until it is large enough to overlap the chakras in the throat and solar plexus. Then see these three chakras expanding as one with every rhythmical breath. Extend them to embrace the third eye and the sacral chakras. Gradually expand again to merge with your crown and root chakras and feel your aura swelling outwards. Continue expanding your breathing until you experience yourself as one huge chakra. Enjoy your breath and your new sense of an expanded self.

When your chakra system is unified and balanced through meditation, you will be able to access more and more of the life force. You will sense its beneficial effects by enjoying better health and more positive life experiences. When your meditation is finished, close down the chakras and seal or protect your aura. Do this by visualizing or intending that each chakra closes like a flower.

As was noted earlier, prana is but one name used to describe the life force that interpenetrates all existence, everywhere. To more fully access the life force, prana – breathing, a powerful form of energetic breath work will be widely practiced by most persons during the coming new age.

Prana – Breatthiing Prana – Brea h ng While either sitting or standing begin to relax fully. Take several quiet breaths while slowly closing your eyes and then imagine or visualize your pranic tube. It begins above your crown chakra in the higher dimensions, flows down through your body along the spine, then grounds itself into the planet beneath your feet. Touch the tip of your thumb and second finger together and make a circle. Your pranic tube is approximately the size of this space.

As you breathe in visualize the celestial pranic energy coming down into your tube and through your body into the earth. Hold it briefly then exhale. On the next inbreath draw earthly prana up from the planet through your body and exhale this out through the tube at your crown. Practice this several times until you clearly sense the flow of pranic energy or life force.

Next, on the inbreath draw prana simultaneously both up and down your pranic tube, holding the prana in your heart, then exhale it gently. Finally draw prana into your body, holding it in your heart chakra then sensing it move throughout the body completely as you exhale. The life force will truly flow into your entire body, energizing and revivifying you. This will be achieved through the law of attention as, “Energy always follows awareness.” If you experience a sudden stress or a deeply disturbing event withdraw, focus yourself and enjoy a short period of prana breathing. A few deep quiet breaths will totally rebalance and restabilise you.

Illustration copyright 1998, Honolulu Church of Light. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

http://www.Kirael.com Group and Glloball Mediittattiions Group and G oba Med a ons The 100th Monkey, a story about social change (by Ken Keys, Jr.) “The Japanese Macaca Fuscata monkey had been observed in the wild for a period of over 30 years. In 1952 on the Island of Koshima, scientists were providing monkeys with sweet potatoes dropped in the sand. The monkeys liked the taste of the raw sweet potatoes but found the dirt unpleasant. An 18 month old female named Imo found that she could solve this problem by washing her potatoes in a nearby stream.

She taught this trick to her mother. Then her monkey playmates learned this new way and taught their mothers too.

This cultural innovation was gradually picked up by various monkeys before the eyes of the scientists. Between 1952 and 1958 all the young monkeys learned to wash the sandy sweet potatoes to make them more palatable. Only the adults who imitated their children however learned this social improvement. Other adults kept eating the sandy sweet potatoes. Then something startling took place. In the autumn of 1958 a certain number of Koshima monkeys were washing their sweet potatoes – this exact number was not known. Let us suppose that when the sun rose one morning there were 99 monkeys on Koshima Island who had learned to wash their dirty potatoes. Let‟s suppose that later that morning, the 100th monkey learned to wash potatoes. THEN IT HAPPENED!

By that evening almost every monkey in the tribe was washing potatoes before eating them. The added energy of this 100th monkey somehow created a critical mass that led to an ideological breakthrough. But notice: the most surprising thing observed by these scientists was that the habit of washing sweet potatoes had somehow crossed the sea. Colonies of monkeys on other islands and the mainland troop of monkeys at Takasakiyama all began washing their potatoes too. Thus when a certain critical number achieves a particular awareness, this new awareness may be communicated directly from mind to mind. Although the exact number may vary, this 100th monkey phenomenon suggests that when only a limited number of people know about or choose a new way, it may remain the conscious property of these people. However, there is a point at which if only one more person tunes-in to a new awareness, a field is strengthened so that this awareness is picked up by almost everyone.” Global meditations practiced among new age participants, both in small groups and numbering in the thousands to the hundreds of thousands, have drawn on the 100th monkey theory to bring about world wide social and consciousness changes. It has become a firm belief within New Age spirituality that energy always follows thought and that a clearly and energetically focused intention will often result at some future time in its manifestation. We all create our own reality, both on a personal and community level. Persons who meditate regularly know this and frequently contribute their prayers and loving energies, at specifically chosen times, to ensure that beneficial effects will flow on to earth‟s peoples and to the planet.

The internet has become the most outstanding means by which to alert, mobilize and draw together groups performing this activity. Various websites announce these global meditation occasions that occur during full moons, solstices, equinoxes and major religious feasts such as Easter and Wesak. Global meditations tend to follow two formats: the world wide gathering at a specific time of a particular day and the twenty four hour „wave‟ meditation.

When a massed gathering with a huge impact is desired, a particular intention, day and hour in GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) is nominated for the occasion. It is a fact, scientifically tested and measured, that when a group of people in their thousands simultaneously focuses upon and holds the same thought intention, the planetary field (as it is measured from the increasing cycles per second of the Schumann Cavity Resonance Level), experiences a higher atomic vibration and a consciousness raising shift. Barbara Wolf‟s excellent web site offers one of the most complete listings of global meditations, in which you can participate either with a group or alone in the privacy of your own home. Visit: http://www.globalmeditations.com During a wave meditation the initial impact is lessened but its effects are spun out over a much longer time frame. Each person participating focuses on „noon‟ for example in the time zone they find themselves in. As the sun passes over continents, oceans etc. at high noon, the meditation wave encircles the globe for a full day.

The Peace Cllock Wave Mediittattiion The Peace C ock Wave Med a on Starting Now: Wherever you are perform a brief silent meditation for world peace every day at noon - for one minute. Silently repeat the following intention, “MAY


The Goal: To have every person on earth performing this event by the end of the year 2012.

Synchronized Intention is the Key With an alarm, a note or any other means, remind yourself when it is noon in your time zone.

Involve the active participation of your company, school, city, state or nation.

Request that radio, TV and newspapers broadcast the Peace Clock daily.

Approach all interactions with others in peaceful, constructive and creative ways.

Already the critical mass of humanity has chosen global peace instead of war and with our continual holding of this focus, by attending or participating in peace marches, group meditations and related activities, ultimately global peace will prevail.

Mergiing Mediittattiion Intto Daiilly Liiffe Merg ng Med a on In o Da y L e Sitting with the eyes closed is a good way to begin the practice of meditation as this method best allows one to control a wandering mind. However this skill may also be practiced while walking or performing life‟s day to day activities. Meditation in the midst of activity brings the whole world and its experiences into your life and keeps you fully focused in the present - alive and aware in each moment. And over time meditation during activity will also produce significant inner transformation and enlightenment, as it will give greater meaning to the simple outward activities we all do.

As an example, you could make any of the following activities become a meditation.

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