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«ACADEMY OF FINE ARTS - STÄDELSCHULE FRANKFURT AM MAIN Lectures, seminars, courses, summer semester 2015 1. General information Studies at the ...»

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And for fun: Stephen Marlow, Colossus: a novel about Goya and a world gone mad


Tuesday, 9 June 2015, 2 pm, Wednesday, 10 June 2015, 2 pm, Thursday, 11 June 2015, 2 pm, Friday, 12 June 2015, 2 pm Language: English

6. Workshops and Seminars

6.1 Seminar: EYE / I: Three Seminars on Vision - Dr. Daniel Birnbaum


Tuesday, 05 May, 2015, Friday, 05 June 2015, Wednesday, 01 July 2015 10 am until 12 am in I9 Language: English The text is available in the library

6.2 Seminar: Pure Fiction Seminar - Mark von Schlegell This semester we will continue celebrating dyslexic tendencies among artists, as well as linguistic freedom.

We will re-evaluate the role of fiction in our lives and practices. Do deadlines exist? Yes. Every student will be expected to workshop at least one fiction about a fiction during the semester, generating material for our next publication and rendering Pure Fiction, with its sub-genre Dysfiction, immortal. We will read works of Josef Strau for a first meeting 29 April, and Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet for 14 May (with eye to a future performance related to the death of Paul Lafargue)....


Wednesday, 29 April 2015 (with Josef Strau), Thursday, 14 May 2015, Thursday, 28 May 2015, Thursday, 18 June 2015, Thursday, 09 July 2015 2 pm until 6 pm in I 9 Language: English

6.3 Guest Professor summer semester: Otobong Nkanga The Artist Otobong Nkanga (*1974) studied art at the Obafemi Awolowo University in Ile-Ife, Nigeria, at École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris and the Rijksakademie in Amsterdam, before completing a Master’s in Performing Arts at DasArts in Amsterdam in 2008. She lives and works in Lagos, Nigeria and Antwerp, Belgium.

If you are interested to meet and work with Otobong Nkanga please come to a first meeting on Monday, April 13, 2015, 3pm, Aula. She will present her work.

6.4 Group Crit - Meeting with students from Curatorial and Critical Studies and with the Class of Prof. Willem de Rooij Time and dates are still to be announced and will be posted on the pin board.

6.5 Bouhlou’s cooking studio Participation is limited to 9 students. A sign-up list will be hung on the pin board.

Times and dates will be announced on the pin board.

7. Sculpture lab Daimlerstrasse (trailer) - Wolfgang Winter The trailer of the Daimlerstrasse location has all the basic equipment for sculpture. An individual introduction is required before using the equipment. Students can make appointments with a mentor for guidance in their work with 3D artistic objects.

Information about future events will be posted.

8. Architecture – Ben van Berkel and Dr. Johan Bettum

The Städelschule Architecture Class (SAC) offers a two-year, postgraduate Master of Arts programme with the option of three different specializations: Advanced Architectural Design, Architecture and Performative Design or Architecture and Critical Spatial Practice. All students go through the same training during the first year of studies before choosing one of the specializations for their Master thesis that is produced during the second year.

The theoretical and practical courses of SAC consist of lectures, seminars, workshops, studio-crits and a variety of events focusing on select architectural topics. During the second year, each specialization offers its respective programme to its participating students.

SAC provides an intense research setting for the creative exploration of current architectural issues. The aim of the programme is to contribute to the general advance of architecture while preparing its students for academic and/or professional excellence where their individual resources and talents contribute to the field in practical, intellectual and creative terms.

Dr. Mark Wigley and Dr. Beatriz Colomina teach theory seminars to the first year students.

Dr. Mark Fahlbusch from Bollinger+Grohmann Ingenieure will be offering consultancy in structural design.

Language: English

8.1 Specializations

Advanced Architectural Design – Christian Veddeler SAC’s specialization, Advanced Architectural Design (AAD) is devoted to building design as the crucible of architectural practice and discourse. It engages with architecture as the sensual and critical interplay of individual and collective imaginations, material forms and inhabitable space, as well as flows of technologically mediated processes and effects and design intelligence. AAD sees architectural design as a vital and vanguard force in the transformation and future of urban culture, capable of responding to and staging individual and collective interests, private and public desires as well as social and political realities.

