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Agus Setya Pradana A 320 080 183 Department of English Education ABSTRACT In Colombiana movie the major problem of this study is how revenge is reflected in the major character’s personality. The aim of this study is to analyze Olivier Megaton’s the structural elements and the development of personality of the major character based on Psychoanalytic Approach. This study focuses on major character, namely Catalea.The benefit of this research is to give addition information which can be used by other literature researchers who are interested in analyzing this movie.

This study uses two data sources, namely primary and secondary data source. The primary data source is the play script itself, while the secondary data are taken some information needed. The method of data collection is qualitative method.Based on the analysis, the study of this research comes from the major character problem. The problem itself is after she knows her parents are killed by the gangster; she has a desire to follows her purpose. The purpose itself is realized by doing revenge and killing the gangster who destroyed her family.

Keywords: Revenge, Colombiana, Psychoanalytic Approach.

A. Introduction Being hurt sometimes can make people oppressed. In this situation people will do anything to make them happy. Moreover when the hurt itself comes from people who hurt their life or their future. It is just sadness that always appears in the mind because of it. Revenge will become the latest way, when people believe that it is the better way to make their enemy down. They will do anything whether it is good or bad action, and they do not care about it.

Revenge usually can be the best way for people, when they have a purpose to take the revenge, they will make many plans to do their revenge. They do revenge to someone who hurts them. They do not care whether it is right or wrong. They do it by threatening someone life, although there are many conflicts that appear in their personality but they just think that what they do can change their personality.

Colombiana is a movie which was made in 2011. Colombiana movie is directed by Olivier Megaton he was born in 6 August 1965. He is a French film director, writer and editor best known for directing The Red Siren, Transporter 3 and Colombiana. Megaton was born in France 20 years to the day after the atomic bombing of Hiroshima, and his choice of the artistic name, Megaton, was influenced by this. He grew up in a Paris banlieue, and after qualifying for a diploma in psychology, he was active as an artist, including graffiti. After meeting Jean-Baptiste Mondino, he started working in films. Megaton has directed Exit, The Red Siren, and Transporter 3. He was chosen to direct Mathilda, the sequel to Léon, but expressed the opinion that the film was unlikely to be made. He also served as a second unit director for the film Hitman.

This movie starts from Bogota, Columbia. A man, named Fabio, is speaking to Don Luis, a drug lord and his boss. Fabio tells him he is quitting and handing over all the book keeping on the cartel to another associate. Don Luis smiles and says he will miss him and they toast to Fabio's life. Fabio leaves and Don Luis motions to Marco, his right hand man to kill Fabio.

Minutes later, Marco and numerous cartel members show up and slaughter Fabio's men. Fabio and Alicia grab guns and try to hold the men off but are killed off-screen. Catalea sits at the table in shock and listens to the gunfire. She quickly swallows the microchip. Marco and the men come up to Catalea. Marco pretends to be friendly saying he was a friend of her father but Fabio took something from Don Luis the microchip.

Marco asks if she knows where it is and she nods. Marco asks what she wants. Catalea leans in close and grabs a knife placed under the tabled and stabs him in the hand.

Fifteen years later, Catalea works for Emilio as a hit woman. She has killed 22 criminals in the past four years and her mark is the flower she was named for. She knows how to get in and out without being detected, has amazing fighting skills, and she is good with any weapon.

There are four reasons that make the movie interesting, important, and challenging to be analyzed. The first reason is Colombiana movie is genre action that is interesting movie. It means that this movie has good story line and also the action of character of this movie is amazing.

Second is about amazing characters in this movie. Basically, this movie has major character especially Catalea. She is a strong and smart woman. Although she is a woman but she can do everything especially for defeating the gangsters. Third, the effect and visualization of this movie is interesting because this movie shows action about revenge and also violence. Then the effect in this movie is very real, like exploding and fighting, so the audience can impress when watch this movie.

The last reason is that the researcher is interested to analyze this movie because this movie basically related with revenge. In the other side, revenge means bad behavior but this movie contains positive message that can be taken for life Based on the background of the study, the researcher formulates the problem statement of the study is "How is the revenge reflected in Olivier Megaton’s Colombiana movie?”. Dealing with the this problem, the objectives of the study are to analyze Colombiana movie based on its structural elements and to analyze the major character "Catalea" movie by using a psychoanalytic approach.

B. Research Method

From the object of the study the writer take Olivier Megaton's :

Colombiana as the object of the study. He tries to analyze the major character’s personality. The type of the study is library research. The data used on the research have been collected with the library research. It purposes to analyze the movie using psychoanalytic approach. Then, the type of the data and the data source are divided into two. firstly is primary data source The primary source of data is the play of the Colombiana movie directed by Olivier Megaton. Secondly, The secondary sources of data are from the author’s biography, comment, homepage, and website about the movie and other relevant sources. And the technique of collecting data in this research are as follows 1) Watching the play repeatedly and learning and learning the script. 2) Taking note of the important parts in both primary and secondary data. 3) Identifying the topic of the movie. 4) Determining the major character. 5) Classifying and determining the relevant data. 6) Arranging the data into several parts based on its classification. 7) Drawing conclusion based on the analyzing data. the technique which is used to analyze the data is descriptive analysis. This technique describes the event better than the summary. It begins with the author and his work, the structural analysis of the movie and finally psychoanalytic analysis of the movie.

