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«CURRICULUM VITAE Kenneth A. Taylor Henry Waldgrave Stuart Professor of Philosophy Director, Symbolic Systems Program Department of Philosophy ...»

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Kenneth A. Taylor--1


Kenneth A. Taylor

Henry Waldgrave Stuart Professor of Philosophy

Director, Symbolic Systems Program

Department of Philosophy

Stanford University


University of Chicago Ph.D. 12/84

Chicago, Illinois Philosophy

Dissertation: "Direct Reference and the Theory of Meaning"

Committee: Leonard Linsky (chair), Josef Stern, William Tait University of Notre Dame A.B. 5/77 Notre Dame, Indiana Program of Liberal Studies


1991-92 Lilly Foundation, Teaching Fellow 1990-91 Ford Foundation, Minority Postdoctoral Fellowship 1989 NEH Summer Seminar for College Teachers 1985-86 Carolina Minority Postdoctoral Fellowship, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 1982-83 Whiting Dissertation Fellowship 1982-83 Dorothy Danforth-Compton Fellowship 1977-81 Danforth Graduate Fellowship


Institution and Location Rank Dates’ Stanford University Professor 2004Department of Philosophy Assoc. Prof 7/95- 2004 Stanford, CA Rutgers University Assoc. Prof 7/92-6/95 Department of Philosophy New Brunswick, NJ University of Maryland Asst Prof 8/89-6/92 Department of Philosophy College Park, MD Wesleyan University Asst Prof 7/85-6/89 Department of Philosophy Middletown, CT Kenneth A. Taylor--2 U. of North Carolina Postdoc 85-6/86 Department of Philosophy Chapel Hill, NC Middlebury College V. Asst Prof 7/84-6/85 Department of Philosophy V. Instr. 9/83-6/84 Middlebury, Vermont


Stanford University 1/94- 6/94 Department of Philosophy Stanford, CA Books Meaning and Truth: An Introduction to the Philosophy of Language. London: Blackwell Publishers. 1998 Reference and the Rational Mind, Stanford: CSLI Publications, 2003 Referring to the World: An Introduction to the Theory of Reference, Oxford University Press (commissioned, under contract, expected completion, December 2010) Articles "Davidson's Theory of Meaning: Some Questions" Philosophical Studies 48 (1985): 91-105 "Belief, Information and Semantic Content: A Naturalist's Lament" Synthese 71 (1987) 97-124 "We've Got You Coming and Going" Linguistics and Philosophy 11, 4 (1988): 493-513 "Narrow Content Functionalism and the Mind-Body Problem," Nous 23 (1989) 355-372 "Supervenience and Levels of Meaning," Southern Journal of Philosophy 27 (1989) 443-458 "The Pragmatics of Mode of Reference Selection," Theories of Demonstratives and Indexicals, a special issue of Communication and Cognition, 26 (1993), 97-126 "Simulation and Eliminative Materialism," Proceedings of the 16th International Wittgenstein Symposium, Volume 16(1993): 519-524.

"How Not to Refute Eliminative Materialism," Philosophical Psychology Volume 7 (1994):

101-125 Kenneth A. Taylor--3 "Meaning, Reference, and Cognitive Significance,” Mind and Language, Vol. 10, (1995): 129Same Believers," Philosophical Issues, vol 8 (1997): pgs 357-369.

"The Psychology of Direct Reference," The Maribor Papers in Naturalized Semantics, pgs 225-242. ed. by Dunja Jutronic. Maribor: University of Maribor Press (1997) “What in Nature is the Compulsion of Reason?” Synthese 122, #1/2 (2000): 209-244.

“Emptiness without Compromise: A Referentialist Semantics for Empty Names.” In Hofweber and Everett (eds). Empty Names, Fiction, and the Puzzles of Non-Existence. CSLI Publications. 2000: 17-36 “On the Explanatory Limits of Behavioral Genetics," in Genetic Research and Criminal Behavior: Conceptual, Poltical, and Ethical Issues,’ edited by David Wasserman, et al Cambridge University Press. 2001: 117- 140.

“Sex, Breakfast and Descriptus Interruptus” Synthese Volume 128, #1/2, (July 2001): 45-61.

“ De Re and De Dicto: Against the Conventional Wisdom” Philosophical Perspectives, a supplement to Nous, vol. 36, no. s16, (October 2002): 225-265.

“What’s in a Name?” (in Reference and the Rational Mind) “Toward A Naturalistic theory of Rational Intentionality.” (in Reference and the Rational Mind) “Singular Beliefs and their Ascriptions.” (in Reference and the Rational Mind) “The Syntax and Pragmatics of the Naming Relation” in Claudia Bianchi (ed), The Semantics Pragmatics Distinction, CSLI Publications 2004.’ Bullshit and the Foibles of the Human Mind: What the Masters of the Dark Arts Know.” In Hardcastle and Reisch (eds.) Bullshit and Philosophy. Open Court. 2006.