Architecture and Performative Design – Mirco Becker Architecture and Performative Design (APD) is informed by a range of material, constructional, manufacturing and environmental considerations and technologies. The performance of an architectural design is conceived in its ability to incorporate various requirements resulting from programmatic, functional, structural and environmental aspects in a synergetic and fruitful manner. This specialization focuses on how computational techniques and processes are changing the methodological and strategic make-up of architectural design by linking projective and analytical phases informed by technical data in the work process.

Architecture and Aesthetic Practice – Dr. Johan Bettum und Dr. Daniel Birnbaum Architecture and Aesthetic Practice (AAP) explores architecture in relation to the arts and uses speculative theory and practice within the arts to infuse architectural design with original and contemporary ideas and work strategies. Across the different disciplines of the arts, intense discourses are entertained that relate intimately to architecture. These address forms of representation, the role of technology in society, gender issues, questions of presence and absence in spatio-temporal terms, political life in various forms, and so much more. AAP uses these relationships for the similarities and differences that they establish with architecture to animate inquiries into architectural specific conditions. The specialization ingests select critical inquiries, paradigmatic positions and methodological practices in the arts to fully mold them as means for contributing to architectural thinking and design.

Architecture and Urban Design – Peter Trummer Architecture and Urban Design (AUD) centers on architecture and the city, investigating the various relationships and possibilities that the contemporary city presents architecture with. The contemporary city, whether small or large, is comprised of an intricate web of individual and collective interests and forces that arise from economical, environmental, social, cultural and other currents and changes. The impact on architecture is massive, and buildings can no longer only be read against local contexts but must seen as intricate parts of a global mesh of material and immaterial flow. AUD explores architectural design as field of creative opportunity within this radically changing field.

8.2 Programme and Events Series

For the specific content of the programme for the students in the First Year Group and the respective specializations in the second year, see: www.staedelschule.de/architecture. The training of the students in the first year as well as second year consists of a series of academic modules that vary for each sub-group within SAC’s programme with respect to specific content.

Many events are announced on SAC’s website and a number of these are also open to the public.

The theoretical and practical courses of the Städelschule Architecture Class consist of lectures, seminars, workshops, studio crits and a variety of events focusing on architectural topics. Students will be expected to develop their own work related to the topics of these courses.

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9. Public lectures and other events Details about these events will be published in the event calendar and hung on the pin board.

Further information about Städelschule events will be announced by e-mail. To sign up in the mailing list please send an email to mailing@staedelschule.de

10. Exhibitions/individual lectures The schedules for exhibitions and individual lectures will be hung on the pin board.

11. Portikus Exhibitions and other events will be announced in flyers and posters as well as in the press.

Frankfurt am Main, April 02, 2015/mc Der Rektor Prof. Philippe Pirotte Professors, instructors and lecturers Summer semester 2015 Staatliche Hochschule für Bildende Künste - STÄDELSCHULE Frankfurt am Main ________________________________________________________________________

Mirco Becker guest professor, architecture, support by Heinz und Gisela Friederichs Stiftung Ben van Berkel professor, architecture Johan Bettum Dr., professor, architecture Daniel Birnbaum Dr., professor, art education Hocine Bouhlou course instructor cooking studio, chef Milena Büsch course instructor photography lab, artist Kerstin Cmelka course instructor photography lab, artist Beatriz Colomina Dr., guest professor, architecture Anja Cooymans instructor, print shop Mark Fahlbusch Dr., guest professor, architecture Peter Fischli professor, fine arts Daniel Fort course instructor sound studio, artist Douglas Gordon professor, film Isabelle Graw Dr., professor, art theorist Stefanie Heraeus Dr., head of curatorial and critical studies program Judith Hopf professor, fine arts Jacqueline Jurt instructor print shop, artist Michael Krebber professor, painting Otobong Nganga guest professor, artist, support by Bundeskulturstiftung Nino Pezzella instructor, figure drawing Philippe Pirotte professor, art historian, cultural education, rector Harald Pridgar course instructor, artist Peyman Rahimi course instructor print shop, artist Tobias Rehberger professor, sculpture Willem de Rooij professor, fine arts Mark von Schlegell guest professor, art and literature, author, support by Aventis Foundation Bernhard Schreiner instructor, film class, artist Amy Sillman professor, painting Sebastian Stöhrer instructor, wood workshop, artist Wolfgang Tillmans honorary professor, fine arts Peter Trummer master thesis advisor, architecture Christian Veddeler guest professor, architecture Silke Wagner course instructor print shop, artists Mark Wigley Dr., guest professor, architecture Wolfgang Winter instructor, sculpture, artist Thomas Wizent technical course instructor, computer lab

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