C. Finding and Discussion

Catalea revenges to gangster related with her parents and family dead that is reflected in Colombia movie using psychoanalytic theory by Sigmund Freud. The id is the only component of personality that is presented from birth. This aspect of personality is entirely unconscious and includes of the instinctive and primitive behaviors. According to Freud, the id is driven by the pleasure principle, which strives for immediate gratification of all desires, wants, and needs. The ego develops from the Id and ensures that the impulses of the id can be expressed in an acceptable manner in the real world. The ego functions the conscious, preconscious, and unconscious mind. The ego operates based on the reality principle, which strives to satisfy the Id desires in realistic and socially appropriate ways. The Id impulses can be satisfied through a process of delayed gratification the ego will eventually allow the behaviors, but only in the appropriate time and place. The ego also discharges tension created by unmet impulses through the secondary process, in which the ego tries to find an object in the real world that matches the mental image created by the Id primary process. Superego is the internal representative or the traditional values and evaluative norm.“Superego as the principle of morality consists of some values and evaluated norms”.

Catalea actually is obedient woman and strong woman, it is shown when movie starts. At the first Catalea knows that her family have big problem. She is asked by her father to stay at home, in that time Fabio gives the item to Catalea that contains some data about Don Luis crime.

Beside Fabio also gives information to Catalea about her origin. Here, Catalea is strong woman because she is strong and does not cry when she saw her parents killed by Don Luis men. Moreover, Catalea is brilliant woman. It is shown when she can escape from Don Luis men.

After escaping and being secure from Don Luis men, she comes to the embassy of the United States of America to give the item given by her father and it can reveal about Don Luis crime. Since her parents dead, she must live alone. After that Catalea meets her uncle and her grandmother that live in Chicago. In that situation Catalea always seems sad and burdened by her incident. Behind calmness of Catalea, she has big ambition to revenge and kill Don Luis group. It can be seen when Catalea asks her uncle Emilio to teach her to kill the people and become a tag killer.

Actually Emilio dislikes Catalea’s decision, but the ambition of Catalea to revenge is very big, so Emilio gives Catalea job to kill the people. Catalea is brilliant woman because he always perfectly kills people. Catalea can think about her way and she has many tricks to kill the people that are directly related with her family dead.

First id of Catalea occurs when young Catalea still wants to stay with her parents, but when in that situation her parents must go to avoid Don Luis gangster, because Don Luis gangster wanted to kill Catalea parents.The next id of Catalea occurs when young Catalea escapes from Don Luis gangster, because she brings the item that Don Luis wants. The item itself contains about Don Luis secret data, and she thinks if that item can reveal of Don Luis crime.The next id of Catalea occurs when young Catalea wanted Emilio to teach Catalea become a woman killer, she thinks to revenge the gangster especially to Don Luis that killed her parents. The next id of Catalea occurs when Catalea was 24 years old, she drunk and then hit a police car. This plan is created by her in order to she can enter the jail and kill Genaro Rizzo.The next id of Catalea occurs when she has plan to kill Genaro Rizzo. Catalea enters in guard room then she hits policeman.

This way is her trick in order to Catalea can interrogate and kill Genaro Rizzo.The next id of Catalea occurred when Catalea lives with her grandfather. Catalea has 2 dogs, she trains her dog to make the dog can kill Don Luis. Catalea puts on the meat to her dog, while the dog will eat the meat after Catalea says “eat”. She trains and planning this wayto kill don luis that planning to kill her parentsand also her family. The last id of Catalea occurs when Catalea enters agent James Ross’s house. She interrogates agent James Ross, then she will kill his family if agent James Ross does not give the place of Don Luis to stay. This way is chosen by Catalea to find and kill Don Luis group.

The first ego of Catalea occurs when young Catalea is interrogated by Marco. She is requested to give her item to Marco. In this time also Catalea stabbed Marco hand with knife. after that, she escapes from Marco. This way is Catalea’s idea to begin her revenge and kill the gangster, because Catalea knows if Don Luis have killed her parents.The next ego of Catalea occurs when Catalea enters Genaro Rizzo jail. She thinks that he is a big gangster so he is directly related with Don Luis and family dead. Catalea directly kills him by shooting in the chest and head. The next ego of Catalea occurs when she has a job to kill Willy. Catalea thinks that willy is also related with her family dead. Almost of Catalea’s time are jobs to kill the enemy, because this is her goal to be tag killer. Besides she gets job to kill the enemy, this way is her choice to make Catalea as a woman killer and a tag killer.The next ego of Catalea occurs when Catalea has killed many enemy. In that time Catalea also has a desire to meet her grandmother. But Catalea was prohibited by Emilio, because the action of Catalea killed Emilio’s friends also. The ego of Catalea itself is she wants to meet her grandmother because she loves and misses her.The last ego of Catalea occurs when Catalea has found Don Luis address. In that time Catalea destroys Don Luis house by her missile. After the house is shattered, first Catalea fights with Don Luis men, after that she also fights with Marco, but in the end Marco is dead because he is stabbed with gun’s slide by Catalea. After that, Catalea calls Don Luis by Marco’s cellular phone. In that situation Don Luis is in Catalea van and he does not know that there are two dogs behind him. Catalea calmly says that she will kill Don Luis. Finally Catalea can kill Don Luis with her dogs just by saying “eat” then her dog bite him until dead. This is the end of the desire to revenge of Catalea In Colombiana movie the major character especially Catalea gets some problem. The ambition of major character Catalea to revenge and defeat the gangster is so big. Although the ambition to revenge of Catalea is so big, but she can control her ambition and thinks about the way that she chooses. The superego of Catalea in this movie is not a lot because the most of major character ambition is to fight and revenge. Beside Catalea’s revenge, she also thinks about the safety of her grandmother and her uncle.

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