“Misplaced Subjects and the Illusion of Opacity,” in O’Rourke and Washington (eds.) Situating Semantics: Essays on the Philosophy of John Perry, MIT Press, 2007.

Without the Net of Providence: Atheism and the Human Adventure” in Philosophers Gods: An Anthology of Original Essays, Oxford University Press, 2007.

“A Little Sensitivity goes a Long Way.” In Preyer and Peter (eds.), Content and Context:

Essays on Semantics and Pragmatics, Oxford University Press. 2007.

Kenneth A. Taylor--4 “Sign, Sign, Everywhere a Sign!” Philosophy and Phenomenological Research, vol LXXV no 3, p 703-709, 2007 “Come essere un relativista,” (“How to be a Relativist”) In G. Marchetti (ed.) La contingenza dei fatti e l'oggettività dei valori (The Contingency of Facts and the Objectivity of Values), Mimesis (Milan), 2009 “On Singularity,” in Robin Jeshion, (ed.) Essays on Singular Thought. Oxford University Press, 2010.

“Conceptual Relativism,” in Steve Hales (ed), A Companion To Relativism, Wiley-Blackwell Publishing, 2010.

“The Things We Do With Empty Names,” in Manuel Garcia-Carpintero and Genoveva Marti (editors), Reference and Empty Names, Oxford, Oxford University Press. (forthcoming 2011) “Russell,” in Barry Lee, (ed). Key Thinkers in the Philosophy of Language, Continuum Books (in press forthcoming winter 2011) “Reference and Jazz Combo Theories of Meaning.” In Joseph Keim Campbell, Michael O'Rourke and Harry S. Silverstein (eds) Reference and Referring: Topics in Contemporary Philosophy, 10, MIT Press (forthcoming, Spring 2012).

Reviews, Critical Notices and Encyclopedia Articles "Booknote of Forbes' The Metaphysics of Modality“ Ethics (July 86) "Review of Devitt and Sterelny, Language and Reality," Philosophical Review 99, #2 (1990) "Critical Review of Fodor's Psychosemantics," Nous v. 24, #1 (1990) 181-84.

"Accomodationist Neo-Russellianism: A Critical Notice of Francois Recanati's Direct Reference:

From Language to Thought" Nous : vol 31: #4 (1997): pg 538-556.

"Propositional Attitude Statements," in Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy, Routledge (1998).

“The Philosophy of Language,” in the Online Encyclopedia of Cognitive Science, MacMillian Publishing. (2002) “Contextualism,” The Pragmatics Encyclopedia, Routledge, 2010.


Kenneth A. Taylor--5 Books Toward a Natural History of Normativity Articles “Pragmatics Everywhere” “How to Hume a Kant-Hegel” “Varieties of Co-reference” “Representing Representations: The Priority of the De Re”


Washington University, St. Louis. Distinguished Visiting Lectureship, October, 2005 Centenery College, Shreveport Louisiana, Attaway Fellow in Civic Culture, October 2007.

Whiteley Distinguished Lecture, Pacific Univeristy, Forest Grove Oregon, April 2008 Distinguished International Guest Lecture, the Logos Research Group, University of Barcelona, June – July, 2009 (delivered six lectures to faculty and students over the course of two weeks)


"Meaning, Reference, and Cognitive Significance" University of Cincinnati, Conference on Language and Thought 3/90 Stanford University 4/91 Rutgers University 10/91 University of Michigan, Ann Arbor 10/93 "How not to Refute Eliminative Materialism" Oberlin College 2/90 Central Michigan University 4/90 UMBC-Hopkins-UMCP Three College Colloquium 5/90 San Jose State University 4/91 Dartmouth College 5/91 Wesleyan University 4/92 East Carolina University, 11/93 "What is the Systematicity Argument in Fodor and Pylyshyn?" American Philosophical Association Eastern Division Meeting, 12/90 "Why Semantics Needs Concepts even if Linguistics Doesn't" Kenneth A. Taylor--6

- Donald Williams Memorial Conference, 4/93 University of Maryland, College Park, MD "Simulation and Eliminative Materialism,"

- 16th Annual Wittgenstein Symposium, Kirchberg am Wechsel, Austria 8/93 "Must Intentional Systems Be Rational?"

- East Carolina University, 11/93 University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, 11/93 Stanford University, 2/94

- Conference on Complex Representations: The place of Indicator Semantics in Cognitive Science, Virginia Technical University, 3/94 The Graduate Center, CUNY 10/94 Temple University. 10/94 “ Wittgenstein Meets the Cognitive Science of Common Sense”

- University of Connecticut, Storrs 12/94 "On the Explanatory Limits of Behavioral Genetics," Conference on the Genetic Basis of Criminal Behavior, Wye Woods, Maryland 9/95 University of Maryland, Department of Philosophy, 11/95 "The Psychology of Direct Reference" Conference on the Methodology of Naturalistic Semantics, Maribor, Slovenia, 6/96 "Same Believers" 9th annual Sofia Conference on Truth, Mexico 6/96 “Emptiness without Compromise: A Referentialist Semantics for Empty Names” CSLI Conference on Empty Names, Stanford California, 5/97.

UC Santa Cruz, 10/97.

University of Southern California. 10/99 “ Sex, Breakfast, and Descriptus Interruptus” Invited Symposium, Pacific Division Meeting of the American Philosophical Association 5/99.

"What In Nature is the Compulsion of Reason?" University of California, San Diego 6/99 “Toward a Naturalistic Theory of Rational Intentionality” University of New Mexico, 10/2000 UC, Santa Cruz, 4/2003 “What’s in a Name?” Kenneth A. Taylor--7 University of California, Irvine 10/2001 10th Annual LLC Workshop, Stanford CA 5/01 “De Re and De Dicto: Against the Conventional Wisdom.” Keynote address, Central Valley Philosophy Association Fresno State University 4/02 “Syntax and Pragmatics of the Naming Relation” Workshop on context, University of Genoa, Genoa Italy 10/02 “Singular Beliefs and their Ascriptions.” Jean Nicod Institute, Paris, France 10/02 De Re Thinkability and the One-Sideness of Mental Representations: Comments on Kaplan” Pacific Division of the APA, San Francisco, CA 3/03 “Where Norms Come From: A Naturalistic Approach” University of British Columbia, April 2004 University of Arizona, Tuscon, AZ. October 2004 Washington University of St. Louis, April 2005 Australian National University, August 2005 Auckland Univeristy, Auckland NZ, August 2005 Wellington University, Wellington NZ, August 2005 “Pragmatics Everywhere!” Australasian Association of Philosophy. Sydney Australia, July 2005 Washington University of St. Louis, Conference on Semantics: Empirical and Psychological Evidence, April 2005.

Rutgers University, March 2007 UC Davis, February 2008 “A Little Sensitivity Goes a Long Way.” Author Meets Critics Session. Pacific APA, March 2005.

“Monstrous Contextualism.” Jean Nicod Institute. Paris France. April 2008 “On Singularity” Pacific APA, Invited Symposium on Singular Thought. April 2007.

University of Oslo, Workshop on Reference, August 2007 Conference on the Work of John Perry. University of Madrid. April 2008 “Varieties of Co-Reference” Pacific APA, Authors Meets Critics Session. April 2009 “How to be A relativist” Kenneth A. Taylor--8 New York University, March 2007 University of Nevada, Las Vegas, October 2008 “Reason, Relativism and the Human Normative Predicament” University of Nevada, Las Vegas, October 2008, Oregon State University, October 2009 “Representing Representations: The Priority of the De Re” Conference on “A Matter of Attitudes,” Göttingen Germany, February 2010 “Reference and Jazz Combo Theories of Meaning” Inland Northwest Philosophy Conference, University of Idaho, May 2010.

Public Outreach Activities Cohost, with John Perry of “Philosophy Talk” – a nationally syndicated public radio show now airing in about 50 markets. We produce approximately 32 episodes/year, about 25-33% of these are performed in front of live audiences at both local venues and venues around the country. In addition, through our exposure to a broader public via “Philosophy Talk” John Perry and I are on occasion invited to give talks/seminars and workshops around the country.

Philosophy Talk Invited Public Appearances and Presentations.

April 2006, Pacific Division of the APA, Portland Oregon. Topic: “The Future of Philosophy” September 2006. The Smithsonian Institute, Resident Fellows Program. Washington, DC. Topic “The Promise and Perils of the New Genomics.” July 2006. Capitol Hill, Washington, DC. “The Separation of Powers.” May 2007. University of Delaware, Newark, Delaware. “Philosophy and Popular Culture.” May 2007. Classic Residence by Hyatt, Palo Alto California. “Aging and the Well-lived Life” June 2007. Powell’s City of Books, Portland Oregon. Topic: “Poety, Love, and Philosophy.” September 2007. College of the Sequoias. Topic “The Philosophy of Immigration.” October 2007. Centenary College. Topic “Work and the Self.” February 2008, Powell’s City of Books, Portland Oregon. Topic: “Varieties of Love.” Kenneth A. Taylor--9 May 2008. Classic Residence by Hyatt. “The Morality of Giving and Keeping.” January 2009. Illahee Institute, Illahee lecture Series. Portland Oregon. Topics: “Desire” “Beliefs Gone Wild” April 2009. Keynote event of the 13th annual Pacific University Undergraduate Philosophy Conference. Pacific University, Forest Grove Oregon. Topic: “Social Networking” May 2009. Classic Residence by Hyatt, Palo Alto California. Topic: “Money and Morality” May 2009. Los Angeles chapter of the World's President's Organization. Interactive multimedia presentation on the topic of “Beliefs Gone Wild in the Corporate Setting.” June 2009. The Public Relations Seminar, Laguna Beach, California. With John Perry, gave an interactive, multi-media presentation on the topic of “Beliefs Gone Wild in the Corporate Setting” to the audience consisting of the chief communications officers of major non-profits and Fortune 500 companies.

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